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Dear Friends in Christ: Yesterday we had a wonderful moment of praise when a beautiful teenage mother decided to let her baby live!!! Please read the following testimony by Luis Mendoza and be reminded why it is our duty to be at the abortion mill - again I urge you to one morning a month to come and pray at the gate to hell as we battle for the lives of mothers and their babies - In Jesus Name – Heather Mechanic

Couple from Mexicali, Mexico choose Life for their Baby
San Diego Family Planning Associates Abortuary Saturday January 13, 2007:

As several prayer warriors kneeled praying the holy rosary two sidewalk counselors and I were able to speak to a young couple that had taken a Greyhound Bus from the Mexican Border town of Mexicali to San Diego intent on aborting their 13-week-old baby. The young man spoke English but the young woman only spoke Spanish so I spoke with them in Spanish and translated most of what the other two counselors said.

We shared with her the testimony of one of the counselors named Heather who at the age of 30 had an abortion that left her sterile and led her to severe depression and attempted suicide. They gave us permission to pray for them, so we prayed for our Lord to give them the grace and courage to allow this child to live.

When the mother mentioned that she was 13 weeks pregnant, I showed her a model of a 12-week-old fetus. We explained that the abortion procedure would tear this baby apart limb by limb. Heather showed her a photograph of the remains of an aborted 10-week-old fetus where the little arms and legs were clearly visible.

As we emphasized the psychological and spiritual damage caused by abortion the young mother began to weep. Heather asked her if it was OK for her to hug her. The young mother meekly nodded and when Heather embraced her she cried on her shoulder. The young father also wept telling us that he wanted to keep this baby but he would support the mother's decision.

We spoke to the couple about adoption. I told them what a blessing our adopted son Martin had been and the two counselors spoke about their friends who had adopted. We gave them information on the CULTURE OF LIFE CLINIC and other resources. We suggested that they go to a coffee house around the corner and discuss this further. But they decided to go up to the clinic where they said they would discuss this. As they walked up to the abortuary with our brochures and rosaries in hand we turned to Our Lord in prayer and asked that he touch this mothers heart so that she spare her baby.

About 40 minutes later I spotted Heather hugging the young mother. She had decided not to have the abortion! The father said that what clinched it for them was the consent form they were asked to sign inside the mill. On that consent form were many of the risks we had discussed with them including that some of the remains of the fetus could be left inside the mother, perforation of the uterus, and hemorrhaging. The couple concluded that the 3-hour bus ride back to Mexicali was no place to have a medical emergency.

They asked if I could give them a ride to the Greyhound bus station. When we arrived at the bus terminal the father mentioned that adoption seemed like a wonderful option and that his father is a gynecologist who could monitor the mother's pregnancy. I told them we would locate other resources in the Mexicali area. We exchanged contact information. I told them God would bless them for this decision.

They gave me permission to give out their names so that we could pray for them, hers is Erandi, his is Felix. She appears to be in her late teens and is scared. Pray that our Lord give her the strength to carry this pregnancy.

All praise and Glory goes to Our Lord Jesus Christ for this victory!