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2002 Austin Updates From Renovation Ministries

October 1, 2002 

Austin's "Repro" mill is now covered five days a week.

The Lord continues to bless the efforts of truth bearers in Austin, Texas. Beginning in the first week in October, Austin's "Repro" mill is now covered five days a week. Please pray for such pro-lifers as Don, Ryan, Eli, Mike, John, Diane, Jim, Ken, Chris, Dennis, and Ricky. In October we had three saves and three turnaways. On November 9th we hope to have a member of the Austin clergy visit so please pray that he will get a vision of what God wants to do -- close clinics!

One save was particularly easy... a Hispanic woman drove in alone one weekday and the first thing she said upon rolling down her car window was,"I really don't want to do it. Do you think I should do it?" You can imagine what the sidewalk counselor told her, and he told her that God didn't want her to do it either. She soon, without ever getting out of her car, turned around in the clinic parking lot and headed for a nearby crisis pregnancy center. Literally, a dog with a note in his mouth could have done the same job. Some customers just want someone to tell them the truth and to encourage them.

If you're a woman in the Austin, Texas area and can do a simple thing like help another woman like this, we need you! Please log onto our website, www.renovationministries.org or call 1-512- 556-4434 (Lampasas) and leave a message.

On November 12th our live community cable TV show,"Tell the Truth" resumes and we anticipate momentum beginning that will bring more people out to stand for the most defenseless of our neighbors. Austin viewers, check out the show on cable channel 10 on Tuesdays at 6: 00 p.m.

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Out at Repro early on Saturday mornings.
From left to right you'll see Don, Eli,and Ryan."

September 25, 2002  

Save The Baby Humans Foundation--Pregnancy Help

Friday Sept 20, 2002

A lady named Carolina changed her mind about having an abortion. Hopefully, she will call me and I can find out more on how to help her. She said that she was going to pay $25 to get an ultrasound and if her baby's heart was beating, she would not have an abortion. I gave her the packet of literature with a card with my name and phone number as she was driving in. Then I found an American Life League booklet called "My Secret Life-My Secret Death" I gave that to her as she was walking from her car into the mill.

We were going to leave at a certain time, but John said "Let's stay a few more minutes. So we did and she came out ( about an hour after she went in).

Carolina said that she found out she was 9 weeks pregnant, not 5 weeks as she had thought. She was crying, tears streaming down her face, as she said " I couldn't go through with it. I was reading this booklet. If you people hadn't been here, I probably would have gone through with it."

We gave her a package with baby booties, baby lotion, other baby items and a parenting magazine. Hopefully, she will call me and we can follow up with any assistance she needs. from Diane Wooley.

There were two confirmed saves, 1 probable, at least two turnaways, and at least 23 others stopping to take info at Austin's Repro clinic in September. Several are standing firm for God's truth in Austin, such as long-time activists George and Diane Wooley, Don Stubblefield, Mike, Don, Ricky, Ken, Midge, Pablo, and a couple of others. Please pray for these truth bearers and that more women would join us in Austin. Right now we need a mature Christian woman to join us at Repro on Saturdays as a sidcewalk counselor. Can you say yes to Jesus and help us do simple things that can save the very life of a helpless unborn child? We are now covering Repro three days a week now.

For more info on the Austin pro-life scene, or if you'd like to help us in Austin, please log onto renovationministries.org for weekly updates.

Jim Phillips  

August 25, 2002

Miracles in Austin

The Lord moved this last Saturday in Austin to bring out over 70 adults and children to our Church at the Gates of Hell worship service in front of the Repro clinic. The clinic didn't do much business that day.

The Lord sent three men by to talk to us and we got into serious discussions about the gospel with them. One of them, Joe, who's having marital problems, gave us his phone number and I'm going to follow up.

After a lot of frustrating work I've got my website 95% ready and online. It will be the foundation for the full-time street preaching, pro-life, and cable access TV show ministry I began in July to be centered in Austin. You can look at it at: Renovation Ministries It lacks a few graphics and photos which I'll have developed and uploaded in about two weeks.

Jim Phillips

July 20, 2002

We saw one Hispanic couple choose life today at Austin's Repro mill after two pro-lifers preached. Plus, three other customers, while not choosing life, took info from long-time Austin activist Don Stubblefield. People got a lot of truth today from the handouts, the big Malachi poster, and the preaching. With the save last Saturday, July 13th, that's two known saves for the month so far.

We're gearing up for the Church at the Gates Of Hell worship service in front of the Repro mill in Austin on Saturday morning, August 24th at 7:30 a.m. There will be preaching, praise, and worship.

An investigation has revealed that the Repro mill receives $263,596 annually in a subsidy coming from sales tax revenue from the city of Austin according to the Travis County Health and Human Services Department. Austin area believers in Jesus Christ, do you want your city sales taxes to keep killing defenseless unborn?

If you live in the greater Austin area and want to stand for the Lord Jesus Christ and life, come join us! And there's likely someone who'd like to come with you! Wouldn't it be great that if so many people came out to worship our Creator that the mill had to close that day? For more info:
, or chago244@ltex.net

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