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Street Reports from Schenectedy, NY

Street Reports from Schenectedy, NY

March 25, 2005

Good Friday
Planned Parenthood,

Beth Lynch Reporting

A half dozen disciples of the crucified Lord stood or knelt at the foot of the cross today at the Union Street Planned Parenthood. The noon to 3 p.m. vigil commemorated the hours Christ hung in agony. The rosary, Stations of the Cross and Psalms were led by Jim Nelligan, accosting the powers and principalities of darkness on this holy day.

A FTT sign elicited shock and disbelief by a few of the young people on their way into the mill. After so much time and publicity over the battle for the unborn, it is amazing how many people still do not know what an abortion actually is. Nothing explains it better than these horrifying photographs. Rather than turning away or expressing anger at the truth bearers, one man and then a woman stopped to look and ask questions. Both denied that abortion was their reason for being there. After this first encounter with the truth and with witnessing by the Scripture Wall prayers, perhaps they will stop their support of the PP monster and its lies.

A cold wind blew. We were wrapped in winter coats and scarves. Some paced, some took an occasional break at the Life Center. I had arrived late from work and had not changed into more casual clothes. From kneeling on the sidewalk I noticed my boots were scuffed and the hem of my long skirt soiled when I left.

Arriving at church for Good Friday liturgy, I knelt in warmth and cleanliness. The contrast to the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood was apparent. I praised God and the people of Scripture Wall for pulling me out of this comfort zone into the real work of the Spirit. Humbled and grateful for my dirty boots, I prayed that more of God's people will track the dirt of Calvary into His pristine churches to remind us who we are, where we came from, and how much work we have to do.

The grace of the Easter season be with you all!

January 21, 2005

A Day at the Gates of Hell

Elijah Pasanen Reporting

On this freezing cold day, yet warm compared to days past, we (Dave, Mrs. Oakes, Fr. Francis) set out from Mass to the entrance of Planned Parenthood (PP) for today's Scripture Wall. Already there on his knees waiting for us to join him was Mr. Jim Nelligan. We gathered around facing the front entrance of Planned Parenthood and began to pray. As usual there was a number of deathscorts who despite the cold were ready to bring their victims into their place of killing.

The numbers going in and out of the PP Building seemed rather slow, thank God. Nevertheless there were a few young women who did pass in and out of the doors. Furthermore a black woman came out when we were half way through the rosary to ask why we were standing there. We responded and informed her that Planned Parenthood killed babies. She acted quite surprised and we told her to go inside the life center across the side street and talk to Mrs. Oakes for any help she might need. She gladly did and Mrs. Oakes gave her good information and sent her on her way.

Not long after all this as we were praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, I began to hear sirens. Looking up I saw an EMS vehicle running hot followed by an ambulance with lights and siren blaring. As it quickly turned out, the emergency vehicles were for a victim of PP due to the abortionist's ineptitude. Nearing the PP building the first EMS vehicle pulled into the side street and inadvertently blocked access for the ambulance. The ambulance had mistakenly pulled into the patient parking lot. The deathscorts had to redirect the ambulance to the side street. The ambulance followed directions only to find its way blocked by the first vehicle whose occupants were by this time inside the facility. Finally, after a length of time they brought the poor woman out and took her away for immediate medical attention.

I am heartsick for the helpless woman and her baby who were both torn apart. My prayers and thoughts are directed towards them. I hope the mother will recover and will not hate us prolifers, but instead may realize why we are there. We are there to save the babies yes, but also to help mothers who cannot help themselves.