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More News & Articles From Granite City

More News & Articles From Granite City

Mia Michael Stands for Jesus in the Lion's Den
Written by Mia Michael
Posted November 23, 2005
16-year old Mia had no idea what awaited her at the Granite City Santa parade when she decided to expose the truth about why some little boys and girls wouldn't make it to this or any other parade, ever … For details about the failure of Police to protect Mia and bring the person who injured her to justice, read Angela Michael's report.

The ABC's of Granite City, Illinois
Assault, Battery and Cowardice
Granite City Mayor, police and city officials look on as young girl is brutally attacked

Written by Angela Michael
Posted November 22, 2005
Angela, Angie, & Ken with banner We hear over the daily news reports coming out of China of the atrocities and the persecution of Chinese dissidents. Well, Christian persecution is alive and well right here in anytown USA but I noticed it didn't make the evening news. Why, in Granite City it didn't even make the daily police blotter.

Life After the Comma
God is still speaking because He has changed His mind…or so says Eden Theological Seminary
Written by Angela Michael
Posted November 10, 2005
"Eewww..it looks like forceps and a baby's head" Operation Save America director Reverend Flip Benham and the remnant delivered God's mail at Windows on Washington, as Eden Theological Seminary held their $125.00 a plate fundraiser in the ambience of a renovated, historic building, to raise money to train pastors and pastorettes to promote abortion and homosexuality. On most Saturdays outside a notorious abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois you will find these lost seminarian students holding their purple signs “pro-faith, pro-family, pro-choice,” or “I'm pro-choice and I pray.” They are leading these young people straight to hell as they escort and counsel pregnant girls inside Hope Clinic.

Another Botched Abortion at Hope(less)?
Women continue to play Russian Roulette with a “poor choice”... the only thing this abortion mill can offer them. Safe and legal? That's a lie as babies and women continue to die. Where's the outcry?
Written by Angela Michael
Posted November 4, 2005
Abortion clinic worker watching as they load patient We had already left for the drive home from the abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois. It was Saturday, October 29, 11:38 a.m. We received a frantic call from the few proclaimers left standing. “Two ambulances have pulled up to the front door of Hope Clinic,” they said. “Pray and run to Walgreen's and get a camera,” we instructed them. “We're turning the ultrasound van around and we're heading back.”... Almost fifteen minutes had transpired when we pulled up to the crime scene. By then, the ambulance with the patient from the abortion clinic had already backed into the hospital emergency room entrance and wheeled the stretcher inside. After a two hour wait, the condition of the patient was still unknown. Yogendra Shah was the hired-killer this day.

God Goes Back to Skool School
Truth 101 Taught at Granite City High School
Written by Angela Michael as reported by Julie Baer
Posted October 22, 2005
Tell your teens the truth about abortion The Godly heritage that our once great country was founded on, and former generations raised upon, has now turned to a garden of weeds. Our youth are starving and dwindling among the barren land. Is it any wonder why we see so many young adults and teenagers, some look like they fell into a tackle box, going into this Mecca-of-the Midwest in abortion-on-demand in Granite City, IL to get rid of the “problem” in such numbers?!

It's A Winner! At the National League Championship Series
Written by Daniel & Angela Michael
Posted October 22, 2005
God's remnant outside Busch Stadium King Jesus hits a grand-slam with over 55,000 baseball fans. Bases were loaded in front of Busch Stadium with a small remnant as they brought the truth and delivered God's mail to the streets of St. Louis, Missouri.

A Day at the Circus
Written by Angela Michael
Battle lines were drawn as lawmakers opened public testimony on the centerpiece bill. This bill would allow civil lawsuits against those who help a minor get an abortion without parental consent. That's it. No felony. No fines. It targets the Hope Clinic in Granite City. Under Illinois law, the clinic is authorized to perform abortions on teens without parental consent.

Promise Keepers in St. Louis Confronted with Truth
Written by Angela Michael
Posted August 4, 2005
Angela & Pastor Clenard Childress of LEARN counsel Valarie & Jason outside Hope Clinic during Vision for Victory eventWe ran out of literature, people were coming back asking for more. This year at the "Promise Keepers' Awakening" PKs were more supportive of the signs. They told us we needed more, and it's good, and that people need to see the truth. A man from Chicago said, "Only after I saw those signs did it change my view on abortion. It's wrong!" We conducted ourselves as a loving, informational, and encouraging presence. Only the PK management and volunteers hated the truth. They wanted to put on a nice event.

The Vision for Victory 2005 is Victorious
Written by Angela Michael
Posted July 2, 2005
Angela & Pastor Clenard Childress of LEARN counsel Valarie & Jason outside Hope Clinic during Vision for Victory eventThe battle was waxing hot in Granite City, Illinois, and so were the sweltering temperatures as proclaimers from across the country and three modern-day prophets of our time, led the charge. Reverend Flip Benham, Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, Pastor Clenard Childress Director of Life Education and Resource Network- New Jersey, and Pastor David Lackey from Operation Save America-Alabama.

Real Love Comes to the St. Louis Gay Pridefest
Written by Angela Mivhael
Posted June 30, 2005
Flip preaching God's Word & love            What happened this weekend was that love came to the Gay Pridefest in St. Louis. When perfect love comes to town it confronts evil and sin. Why? Because God hates sin and what it does to people. When this fact is exposed, initially it feels like condemnation, but that very condemnation is meant to bring you to the place where you ask, “Is there any hope for me?”

Vision for Victory Pictures
Posted June 26, 2005
Pastors Flip Benham & Clenard Childress
OSA Director Pastor Flip Benham & Pastor Clenard Childress from LEARN give a message to the saints gathered outside Hope Clinic in Granite City, IL

The Abortion Breast Cancer Cover-up
Susan B Komen, "Race for the Cure"

By Angela Michael
Posted June 22, 2005

The Susan B. Komen, “Race for the Cure,” provides one of the most deplorable cover-ups for the abortion industry known to man.  Over 40,000 women die every year as a result of a virulent form of breast cancer.  Planned Parenthood, NOW, NAF, NCAP, and all these paragons of women's rights, are running the “Race for the Cure” knowing full well that one of the major causes of breast cancer in women, is ABORTION!  What utter deception!  Even the American Cancer Society and the Center for Disease Control are a part of the cover-up.  They know, but they are keeping quiet.  That is why it is so very important for us to bring the truth into the streets of our cities in the Name of Jesus.  If the Susan Komen, “Race for the Cure,” is coming to your city, give us a call and we will help you storm the gates of hell with the life-giving Gospel of Christ.  We will also get you Dr. Joel Brind's brochure. – Flip

Abortion Destroys Relationships
By Angela Michael
Posted June 2, 2005

Shauniece was crying, “How could he do this?” We comforted her and told others to stay back and just pray for the situation. We told her any man that will force a mother to pick him over her child is not worth it. Irresponsible men love abortion. Hope(less) clinic makes a lot of money off of them. We assured her we would stay with her and help her. We phoned her Grannie and she said she would come and get her.

Retired Schoolteacher Jailed for Praying for Children
Written by Angela Michael
Posted May 26, 2005

We were contacted on May 17th, 2005 by Betty, a retired school-teacher from Alton, Illinois who recently lost her mother. On her way to a doctor's appointment and still grieving for her loss she made her way to the Hope(less) abortion mill where thirty-five to fifty babies are murdered daily. She came to these gates for the first time on Friday, April 15th, 2005 to pray and intercede for the children. It was around 2:15 p.m. Earlier this day, approximately thirty-four children were murdered including four from Indiana, two from Tennessee, Massachusetts, Missouri and Illinois. Praise the Lord we had two babies saved this day, including a mother named "Dawn" who after an onsite ultrasound decided to place her 27-week old baby girl up for adoption

This is the "Stuff that Happens" when God's people show up for the battle
OSA St. Louis and Granite City IL ~correspondent Angela Michael
Posted May 4, 2005

The towering billboard of Hope abortion clinic which advertised child-killing across interstate 70 came up missing from our view as Operation Save America Director Rev. Flip Benham led the charge as saints stormed the gates of Granite City, Illinois. See what God can do when you become the salt and the light and expose evil, God works miracles. Little David took on Goliath, he ran right into him.

Pray for Small Victories
From OSA-IL & MO and Small Victories
Posted May 3, 2005

So Much for Choice!
Here is a typical attempt of our government trying to legislate the Gospel of Jesus Christ off the streets! In this case, it has come in the form of removing a sonogram machine that reveals the truth of life in the womb. They don't want mothers to have a choice and choose life, they simply want there to be death, period! Rest assured, there are those in the area ready to face arrest if need be. We must be those who will wield the "Sword of the Spirit" as we lay down our lives for others. Let us not be those who are always looking for a better way. Let us be those who will do things God's way! ~Flip

Under-age child sexual abuse cover-up!
From OSA-IL & MO and Small Victories
Posted April 28, 2005

This is the “stuff that happens” inside Hope Clinic for Women Ltd. in Granite City, Illinois. State officials, local police, and authorities look the other way. Underage children have been brought from local jurisdictions and across state lines to conceal this crime and get rid of the evidence.

Mother Arrested Trying to Save Daughter and Grandchild
Written by Angela Michael
Posted March 19, 2005

Abortion mills across this country are covering up cases where underage young ladies are being brought to abortion mills without their parent's knowledge. Many are being taken right from the schoolhouse to the abortion mill and then brought right back to school. Parents are left totally out of the picture. Here is another hideous example of what happened to a mother today, who found out that her fourteen-year-old daughter was taken from school and brought to the Granite City abortion mill. The mother of the fourteen year old was arrested and placed in handcuffs when she went to rescue her daughter and grandchild. Read and weep.

Police Arrest Christian over Corn Starch & Water Sidewalk Art
March 7, 2005

Granite City, IL - There is an injustice in Granite City, IL, not only with the child-killing that has been going on for over 31 years at the Hope abortion Clinic but there seems to be a prejudice in Granite City against Christian, pro-life activists.

Victory in Madison County - the judicial hellhole of our nation
By Angela Michael
February 13, 2005

Judge sees through abortionists and their lawyer's false accusations - “You people seem to be all for a woman's choice, but, what about the Michaels and their choice? I believe they still have a 1st amendment right to stand and protest on a public sidewalk. As a matter of fact, there may come a day when I expect to see the Michaels inside this courthouse protesting. They have that right!”

King Jesus exposes the Valley of Slaughter in the Ben Hinnon of Our Day in Granite City, Illinois - The Gateway to Death!
By Angela Michael
Posted January 27, 2005

Operation Rescue/Operation Save America Director Rev. Flip Benham came to the St. Louis/Granite City area January 20-24. How prophetic the view is as you cross over the Mississippi River on the bridge which connects St. Louis, MO to Illinois. As you come over the bridge you are overlooking the mounds of garbage of one of the largest waste landfills on the outskirts of Granite City with the St. Louis Arch in the background. Illinois has literally become a dumping ground for garbage and dead babies. Back in the boom town days, Granite City was known for its thriving and prosperous steel mill. Now it's known for its baby-killing mill. ... Chief abortionist crashes car into abortion mill...

32nd Memorial of Roe v Wade
January 19, 2005

Local pastors, business leaders, crisis pregnancy center directors, and Christians will join Operation Rescue/Operation Save America for a press conference and a memorial service mourning 32 years of unabated child-killing. Our purpose: to end child-killing in the cities of St. Louis, MO and Granite City, IL by bringing the theology of the church house into the streets - right to the doors of the local abortion mills in these cities!

It's a Wonderful Night...for Life
Written by Angela Michael
December, 2004

"It's A Wonderful Night" being played out in the courtroom of Granite City Hall as a good showing of proclaimers turned out in support of their 1st amendment right of free speech in order to stand in Granite City, IL, home to the largest child-killing mill and show the truth of what is being done in darkness within their fine city.

Christ mas Comes to the Santa Parade
In Granite City, Illinois
Written by Angela Michael

Posted November 24, 2004
Ambulance carrying a mother botched so badly a hospital returned her to Shah?The annual Santa Parade was getting underway. Proclaimers began arriving to stand along the parade route with prolife signs and Scripture representing the children who wouldn't be attending this holiday event because this city supports the local American Family Extermination camp otherwise known as Hope(less) abortion mill. Momentum had built up since the Labor Day "Drugs, Democrats & Dismemberment welcome to Granite City" parade, where Baby Malachi wowed the democratic politicians, city officials, and union members. Granitonians were suffering aftershocks of the truth regarding the serial killer in their fine city. Police were called to the abortion mill earlier in the day. We were warned that they were waiting for us. Psalm 37:32 "The wicked lie in wait for the righteous, seeking their very lives."

God Goes Back to School:
Truth 101 Caught at Granite City High School

Written by Angela Michael as reported by Marti Allen
Posted October 22, 2004
Granite City police officer Lt. Ray Takmajian with female assailant (on right)This is our first series of "God goes back to school" campaign that is being implemented across our nation through the direct actions of gentle Christians who stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ in a time when our nation and its children are lying under the moral rubble of a doomed culture.
Granite City police officer Lt. Ray Takmajian with female assailant (on right)

Jesus exposes the "Lying Spirit" in the Valley of Slaughter
Written by Angela Michael with excerpts from Flip Benham
Posted October 21, 2004
Ambulance carrying a mother botched so badly a hospital returned her to Shah?God's mail was delivered to the gates of hell in Granite City, Illinois, as Operation Save America director Rev. Flip Benham preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and expounded on the lying spirit which runs rough shod over our nation and embraces the culture of Death.

Another botched abortion, Another prolifer assaulted, Another prochoicer arrested. Just another day in Paradise...
By Angela Michael
Posted October 4, 2004
Ambulance carrying a mother botched so badly a hospital returned her to Shah?
The number of mothers butchered by abortionists Yogendra Shah and Alan Palmer continues to mount. A rusty coat hanger looks safe compared to the sterile facade of Hope Clinic in Granite City, IL. ... We do not know the condition of the woman who was brought in via Life-Support ambulance. But where is the outcry from feminist groups? Why aren't they holding abortionists accountable for the health and safety of these mothers?

Senseless Revenge Arrest over Saving Lives
Report, Press Release & Editorial
Small Victories
Posted August 8, 2004
Baby advocate Issac being told that he has no rights on the public sidewalk outside Union Station at the Kerry-Edwards On September 2, a sweet-spirited veteran proclaimer led a young lady who was five months pregnant to the Lord. She was so inspired that she found a small crabapple below a nearby tree and drew four crosses on the sidewalk. Through God's grace we were able to save three unborn babies and led one young lady to the Lord this day. That happened exactly one week ago. September 10, 2004 -

Earthquake hits Midwest
And it walked into the Midwest under the names of Judgment and Mercy
"It’s all good"

By Angela Michael and words from Flip
Posted July 3, 2004
Picture of James Lord In between speaking engagements, Flip, Rusty and the WAA team met Angela at the gates of hell at the annual St. Louis "Sodom-fest" held with a "gay-pride" parade at Tower Grove Park. An approximate 7,000-8,000 were in attendance this day. Proclaimers standing along the parade route were jeered, cursed and even squirted with giant water-guns for standing for the Gospel, all in full view of toddlers and young children. Where’s the tolerance? We entered the enemies’ camp in peace but were met with hostile spiritual warfare.

Miracle on 21st Street - And there's no baloney
By Angela Michael
ed April 7, 2004
Picture of James Lord As we parked the Small Victories pregnancy van in front of these gates at 1620 21st street in Granite City, IL, Brother John rushed over to us and began unraveling this story of a miracle involving a baloney sandwich. I questioned, "What are you talking about?" He explained that he and another man had just walked an abortion-minded mother with her male friend over to Dr. Mark’s obstetrical practice office, just down from this mill, and that a craving for a baloney sandwich, saved this baby’s life, at least for the moment. Was it a craving? Could it have been the voice of God?

"Take me out to the ballgame!" - Malachi
By Angela Michael
ed April 7, 2004
Picture of James Lord On opening day at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, King Jesus showed up outside the stadium walls bearing the truth as a sea of red converged on this St. Louis landmark that houses the Cardinals National League baseball team. Over 49,000 people were confronted with the truth of abortion. Open the eyes of their hearts, Lord. "America, Jesus died for you!" Security was tight as the President was in town. Sharpshooters were on rooftops and helicopters flew over the city.

"Safe Abortion That's a LIE, They Don't Care if Women Die!"
By Angela Michael, Granite City, IL
ed March 16, 2004
Picture of James Lord Jamie and Carl returned to this abortuary to finish the two-day dismemberment of their 15-week old baby. A few hours later, this couple came out of the mill minus one person, and Angela noticed Jamie was having difficulty walking, and she asked sidewalk counselor Christina, to get her some post-abortive resource materials. Moments later, Sara, Christina's daughter ran to the front of the Hope(less) mill screaming, "Angela they need you behind the abortion mill." We ran to the back of this mill and saw Christina holding a crumpled up woman who was unconscious and her companion standing by with a look of extreme anxiety on his face. Angela knelt down and felt for a pulse and noticed the ashen color of her face. She was un-responsive.

"God Bless " Student Reinstated - God Remains a Four Letter Word
By Angela Michael
ed February 5, 2004
Picture of James LordAt a closed school-board meeting Jan. 27th, high school student James Lord accompanied with his father and legal representation Francis J. Manion of ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice), was reinstated to his co-anchor closed circuit news broadcast position at Dupo high school in Dupo, Illinois. James isa senior, and president of his Christian prayer group, and chaplain of his ROTC group. On December 17th as Mr. Lord was signing off his program with the upcoming holidays in mind, he ended the program with "Have a safe and happy holiday, and GOD BLESS". The principal called him into his office and suspended him immediately until Feb. 1st.

"Years ago... at least women knew what they were getting with a coat hangar!
Small Victories - Granite City, IL
December 8, 2003
Convicted felon "botches" woman’s abortion behind the $2 million dollar "state of the art" facade of Hope for women. Woman fights for her life on operating table, doctors bring her back to life. On December 3, 2003 a young woman from Missouri seeking a second trimester abortion was rushed across the street to Gateway Regional Hospital that sits 200 feet across from the Midwest’s largest abortion mill, Hope Clinic for Women, in Granite City, IL. They perform between 10,000 and 13,000 abortions a year with price ranges from $400.00 to $2400.00 dollars. They specialize in late-term abortions and no parental consent is needed for underage pregnant girls. The woman was reportedly screaming to hospital employees to "keep Shah and Palmer away from me!" Yogendra Shah and felon Alan Palmer are the two remaining abortionists at this killing facility and both are currently on staff at this hospital. According to the St. Louis Globe Democrat, Palmer was convicted in Nov 1979, fined $5,000, and spent six months incarcerated in prison.

"Shock and Awe" goes to the mall on "Black Friday"
- Illinois' Metro-East largest shopping mall
By Angela Michaels
ed November 30, 2003
Calling upon the King of kings!Granite City- What's been titled "Black Friday" - the busiest shopping day in the history of our nation, the day after Thanksgiving, was greeted with a visit from the saints and the "truth truck" so that the thousands of shoppers could see injustice made visible. After standing in frigid weather with snow flurries pelting the faces of proclaimers outside the gates of hell in Granite City, IL, one precious baby's life was saved and two mothers turned away without going in to this death camp, Alleluia!

Abortionist "OUSTED" from Mecca of the Midwest..Slaughterhouse!
Small Victories - Granite City, IL
November 6, 2003
Abortionist Darwin Jackson Jr., no longer performs abortions at the Hope Clinic in Granite City, IL and is no longer on staff at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO and his OB/GYN office has been vacated. Gross, negligent, malpractice lawsuits have been filed against Mr. Jackson, Mr.Yogendra Shah, and the Hope Clinic, including wrongful death lawsuits.

Granite City is in Flames
Angela Michaels
October 27, 2003
As Rome was burning, Nero played the lyre.. and once again, the Christians were to blame [only this time the blame is deserved]....this once great city is cursed. Once again God's judgment is being poured out on "Babylon" as He answers with Fire! A four block area that houses warehouses has gone up in flames. The abortion mill and police department are within view and experiencing the smoke and heat from the flames. Granite City is the Valley of Slaughter. Jeremiah 19:3-6 "Hear the word of the Lord...

"Can you Hear God NOW?"
Jesus shows up at the Granite City, IL Labor Day Parade
By Angela Michaels
Posted September 16, 2003

As politicians and Democratic floats marched down Niedringhaus Ave., across from Gateway Regional hospital,(former St. Elizabeth’s) which continues to cover-up Hope(less) abortion mill "botched" abortions, cascading rain poured upon the annual Granite City Labor Day parade. Eighteen proclaimers stood at strategic points of the parade route holding scripture and graphic and pretty baby signs, calling out, "Can you hear God now?.. His judgment is pouring on your parade and upon Granite City for the 366,912 lil’ boys and girls whose innocent blood cries out! Stop the slaughter...Abortion is evil...Get abortion out of your city..."

Granite City's 'Believe It or Not' Injustice Made Visible
Child Predators - Pro-life Pastor Assaulted - Police Arrest Victim also "It's the only way to arrest criminal" say police. All on video...
Updated August 8, 2003

Saturday - "You must make injustice… visible." (Mahatma Gandhi) was the theme of the day. Over seventy-five pro-lifers cared enough to stand for the babies, and church representation came from St. Mary’s, St. Peter and Paul, St. Elizabeth’s, New Birth, and many others. Proclaimers were met with the usual stench of rotting babies in this quagmire, Granite City. Once again a Class A felony in the state of Illinois was being played out at Hope (less), as the underage girl from Indiana, who was impregnated by an older, adult male was being pushed into this abortuary by the perpetrator's mother, to conceal and get rid of any evidence of this twenty-four week old baby.

Two Saints Assaulted in Granite City, IL
Report by Angela Michaels
Posted July 29, 2003

Here's the latest assaults on gentle Christians from the Granite City streets. This one happened Saturday morning July 26, 2003. On Wednesday, 3 days prior to Saturday’s assault on Daniel, I was assaulted by a 500-pound passerby. She sacked me and tried to force feed me a Gideon Bible that was handed out to her son the day before. I never saw her coming. “How sweet are Thy words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalms 119:103

Fireworks Start Early at NRTL Convention in St. Louis
Report by Angela Michaels
Posted July 6, 2003
(photos inside)
July fourth fireworks started a day early as saints stormed the gates of the National Right to Life convention, in St. Louis, Missouri, and proclaimed "God does not compromise"...and "Jesus Christ is Lord" over a surprise press-conference of pro-abortion Dr. Bob Baird & friend. Thank you Jesus!

The Outrageous Consequences of Lawrence v. Texas
Posted July 4, 2003 - Photos added July 6
The saints in St. Louis have been storming the gates of hell in their city and the gates of hell are not prevailing. If there was ever a doubt in your mind as to the far reaching implications of Lawrence v. Texas they were manifest at the "Gay Pride" fiasco in that city. Here we had sodomites parading their sin saying, "I've been obeying the law all weekend long!" You know what that means and so do I. But to have sodomite physicians chanting, "2..4..6..8.., Don't assume your doctor is straight." and "We're here, we're queer, have you had your pap smear?" is outrageous! "The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men" Psalm 12:8.

King Jesus Champions the Gospel and KOs the Devil at the Gates in Granite City
Posted May 17, 2003
Friday, April 25-Flip Benham came to the gates of hell in Granite City this past weekend and proclaimed the truth. Friday there was a victorious fundraising banquet for Small Victories in St. Louis at the Bevo Mill. Flip proclaimed the need for men to fight this abortion battle and the need for people to get out on the front lines. "Jesus through Small Victories and company has saved 635 babies since January 2000, that's incredible," said Pastor Benham. There were over 200 saints in attendance. A free lance photographer gave his heart to Jesus and a few minutes later a love offering was taken for Daniel and Angela's ministry. The Holy Spirit came down and filled this new, baby Christian's heart with the grace of the Holy Spirit and he announced he would match the offering taken… PTL!

St. Louis Radio Station Draws Attention to Hope Clinic
Posted May 17, 2003
Here is a story that appeared on the front page of the Illinois Leader on Wednesday, May 7, 2003. God is exposing the abortion industry for the murderous liar it is on so many different venues that it is impossible to continue the cover-up. The violent, uncaring, lies of abortion mill employees are being exposed over the public airwaves by those who have actually been through the torturous procedure of killing their own child. Here is one case where a precious woman thought she had had an abortion for over three years, only to find out that the abortionist did not find a baby. She wasn't pregnant! He charged her for the abortion anyway. Read this story from a secular newspaper...

Granite City's Abortionist Exposed Again
Posted May 1, 2003
The Illinois Department of Registration has filed charges against Abortionist Yogendra Shah over a recent lawsuit filed against him, May, 2002. The lawsuit alleges, Shah did an abortion on Mary Doe, when she wasn't pregnant...

Letter Delivered to Angela Michaels at the Hope (less) Abortuary in Granite City, IL
Woman Tells Angela What She Really Thinks
Posted February 17, 2003

This is a very touching story.This letter is from a woman who crossed my path outside the abortion clinic in Granite City, IL shaking her fist in God’s face and literally in mine. She was bringing all three of her daughters to this abortion clinic when I asked her, "To kill their babies?" She responded, "explicative … yeah!"

Two Botched Abortions in 28 Days
Complete Update Posted February 14, 200

Angela in Action
Botched abortion rushed across street to Gateway Regional Medical Center
By Angela Michael
Saturday Abortionist Shah has his own surgical team for his botched abortions, we saw them flying in. He has three surgical nurses that he uses to cover up for his botched abortions. He calls them in, so they can get these girls patched up and on the interstate before Monday, when the regular administrative staff is at the hospital and nobody knows anything. Two deathscorts arrested, Yogendra Shah wants to play Let's Make A Deal, Three babies saved, and Miracles visit the saints to deliver a special letter...in Granite City news.

Let's Make A Deal!

"Yogendra Shah, You're no Monty Hall." A.M.
Posted February 14, 2003

Apparently the Hope Clinic lawyer Mark Levy approached our lawyer Jason Craddock and has proposed a deal concerning the Michael's and Yogendra Shah and all the frivolous lawsuits this abortionist had filed against these gentle Christian warriors. ... Mark Levy, the attorney for Hope Clinic submitted a proposal from his client abortionist Yogendra Shah. "If the Michael's will quit standing in front of his offices (and exposing) then Yogendra Shah will drop all his lawsuits against them." (Background info on Shah and one of his silly suits along with links here added below article...)

Jennifer O'Neil (Summer of '42) Speaks with Our own Angela Michael
Radio Ministry St. Louis, MO
Posted January 16, 2003

Today's guest on Small Victories, KJSL 630 AM radio program is actress/writer, former Cover Girl model and abortion survivor, Jennifer O'Neill. She is the author of "From Fallen to Forgiven" "Surviving Myself" and founder of Women Deserve Better ministry. She is also a sponsor of "Silent No More" - a post-abortive survivors group. (Refer to www.jenniferoneill.com) Who would've guessed that behind the Hollywood stardom, an international modeling career, fame and fortune, Jennifer O'Neill lived on an emotional roller coaster of inner turmoil. A teen suicide attempt, several near-fatal accidents, multiple failed marriages, an abortion, and nine miscarriages colored her life with pain and sadness.

Judge rules that proclaimers may demonstrate outside of abortionist’s ob/gyn office in Granite City, IL.
November 24, 2002

Angela in Action
Angela in Action
By Angela Michael
We know that Christ spoiled the powers and principalities of darkness 2000 years ago on a hill at Calvary, on an old rugged cross. But that Victory is fleshed out in various sundry, and diverse ways throughout history, from the fall of Goliath to the fall of the Berlin Wall, from the collapse of Babylon to the collapse of chattel slavery in America.

King Jesus "Shuts Down" High Place!

April 17, 2002
On Saturday, our Lord Jesus answered our prayers. For the first time in its 28-year history, the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois, did not open. Not one baby was killed! They did not open on the busiest killing day of the week when they normally shed the blood of approximately 50 babies each week. This "Mecca of the Midwest" abortuary knew the gentle Christians were coming to stand for our Lord in the streets of Granite City. They knew that the National Director of Operation Save America was coming to lead Gideon's Army into spiritual battle at their diabolical high place! God performed a miracle and caused the wicked to close down in fear.
"The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you…" Deut 28:7

Constitution Suspended for the Michaels and All Pro-lifers in Highland: Letter to the EditorDaniel & Angela Michael in front of Hope(less) abortion mill in Granite City
"Abortion Comes to Highland"
February 5, 2002
[See the Preface as a Madison County judge on Monday kept in force the unheard of 1500 foot restraining order...in Highland against all pro-lifers.]
Let’s face it! Abortion is mean and it’s ugly. The most recent controversy is the exposure of the Teaberries party house where an abortion clinic employee has parties for little girls on the weekends and during the weekdays she works at the Hope(less) abortion mill in Granite City, IL, where we stand at the gates of Hell four to five times a week proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ who is Lord and whose laws shall reign. She is killing little baby girls and boys. She is assisting in the slaughter of these babies during the weekdays, and entertaining here on the weekend here in Highland.

Abortion foes picket teahouse despite order
Posted January 29, 2002
News article by Brian Brueggesmann
[OSA Note: Those businesses and individuals that support child killers by providing services to them share in the bloodguilt for these innocent children murdered by abortion. It truly takes a village to kill a child. Those who wish to remain a part of this deadly village ought to put up a sign or include language in their ads, that they "are proud to serve those that butcher little baby boys and girls and take their blood money." Whether they are this honest or not, they ought not be surprised when Christians, in obedience to Scripture "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." (Ephesians 5:11), publicly inform the community of such complicity in the abomination of killing God's precious little image bearers. The principle is the same as a picket of a pornography store, manufacturing plant or any other business with objectionable practices -- Only in this case, it is a matter of life and death. Citizens have the right to picket, protest and inform. Christians have both the right and the duty to do so. The Church will obey her Lord and expose this village.]

Lawsuits Agains Yogendra Shah
September 1, 2001
Webmaster's Note: Listings of Shah's offences are posted.

Abortionist Yogendra Shah and the Hope Abortion Clinic are trying move the national focus from them to Daniel and Angela Michael. The facts are that many lawsuits have filed against them in recent years! "The wicked in his pride persecutes the poor, Let them be caught in the plots which they have devised." These lawsuits are for negligence, and malpractice among other things. The truth is being revealed to the world about the degree of "butchery" that has been taking place for over 28 years in the abortuary in Granite City, and for the past 20 years at the hands of Yogendra Shah.

Woman Brought to Catholic Hospital After Botched Abortion
June 6, 2001
A woman was brought from the "Hope" abortion mill to St. Elizabeth's Catholic hospital on June 1 after a botched abortion. Abortionist Yogendra Shah had used 10 laminaria in the dilation procedure (the normal is only 4 or 5 laminaria). This didn't’t work for him, so he proceeded to use mechanical tools to stretch open the cervix. Shah tried to rush the delivery of the 23 weeks gestation baby, but after he had delivered the baby’s head, he encountered the life-threatening problems. They took the mother to the operating room in the abortion clinic, and tried to patch her up, twice, but it didn't’t work. They then took her to the hospital's main lobby, in full view of about 20 or so visitors coming and going. She was already "shocky," and had tachycardia, and was losing blood rapidly.

Local Christian Radio Hosts Jump into the Battle
May 15, 2001
In Granite City, Daniel and Angela Michael of Small Victories are experiencing some huge victories at their local abortion mill, "Hope[less] Women's Center." God has raised up the Tim & Al show on KJSL radio in St. Louis to come alongside and help them raise up an army. Tim and Al have done more in the past seven months to expose the wickedness of the abortion industry in St. Louis and Granite City, than has been done in the past 28 years. On April 18, 2001 they held an "ultrathon" during their morning show to raise money for Daniel and Angela to buy a sonogram. This device will show abortion bound mothers what their little baby girls and boys look like. They needed $5,000 and raised over $25,000. God is so good!

Granite City - Flip Benham's Visit
April 16-17, 2001
Flip preached that we must stand for Jesus and continue to go to the gates of Hell and fight for the unborn. Four babies left the clinic alive. Praise the Lord! We are not called to change women's mind, but to give them His message of love and real hope. We are able to inform them of their baby's life, and to tell them what abortion does physically, mentally, and spiritually to them and their child. We cannot be responsible for their response, but we can tell them they have other options. If we hear a dying child screaming for help, we don't wait for help.

"Christ" Hospital Killed Another Child
April 10, 2001
A little while after the abortive delivery took place in one room, I needed help with my own delivery a few doors down the hall. I asked for someone to get the nursing assistants for me, but the nurse taking care of the aborting mother and aborted baby told me that they were not available right now. When I asked where they were, she said, "They're in the Comfort Room wrapping my baby to take to the morgue."

Granite City - Shah's Cheap Little Deal
December 21, 2000
Hence, they go to St. Elizabeth's. Of course, the fact that these girls are in such bad physical shape that they may make not it to the other hospital also plays into it. Keep in mind that this "doctor" does not take his real OB/GYN patients to St. Elizabeth's, but rather to the other area hospital so he can make more money. This is the same guy St. Elizabeth's has employed as OB/GYN Chief of Staff for over 8 years!