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"Small Victories" Reporting from the Streets of Granite City

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Death Toll February 26- March 3, 2007
Reporting from the “Baby-dumping capital of the Midwest” Granite City, IL.
  Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the baby-dumping mill.

Hope Clinic - American Family Extermination Camp “destroying families one child at a time”
Severing over 375,268 mother –child relationships in their 33 year reign of terror

Monday - Bag n' Tag 219 murdered babies for medical research, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic firms from past week's carnage.

Tuesday - midnight abortions 51       OH, IN 2, MN, CA, NV, MO, IL      2 saves       5 pro-lifers    

After wrapping up the radio program, we rolled into the Valley of Slaughter and engaged a three pack of Missouri girls walking into this killing place. We were holding a baby Malachi sign and offered to help them with free resources and offered them our brochure. The two friends physically pushed the pregnant girl ahead and began cursing and yelling at us for being there and showing that sign . “This is what abortion looks like. This is the truth. Have I now become your enemy?” One girl began to charge me, but stopped when I told Mia to call the police. We continued to plead mercy for this innocent baby; it was obvious this girl's friends wanted the abortion more than she did. Eventually, all four went inside.

But, two women got out of line and walked over to us and said , “Okay...Okay, we won't kill our baby. Will you really help us?” I said, “Absolutely!” and one girl wrapped her arms around me. She began telling me her story. She was 5 weeks pregnant from Sikeston, Missouri. I shared with her all the available resources and re-scheduled her ultrasound. She just wanted to get away from this place. We prayed before they left.

Another woman yelled at us as she pushed her daughter inside, “She was raped! F—off!”  I told her,   "You don't justify one violent act with another.” They went inside.

Wednesday - 8       MO, IL       1 pro-lifer   Follow-ups from the day before. Later that evening, Amelia and Mike drove from So. Illinois along with the grandmother to view their 21 week old baby girl on the ultrasound in our Highland office. We went over doctor follow-up and resources. The grandmother began weeping and said, “God bless you and thank you for letting me see my granddaughter.” They left with a diaper bag and some baby supplies, and their hearts a little lighter.

Thursday - 46       TN, IN 4, NC, AR, MO, IL      2 saves       6 pro-lifers   After a deluge of cold rain, the sun came out. It was very windy and we were soaked to the bone. Amber came inside the ultrasound van where we were able to show her her 24 week old baby boy auditioning for his life. She and Chris drove all the way from O'Fallon Missouri.

They were struggling with housing and finances, but, “God will provide a way.” We shared a little of our testimony with them and after viewing their baby they were excited and hopeful.

Friday - 48       IN, MN, KY, IA, TN, MO, IL      5 saves       5 pro-lifers    It was another bitterly cold and windy day on the streets, but mothers were slowing down to talk or listen to us pleading for their babies' innocence. Lakendra and her aunt accompanied by the father of the baby stopped to talk with us. The father of the baby was angry. Her aunt told us, “She doesn't want to do it, he is pressuring her.” I told her, “Don't let any man make you choose your child's life over his. You can't get that baby back. God says, ‘Choose blessings or curses this day.'” The aunt accepted the brochure and went inside to talk with her. A few minutes later, she came back out. They saved their baby. Praise God!

A mother and daughter from Indiana raced back out and got into their car and met Angela at the entrance of the parking lot. The mother was crying, “We're Pentecostal, we love Jesus...we're having a baby!” Praise God! I held her hand and said a quick prayer. The mother said, “She's scaring my daughter.” I gave her the brochure and she said, “We want to get out of here.” I got off my knees and she thanked us as she rolled up the window and drove towards the Interstate.

Two black-American girls carrying a toddler walked back out. We had spoken with them minutes earlier. They didn't kill their baby and accepted our literature and thanked us.

Kelly and her boyfriend came back out into the alley and we walked them to their car. They were from Illinois and would be needing some help. They were 5 weeks pregnant. They thanked us and took our brochure.

Another black American woman was speaking with us before she went in and assistant deathcamp education director Allison Hile stopped and asked her if she was o kay speaking with us . The woman said, “Yes.” She ended up keeping her baby. Alleluia!

The baby-body parts courier pulled up and loaded four boxes full of dismembered dead babies into his vehicle and then drove off to the “Frankenstein” factories.

Saturday - 43       IN, KY, MO, IL      5 saves       approx. 92 pro-lifers    It was a beautiful day to save lives and serve the Lord as the Lord's people cared enough to show up for the battle. Our first victory was fighting for a parking spot in front of this death camp for the Ultrasound Van. It was frigid and very windy with snow flurries.

Community of Faith Church unloaded two buses full of prayer warriors. Pastor Todd began in prayer before they started their Jericho march around this high place. The church kept praising the Lord and began singing praises on the front sidewalk. Not one mother went inside. Throughout the morning, babies by the grace of God were being saved. Rina was able to view her 28 week old baby boy on the ultrasound screen.

Daniel was able to speak with Kylie and her friend from East St. Louis , Illinois . She was expecting twins and was 6 weeks pregnant . She thanked him for his help and accepted the brochure. Jennifer came into the ultrasound van and watched her 5 week old baby's performance of an excellent backstroke inside her womb. Pastor Todd prayed over the girls after each received their ultrasounds and thanked us and left.

We ran out of hand and foot warmers for the prayer warriors. Our fingers were frozen. Jason walked up to us and produced a picture of his little 8 month old girl, Aurelia . He thanked us for being here. “Her mother was going inside to abort her, but instead she was talked out of it. Here she is today.” He gave me the picture to keep. “Maybe it will save a baby.”

The church then lined up and held their signs around the public square down from this deathcamp. They got a lot of thumbs up and honks of support; only a few drive-by fingers. We were letting this town know of this abomination within their city's walls. They can choose flight or fight. When the church returned, we informed them of the battle count. They were encouraged!

Later that afternoon, Tamara phoned our home and let us know she was given our brochure and had saved her baby. She was 5 weeks pregnant. She said, “I don't know what I was thinking and why I went to the clinic. I'm glad you people were there, and I wanted to thank you.”

Approx. 196 babies killed. 14 babies saved. Approx. 109 pro-lifers cared enough to show up throughout the week's massacre. 2171 saves since January 2000 and 23 babies have been adopted through Small Victories!

Everyday in Granite City is “Bloody." We remember the civil rights era as this week marks the 42nd anniversary of the march in Selma, Alabama referred to as “Bloody Sunday."

You see the commercials on TV saying “Mr. Bush, stop the genocide in Darfur!” Well, what about what is happening in our own land? Pastors and the American Church, stop the genocide that is ravaging our own land! If we are going to be rescuers in other lands, let us clean up our own backyard first. How can we tell other nations that genocide is wrong when we allow it everyday across our nation behind the sterile facades known as abortion clinics?

Humanity must begin at home first. Approximately 40,000 people have been butchered with machetes in the Sudan. Over 50 million have been slaughtered in America with suction hoses and grasping forceps and scalpels and of that, approx 375,268 here alone in Granite City, Illinois.

What will it take for our leaders and the American Church to rise up and actively do something to put an end to this atrocity, and restore morality?

  • When mercenaries march into our churches and begin slaughtering their tithers? Now you're messin'!
  • When gentle Christian prayer warriors stand aghast on the sidewalks surrounding these American deathcamps and watch in horror as mothers march their four-year-olds inside to be butchered because they can't deal with them anymore and they are an inconvenience, “One more Spongebob Squarepants and you're a partial-birth abortion!”
  • or they are the wrong sex
  • or they simply can't afford them any longer?

God is a forgiving God. He forgives our sins over and over. We are told we are forgiven and redeemed by His blood, but there comes a point that the Lord will either run out of patience or blood or both. This land cannot continue to stand by and ignore or participate in the shedding of that blood. Our hands are soaked with innocent blood. We keep looking over at Iraq and Sudan and pointing out the blood that is being shed over there. But what about the blood being shed in America ? We need to take the log out of our eye before we can see clearly to take the speck out of our brother's eye.

I guess that is why we see so many murdering mothers walking inside this deathcamp reciting Scripture better than the religious people or singing a hymn and turning to prayer warriors and telling them they, “know the Lord will forgive” them. I guess you could say they are a product of their weak and wormy churches. Most, not all.

Unfortunately, the American Church has indoctrinated the men and women with these lukewarm prosperity sermons that contain no hint of sin and consequences and repentance, or God's judgment. There is no absolute truth being preached from the pulpits. We sin, we fornicate, and we bring our babies to the abortion mill to be murdered knowing that we'll be in the pews on Sunday and God will forgive us. This is cheap grace!

This is what the Lord told Jeremiah to say outside of a temple where the people inside were religious, but living and leading sinful and corrupt lives. I like to call them holy hypocrites; the church is full of them and the world loves pointing at them. “This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: Reform your ways and your actions, and I will let you live in this place. Do not trust in deceptive words and say, ‘This is the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord!' If you really change your ways and your actions and deal with each other justly, if you do not oppress the alien, the fatherless, or the widow and do not shed innocent blood in this place, and if you do not follow other gods to your own harm, then I will let you live in this place…”  Jeremiah 7:1-7.

In the Valley of Slaughter, “The people of Judah have done evil in My eyes, declares the Lord… They have built the high places in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to burn their sons and daughters in the fire, something I did not command nor did it ever enter My mind.” Jeremiah 7:30-31.

Reading the Bible without moral obedience is worthless. How can we expect God to look the other way when the Church and our nation are drowning in our sins and cheap grace? “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just and that His justice cannot sleep forever.” ~Thomas Jefferson

We go about our religious routines thinking that we've already pre-purchased our ticket to heaven. We are no different than the Israelites and their detestable practices. Only we are repeating, “The church of the Lord, the church of the Lord, the church of the Lord!”

God's grace understands that sometimes the most loving thing we can do for other believers and the church is to confront them with their disobedience and to recognize that we have a responsibility to rescue the American church and those believers inside that have been overtaken by sin. That's what you call God's amazing grace.

            Be encouraged~ Angela

Death Toll January 29- February 3, 2007
Reporting from the “Baby-dumping capital of the Midwest” Granite City, IL.
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the baby-dumping mill.

Hope Clinic - American Family Extermination Camp “destroying families one child at a time”
Severing over 375,268 mother –child relationships in their 33 year reign of terror

Monday - Bag n' Tag 196 murdered babies for medical research, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic firms from past week's carnage.

Tuesday - midnight abortions 46       AK, IN 3 , MO, IL      3 saves       5 pro-lifers   After wrapping up the radio program we layered up our clothing and headed over the Mississippi River to the City of Slaughter.

We were met with 30 mile an hour winds and frigid temps which cut through our clothes. It was 4 degrees above zero. The sun was setting behind the slaughter house. As soon as our feet hit the pavement we went into lifesaving measures as moms and dads were pouring into the bloody parking lot. Unfortunately the bitter weather didn't slow down the genocide that was underway behind the purple doors. Any exposed flesh was burning from the winds.

We tried our best to articulate offers of free help and options other than abortion. Many mothers stopped to listen. Maybe they felt sorry for us misfits standing in these extreme conditions, but throughout our brief stand three mothers chose to keep their babies.

One was a black-American couple from Illinois 13 weeks along. They thanked us. She was crying and they accepted our literature and drove away. An older man and thirty-ish looking woman visibly pregnant walked into our arms. She took our Small Victories brochure and informed us she was 24 weeks along. She also told us her doctor back in Arkansas said it was a boy.

They sat in their car still unsure, and I asked Rick to stand in front of them with the baby Malachi picture to give them an idea of how big their baby was and what their baby would look like if they went through with the abortion. They kept talking for a while so we began praying for God to intervene and "bind up the spirit of murder and to place this couple back on the highway home and to fill them with peace for saving their child, and to meet their needs and bless them abundantly in Jesus' Name." We looked up and they started the engine and waved at us and drove away. They never returned during our watch.

Another girl walking towards the alley stopped and talked with us. She took our literature and decided against the abortion and got back in her car and drove away. We dismissed the troops early. Even hospital employees were commenting on our endurance, “How can you stand out here in this weather?” “Babies are dying,” we answered. “We are their voice...God has called us.”

We were so cold, we couldn't even remember the long drive home.

Wednesday - 7       MO, IL    1 pro-lifer   Uneventful killing day, most from the day before

Thursday - 56       IN 3 , IA, TX, MO, IL      1 save       4 pro-lifers   First day of Black History Month and the black American community was celebrating in exuberant fashion as many, many black mothers walked and ran to get inside this extermination center and rid their wombs of their innocent babies that they have enslaved. Nowadays, a black woman's womb has become a tomb to their future generations. Over 13 million black American babies have been murdered since 1973.

Nine out of ten mothers going inside today were black-American. Our pleas for justice and mercy fell upon deaf ears. Various excuses were hurled at lifesavers. Many of the mothers and their accomplices just didn't want to be bothered with another baby as “two or three children was enough” for them. “Your's was the choice whether or not to have sex, NOT to kill the innocent product of that choice.” These mothers were there to get “cleaned out”. Their hearts were calloused and as cold as the weather. "My body, my rights, my choice...I gots to have my sex..ME..me…me" …the mantra outside this death mill.

Jess took advantage of the snow that blanketed the walkways and inscribed messages of love with his walking cane. The KKK would be happy to see such a sight outside this deathcamp. What a start to Black History month.  

Friday - 50       KY, IN, WI, MS, MO, IL      4 saves4       5 pro-lifers   The sun was out, but it was dangerously cold and the winds were whipping up and making it hard to hold a sign. Once again, we bundled up our clothing in layers to survive on our watch outside this deathcamp.

I met a black-American woman in death-alley; she had been crying. I took off my seven dollar wool coat I bought at Goodwill and offered to wrap it around her to help block the cold winds as I began talking with her. She was trying to find her driver. He had parked elsewhere. We walked to the back of the building; she began telling me it wasn't her, she had brought her daughter to kill her second baby, and she felt bad. While she waited inside she knew it was wrong. She kept thinking of the grandbaby waiting at home for her.

Just then her daughter appeared. Jessica was 17 weeks pregnant. I then told them both, “The one in her womb is no different than the one at home. They are both precious.” They began looking over our brochure and asked if they could call me and discuss their needs because it was so cold. “Absolutely,” I said and we found their car with the driver on the next lot. They thanked us and left.

I was walking back to the entrance of the mill when another couple walked back out. “May we help you today?” I offered. She looked up and smiled, “No thanks,” and kept walking. “Did you save your baby?” “Yes,” she said. “Did you get to see it?” “No, they wouldn't let me. All they wanted was money.” “Would you like to see?” I then pointed to the Womb Service van. She smiled . “Give me five minutes to set it up and you two wait in your warm car.” I ran over and we set up the freezing ultrasound van. “There's no heat,” Daniel frantically responded. “It's okay, we have blankets, it'll be okay.”

Devany and Chuck then came inside and watched their 26 week old baby boy auditioning for his life on the ultrasound screen. We wrapped her in blankets to keep warm. Her husband was amazed to see his son for the first time. “It's a boy!” we determined. She began crying tears of joy. “Why did you come here to kill?” She offered, “We already have two girls, 5 years old and 13 years old at home.” “If you went through with the abortion, you would of murdered your only son. Thank God you came back out.” She sat up and began hugging and thanking us for being there to help them. They were both Christians and college graduates. We noticed the Jesus fish pin on their van as we walked them to their vehicle for the long drive back home. One final hug and they promised to keep in touch.

Saturday - 51       AK, KY, AR, MO, IL      4 saves       10 pro-lifers           Dangerously cold and 30-40 mile an hour winds outside these gates of hell greeted us. We were few in numbers. We began in prayer and quickly set up praise and worship music.

One girl came out of line and she was crying. Her name was Amber . She walked into our arms; it was freezing. Her mother then joined us. She was 21 weeks pregnant and already had an 18 month old. After some quick counseling and hugs, they got back into their car and promised to phone us later for an ultrasound and follow-up to set up her prenatal care.

Again, another girl got out of line and came over. Tiffany and her boyfriend talked with us. “Can we help you?” I said “Yes,” she said, “I'm gonna need help.” She accepted our literature and they thanked us and they drove off in their car.

We struggled to keep our flesh covered from the biting cold winds. We followed a couple of girls to their car. “We changed our minds, we're leaving. It's okay, I've got a doctor,” the passenger said. They drove away. Praise God!

A family of three came back out and Mia talked with them. They were happy and accepted a Small Victories brochure and gave us a thumbs up and drove off the bloody parking lot.

The deathscorts didn't last long even with donuts and coffee. They packed up and left after 30 minutes. We were the " frozen chozen "this day. It warmed our hearts to see the lives saved this day with all the distractions and stumbling blocks we overcame this day. It was truly a struggle of good vs evil and life and death.

Fr. Gene and the seminarians braved the elements and stood shivering and praying for the babies. “God bless you for your courageous stand and your faithfulness.” “God bless you,” they replied. “You're out here everyday.” “Not me, it's the Lord. He just uses me.”

Approx. 210 babies killed. 12 babies saved. Approx. 25 pro-lifers cared enough to show up throughout the week's massacre. 2129 saves since January 2000 and 23 babies have been adopted through Small Victories!

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" ~ George Santayana

Something unimaginable has been happening for over 30 years now and eerily, the same atrocities are an unimaginable blight from our history. A woman has a schizophrenic right to kill another person as long as it's in her womb at any time of the pregnancy and yet if that same person were out of her womb, she would be in prison or something worse to answer for her crime of murder.

In the book of Isaiah, it speaks of sins being like scarlet in chapter 1 verse 18 &15. It is referring to the blood guilt that comes upon a society where shedding innocent blood is tolerated. And that includes direct involvement or community blood guilt by those in the community that permit it.  Isaiah 1 “Hear, O heavens! Listen, O earth! For the Lord has spoken: I reared children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against Me…Ah, sinful nation, a people loaded with guilt, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption! They have forsaken the Lord; they have spurned the Holy One of Israel and turned their backs on Him.

            Today innocent blood is flowing freely and there's not enough fingers to shore up the broken dike. Over 50 million slaughtered babies and no end in sight. A day doesn't go by outside the slaughterhouse in Granite City, Illinois as we watch in horror another Christian couple going inside to murder their covenant babies. This should tell you something about most churches, nowadays... God is not listening to the great praise music sung by those congregations or those great mountain top experiences. Over 70% of all abortions are performed on women who regularly attend church.     …Your country is desolate, your cities burned with fire, your fields are being stripped by foreigners…Hear the word of the Lord, you rulers of Sodom; listen to the law of our God, you people of Gomorrah! ‘The multitude of your sacrifices- what are they to Me?' says the Lord. ‘I have more than enough of burnt offerings…

            …When you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide my eyes from you; even if you offer many prayers I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood; wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of My sight! Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encouraged the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow…Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool…'

            It is absolutely necessary for the shepherds to take a stand openly against this heinous crime. It is the Church's personal responsibility to rebuke the slayer, for in the image of God did God create man. God hates hands that shed innocent blood. Proverbs 6:16-19

            The greatest disappointment in God's eyes is that His Church, the people who say they love Him, have permitted this to go on without as much as even lifting a finger to stop it. Abortion could end tomorrow, only if the Church says it will end.

            As the number of Christians diminishes from in front of the abortion mills of America , the courage of those that remain grows each day. They become even more aggressive in their pursuit to save life. They are relentless in telling the women about the horrors of abortion that will kill the life of their child and destroy their own life in the process.

            These warriors are there in the rain, in the extreme cold or intense heat, in snow, severe thunderstorms, and all other types of weather. They are insulted, cursed at, have things thrown at them, and their lives are threatened most days, yet they continue to try to save the children.

            They are not great theologians or pastors. They are simply moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, and single people who really love Jesus and His children. The put their lives on the line day after day, just to save one little boy or girl. These fearless people are true Christian heroes, and their names or feats will never gain fame on this earth. Everything they do will be recorded in heaven. ~Pastor Ed Martin

            It is this steadfastness, this courage, this great love that will bring abortion to its knees. The demonic force called abortion will only crumble to the faith of God's children. The devil cannot stand up to the courage of sold-out Christians. In the end the devil is defeated by the Blood of the Lamb, the Testimony of the saints, and their willingness to give their life up for the faith. That is why he will try to push us off the streets and drive us back into our churches. The Bible tells us that narrow is the gate to heaven and broad is the path to destruction. Today's theology tells us that broad is the gate to heaven and there is no eternal damnation. I believe I will take the words of Jesus over the words of today's pastors. 

                   …See how the faithful city has become a harlot! She once was full of justice; righteousness used to dwell in her- but now murderers! You silver has become dross, your choice wine is diluted with water. Your rulers are rebels, companions of thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts. They do not defend the cause of the fatherless; I will turn my hand against you; I will thoroughly purge away your dross and remove all of your impurities. I will restore your judges as in days of old, your counselors as at the beginning. Afterward you will be called the City of Righteousness, the faithful City. ”           

            Be encouraged~ Angela

Death Toll January 15-20, 2007
Reporting from the “Baby-dumping capital of the Midwest” Granite City, IL.
Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the baby-dumping mill.

Hope Clinic - American Family Extermination Camp “destroying families one child at a time”
Severing over 375,268 mother –child relationships in their 33 year reign of terror

Monday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day CLOSED If only our Black-American brothers and sisters remembered the “Dream” that Dr. King spoke of, fought for, marched for, and died for...how can the Black American family keep the dream alive, when they are killing off their future?

Tuesday - midnight abortions 43 IN, OK, WA, KS, NC, MO, IL 2 saves 4 pro-lifers

After wrapping up the radio program we rolled up to the crime scene where the parking lot was full and overflowing. We set up the ultrasound van and put out signs advertising our free services and began in prayer. It was bitterly cold.

An older man and young girl got out of their car and we began speaking with them. The man became belligerent to us; we then were concerned over the age of this girl he was taking inside. They quickly came back out and the man was screaming at the girl. She was afraid to look at him and kept her head down. We called over to her and assured her she didn't have to go home with him, that we would provide a ride for her and that we were concerned for her safety as this man was extremely upset with her. They pulled off the lot and never returned during our watch.

Soon a couple of girls walked out. We asked if they saved their baby. The blonde looked over and shook her head up and down. The driver then yelled, “Yes she did,” and gave us a thumbs up. She then backed her car up to me as I told them I couldn't step on the abortion mill parking lot. Amanda rolled her window down and took my hand; she was trembling. Her friend said, “I told her it was wrong,” but once inside she said it was horrible.

Amanda was 10 weeks pregnant . They were turned off by the callousness of the mothers waiting to kill their babies and some were bragging they were 5-6 months along. Then the receptionist asked if Amanda was, “a 1 day or a 2 day?” Amanda asked her, “What do you mean?” The receptionist said, “Well, if you're a 2 day we have to kill the baby first.” This shocked Amanda who turned to her friend and said, “I can't do it.” It made her think it is a baby...We were surprised the receptionist referred to it as a baby. Praise the Lord! I told Amanda and her friend God was showing them the abortion workers' and abortion-bound mothers' hearts. She shared her information with us and promised to keep in touch. They were visibly remorseful and grateful that people were there loving on them.

A lot of drive-bys cursing and honking at us as we stood for the innocent.

Wednesday - 7 MO, IL 1 pro-lifer Uneventful killing day.

Thursday - 48 LA, WI, MS, IN, IA, MO, IL 1 save 5 pro-lifers It was bitterly cold. The abortion mill was packing the mothers in this day as the momentum of the annual Roe V Wade anniversary was this weekend and they wanted to sacrifice as many children as possible all in the name of “Choice” . Mothers were rushing in; some so fast that an accident occurred right in front of us as we stood praying and pleading with those scheduled to kill. Police were not called, sssshhh. Both mothers exchanged insurance info and continued to go inside, even after we told them it was a wake-up call from God. He was trying to get their attention.

Friday - 49 TX, AK, FL, KY, MO, IL 3 saves 7 pro-lifers Once again it was a frigid day, but at least the sun was shining as we stood in the gap. We were able to talk with a lot of the girls going in. A tow truck driver from Cape Giradeau pulled up and he began walking inside with a very young girl. He began cursing and threw the literature on the ground as he forced the girl inside.

A young mother walked back out and we walked her to her car. She was 12 weeks pregnant ; she didn't kill. She took our Small Victories brochure and the other literature and we prayed with her before she left.

Another young lady walked back out and said, “She didn't show. You just saved a baby, her friend phoned. She's not coming,” she told us. Praise God and she drove off the lot.

Saturday - 40 CO, NC, IA, KY 2 , TN 2 , MO, IL 4 saves including Teisha from East St. Louis 10wks Approx. 130 pro-lifers Community of Faith Church Herrin, IL, Faith Community Church St. Louis, MO, St. Catherine LeBourre St. Louis, MO, and Liberty Christian Church from O'Fallon, MO Pastor Todd Griener, Pastor Rick Jones, Fr. Gene represented clergy this day. 17 deathscorts, the rabid-liberal femi-nazis and future pastorettes from Eden Theological “called to lead…straight to Hell.” Seminarians held their “poor-choice and I pray signs.”

Our frontlines swelled its numbers as the Church of Jesus Christ showed up for the battle. It was an awesome sight. The youth group from St. Catherine LeBourre returned to pray and take the devil on this day. “We're here to help you, Angela.” We got prayed up and went over protocol outside this death mill.

Aleshia, a mother who saved her baby, came to the mill after a local pregnancy center refused to help her with baby supplies because “she already had the baby” and due to her job, she couldn't attend their required parenting classes to make sure she is qualified to be a parent. We assured her we would help her to our best ability with her needs. She thanked us as we filled her car with baby equipment and diapers and formula.

Pastor Todd continuously led the charge and kept us in prayer. Fr. Gene led the Jericho March with the youth group. There were distractions; the religious bullies were in the alley attacking the Catholics and those who don't read from the same Bible as they do. This was when we realized the devil's plan...many, many babies were running inside this mill to get away from the prideful men that were screaming. Sidewalk counselors were putting up a noble fight to try and dissuade the mothers going in. But, this was a sport to the bullies, they were enjoying each engagement that they frustrated each witness with.

You see, there are many enemies of the Cross. Some act so holy, some recite scripture, some get real spiritual and speak in a foreign language “tongues”. They are so blinded by their flesh that they can't see the destruction they are causing, Matthew 23:28 “…you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.” Not only were the abortion-bound mothers crying, but unfortunately, so were the prayer warriors who took the time to show up this day and bear up with the inclimate weather. It was truly a struggle outside this high-place, a battle for life. But, we did our best, and that's all God expects from us.

Psalms 10:15 “Break the arm of the wicked and evil man. Call him to account for his wickedness that would not be found out.” Psalms 10:17 “You hear O Lord the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them and listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed in order that man who is of the earth, may terrify no more.”

Approx. 187 babies killed. 10 babies saved. Approx. 147 pro-lifers cared enough to show up throughout the week's massacre. 2106 saves since January 2000 and 23 babies have been adopted through Small Victories!

When I first began my pro-life journey 25 years ago I had a different vision than I do now. I was more interested in protesting abortion than saving babies' lives. I would chant and yell with the best of them. And God did use our youthful exuberance by saving many babies. But I noticed that when we were doing that, many women would run into the abortion mill. They wouldn't take the literature from the sidewalk counselors.

Yelling, chanting, screaming, arguing, and fighting will not work. God permitted us to do this in the past but it is time we learned to grow in the love of the Lord. I chanted, yelled, fought, and argued with the abortion industry, the moms and dads going in, and with the pastors. I have since repented of all that and I feel that showering love on our enemies and the women going into the abortion mill, will save babies and turn the abortionist and workers to Jesus!

We are called to minister God's love to this world. But it is imperative we repent of our sin and then be filled with the true love of Jesus! ~Pastor Ed

Psalm 41:1 “Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the Lord delivers him in times of trouble.”

Psalm 41:5-12 “My enemies say of me in malice, ‘When will he die and his name perish?' Whenever one comes to see me, he speaks falsely, while his heart gathers slander; then he goes out and spreads it abroad. All my enemies whisper together against me; they imagine the worst for me, saying, ‘A vile disease has beset him; he will never get up from the place where he lies.' Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted up his heel against me. But you, O Lord, have mercy on me; raise me up, that I may repay them. I know that you are pleased with me, for my enemy does not triumph over me. In my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever.”

Be encouraged~ Angela

8 - 13

Death Toll January 8-13, 2007
Reporting from the “Baby-dumping capital of the Midwest” Granite City, IL.
  Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the baby-dumping mill.

Hope Clinic - American Family Extermination Camp “destroying families one child at a time”
Severing over 375,268 mother –child relationships in their 33 year reign of terror  

Sunday - Baby Molly at Recreation Center . You can only imagine the absolute thrill to see the babies that are saved from this abortion mill, years later. We never expect to, but when God gives us a divine appointment, it's such a blessing. I first envisioned “Molly” when she was 32 weeks gestation outside Hope Clinic in Granite City . After much counseling and picking out the best sited birthparents, she was born. After a textbook pregnancy and delivery, she was adopted. We were working out at the local gym and ran into her and her birthfather. He hugged me and introduced 6 year old Molly, “Molly, this is Miss Angela.” She shook my hand and I knelt down and he said, “She is a very special lady Molly. She helped in bringing you to us.” I asked, “Does she know?” “Yes, we want her to know how special she is.” We talked and updated each other with family stuff and I hugged Molly and her dad and promised to keep in touch.

Monday - Bag n' Tag 183 murdered babies for medical research, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic firms from past week's carnage.

Brittney phoned early and explained her friend was scared and needed an ultrasound. We met and were able to determine Amy was approx. 4-5 weeks pregnant at our Small Victories Highland office. We counseled and went over available resources and a strategy as she was working and going to college. She was happy and planned on telling her parents by enclosing the ultrasound picture in a card for them.

Tuesday - 48       AL, MO, IL      2 saves       2 pro-lifers      Cold and windy.  Two black American ladies walked back out and took the literature. They told Jess they were keeping their baby, praise the Lord!

            Another young couple came back out and indicated they saved their baby and drove off the parking lot.

Wednesday - 29       AL, IA, IN, AR, TN, MO, IL      6 pro-lifers    2 saves    The mother from Alabama was back, she could barely walk back inside to complete the grisly deed.

Lynn spoke to a young couple from Missouri that brought their dog and allowed him to stretch his legs before they went inside to kill. They were very affectionate towards their pet. Too bad they didn't care as much for their innocent baby, Lynn expressed to them. They put the dog back in their vehicle and went inside. We prayed for them and made our rounds.

An older woman and young girl from Missouri pulled onto the lot; we softly spoke to them. They went inside. Some time later, they both came back out. The older woman said they were good, “We're not going through with it,” and they drove off the lot.

Just then, the couple with the dog came out crying. They told Daniel and Lynn, “Thank you,” and accepted the Small Victories brochure. Danielle said she was going to keep the baby and thanked everyone for all their help.

The baby body-parts driver pulled onto the bloody parking lot. There is such an overflow of dead babies now that the body-parts courier has to pick-up three times a week now.

Thursday - midnight abortions 34       GA, SC, KY, MS, MO, IL      1 save       5 pro-lifers      Bitterly cold. We did our best to stay warm. If it weren't for all of the out-of-state cars, this abortion mill would be out of business.   

            It warmed our hearts to see two girls that we helped to save their babies as they stopped by the clinic to show us the fruits of our labor. How cute! As girls were lining up to sign out the death warrant on their unborn babies, Brittney and Nicole held their babies up for them to see as I told them that these babies were a blessing and that their mothers chose life for them. “ Choose blessing or curses this day…” Deuteronomy 30:19.  One girl held up the middle finger, the others laughed, one cursed me. Brittney said, “Do they always do that to you?” “Yes,” I replied, “but it's a blessing to be cursed for Jesus' sake.” We hugged and they left.

I noticed a car from Missouri with two girls that had been circling looking for a parking space. I stopped them and began speaking to them. I held up a baby model and the girl rolled down the window and looked at the driver who was crying. “Please don't go in there and do something you'll regret...” I opened up the brochure and showed them all the free resources and support available. She took it and told me she was 16 weeks pregnant. She then looked over at the man holding the graphic sign. “That is what you're baby will look like if you go in there.” We then prayed and she pulled onto the lot and looked again at a closer view of this dismembered baby. “I can't!” she exclaimed and they drove away. Praise God! They never returned during our watch.

Listeners drove by the deathcamp; one even handed us a donation. One commented, “We really enjoyed your radio program this week, it was powerful.” Praise the Lord! I thanked them for their well wishes and support.

Friday - 34       MS, IN, MO, IL      3 saves       8 pro-lifers    It was cold and drizzling as we struggled to hold onto the signs and hand out literature. Early on, babies were being saved as a family from Indiana walked back out after an hour inside. Praise the Lord! They changed their minds and drove back home.

A white SUV pulled onto the parking lot; we talked with them and showed them what an abortion looks like. She was weary being up all night struggling with her decision. “God is trying to get your attention. Anyone can kill a defenseless baby and if you repent God will forgive you, but can you forgive yourself?”   She thanked us and accepted the brochure with our resources and drove away.

“Chequita” walked back out into our arms and I asked her, “Did you save your baby?” She smiled and said, “Yes,” and I walked her to her car. She was 13 weeks pregnant . She listened to our resources and free help we could hook her up with. We then prayed for her and the situation. She thanked us and left. Alleluia!

The body-parts courier was back. He dropped off containers for the dead babies and then brought boxes full of dead babies out of the slaughterhouse and placed them in his vehicle. I asked him, “What do you think would happen if you were involved in an accident, and all those containers with murdered lil boys and girls wound up scattered all over the roadway?” He didn't answer, but sped away.

            We packed up the resource van as we had a court date at the Madison County Courthouse in reference to the tsunami of 2002 on Myrtle Avenue .

Saturday - 40       IN 2, MI, MO, IL      2 saves    4 turn-aways possible saves    12 pro-lifers, seminarians, 1 priest            An ice storm came through the night. We very carefully made our way to this deathcamp. It was treacherous and bitterly cold on the sidewalk. We were few in numbers, but it was the faithful ones standing in the gap, pleading and loving on the mothers waiting in their cars. We were surprised to see so many still willing to come out in this weather to kill this day. I noticed the young couple in the camper pickup in front of me and I began speaking with them as their window was partially open. I held a 9 week old baby model up for them to view; they had a sober look on their face. She then looked at the “good & evil” baby sign. She looked over at the driver and said, “Let's go!” They started up their engine and drove away. They never returned during our watch.

An SUV from Indiana pulled up and two women got out. We pleaded for the life of her innocent baby. A few minutes later, they came back out. “We didn't kill.” They drove away and never returned.

Lots of black history lined up to go inside. We reminded them that we will be celebrating MLK Day this week, a man who died for a noble cause: civil rights. “Where is that unborn baby's civil rights?” we asked. We then reminded them of Dr. King's dream and, “How can we keep the dream alive when we are murdering it off?” They just laughed.

We never saw the abortionist arrive to slaughter these babies and it was evident the clients were weary waiting, so some just left without killing. Only two butcherettes were inside, Cheryl Daniels and Toni Bautsch, with her bloody machete hanging off her hip, were carrying out the massacre inside. A group of seminarians from Kendrick Seminary arrived and prayed. Our mascot Fr. Gene arrived shortly thereafter and joined the ranks. It was truly a battle of life vs death today in the brutal weather.

An Indian man from Peoria , Illinois with one child on his wife's hip and one in the womb argued, “The baby is already dead.” “You don‘t come to an abortion mill for help You go across the street to the hospital.”      

It was disheartening to see the Christian woman who came back out a couple weeks ago with a Bible under her arm return this day to kill. Where's the church? Inside the abortion mill killing their covenant babies. As the church goes, so does the nation.

Approx. 185 babies killed.  10 babies saved. Approx. 33 pro-lifers cared enough to show up throughout the week's massacre. 2096 saves since January 2000 and 23 babies have been adopted through Small Victories!

Today for the streets report, we are going to do something different. We are going to call on all Christians in this new year of 2007 to pray and come into the streets to bring all abortion to an end. Almost 50 million children made in the image of our Lord have been slaughtered, as we approach the 34th year of murder in the womb.

            Yes, it is murder and those who call themselves Christians and yet do nothing to stop it, are just as guilty as the abortion industry themselves. James 4:17 “Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins.”  

            Hope Clinic in Granite City, IL has killed about 400,000 children alone.

            We pray that people in Granite City and surrounding areas will arise and take a stand outside this altar of sacrifice, this high place of evil. The churches in this country are the only tool God can and will use to bring abortion to an end . Pastors and pro-life groups must come together and make this their #1 priority for 2007. We can sing all our songs and have great Bible studies and go on mission trips all over the world, but God wants us to stop the shedding of innocent blood and this must be the year to do it. There's a mission right here at the gates of hell. The call of the mission bells is going unheeded by most in the church, when children are being slaughtered here every day, when pornography is taking over the lives of men and women, when there is sin in the camp and the stench in most churches is overwhelming. 

Many people are looking to the Supreme Court or our legislators to fight this battle. But they can't do it. God has called the Church and Christians to be faithful and He will stop this holocaust.

             If Small Victories can help inform, equip, or help you to stop this genocide we face today let us know. But we must all get out of our cozy offices and nice surroundings and into the streets and then God will put an end to this 34 year nightmare of child-sacrifice.

            Sometimes it is very difficult for us to comprehend the magnitude of the toll that the abortion holocaust has taken over the past 34 years. When one says that almost 50 million children have been slaughtered by legalized abortion since January 22, 1973 the numbers just don't seem to register.

            We will have more than enough people in Washington D.C., doing all that they can to plead the case of the fatherless on this 34th memorial of Roe v. Wade. They will be pleading with the right motive in their hearts- to bring an end to abortion, but the battle won't be won in D.C. Indeed it cannot be won there. One cannot plead the case of the fatherless to win it in Washington , D.C., because the Sword of the Spirit ( the Word of God ) is not allowed to be wielded there. The pressure to compromise God's Word is relentless and limitless. Politics is, after all, the art of compromise.

            We are being destroyed as a nation by an enemy from within. We are being destroyed by a lie that was birthed in the very pit of hell. The lie took its physical form in the Roe v. Wade decision issued by the Supreme Court of the United States of America on January 22, 1973.

            Abortion is not a political issue, it is a Gospel issue. We have been saying this for a long time. The battle for the lives of unborn children must be won in the streets before it will ever be won in Washington , D.C. The Sword of the Spirit can still be unsheathed and wielded in the streets of America. It is only after major victories are won in the battlefields of our cities, townships, and villages that the battle to end legalized abortion will be won in Washington , D.C.

            Today the lie has become law. It is a lie that transcends every racial, ethnic, political, and geographic boundary. It is a lie that cuts across every human heart in America. It is a lie that divides us. It is a lie that is destroying us. ~Flip Benham

            And after all these years, the abortion industry is still hanging its argument on this lie.

            Be encouraged~ Angela

1 - 6

Death Toll January 1-6, 2007
Reporting from the “Baby-dumping capital of the Midwest” Granite City, IL.
  Once known for their towering steel mills, now known for the baby-dumping mill.

  Hope Clinic - American Family Extermination Camp “destroying families one child at a time”
Severing over 375,268 mother –child relationships in their 33 year reign of terror

Monday - CLOSED   New Year's Day

Tuesday - Bag n' Tag 121 murdered babies for medical research, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic firms from past week's carnage.  

Midnight abortions -approx. 45       OH, MO, IL.    1 save     9 pro-lifers

After we enjoyed a day of ice-skating with our family, we rolled up to the crime scene in Granite City as the last lines of defense for our innocent little brothers and sisters that were being led to their slaughter. There was no one standing in the gap. The parking lot was overflowing; we began in prayer then broke off to our strategic posts around the entrances of this deathcamp. It's amazing: our older children explained to the younger ones how they remembered the early days outside this abortuary helping pick the broken mothers up off the ground and offering prayers of repentance and reconciliation to them after they murdered their babies, and those of our children who had been physically assaulted by escorts pointed out where they fell, but it was all worth it to save a life.

We spoke to numerous clients going inside. They were amused with the sight of such a large family. We saw a lot of black history going inside. Two young women from Missouri came back out; one of the passengers was visibly crying. The driver held a Bible under one arm, “You're Christians?” we inquired. “Yes,” she replied. “Then you know this is wrong. ” “ Yes ” she said, “we changed our mind.” We handed them a brochure, “ Thank you,” she said and they drove away.

Unfortunately, two black women in a Mercedes with a personalized church frame screaming the pastor's name and phone number and emblazoned with the following statement “I'm a prayer warrior @ the Grove” went inside. We were disgusted, as we called over to them and pointed out that God hates the shedding of innocent blood, remember, “Thou shalt not kill?” They continued inside and the older woman was laughing out loud. Shame!  But this is what the church has become: comfort and fluff. Instead of fasting and praying, it's feasting and playing. Dessert filled sermons. It's no wonder we see so many covenant babies being slaughtered and then cheap grace excuses to cover their sin.

  Wednesday - 9       MO, IL      1 pro-lifer    Follow-ups from the day before.

Thursday - 41       WI, AK, OH, OK, MO, IL      6 saves       4 pro-lifers        It was cold and rainy and the lot was full. We noticed the personalized plates of a car from our hometown and made a call to the Catholic high school it advertised being a member of.  

More black history was marching inside this extermination camp. We called over to the moms and dads, “God loves your baby. He has an awesome plan,” as they stood in line to sign the death warrants out. One man and young lady came back out and he started smoking. As he did, I began by offering free help and began telling him about Jesus and how He's our only hope; that there was no problem too big that he and God couldn't get through together... He looked over and kept taking puffs off his cigarette. He was listening. “You know, He's gotten us through some really tough times, we have 11 children…He brought us through it all.” I then began praying aloud hoping that God's words would not fail and would touch his heart. I asked God to give this couple a sign. “They need a touch from you Lord. You see Lord, they're in a place where they shouldn't be, you know the situation... Now bind up the spirit of murder. You tell the devil get'cha hands off that baby, devil, you can't have that innocent blood. This is a child of the King, this is God's baby. Now pick them up Lord and safely put their car back on the highway home and give them peace Lord as they look forward to the birth of their son or daughter. Thank you Lord for this precious baby and for the blessings about to pour onto this couple for trusting you, Lord. I looked up and the man walked over to me and took my hand and began shaking it and saying “Thank you, we saved our baby,” and he took a brochure from Mia and they drove away. We were constantly walking and scouring the parking lots for potential victims of the holocaust. Praise the Lord for those divine appointments, we spoke with many mothers and fathers in the pouring rain. Our shoes were full of water; as we walked, it squirted out. Our feet were frozen, but it was all worth it. Six precious babies were spared this morning. Thank you Jesus!

Friday - 48       AK, OH, LA, IN, IA, MO, IL      3 saves       7 pro-lifers          To our horror we looked across the street and saw a familiar van. Only weeks ago, we saved this baby, “Jesus25” on its personalized plates. I walked over to the car and spoke with the driver; I told her to come out. She said, “Why is she back? You know how people are, sometimes they gotta do what they gotta do.” She offered, “We still got your number.” The driver quipped, “I'll tell her to call you.” And she pulled onto the bloody parking lot. The girl came out and got into the van and they drove away.

It must'a been “ Baby-killers bring your sons to work day” as Alley-Kat Hile, the education director of this deathcamp, walked inside with her son “Simon” in tow.

Back to back babies were being spared. Lisa and her mom came back out and told us they were keeping their baby. She was 6 weeks pregnant , and she accepted our brochure. Kristy and Josh were 5 weeks pregnant and elated to tell us they had changed their minds on killing their child. “Tyressha” from Illinois told Daniel she was 7 weeks pregnant and was going to need some help. He gave her a Small Victories brochure and she thanked him and left. Praise God!

Two girls, one very pregnant, approached the deathcamp. I asked her if I could help her. She looked familiar. “You helped me a few weeks ago, I came back for an ultrasound.” I smiled, Praise God! I summoned Daniel to crank up the generator and set-up for an ultrasound. It was beautiful, Melanie gazed over at the screen where she envisioned her 26 week old baby boy sucking his thumb. A tear ran down her cheek. “Wow, look at that, he's so big!” she exclaimed. She thanked us as she and her friend left.

It was still raining and cold, but seeing lives saved warmed our hearts. Every life is precious, no matter how big, no matter how small.

Saturday - 40       IN, NY, IA, MO, IL      5 saves        30 teenagers, 15 pro-lifers           The rain had stopped; it was still cold and dank in this deplorable town of death as we set-up our outreach. We began in prayer. It was so hard to concentrate with all the yelling going on at the mothers walking inside. We apologized to the women standing in line; they turned to us and began listening, “That man is not with us, many babies have been driven inside due to the screaming. We are here to love on you and to help you so that you don't make a fatal decision you will regret the rest of your life.” One mother said, “Thank you,” but she proceeded inside.

We tried to keep our spirits in check and started playing soft praise and worship music in the background. About that time, we watched as an army of the Lord's youth slowly filled onto the sidewalks surrounding this deathcamp. It was awesome. The screaming man stopped and a few minutes later we noticed he had disappeared from his perch. The leader of this youth group decided to bring their retreat over to the abortion mill to stand in the gap and pray. We did a Jericho march around this mill and the clinic staff came out and began taking pictures and taping the prayer warriors. It was powerful. Pray harder…soon, babies were coming back out ALIVE! The trouble-makers dissipated from the alley and God was able to do His stuff.

Mothers began stopping and talking with us before they went in, and throughout the morning, five babies were spared. A man rolled down his window earlier when we offered, “Is there anything we can do to save that baby?” He said, “I tried,” and drove off. An hour later the man pulled onto the lot and the mother and daughter got into the car and pulled into the alley where he rolled down the window and I asked, “Did you save your baby?” He had tears welled up in his eyes. The mother spoke up and said, “It was her choice, but, yes we did.” I held his hand and prayed for them and gave them a Small Victories brochure. They thanked us and drove away. Praise God!

Nichole came back out and Angela asked her if she needed some help? Nichole answered, “I didn't do it.” I then reached in my pocket and handed her a 9 week old plastic model of a baby. Nichole said, “That's how pregnant I am.” I then asked her to speak to the youth group that was gathered in front of her. She did. We then prayed for Nichole before she left. Tears of joy were rolling off their faces. What an inspiration to our youth.

We began answering their questions on the history of this mill and the daily operations. I then focused on what works to save lives and how today these teens were actually rescuers and literally came out of their warm comfort zones and cared enough to lay their lives down in this cold weather and made a difference. You will never know how your life affected another. Only when we die will we get to see. But, when you stand before God on Judgment Day and the Lord asks, “Where were you when they were killing My children?” you can give an answer, and the Lord will reply, “Well done My good and faithful servant.”  It was a good day!   *

Approx. 183 babies killed. 15 babies saved. Approx. 66 pro-lifers cared enough to show up throughout the week's massacre. 2086 saves since January 2000 and 23 babies have been adopted through Small Victories!

Mass murders in Granite City, IL.
Hired assassin armed for a day of killing”
Leaves behind the mutilated bodies of over 120 baby boys and girls in a three- day period

Incredible! The body count of approx. 129 American casualties doesn't even faze us. When are we going to become enraged over the slaughter of the innocent? Ezekiel 9:4 “Go throughout the city of Jerusalem and put a mark on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the detestable things that are done in it.” When mothers and fathers are holding their hands and are marching their lil two year olds inside to rid themselves of the responsibility? What's the difference? Only the location. They are still human beings. And what are we doing about it? Ezekiel 9:9 He answered me, “The sin of the house of Israel and Judah is exceedingly great; the land is full of injustice. They say, “The Lord has forsaken the land; the Lord does not see.”

Where is the Church?

Years ago, that question ignited impassioned debate. While studying slavery and the holocaust, we deemed that there are always a few who benefit economically at the terrible human expense of others. Even though millions were enslaved and millions more died in concentration camps, a certain class of society prospered and completely justified their actions – or lack of them. Multitudes more simply couldn't be bothered to speak up. It was just easier to sing a little louder to cover up the cries, just as it is today.

Corrie Ten Boom, Oskar Schindler, Harriet Tubman, Martin Niemoller, just to name a few. They were the rescuers of their day. Many lives were saved due to their heroic efforts and their sacrifice. They didn't give lip service, or talk the talk, they did the walk.

Today, abortion is approaching a multi- billion dollar business in the U.S. alone. That doesn't even include the resale value of the aborted baby for body-parts traffickers. Those who practice it seem to have little problem justifying themselves. Sadly, we enable their behavior by our universal inability to stand up for our own core beliefs. Our silence is deafening.

Protesting has always been a viable form of social expression, but risk is an inherent part of the equation. While slavery reigned, one could endanger his own life, face persecution or be ostracized from society – and it happened. During the holocaust, one could be hurled into ovens along with 12 million other Jews, gypsies, and political undesirables – and many were.

In Granite City , your fate might include someone honking their horn at you, or screaming an obscenity your way, or even giving you the middle- finger salute. Frightening, isn't it?  It certainly must be because the vast majority of Christians are scared to death. Only a tiny fraction is willing to draw a legal line on the pavement of life.

America has missed a primary reason for the enduring longevity of slavery, the silence of the holocaust, the continuing complacency and apathy to abortion. Christians are using the Church as if it were a refrigerator, preserving them just as they are, but God wants the Church to be more like a toaster, heating us up and moving us out onto the streets into service and completing the Great Commission. Matthew 5:16 “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”  

Christians, it turns out, are spiritual cowards. Worse, we are led by spiritual cowards who wouldn't be caught dead praying on a sidewalk, and who are seemingly blind to one of the greatest moral battles of all time. (Sorry, lip service doesn't count.) We deserve each other because we've abandoned 47 million unborn children en masse to the likes of Hope Clinic, and we refuse to recognize our own culpability.

On an average day, over 4,000 American unborn children will die a painful death, the vast majority simply because they are inconvenient, unwanted and very, very profitable.   Where is the Church?  

When you turn the entire church into comfort and fluff there is nothing convicting, there is nothing pricking our conscience. We're not hearing about sin, repentance, and consequences; nothing confrontational, nothing rocking the boat. We're just there to make each other feel good, instead of dealing with the truth of what is going on in our society. We refuse to even look at it. We just want to have a good church meeting, Bible studies, retreats with mountain-top experiences; we can't deal with sin and the issues of today because we keep looking the other way. If we had to confront sin, that would mean the Church would have to roll up its sleeves and do something about it, but we're not willing to be like Peter and get out of the boat. We just want to enjoy the cruise.

We're looking at almost 34 years of unabated child-killing and it doesn't even faze us; the 34th anniversary of killing innocent babies and we don't even flinch. 

            If this shocks you, perhaps you might want to rethink who the real “terrorists” are. We are being destroyed as a society by an enemy from within.

            “Our first responsibility is not to make converts, but to uphold the honor of God in a world given over to the glory of fallen man. No matter how many persons we touch with the gospel, we have failed unless, along with the message of invitation, we have boldly declared the exceeding sinfulness of man and the transcendent holiness of the Most High God. They who degrade or compromise the truth in order to reach larger numbers, dishonor God and deeply injure the souls of men.”   ~ A. W. Tozer

            Be encouraged~ Angela


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