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News, Articles & Reports from Florida


 News, Articles & Reports from Florida

Oops! I Had An Abortion
By Patte Smith

Posted January 29, 2004
Even dear brothers and sisters who minister with me on the street sometimes refer to the sin of fornication and abortion as "mistakes." Say what? Come again? Mistakes? Like using baking soda instead of baking powder? Like mis-spelling a word? Like calling someone by the wrong name? Now, THOSE ARE MISTAKES.

What Happened to Baby Christmas?
By Patte Smith; foreword by Flip Benham;

Posted December 11, 2004
Orlando, FL: So much grief at the clinic today. Just as Claire, Melissa, Amanda & I arrived at 8:00a.m., an Asian woman in her early twenties and wearing pajamas came stumbling toward the clinic door clutching her pregnant belly. Connie was obviously in active labor. The door was locked because the abortion clinic doesn't officially open until 9a.m. Connie couldn't catch her breath. This was her first baby. She was just 19 weeks, about half way through pregnancy. Pregnant at Christmastime. A Christmas baby. Her first child. Connie wants to murder him for Christmas.

Victory in Sarasota, FL!
By Tom McGlade
Posted March 1, 2004

After 30 years of killing children and over 50,000 innocent lives taken, the Sarasota Women's Health Center - known as the North Trail Mill, the citadel of child sacrifice in our area, CLOSED DOWN! On January 22, those who persevered to the end, some of us for over 14 years, went to celebrate and worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords who finally said, "ENOUGH!" We set up our PA system on busy US 41. We prayed, sang and gave testimony of our God's great power.

Patient Suffers from Abortion at Orlando Women's Center
By Patte Smith, Sanctuary Ministries
Posted February 25, 2004

Thursday, December 11, 2003
25-year old *Michelle Randall pays $375 for an abortion at 10 weeks of pregnancy. Abortionist Harry Perper shoves a cannula (suction tube) up her vagina. There's a pop. Abortionist Harry pulls out the cannula in a hurry. Michelle vomits and her side hurts. Perper and his assistant peer into the collection jar: Lots of blood but no baby.

"It's Alive!"
By Patte Smith, Sanctuary Ministries
Posted February 19, 2004

Tricia screamed when she saw her baby boy wiggling. She had just delivered him into the toilet at Orlando Women's Center. "It's ALIVE!" "Be Quiet!", the clinic worker demanded. "You don't want to upset that little girl in the next room who is still in labor do you?"

Baby Girl Born to Keith ansd Mara McGlade
Posted August 21, 2003
Dear Family in Christ, God's people prayed, others moved in faith, a young mother and father stood firm in obedience to their God and the Lord moved on behalf of His people. Little baby "sweet cheeks" McGlade (yes, she doesn't have a name yet) was born at home assisted by the family of God and born breech! She stayed "upright" to the end with bottom first. The world told these two young parents that it was impossible and quite unacceptable to deliver a breech baby at home "unassisted".

The Lord's Prayer Threatened!
Manatee County School Board Members are Threatened with a Law Suit if They Continue to Recite the Lord’s Prayer Before Their Meetings!!!
Bradenton, Florida
Posted August 14, 2003

For more than twenty years, the members of the school board of Manatee County have been praying the Lord’s Prayer before their meetings. The five members who are presently serving profess to be Christians. Recently, a Jewish man who attended one of the meetings with his son became offended when he heard the prayer. When his complaints went unheeded, he contacted the liberal group, The People for the American Way, who acted swiftly in sending two letters threatening to sue the school board if this practice was not stopped immediately. As soon as the word got out, The American Center for Law and Justice and the American Family Association, stepped in to offer their services pro bono. They were willing to use this case as a test case.

Victory and Justice for All in Jesus!
Abortion Doctor, Matthew Kachinas, Guilty of Battery

Posted June 28, 2003
June 26th, Sarasota, Florida: Words cannot describe what the Lord did in the courtroom today in Sarasota, Fl. Although God's judgements continue to come forth on this wayward nation and irrelevant Church, a small band of His lowly servants experienced the mighty hand of our Lord as evil was exposed, justice actually prevailed and victory was won. This was your victory - all of you who have persevered in the battle for Truth and righteousness - all of you who continue to fearlessly lift up the standard of our magnificent Lord and King, Jesus!

Another Attack at the Sarasota (Florida) Women's Death Center
Posted June 28, 2003
On the afternoon of June 17th, Rachel McGlade, Scott Heldreth, along with his three year old daughter, Esther, decided to make a surprise trip to the abortion mill believing that the mill had changed the hours of when they were killing children. Scott had anticipation in his soul that the Lord was going to stir up somebody's heart that day, but never did he imagine the violence ahead. After being there a short time, a young man and woman who obviously had just aborted their child, walked slowly to their car. Scott called out to them to say that they needed to be honest and repentant before a Holy God who absolutely hates the shedding of innocent blood, before they could ever be free and forgiven from their sin. He wanted them to know that the blood was on their hands and the only way to come clean was to be washed in the blood of the Lamb!

Our Men and Women Are Over There Fighting so We can Make Choices Like This
By Patte Smith
Posted April 11, 2003
A middle aged woman with a flag decal on her car AND sporting a giant flag sewn on the front of her denim dress wanted me to understand something. "We live in a country where we are free to do what we choose. Although abortion may not be a very nice choice, our men and women are over there fighting in Iraq so that we can make choices like this." Is this true? Are our boys fighting so that we can kill Americans as we please? Have dozens of our soldiers lost their lives in the Middle East so that we can massacre 4000 today?

Women Who Kill: In Her Own Words
By Patte Smith
Posted April 11, 2003
18 year old Janet murdered her pre-born baby of 4 1/2 months by labor and delivery abortion yesterday with the professional medical assistance of the staff of Orlando Women's Center. (Janet paid $1400 for their "medical care".) Her labor was induced at 9 am yesterday. Janet delivered her baby at midnight. I spoke to her by phone this morning. Here is the story of the murder by abortion her own child in Janet's own words:

By Pastor Sam Green
Posted February 18, 2003
Back in October, on Halloween, about 75 saints from Palm Bay and the surrounding area took to the streets and participated in Word in Warfare (reading the entire Bible out loud at the very gates of hell). They were peppered all over the county at various places such as the abortion mill, a building housing a homosexual website, a XXX video store, several strip clubs, high schools, the police department and city council chambers. ... The saints were commended by a number of people who were blessed to witness such a visible display of faith. One lady in particular approached Pastor Sam and asked how they knew to come to the city offices. She declared, "You don't know how much you are needed here. There is such a spirit of adultery in the mayor's and city manager's offices." She never explained exactly what she meant by that statement, however, everyone rejoiced that the Lord led his saints to the places HE knew needed a witness!

Eric, Scott, Sam, Keith, and Rachel

Report by Tom McGlade
Posted January 11, 2003

During a break in play, the team and supporters took a thirty minute trip to the Tarpon Springs home of abortionist, George Nauert. Traffic on the busy country road slowed as the graphic ministry of "Malachi" reached out to soften hearts. A large yellow arrow with the word ABORTIONIST pointed to the immense estate purchased with the blood of thousands of innocent pre-born children. Nauert owns four abortion mills, including the Sarasota Women's Health Center where Matthew "headbanger" Kachinas continues in Nauert's stead.

December 30, 2002
SARASOTA, FLORIDA: Abortionist Matthew J. Kachinas was cited for two counts of battery with additional charges pending. On Friday morning, December 27, Kachinas arrived at the Sarasota Womens Health Center, 5025 N. Tamiami Trail, to perform his bi-weekly ritual of state sanctioned child sacrifice. While still in his vehicle, Kachinas was once again invited into the freedom offered through the forgiveness of his sins upon repentance through the sacrificial blood of Jesus the Messiah. Kachinas exited his vehicle in a fervor. Obviously enraged, Kachinas, cursing, walked directly toward Linda McGlade who had delivered the Gospel message of hope and love to the abortionist. Stopping within centimeters of her face, he clearly and pointedly whispered several times the words, "I'm going to kill you!" Then....  

If Jesus returns in 2002 will He find us full of faith in Orlando?
January 2, 2002
If we NEVER helped a woman through her pregnancy, if we NEVER coached a young mother through her labor, if we NEVER held the sweet innocence of the babes we met at the abortuaries, I'd like to believe that we would STILL hold fast our confession that Christ is Lord of all, even over the kingdom like Orlando that is in direct rebellion against Him.

Ft. Pierce
August 3, 2001
Witnessing for the babies.

Clearwater - Acquire the Burden
March 14, 2001
Not wanting to deal with the reality of life seemed to be the main problem. Isaiah's prophecy of "Seeing they will not see, and hearing they will not hear," was vividly portrayed when a group of teens, all dressed in orange "Stand Up" (Acquire the Fire) tee shirts and directed by their leader, stonefacedly "stood their ground" in blocking off the view of our graphic signs from the rest of the Acquire the Fire teens.

Sarasota/Manatee - Report from the McGlades
November 14, 2000
The area was on campus and it was packed with students lined up to see Gore! We set up our signs, fired up the PA and watched the sparks fly! It was awesome! (Prior to this we were not allowed on the school campus!) The gospel of the Kingdom of God was proclaimed!

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