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More News & Articles From Texas

More News & Articles From Texas

Updates on Liz History of the brave war Liz Thomas waged with cancer that ended in her home-going with the Lord Jesus.
Here are some of the encouraging words OSA leaders sent Liz at that time.

Gay Pride Comes Before Destruction
Posted September 13, 2004
Many are calling it a step in the right direction. City officials, including the Mayor and the City Council applaud and embrace it. Many denominations in the city accept it. JESUS CHRIST REJECTS IT! Homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of The Supreme Law-Maker, Jesus Christ!

Ft Worth Back to School Report
February 2005 Report
By Jan Colston
Posted February 23, 2005
What a blessing it is to be able to go to the middle schools and high schools here in Fort Worth and take the gospel message through tract distribution on the public sidewalks in front of the schools to the youth of this city. Recently, we went to a middle school that we had gone to last year to pass out tracts. At that time, the principal became very upset and called my church secretary to "tell us off." She stated that they wanted us to stay away and never come back accusing us of getting on the school property (which we didn't). This year, that same principal's attitude had totally changed.

Waco Christians Vindicated
By Rusty
Posted February 8, 2005
The God of all justice came to the aid of his people who have stood upon His word in the face of tyranny in the city of Waco. Yesterday, February 7, 2005, 18 Christian Pro-lifer's were finally vindicated by a Waco court.

By Rusty
Posted December 18, 2004
By God's grace and through the perseverance of some local saints, the city of Waco has been rocked. For one week, Nov. 29th-Dec. 3rd, about thirty Christians took the Gospel of the Kingdom to the gates of the schools. Many schools were impacted, either from within or from without (there were students that took our materials and passed them out in their perspective schools. It created quite a stir). Each day two different teams showed up at University High and Waco High School. Only time and eternity will reveal what transpired during this phenomenal week.

Lessons Learned at the Gates: School and Abortion Mill
By Carole
November 9, 2004
There is something wrong with our theology when the life of a baby becomes more important to us than the soul of the woman who is carrying that life. The battle that we have been called to fight at the abortion clinics is not just for the life of the child, but more importantly for the souls of the men and women who come to the clinic.

Pro-life Christians Appeal Conviction Under Tyrannical City Ordinance
By Rusty Thomas
Posted November 1, 2004
Though there is defiance against the rule of law in Waco, the real question is, who are the ones defying it? As Christians and free men, we declare that one needs to look no further than the city government of Waco and Planned Parenthood to discover the guilty parties. It is they that stand in defiance of the law. In the name of protecting children at school zones, they allow Planned Parenthood to murder children within a school zone.

Lubbock prolifers hail Texas Tech speech zones ruling
By Dorothy Boyett
Posted October 5, 2004
An October 2, ruling by Federal Judge Sam Cummings striking down Texas Tech University 's free speech zones came as welcome news to Lubbock prolifers.
Texas Tech University has maintained a policy of banning free speech on campus unless it is in the “designated free speech” area, a gazebo situated away from the university center and traffic area. This was the only place that one could hold signs, hand out literature, or preach the Word, unless a permit was applied for and approved by the administration.

Aaron's Expansion Update
By John Reyes, OSA-Dallas
Posted October 2, 2004
... But there was something different about him. He seemed taller and to almost be... gleaming. He handed me three of his business cards and said, "I just came to tell you that after our talk last week, God sorely dealt with me." He then went on to say that he has pulled off the Aaron's project and that he would help anyone who followed him in leaving the project. I asked him if I could hug him and he said yes. ...

Boycott Update: Workers Pulling Out of Aaron's Abortion Center Expansion Work
But more effort is needed if we are going to stop the expansion to become a late-term abortuary from taking place permanently!
By John Reyes, OSA-Dallas
Posted September 28, 2004
Yesterday I spoke with Fonda Lash, our friend at the Catholic Pro-life Committee in Dallas and she had some exciting news to tell me! First, she shared with me that last week 2 construction workers (we don't know their names) walked off the job after talking to 2 sidewalk counselors. Also, a born-again Christian working on the project installing the air conditioning was so convicted by the Lord one evening, that he too has quit! Also, Mr. Raul Garcia, another contractor working on the project, has quit as well!

OSA Brings Christian Witness to Dallas Gay Pride Parade
By Brenda Spurlock - John Reyes addition added
September 28, 2004 - Originally posted September 20, 2004

However, at one point all of our jaws dropped when we noticed an incredibly graphic float. It was black with flames and the people were dressed as demons. One homosexual had a sign that read "God hates us!" Walking along the float was a man dressed in a black hood and robe. He stopped for a while and stared at us with his eyes that pierced through the two holes in his hood. In his hands he had a baby doll with a noose around its neck. Along with him, another man with a skull mask walked along the route. Attached to his hand was a rope that dragged a baby doll on the ground behind him. The float, when it turned the corner was dragging a dozen baby dolls behind it.
Homosexuality and abortion go hand in hand. The same devil that hates children takes pride in homosexuality...

Boycott Update: Dallas starts boycott effort
By John Reyes
Posted September 19, 2004
Greetings Saints,
In January a law banning abortions after 16 weeks of pregnancy went into effect in the state of Texas. Prior to the passing of that particular law, Aaron's abortuary in Dallas, Texas specialized in killing babies in the second and third trimester. However, because late-term abortions cannot be performed in a facility that is not a "ambulatory surgi-center" the law prevented Aaron's from killing little late-term boys and girls. The only way for Aaron's to continue the slaughter of the little children is to become an "ambulatory surgical center." If this work continues, Aaron's will be the first completed "ambulatory surgical center" in the state of Texas.

Lubbock prolifers accused of targeting children by local media
By Dorothy Boyett
Posted September 13, 2004
When the City of Waco passed an ordinance banning free speech in a school zone, (Planned Parenthood's death camp is within this zone), prolifers from around the state drove to Waco to stand with Rusty Thomas and other Christians in that city. “In addition to supporting our dear friend Rusty, we also knew that other cities might try to follow with ordinances of their own if this goes unchallenged,” voiced many. That could be the case now in Lubbock, Texas. Abortion protesting in school zones was the top story August 26, on Lubbock 's KLBK TV 13. The station‘s motto is: “we're on your side,” but this apparently isn't true in regards to prolifers Judy Kreller and Dorothy Boyett. Channel 13 reporter Ellen McNamara left the impression that the women are deliberately targeting an elementary school.

Gentle Christian Young People Assaulted then Pepper Sprayed Outside Dallas Abortuary
By OSA-Dallas
Posted August 8, 2004
A Christian man was assaulted Saturday morning after an abortion - bound dad attacked him and stole his camera in front of Fairmount abortion clinic. Dan Russell, the videographer with OSA-Dallas, was video-taping sidewalk counselors when the man, in his mid-twenties, came up, pushed and pulled him, forcing the video camera into his possession. The man then took the camera into the abortion mill. Upon realizing that the police had been called, the dad later came out of the mill and returned the camera to Mr. Russell - without the video tape. When the police arrived, Mr. Russell and others gave their eyewitness account of the assault and charges were filed against the man. Police officers entered the abortuary and later returned the videotape to Mr. Russell. "This type of behavior is not surprising to anyone who does this type of ministry. Folks going into abortion mills have violence and murder already devised in their hearts toward their unborn children. If they cannot even respect the dignity of the smallest of human life, why should we expect them to value ours." said Rev. John D. Reyes, Director of Operation Save America-Dallas.

Battle Still Rages in Austin Against PP Mill
By Liz Thomas
Posted April 1, 2004
Chris Danze, chairman of the Austin Area Pro-Life Concrete Contractors and Suppliers Assoc., has fought a valiant battle to keep Planned Parenthood from building a baby killing center in Austin, TX. See the following WorldNetDaily article http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=34748. He united Austin builders and suppliers in a boycott of the project, then asked city churches to hire only companies that support the boycott. His Action Alerts have kept prolifers informed and they have called businesses to politely request that they not participate in building the killing mill.

Showdown in Waco Continues
By Liz Thomas
Posted March 15, 2004
Last Wednesday, March 9th, none were arrested or cited in front of Planned Parenthood in spite of the threat of arrest that was given the week before by the police officers. Many Christians came out who are fairly new to this aspect of bringing the claims of Christ to the culture, so God is using this opportunity to recruit soldiers into His active army. As long as they were standing 5 ft. away from each other, not forming a group or assemblage, they could sidewalk counsel, sing and pray to our hearts content. Of course, this cannot last long, (I was not there due to sickness, but how can I stand 5 ft. away from my newborn baby and 2 and 4 year olds?) however since the group already had legal plans underway to proceed with, they decided to comply. We are planning on being tried by a jury as a group, being represented by the Christian Law Association from Seminole, FL. Also, Christians from the Waco area are being asked to come to the City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening at 5:15 p.m....

Tyranny in Waco
Posted March 13, 2004
This is an excerpt taken from the OSA Dallas newsletter. John and many others joined Rusty before he left for California as they challenged the City Council's ordinance restricting their activities at the mill. For more information see the articles entitled “ Waco Report,” “Update in Waco ,” and “Pastors Take the Helm.” ... So what we have here is Waco's own 10-40 window - a Gospel-Free Zone! This as an all out assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and if we do not stand in opposition to this, you had better believe it will spread like gangrene to the rest of the United States, including our city of Dallas. Satan will do whatever he can to silence gentle Christians from proclaiming God's Word on the highways and byways of this nation.

Tyranny in Waco Update, Part 2
By Rusty Thomas
Posted February 19, 2004
Dear Champion of the Lord and the Unborn, The Lord richly bless you! The battle is raging in Waco. The lines are being drawn. Goliath has risen his ugly head and taunts the army of the living God. Read the enclosed article and hear his challenge "Give me a man." The tyrants in Waco are daring the saints of God to relinquish the public sidewalks, our Constitutional rights, and our duty to preach the Gospel to every creature. Our rights, however, didn't come from government and they will not be the ones to take them away....

Tyranny in Waco Update
By Rusty Thomas
February 18, 2004
Today was an historical day for the Church of Jesus Christ in the city of Waco. Local saints, pastors, and Christians from Waco, several cities in Texas, and folks as far away as Wichita, KS. came to stand in the gap and make up the hedge for the Gospel, freedom, and for the little babies in the womb of their mothers.Over a hundred folks gathered in the name of Jesus. We worshipped the Lord, honored His authority, and declared that sidewalk was holy ground. Afterward, we pointed the finger in the direction where it was needed most, at ourselves, the Church of Jesus Christ. We began by prayers of repentance based on Lamentations 4:12,13 ...

Waco Report with Photos
Over 100 saints stood against tyranny in front of Planned ParenthoodDorothy Boyett of Lubbock, TX reporting
February 18, 2004

The call went forth "Come to Waco." Christians answered this call from as far away as Wichita, Lubbock, Fort Worth, Dallas, Burnet, and Austin. They came to stand with Rusty, Liz, the Thomas Nations and the saints in Waco.

January 22, 2004 - Day of Repentance, Prayer and Fasting
Posted January 30, 2004
"It behooves us then to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins and to pray for clemency and forgiveness...." Abraham Lincoln, 1863" Operation Save America-Dallas will be setting aside January 22, 2004 as "The Day of Repentance, Fasting and Prayer." We are asking God - fearing Christian men and women throughout the Metroplex to take time during this day to beseech the Lord our God on behalf of the Church, the nation and our city. If you are able, please join us for solemn activities around Dallas.

Fruit Cometh Forth
By John Reyes
Posted January 14, 2004
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Yesterday morning I received a phone call from Stephen Bennett who is the Director of SBM (Stephen Bennet Ministries). Stephen has devoted his life to the ministry of deliverance for the homosexual. He himself, a former homosexual, has seen many set free from their perverted lifestyles to become the men and women that God had intended them to be. Stephen called me with some very encouraging news! This past weekend he received a phone call from a young 20 year old homosexual male who lives in the Dallas area. Here is Stephen's account of the conversation: ...
He told me he was at a "gay" pride parade in Texas this summer and someone handed him our "I Was Gay" tract. He kept it and held on to it as his only source of hope, until he could get up the courage to call the ministry. Well, that planted seed this summer paid off. ...

Charges against Two Life-saving Grandmothers Dropped!
Lubbock, Texas December 19, 2003
Judy holds one of the babies saved from deathBill Sowder, Lubbock County District Attorney has dismissed charges against Judy Kreller and Dorothy Boyett citing "Justice can no longer be served". Judy & Dorothy had been charged with trespassing in April, even though the police admitted they did not observe them on the property. The evidence submitted by the abortuary included three poor quality pictures which showed the two sidewalk counselors standing on the adjacent parking lot (they have permission from the owner to do so) and on the public sidewalk; on this "evidence" warrants were issued for their arrest. Judy & Dorothy posted bond, after spending the afternoon in the city jail, but were back outside the abortuary the next morning. Thirty four babies have been saved this year.
Previous stories on Dorothy & Judy being charged, arrested, etc.-
The State of Texas vs Judy Kreller & Dorothy Boyett October 29, 2003
Grandmothers Arrested in Lubbock, August 19, 2003

The State of Texas v. Judy Kreller & Dorothy Boyett
Lubbock, Texas October 29, 2003
Judy & Dorothy have been on the sidewalk outside Aaron's Women's (abortion) Clinic for over 10 years. They are out there if it is 100 degrees or 20 degrees handed out Bible tracts and witnessing to anyone who will listen. Even though they both work as R.N.'s they spend more than 30 hours each week interceding for those who have no voice. During 2003 Twenty-three mothers have come out of the building and told them that they had changed their mind and were going to let their baby live. Many more drive away after viewing the large pictures of first trimester aborted babies.

Dallas Gay Pride Parade Proclamation
The Saints Gather to Proclaim repentance to the CaptivesBy Ryan Kirchoff
Posted September 27, 2003

Great sadness filled the hearts of the saints who gathered on Sunday to boldly profess the name of Christ at Dallas’ 20th Annual “Gay Pride Parade.” The sadness that came, though tempered with God’s peace and joy despite the circumstances, was not a sadness due to a lost battle or a feeling of defeat. Though not many people responded positively to our message, we know that the battle is not ours. We also know that we are more than conquerors through Christ. Defeat is no longer part of who we are. Christ conquered, and proceeded to give us the victory as well.

Operation Save America - Dallas Presents Ecclesisiastical Court
September 24-27, 2003
Rally, worship, the court, proclamation of life
See this flyer for schedule of events Wed.-Sat.

Grandmothers Arrested in Lubbock
Posted August 20, 2003
Judy & Dorothy spent two hours in the Lubbock County Jail yesterday. Attorney's had made previous arrangements for them to post bond and leave. Local TV 28 sent a cameraman, who filmed the two sidewalk counselors walking into the jail. Judy did an on-camera interview. No trial date has been set.

The Truth Suppressed at Springcreek Community Church
By Kristene O'Dell
Posted June 25, 2003

On Saturday, June 21, 2003, and again the following Sunday, a small group from OSA - Dallas stood outside Springcreek Community Church with signs of live children, aborted children, and literature entitled "Sing a Little Louder." Why would we do this? Because directly across the street is a practicing abortionist. Dr. Stella S. Kwong does abortions in her family practice office in the quiet suburb of Garland, TX.

Missi teaches the trainees the in's and out's of sidewalk counseling.  Click image for larger view.Posted June 13, 2003
Recently, Operation Rescue - Dallas/Operation Save America - Dallas held its second sidewalk-counseling Seminar at Redeemed Community in Oak Cliff, Dallas. Melissa Owen, the head sidewalk counselor in front of Routhe Street abortion mill conducted the class. "Missi did an incredible job teaching the balance between compassionate and aggressive counseling. After only a year on the streets, she has really grasped a hold of the vision of the ministry." said John D. Reyes, director...

Millers in March - Click image for larger viewPosted June 3, 2003
Jim Phillips of Renovation Ministries reports from Austin, Texas on how ordinary gentle Christians obeying Jesus to simply take the gospel in love and truth to the gates brings victory. Praise the name of Jesus! Read this encouraging report of things to come to an abortion mill near you! Stay faithful and never lose heart saints!

Lubbock Prolifers win at City Hall
Posted May 30, 2003
Local prolifers are rejoicing over Lubbock City Council's decision to overturn the Citizen's Traffic Commission's placement of NO-PARKING signs on 67th street. This unanimous decision by the council May 22, brought to an end realtor Roy Middleton's efforts to curtail the lifesaving action of two local grandmothers.

Lubbock Report
Last updated April 11, 2003
More saves in Lubbock! Dorothy Boyette gives these wonderful reports. The last 7 weeks we have seen 7 babies saved! Praise Jesus!!!

It Starts with Just 1 - 30th Roe Memorial in Lubbock
Dorothy Boyette Reports from Lubbock, TX
Posted January 27, 2003

I set up the signs outside the courthouse and was handing out brochures to everyone who passed by as Fox News set up their equipment. I did an interview with Fox News (local affiliate 34). My daughter Charlotte joined me and gave a fantastic interview. She called the Church to repentance for peacefully coexisting with abortion. When the interviewer asked, "What is it going to take to overturn Roe?" She said, "When the Church gets some courage." I was so proud of her.

Terrorist Attacks on America - Special Report
From OSA-Dallas
Posted January 26, 2003
...Most of the victims were found to have been disemboweled and be-headed, with no sign of a struggle. It has been difficult to properly assess the damage as piecing together body parts has proved nearly impossible. ... President George W. Apathy had the following to say: "I'm very sorry that we did not do something about this sooner. I have failed the people of the United States of America by not acting on this long ago. I cannot express my remorse to the nation as a whole. We have all been greatly and devastatingly affected by this mass destruction of human life." [A must read!]

Fairmount Street Report from OSA-Dallas
By Melissa Owen
Posted January 16, 2003
What a bizarre morning we had this Saturday, out in front of the Fairmount Women's Center! It wasn't just the usual mocking from the customers, or the usual harassment by the police. Please forgive the length of this street report, as there is so much to report it could not be shortened. ... It all began with one woman who was being dragged into the clinic by her boyfriend. She literally was digging her heels into the pavement, desperate to hear what the sidewalk counselor had to say. ...

Two bulldozers stand guard over the pile of rubble that was once the Cathedral of Hope's Youth Center.
Two bulldozers stand guard over the pile of rubble that was once
the Cathedral of Hope's Youth Center.

The Walls Come Down!
Cathedral of Hope Demolishes Youth Center
By John Reyes
Posted January 11, 2003

Many of you were a brilliant testimony of Jesus' love to the Cathedral of Hope during this summer's event in Dallas. This MCC "Church" is the largest homosexual congregation of its kind. The work is strong in Dallas and this article should bless you tremendously.

Jericho Mission Street Report Ft. Worth - August 25, 2002
Posted August 29, 2002
"...And I will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children"
Once again Malachi lived up to his name! Last Saturday, a young man drove by the clinic and saw the graphic signs exposing what goes on behind the clinic doors. He drove home, grabbed his child and sobbed. His wife Tanya drove out to the clinic to see for herself what was going on. Tanya told me that her husband was pro-choice, until today. The witness of what happened to the babies, broke his heart, and turned it to his children. When he got home, he ran to hug his baby, and wept openly over him.

Our Lord's Perfect Justice
May 1, 2002
My dear friends in Christ,
A few weeks ago we had a visit from a gentleman that was walking by the mill one Saturday morning. He was across the street and decided to cross over and tell us some news. It so happened that this man works at the Warren Terrace Suites which is just 3 blocks north of the mill and he has been a grounds keeper for the past 16 years there. He told Brooks that the abortionist P had been living there and that he was found dead in his suit and that the paramedic that looked at him said that it looked like he had been dead for at least six days or more. - Dan LaFreniere
(Scroll below or up from this article for other reports from JERICHO MISSION...)

Jericho Misson: April 16, 2002
There was a Christian couple who stopped and talked with Carole for a minute, but even after being reminded about their Saviors Law and their salvation they drove in and parked. They went in as I was preaching to them about the real Jesus. I must admit my heart was broken over this one because they brought their little baby with them to be a witness to their act of barbarism, hidden behind a cover of sweet lies about their future being messed up and how it would be so hard to raise two children so close in age. They had no faith because they had no true Jesus.

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