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BPT2004 4th Quarter

God's Servants at the "Summit Women's Center"
BPT Reports from 4th Quarter
October - December, 2004


A prayerful presence at the Summit Abortuary in Bridgeport each killing day of the year.

Babies Saved:

January – 27
February – 9
March – 11
April – 15
May – 17
June – 8
July – 14
August – 8
September – 5
October – 3
November – 12
December – 8




Special Guests

Eccleisiastical Court w/ Rusty Thomas Jan. 22. 2004
Roe Memorial Funeral w/Rusty Jan. 24, 2004
Jericho March w/Ed Martin May 1, 2004
Provincetown Outreach w/ Stephen Bennett (David Lackey) Aug.7, 2004
David Lackey & David Benham – August 8, 2004
WAA in CT, Flip & Rusty & Team. – Aug. 19-23
Savannah Micheal – Oct. 21- Oct 25, 2004

Baby Dedications – Flip Benham, Oct. 22, 24, 2004
David Lackey – November 12-14
Stephen Bennett – November 14
John Reyes – Dec 26

God Is Going Back to School

Central High, March 17
Bassick High, April 28
Bullard Havens Technical, May 26
Stratford High, Sept 22
Bunnell High, Oct 22
Platt Technical, Dec 1


February 14, Bridgeport Hospital,
October 23, Milford Hospital,
November 13, Bridgeport Hospital

National Missions and Training:

OSA Leadership Meeting in NC, Feb. 6-8
OSA National Event – Columbus, Ohio, July 18-23
Provincetown Outreach w/ Stephen Bennett Ministries, Aug. 7
Oh Saratoga ! Saratoga Springs, NY, Aug. 15-19
Stephen Bennett Fall Conference, October 16


Paula's at Grace Baptist Church, June 27, 11:30am
Jasmin's at the Carroll home, Sept. 19, 12 noon
Sheena's Shower at Grace Baptist, Dec. 5, 12:30pm

Young Ladies Bible Study - Wednesdays 3pm, March through June

Thursday, December 30, 2004


We give our Lord and King, Jesus Christ all the glory!

Sixteen lifesavers came out today. Fr. deMayo was there to represent the local clergy. The Bridgeport police were on the scene. A minor young lady 14 years old, that was raped, went in for an abortion today. Her sister told us the story. It is a shame that young girls today do not have the protection and covering of a Godly father. Dads are supposed to guard their daughters from sexual predators. From what we saw today:


Click image for larger view
Click image for larger view

The girl that changed her mind, never even went in. I approached her and her friend on the sidewalk. I gave them literature. When I realized the girl was Hispanic I called Carmen over. After further conversation she said she was Catholic, so Fr deMayo spoke with them too. We convinced her not to kill her baby and that help was available for her. We gave her our phone numbers. Lots of new people drove by today and saw the signs because it was a different time of day than normal.

As 2004 comes to an end, our prayer is that more Elijahs of God would rise up in our nation and stand for the Lord God.

"To the question, "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?" we answer, "Where He has always been - on the throne!" But where are the Elijahs of God?

Today God is bypassing men - not because they are too ignorant, but because they are too self-sufficient.

Brethren, our abilities are our handicaps, and our talents our stumbling blocks!

Out of obscurity, Elijah came on to the Old Testament stage, a full-grown man. Queen Jezebel, that daughter of hell, had routed the priests of God and replaced them with groves to false deities. Darkness covered the land and gross darkness the people, and they were drinking iniquity like water.

Every day the land, fouled with heathen temples and idolatrous rites, saw smoke curling from a thousand cruel altars. Elijah lived with God. He thought about the nation's sin like God; he grieved over sin like God; he spoke against sin like God. He was all passion in his prayers and passionate in his denunciation of evil in the land. He had no smooth preaching. Passion fired his proclamations and conversations, and his words were on the hearts of men as molten metal on their flesh.

Brethren, if we will do God's work in God's way, at God's time, with God's power, we shall have God's blessing and the devil's curses. When God opens the windows of heaven to bless us, the devil will open the doors of hell to blast us. God's smile means the devil's frown! Mere preachers may help anybody and hurt nobody; but prophets will stir everybody and madden somebody. The preacher may go with the crowd; the prophet goes against it. A man freed, fired, and filled with God will be branded unpatriotic because he speaks against his nation's sins; unkind because his tongue is a two-edged sword; unbalanced because the weight of preaching opinion is against him.

Preachers make pulpits famous; prophets make prisons famous. The preacher will be heralded; the prophet hounded. Ah! brothers, we love the old saints, missionaries, martyrs, reformers: our Luthers, Bunyans, Wesleys, Asburys, etc. We will write their biographies, reverence their memories, frame their epitaphs, and build their monuments. We will do anything except imitate them. We cherish the last drop of their blood, but watch carefully the first drop of our own!

Oh, my brethren! Much of our praying is but giving God advice. Our praying is discolored with ambition, either for ourselves or for our denomination. Perish the thought! Our goal must be God alone. It is His honor that is defiled, His blessed Son who is ignored, His laws broken, His name profaned, His book forgotten, His House made a circus of social efforts, programs, shows, and hierarchy.

There is no fault in God. He is able. God "is able to do according to the power that worketh in us." God's problem today is not communism ... nor liberalism, nor modernism. God's problem is - dead fundamentalism!

"So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of My mouth." - Rev. 3:16

Sin today is both glamorized and popularized, thrown into the ear by radio, thrown into the eye by television, and splashed on popular magazine covers. Churchgoers, sermon-sick and teaching-tired, leave the meeting as they entered it - visionless and passionless! Oh God, give this perishing generation ten thousand John the Baptists! Just as Moses could not mistake the sight of the burning bush, so a nation could not mistake the sight of a burning man! God meets fire with fire. John the Baptist was a new man with a new message. As a man accused of murder hears the dread cry of the judge, "Guilty!" and pales at it, so the crowd heard John's cry, "Repent!" until it rang down the corridors of their minds, stirred memory, bowed the conscience and brought them terror-stricken to repentance and baptism!

After Pentecost, the onslaught of Peter, fresh from his fiery baptism of the Spirit, shook the crowd until as one man they cried out: "Men and brethren, what shall we do?" Imagine someone telling these sin-stricken men, "Just sign a card! Attend church regularly! Pay your tithes!" No! A thousand times no!

"Oh, my God! If in our cultivated unbelief and our theological twilight and our spiritual powerlessness, we have grieved and are continuing to grieve Thy Holy Spirit, then in mercy spew us out of Thy mouth! If Thou cannot do something with us and through us, then please God, do something without us! Bypass us, and take up a people who have not yet known Thee!" Leonard Ravenhill

We have two Elijahs of God coming to Connecticut soon. Mark your calendars: Jan 18th - the Rev. Philip Benham for Roe v. Wade Memorial prayer vigil (7:30am) and Pastors Press Conference (11:30am). Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas is due to come in on Feb. 19th for a week of Kingdom Leadership Institute. Come and catch the vision our Lord has imparted in these great men of God. They are not wimps, but they are bold and courageous for our Lord.

Next week should go back to the normal schedule, killing days Tuesday and Friday, 7:30am we meet at 3787 Main St. Please come to help persuade moms not to kill their precious children. If we don't go, who will?

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Congratulations to John and Kim, he just gave her the most beautiful ring! They plan to be wed April 16, 2005. God bless them.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Troubleshooting Specialists Needed on the Streets

Rev. John D. Reyes is here from OSA-Dallas. He did an awesome teaching for us on Jeremiah. Jeremiah was hated, beaten and imprisoned by "God's people." Jeremiah's prophetic messages were offensive to them (sounds like the reaction we all get). Jeremiah wept over Jerusalem, just like we weep over America. He wanted to quit. But God told him he must go and he must say. The real issue was that Jeremiah was afraid. God assured him that he would not be alone and that God would be there with him. God told Jeremiah he was a "fortified city, a strong iron pillar." God said GET UP, GET DRESSED, GO OUT, DON'T BE AFRAID. Sounds like what God tells us every baby-killing morning. Christianity is not for the weak. We need to take action if we want to bring our nation back to it's Godly heritage.

A.W. Tozer:
Great industrial concerns have in their employ men who are needed only when there is a breakdown somewhere. When something goes wrong with the machinery, these men spring into action to locate and remove the trouble and get the machinery rolling again. For these men a smoothly operating system has no interest. They are specialists concerned with trouble and how to find and correct it.

In the Kingdom of God things are not too different. God has always had His specialists whose chief concern has been the moral breakdown, the decline in the spiritual health of the nation or the Church. Such men were Elijah, Jeremiah, Malachi and others of their kind who appeared at critical moments in history to reprove, rebuke, and exhort in the name of God and righteousness. A thousand or ten thousand ordinary priests or pastors or teachers could labor quietly on, almost unnoticed, while the spiritual life of Israel or the Church was normal. But let the people of God go astray from the paths of truth, and immediately the specialist appeared almost out of nowhere. His instinct for trouble brought him to the help of the Lord and of Israel.

Such a man was likely to be drastic, radical, possibly at times violent, and the curious crowd that gathered to watch him work soon branded him as extreme, fanatical, negative. And in a sense they were right. He was single-minded, severe, fearless, as these were the qualities the circumstances demanded. He shocked some, frightened others, and alienated not a few, but he knew Who had called him and what he was sent to do. His ministry was geared to the emergency, and that fact marked him out as different, a man apart.

To such men as this the Church owes a debt too heavy to pay. The curious thing is that She seldom tries to pay him while he lives, but the next generation builds his sepulcher and writes his biography, as if instinctively and awkwardly to discharge an obligation the previous generation to a large extent ignored. Such a man as this is not an easy companion. The professional religionist who leaves the wrought-up meeting as soon as it ends to hurry over to the restaurant to feast and crack jokes with his tithers and sponsors will find this man something of an embarrassment, for he cannot turn off the burden of the Holy Ghost as one would turn off a faucet. He insists upon being a Christian all the time, everywhere; and again, that marks him out as different.

Toward him it is impossible to be neutral. His acquaintances are divided pretty neatly into two classes, those who love him with all admiration, and those who hate him with perfect hatred!

Twenty-one trouble shooting specialists came out today during the course of the morning. It was a blessing to have John minister on the streets with us. Pastor Miller and Fr. DeMayo came also, so we had three clergy present! Pastor Miller led us in prayer. The police were on the scene.(TM) From what we saw:


Operation Save America Bible Reading Schedules for 2005 are now available. Read through the Bible with us this year. Join us this Thursday at 12:30 PM as we reach out to those who find themselves where they should not be. We will plead with Moms not to kill their children. We plan to be there ... until the killing stops.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Click image for larger view

Seventeen prolifers took time out from their busy Christmas schedules, to care for babies sentenced to die at 3787 Main St. Bridgeport. Pastor Ron was there to lead us in prayer. Brother John was here from Kentucky. We are blessed to have such men of God in our fellowship. Vinny came with the signs and Stan G. continued as our scribe. It was a wet rainy day but the temperature was warm at 58. The police were on the scene of the crimes. Sad to say, no babies were saved today that we know of. We were there from 12:30 pm-2:30 pm. The abortionist hadn't arrived yet, so moms could have left after us without aborting. From what we know:


These children will never have the opportunity to see a Christmas tree, or open Christmas presents or sing Christmas carols. It is a sad day on earth when so many innocent children are needlessly tortured to death because their parents don't want them. But we do have a loving God who welcomes them into His arms as they enter Heaven. We will get to meet these precious children someday and be with them for all eternity.

The problem in America is the Christian Church. It has become so lukewarm and ineffective. Church members can go get an abortion without a flinch. Their consciences are seared because they are taught soft, comfortable messages Sunday after Sunday. They have no conviction of sin. As they enter the death camp to kill their babies they tell us; "God will forgive us." Oh really, don't they know that there is no forgiveness without true repentance? They are committing premeditated murder, no different than what Scott Peterson did to Connor.

“Finney never made an altar call within the first twenty eight nights of preaching. Most of our evangelists don' t have twenty eight sermons. Twenty eight nights in a row and he never made an altar call. He didn' t preach the love of God. He didn' t say “you' re a sinner, God loves you.” He said “God is angry with the wicked every day” (Ps 7:11) which the Word of God says. He didn' t preach grace, he preached Law. He didn' t preach love, he preached judgment. He didn' t preach heaven, he preached hell. He didn' t say “you' re a wonderful person” he said “you' re a rebel.” But he got results. 64% of D. L. Moody's converts backslid, 72% of the converts Finney got stood because he knew how to attack the human will, not just the emotions.” ~ Leonard Ravenhill

Please join us next Tuesday 7:30 am and Thursday 12:30 pm as we reach out to the lost and needy who find themselves where they should not be. We plan to be at 3787 Main Street, until the killing stops. I want to thank all of you who gave donations, gift cards, and baby items for those who are less fortunate. You helped them have a better Christmas, and they know it comes from those who love Jesus. We hope to give our Lord a good name.

Click image for larger view

This is a photo of a Christmas gathering with some of the prolife children saved from abortion at the Summit . Each and every life is so precious. As we celebrate Christmas this weekend, remember that the first Christmas gift was a child . There is nothing more valuable than a human life. Have a blessed season and holy new year.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Seventeen real lifesavers came out today in the frigid weather. It was zero wind chill. I will remind you all again to dress in layers as if you were going skiing or to a football game. If people can go out in the cold for sports, why not go out to save a life and a soul?


Click image for larger view

This is us after being out in the cold - we had to go warm up and get some hot coffee.

"My grace is sufficient for thee. My strength is made perfect in weakness. " 2 Corinthians 12:9

We read in Habakkuk today that God is still in control of the world even though it looks like evil prevails. "I have heard all about you Lord, and I am filled with awe by the amazing things you have done. In this time of our deep need, begin again to help us, as you did in years gone by. Show us your power to save us. And in your anger remember your mercy." Habakkuk 3:2

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll

Friday, December 17, 2004

Schedule change for the next two holiday weeks, baby killing times will be Tuesday 7:30 am and on and Thursday 12:30 pm and on. Please change your schedule so you can help save lives and souls.

Twenty-one prolifers came by during the course of this cold morning. We had two little boys pleading for the lives of their peers. Little Daniel (3) and Giovanni(4) were crying out to moms to not kill their children. Police were there. No "deathscorts", they are on Christmas break from college. From what we saw:

Twelve women went in at abortion time.
One turned away.
Ten babies were left to die.

The woman that changed her mind came with her boyfriend and went to the wrong door. They thought it was closed. So they left and walked down the street. Carmen and Wendee followed after them. Carmen got to talk to the young mom for a long time, the boyfriend disappeared. He wanted the abortion. The girl changed her mind and said she was homeless. We gave her a list of homes but she said she would stay with her mom. PTL! another life saved!

I thank God for Brenda who came through on Wednesday and borrowed someone else's car to help one of the pregnant moms. Brenda could not use her car, but that did not stop her. She drove to Waterbury and brought this mom to Bridgeport to go to court, Healthy Start, WIC. Then she brought her back home. This is called having "fruit of the spirit" and I know the Lord will bless her efforts. This is exactly the kind of help these young moms need. If each prolifer would "adopt" one mom to help, then we could provide the care they need. (Lucy did this with Jasmin.) All you have to do is keep in contact with them and see how you can help them out. Most of them don't have family or friends to guide them. By doing this, you show them the real love of Christ and you can also disciple them through Bible study and prayer. Please consider laying your life down for others, like Jesus did for us.

Hope to see you all on the streets next week, Tuesday and Thursday, as we reach out to those who find themselves where they should not be. We plan on being there ... until the killing stops. Don't let the busyness of the Christmas season keep you from doing the Lord's work. If He were here, where would He be? We are His body, His hands, His feet, His mouthpiece. It is the least we can do for our Lord and Savior.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Click image for larger view


Pastor Miller was out on the streets today with us as we tried to persuade young parents not to kill their children. Over 20 prolifers stopped by to say some prayers during the course of the morning. It is really too bad that most Christians are so busy that can't even stick around long enough to help save a life and a soul. It's the common mind set of our generation, we want everything "quick." We can't hang in there for the long stretch. We will give a little here and a little there, as long as it does not inconvenience us too much or make us feel too "uncomfortable." We forget that Jesus said He would send us a "comforter" because He knew that if we were doing His work, it would not "feel" good. And it doesn't.

It doesn't feel good to get up early on dark cold mornings to come out to the killing center on Main Street. It doesn't feel good to stand in the wind, cold, snow and sleet. It doesn't feel good to get sworn at, spit at and given the finger to. It doesn't feel good to give up your day to help another and neglect what you want to do. But guess what? If we are followers of Christ and copy Him, that is the least that will happen to us.

Look at what happened to our Lord in Isaiah 52 & 53. He was scarred beyond recognition, He had no beauty that we should desire Him, He was despised and rejected and forsaken by men. He was a man of many sorrows and pains; acquainted with grief and sickness; He was not appreciated. He bore our griefs, carried our sorrows and our punishment - yet what are we willing to do for Him? We are like sheep gone astray, doing our own thing.

Jesus tells us "Whatever you do unto the least of these - you do unto Me." How can we refuse those who need our help? It starts with the little babies being dragged to death in our very community. Then it goes onto their mothers who are lost and needy. How many of us are willing to give up our plans, our jobs, our time, our material possessions and our comforts to help another? Think about it. We are a pretty selfish people and I am ashamed.

Please consider coming out on the streets to help save a life. The army is getting small and smaller. The Pastors are few and fewer. Everyone wants to follow Jesus until they find out where He is going.

If you are driving distance of Bridgeport , you are needed at 3787 Main St on Friday and Tuesday mornings 7:30 am and on. Little babies need you to protect them from death. Moms and Dads need you to open their eyes to the truth. We have heard just about every and any excuse for Christians to not get involved in the lives of others. But the bottom line is that we have been a self-centered people. We are not willing to follow His example and lay our lives down so others may live ... like our Lord did for us.

For Him,
Marilyn Carroll

Wednesday, December 8, 2004
This is a report from the streets as OSA-CT took the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and Truth to yet another high school in Milford. Below the report is an article from the Connecticut Post the following day.

"So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11

God Went Back to School - Platt Tech, Milford, CT
God Is Going Back to School (OSA National Campaign)

Seventeen concerned Christians came out to Platt Technical School in Milford today to reach out to the students. Fr. DeMayo represented the local clergy. We were able to have many conversations with them on the public sidewalk where they come to smoke. Lots of literature on abortion, abstinence, STD's and the Gospel was passed out. We also gave out "Passion" new testaments and the Books of Luke. Most of the students were polite, a few were demonic, but sad to say we see that most everywhere we go in the public arena. We pray that God's Word will not return void, we believe the promises of God. We thank the Lord for a beautiful day and someday we will know the fruit that came from the seeds planted today on 600 Orange Ave., Milford, CT.

As we read in Revelation 1 today with our OSA Daily Reading Guide, we know that things are not as they should be in the American Church. This revelation is a warning to God's people today, Christ will return to rescue His people and settle accounts with all who defy Him. We must be ready at all times to give testimony for Jesus. Victory is sure for those who resist temptation and keep their loyalty to Christ in their life. Evil and injustice will not prevail forever. One day God's anger toward sin will be unleashed) and I want to be on the right side when that happens). We need to sound the alarm in our nation, gather the people to repentance and get busy restoring what the locusts have stolen (Joel 2). Hope to see you at "the Gates" Friday. God bless all of you!

In His Service,
Marilyn Carroll

Thursday December 9, 2004


Hand out literature, discuss health issues with students at Platt Tech

By Frank Juliano ( fjuliano@ctpost.com )

MILFORD- More than 10 anti-abortion activists handed out literature and discussed reproductive health issues with Platt Technical High School students Wednesday morning.

Representatives of the state chapter of Operation Save America, an anti-abortion group, spent about 90 minutes on the sidewalk in front of the Orange Avenue high school, talking to students as they came outside to smoke.

"We spoke to maybe 50 kids, and we gave out literature on sexually transmitted diseases, abortion and abstinence, and we handed out some New Testament Bibles." said Marilyn Carroll of Milford, the group's state director.

Platt Principal Gene LaPorta said the anti-abortion advocates made no attempt to disrupt the school day and they kept their distance, only speaking to students who went up to them.

"I had no issue with them being there, but one of their placards, showing a partial-birth abortion, was pretty graphic," LaPorta said. "It shook up some of the kids."

Carroll said her group visits one high school each month and has already gone to both Jonathan Law and Foran high schools here, as well as all of Bridgeport 's high schools and Bunnell High in Stratford .

"We get the best reception in the inner-city schools," she said. "We tell pregnant girls we'll do anything to help them, and we will. We try to take their excuses (for having an abortion) away."

Baby clothes and formula, equipment including cribs, even help finding child-care and a job, are available through Operation Save America, she said.

Sources said a Platt Technical student became upset Wednesday morning when group members began praying for his soul after the young man said he supports a woman's right to choose.

Carroll said a Platt student "told us he was a Satanist; trying to shock us, I guess."

Officer Vaugham Dumas said the Milford police were not called to the rally and that groups have a right to assemble as long as they don't block the sidewalk or harass anyone.

Operation Save America, formerly Operation Rescue, is headed up by the Rev. Philip Benham, a Methodist minister from North Carolina . The group's website shows Benham baptizing Nora McCorvey, "Jane Roe" in the 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized therapeutic abortion.

City resident, Jack Fowler said that although he used to be a lobbyist in Washington for anti-abortion groups, "Marilyn and people like her do a lot more than I ever did.

"They have saved lives," Fowler said.

Frank Juliano, Milford bureau chief, can be reached at 878-2130.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Click image for larger view

"This is what the Lord says, 'Turn to Me now, while there is time! Give Me your hearts. Come with fasting, weeping, and mourning. Don't tear your clothing in your grief, instead tear your hearts. Return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and merciful. He is not easily angered. He is filled with kindness and is eager not to punish you." Joel 2:12.13

We had more clients than prolifers today, sad to say. The signs of winter are here. Thirteen lifesavers came to pray and fourteen moms came at killing time. Fr deMayo was there to represent the clergy. It was a wet, cold morning, but if we are not there to help these women, who will be? The prayer warriors left after they prayed, some went to work, leaving just four at the mill between 8:30-9:30am. We really need more people to come and stay. We need someone consistent and committed to be on camera. I did it while Carmen was there, but when she went to work, I had to put it away so I could hold the literature and talk to clients. We also can use two women for post abortion ministry. Please pray and get the word out. THANK YOU!


Click image for larger view

Sunday, we had a beautiful baby shower for Sheena who is having twins! A boy and a girl! We thank God that these two were spared. We had lots of food and gifts for the babies. The other thing Sheena needs now is a breast pump. The baby's Dad needs a job, if anyone knows of a job for him. Thank you to Grace Baptist Church, Wendee and Brenda for letting us use their room for the shower. Thanks to all that made something, gave a gift or came. These young people need to see the love of Christ and know we are willing to help them through. Sheena prayed to make Jesus her savior the day we met her at the mill. Her boyfriend is very receptive and they plan to marry soon. Please pray for them (Sheena and Devonne).

Tomorrow, Wed. Dec 8, is the GOD IS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL CAMPAIGN at Platt Technical School in Milford, 600 Orange Ave. at 7am sharp. It will be mostly to hold a sign and a little literature distribution. Please pray and come. The streets is our media to get the message of the Gospel of life out to the public byways.

From I-95 - take Exit 39B, take a right at the end of the ramp onto Route 1. At the first light, take a left onto Cedarhurst Lane. At 3rd stop sign go right onto Orange Ave.

From Merritt Parkway - take Exit 56 onto 121 East. Follow for approx. 3 miles and turn left onto Koslowski Drive. Orange Avenue is at the next intersection where you'll be able to identify school.

We plan to be back at the mill 7:30am - 9:30 am on Friday, 3787 Main Street, Bridgeport, where little boys and little girls are sentenced to die. We plan on being there ... until the killing stops! Pray the Lord of the harvest sends more laborers and pray that lives and souls will be saved for the glory of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Friday, December 3, 2004

Click image for larger view

Over 20 prolifers came out on Friday. Five "deathscorts" were bringing moms in to kill their children. The police (TM) and the lot attendants (Mike, TJ) were on the scene of the crimes. From what we saw:


We need your prayers. Too many things are going on and we cannot do this without the supernatural power of God. After hours at the mill and after delivering diapers and clothes to needy families, we spent eleven hours with a young lady that decided not to get an abortion. Her boyfriend tried to force her and assaulted her. She asked us to go get her and bring her to the police and court for a restraining order and she had to fill out police reports. We had to get her and take her back to her city (far away) to give papers to the Marshall , etc. Anyway, we did not get home till 11pm last night. Pray for this young mom and her baby's protection. Pray for us to be able to help these moms and children that have so many needs.

Also please pray for us as we prepare today for the baby shower for Shana tomorrow. Shana is having twins soon and we remind all the local people that the shower is at Grace Baptist Church, 12:30 pm, 400 Burnt Plains Road, Milford . We are all busy cooking food and will be going to decorate the room later on.

We also pray for good weather and a good turnout for the school outreach on this Wednesday, Dec. 8, in MIlford at 7am . Let us know if you are coming to either of these events. Thank you again and again, we cannot do this alone. We need people to come out to hold signs, no matter what anyone says, the pictures are effective.

"Maybe you should ask the children whose lives have been saved whether they are offended that their mothers chose life because of the pictures. The aborted baby pictures are not obscene; what is obscene is the apathy of most Americans regarding the brutal murder of 45 million innocent children. We've spent billions of dollars and suffered thousands of casualties because of a terrorist attack on New York City that cost less than 3000 lives. In the meantime we're killing more than 4000 children every day in the slaughter houses of America , with no end in sight! It is no wonder our nation is so filled with crime, violence, and sexual immorality.

It is time that we declared war on the abortion industry and the cowards who support it. When there is no respect for Almighty God and the most innocent and defenseless of human beings, the destruction of our nation is not far off. Every man, woman, and child in the United States of America should be ashamed for not doing everything they can to stop this senseless holocaust! " Chris Coatney

We are this senseless holocaust!" Chris Coatney

We are doing this ministry for one reason. His name is Jesus. Please help us to help others. We are the body of Christ. Our Lord tells us in His word that "Whatever you do unto the least of these My brethren, you do unto Me." When we get up early in the morning to go out on the cold streets to help the least of these, in actuality we are doing it for Jesus. When we help these lost people with their problems, we do it for our Lord. We are His hands, His feet, His mouthpiece. We are the Body of Christ. "Love means doing what God has commanded us, and He has commanded us to love one another, just as you heard from the beginning" 2John 1:6

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <)))><

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

November Stats: Ninety three babies killed by abortion. Twelve moms changed their minds. Fourteen turned away and left the clinic.

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Twenty-seven prolifers came out to pray and rescue the innocent from slaughter. Pastor Miller and Fr DeMayo were there to represent the clergy. We thank God that at least these two men of God are sensitive to the horrific killings going on at 3787 Main Street . The police and Mike the lot attendant were present also. From what we know so far:

ONE TURNED AWAY (said they were there for something else, keeping their baby)

Oh Lord, forgive us, for we have become such a wicked and vile people! How can we bring our precious children, created in your image, to these slaughter houses to be mutilated to death. America is doomed, the blood cries out from the ground for vengeance. If the Church does not rise up quickly, it is all over for this once good nation founded on Godly principles. Woe to us, that have no shame. Oh God, please have mercy on us, help us and forgive us our sin.

As we read in Daniel 9 today we see how God sent the prophets to speak, but their messages were ignored. Same thing today, we bring in the prophetic voices to speak to the Church, and they are ignored. The truth hurts and the Church would rather accept soothing falsehoods.

"Oh Lord," I prayed, "You are a great and awesome God: You always fulfill Your promises of mercy to those who love You and keep Your laws." Daniel 9:4
"God reveals profound mysteries beyond man's understanding. He knows all hidden things, for He is light, and darkness is no obstacle to Him." Daniel 2:22

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This young mom holding a collage of some of the "saved babies" was once a client at the abortion center. She changed her mind and kept her baby. We gave her a pair of blue booties when she left and she ended up having a boy and he wore the booties. She said they meant a lot to her. She also said that when the doctor came in the mill with tennis shorts on, it seemed so unprofessional. She remembered all we told her. Her mom had dropped her off and said don't come home until you have the abortion. She did not have the abortion, she did go home, her mom did not find out till she was seven months pregnant. Now her mom loves her grandson and takes him every weekend. Praise our Lord and King Jesus Christ for performing such miracles through us. It is awesome to be a co-laborer with Christ. All we need to do is show up, and He will do the rest!

Please join us on Friday morning 7:30am, as we reach out to those who find themselves where they should not be! We plan to be at 3787 Main Street until the killing stops. God searches to and fro to find someone He can send, it is so good to say "Yes Lord, I will go, send me."

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

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Twenty-two prolifers came to pray and witness for the lost and the needy. The police and the lot attendant were at the scene of the crimes. Five escorts with orange vests that say VOLUNTEER were there to help moms walk into the death camp before they are persuaded by us to change their minds. At least one baby was spared, maybe four. Carmen talked to a mom early this morning that changed her mind. We prayed with her and gave her lots of resources. Phone numbers were exchanged so we can stay in contact. From what we saw today:


A mom came by that was there at the mill over 18 years ago and told Stan he had helped to persuade her not to kill her baby by his words and the pictures. She said yesterday was her daughter's 18th birthday. She just wanted to come by and encourage us to keep up the fight for each life that is being drawn to death. She said she was young and did not understand, just like most of the teens going into this abortuary.

Another woman came by that told us she was a minister and went to Housatonic . She wanted to borrow some of our posters for a report she was doing today on abortion. We gladly obliged. She hopes to get involved and help us out on the streets. She wants us to come to her school. God just sends people there, it is amazing!

If Christians are not willing to "die to self" it is impossible to end abortion in America . We must be willing to sacrifice ourselves for the lives of others. Patte Smith sent me this:

What is dying to self?

"When you are forgotten or neglected and you don't hurt with the insult, but your heart is happy -- that is dying to self.

"When your advice is disregarded, your opinions ridiculed, and you refuse to let anger rise in your heart, and take it all in patient, loving silence -- that is dying to self.

"When you lovingly and patiently bear disorder, irregularity, tardiness, and annoyance ... and endure it as Jesus endured it -- that is dying to self.

"When you never care to refer to yourself in conversation or record your own good works, or itch for praise after an accomplishment, when you can truly love to be unknown... that is dying to self.

"When you can see your brother or sister prosper and can honestly rejoice with him, and feel no envy even though your needs are greater -- that is dying to self.

"When you are content with any food, any offering, any raiment, any climate or any society -- that is dying to self.

"When you can take correction, when you can humbly submit inwardly as well as outwardly, with no rebellion or resentment rising up within your heart -- that is dying to self." And rising with Jesus.

I think we all can use some help in this area. We must pray and meditate on His Word so we become more like Him. I hope to see you all next Tuesday and Friday as we plead for the lives of innocent children made in the image of God. Also on Wednesday, we will go to a highschool in Milford , let me know if you want to come and hold a sign or pass out literature and Bibles (Wed. 7am). We will there for 45 minutes and reach hundreds of students.

For the Least of These,

Marilyn Carroll

Friday, November 19, 2004

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Thanks to God, a precious Portuguese baby was rescued from death today. This young mom who is 7 weeks pregnant changed her mind and plans to keep her baby now that she knows we will stand by her and help her. Please pray for her family. I was able to talk to her for quite a while as she approached the killing center. Wendee, Pupi, and MaryAnne all joined in as we prayed for her and the precious little one growing in her womb. We were able to give her some videos and an audio to listen to and literature, a cross croceted bookmark and white baby booties. Young ladies like this one are a pleasure to counsel. She made our day and we know our Lord is pleased. I hope and pray that more moms came out and choose life today. We left before ten.


Only 13 prolifers came out today. The police(TM) and the lot attendants (M,TJ) were there. Unfortunately, no clergy were present. Prayer warriors came before work and left. Then it was Stan, Wendee and I for a while, MaryAnne and Pupi joined us later. They were able to see the fruit of the prayers when this young mom choose life for her baby. Pray to God that she doesn't return. We prayed with her about salvation. Seeds were planted and we pray the Lord of the Harvest sends more laborers to her.

"For God has reserved a priceless inheritance for His children. It is kept in heaven for you, pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of change and decay. And God, in His mighty power, will protect you until you receive this salvation, because you are trusting Him." James 1:4-5

"You love Him even though you have never seen Him. Though you do not see Him, you trust Him; and even now you are happy with a glorious, inexpressible joy. Your reward for trusting Him will be the salvation of your souls." James 1:8-9

Please join us Tuesday 7:30am-9:30am as we reach out to the lost and needy who find themselves where they should not be. As far as we know, there will not be any killing the rest of the week because of the Thanksgiving weekend. We need grocery store gift cards to give families for Thanksgiving. Please help others who are less fortunate. We also need someone to knit or crochet booties for the moms that change their minds. We are all out of them.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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This mom came by today to show us her baby that she originally planned to abort. She said that she had changed her mind because of the signs and what Carmen had spoken to her. She brought her baby inside the mill to show them but the clinic staff told her she had to leave. Why would that be? If the workers at the "healthcare" center really were "pro-choice" and if they really gave counseling to moms about adoption and other alternatives, then WHY DID THEY TELL HER TO LEAVE? It would be a true testimony to these moms to see another client that had come there for an abortion and changed her mind to show them how precious, each baby that is sentenced to die, really is. She was very upset seeing other moms going in to abort their babies.

But we know that abortion providers don't really want to keep abortion "safe and rare." They really want to kill as many babies as they can to make lots of money. For the love of money is the root of all evil. They don't really care about a woman's right to choose life. They want moms to choose to kill their children. What a horrible thing this is, what a shameful people we have become. Even God said three times in Jeremiah, that it is a thing so horrible He never even thought of it, or thought He would have to tell us not to do it.


The five babies that were murdered are no different than Connor Peterson. They are precious and valuable to God and to us. Why then isn't the abortionist here and all over the nation put to trial for killing these little children? We live by a double standard here in America. If you want your baby and someone kills it then it is murder, but if you don't want your baby and you pay someone to kill it then it's legal. This does not make sense.

All three moms that changed their minds today talked to us and told us that after seeing the photos and hearing what we said, they were really convicted not to kill their children. This is a good thing for the six babies that were not killed, but how about the five babies that were ripped apart limb by limb to death? The church of Jesus Christ must rise up and demand the killing stops! Otherwise, it will never end. We, the Church, are the only entity that has the power to stop the massacre of the innocents. Jesus said that the gates of Hell cannot pervail against His Church. We are His Church. We are the Body of Christ. We are His hands, His feet, His mouthpiece.

It's not up to the President, the Congress or the Supreme Court to outlaw abortion, it's up to us. Don't you know that even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe V. Wade, abortion will be illegal in only a few states. What do you think will happen in Connecticut? It is one of the most pro-abortion, liberal states?

Rev. Lackey re-taught us this weekend about "cowardice." He reminded us in the New Testament what Revelation 21:8 says:

"But COWARDS, who turn away from me, and unbelievers, and the corrupt, and MURDERERS, and the immoral, and those who practice witchcraft and idol worshippers, and all liars --- their doom is in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death."

Yes, Church, He is putting us (cowards and liars) in the same category as murderers, etc. We need to examine ourselves.

In today's OSA daily reading, James 3:1, the Lord warns the teachers of the Church, for those that teach will be JUDGED BY GOD WITH GREATER STRICTNESS! And in our Old Testament reading, Ezekiel 34, the Lord tells the shepherds of His flock: YOU ABANDONED MY SHEEP, YOU LEFT THEM TO BE ATTACKED BY EVERY WILD ANIMAL, YOU DID NOT SEARCH FOR THEM WHEN LOST, BUT YOU TOOK CARE OF YOURSELVES AND LEFT MY SHEEP TO STARVE! Therefore the Lord goes on to say that He now considers these shepherds "enemies of God" and will hold them responsible for the welfare of His flock. God will take away their right to feed these sheep and themselves, and the Good Shepherd himself will care for His own. Please join us this Friday and coming Tuesday to rescue the innocent from slaughter. The rest of the week the mill will be closed because of Thanksgiving.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <)))><

Friday & Saturday, November 12 & 13, 2004

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About 20 prolifers came out Friday and Saturday to save lives and save souls. Fr De Mayo was out on the streets both Friday and Saturday and represented the local clergy. The Bridgeport Police were present at both outreaches. Everything went orderly. On Friday:


Saturday we received a positive response from passers by. Many people took the literature. With the breaking news about the Peterson case and the verdict that two people, Mom and child were murdered; people seemed more attentive and concerned about the double standard.

We were blessed to have Rev. David Lackey with us from Birmingham Alabama (OR Alabama), who encouraged and ministered with us all weekend. We were also honored to have Stephen Bennett at our home fellowship Sunday morning. He did a wonderful job speaking about reaching the homosexual community for Christ.

As we read in James 2 God's Word tells us:

"So whenever you speak, or whatever you do, remember that you will be judged by the law of love, the law that set you free. For there will be no mercy for you if you have not been merciful to others. But if you have been merciful, then God's mercy toward you will win out over His judgment against you." James 2:12.13

When we are merciful to the moms and babies, and merciful to the lost and needy, God promises He will be merciful to us!

"So you see, it isn't enough just to have faith. Faith that doesn't show itself by good deeds is no faith at all -- it is dead and useless." James 2:17

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Thank you to all who came out to Bridgeport Hospital, who put aside their own desires, but gave their time to proclaim the gospel of truth on the streets of Bridgeport . It looked like it may be a cold, windy, snowy day -- but the sun came out and it wasn't that bad at all.

Please join us this Tuesday and Saturday as we try to persuade moms not to kill their children and try to lead them to the Lord. Pray for these endeavors please, we cannot do this alone. We are trying to collect Stop & Shop food cards to give to the families for Thanksgiving. When you are shopping for your own family, please remember others that are needy.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <)))><

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

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Twenty-eight prolifers came by today. Some came for 5 minutes, others longer up to two hours. Please try to rearrange your schedule so you can come out to the "Field of Blood" and turn it into a "Field of Life." We were blessed to have Pastor Miller there who led us in prayer a few times. We actually saw the manifestation of the prayer as one mom changed her mind as we prayed!

The police (TM) and Mike were present at the scene. Five student 'deathscorts' from Wesleyan University . John Wesley must really be rolling over in his grave to know a school named after him promotes these young people to walk mothers into the death camp to kill their babies. How sad. We who are Christians, we who know better, must commit to proclaiming the truth of the Gospel. These people are lost and need the Jesus we know. The father of life, the way, the truth and the life. Today was an overly busy day. From what we saw:


"Some people say we are sensationalists." They are correct. We are reviving a sensation that has been avoided in our "pursuit of happiness" society: the sensation of grief. The Scriptures tell us to weep with those who weep, not just rejoice with those who rejoice (1 Cor. 12:26). Our culture often turns a blind eye to any possibility of grieving. This produces a tragedy. When we avoid grief in the pursuit of constant happiness, we become the walking dead. Just as lepers lose their fingers in accidents, because they feel no pain, there are dead parts of the Body of Christ in our culture that need to feel pain to ensure their own survival. Someone recently wrote: "If your heart stretches in grief, don't worry. A heart enlarged by grief also has a greater capacity for joy." Chris Coatney

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll

Friday, November 5, 2004

Statistics compiled at the Bridgeport Death Camp. From what we know in the month of October 2004.


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These are twins that were saved from abortion here in Bridgeport. This is why we go.

Today 15 lifesavers came out to the streets between 7:15am -- 9:30am . We only had one counselor today (me). Please think about being trained to be a sidewalk counselor. We have a manual I put together that can help you and after that its hands on experience. We especially need Spanish speakers and a video photographer. Prerequisite is to be available and willing to change your plans to save lives and souls. God will do the rest.

Fr DeMayo was there to represent the clergy. At least one priest in our community cared enough to take the time out of his busy schedule to try to rescue some babies from slaughter. God's eyes do toss to and from the corners of the earth to see who will serve and obey Him. The Bridgeport Police were present, Mike was around and five "deathscorts" were present.

"This is what the sovereign Lord says: Because you have exposed yourself in prostitution to all your lovers, and because you have worshipped detestable idols, and because you have slaughtered your children as sacrifices to your gods, this is what I am going to do. I will gather together all your allies -- these lovers of yours with whom you have sinned, both those you loved and those you hated -- and I will strip you naked in front of them so they can stare at you. I will punish you for your murder and adultery." Ezekiel 16:35-38


We had a beautiful save today. The last couple to go in around 8:15 or so was a white male and female. As they pulled in the driveway they stopped and the young lady opened her window to get the information. I spoke to them briefly. They seemed neutral. They parked the car and went in. Then about 9:30am they came out. The man had his arm around the woman and he gave us a thumbs up! He said "thank-you." They then stopped the car on the way out and I gave them my card and other numbers for different types of resources. I also gave them a Scripture book on salvation. The female was crying happy tears. They both had smiles on their faces. Please pray the Lord will bless them just as I told them He would if they chose life. Thank you Jesus for letting us see this couple change their mind. There isn't much better than that!

We have a new prolife proclaimer out on the streets. She was telling me today that she was driving by going to a doctor's appointment and saw the picture of the aborted baby. She said it really bothered her and made her cry. She has been coming out ever since. The pictures do open people's eyes to the horror of abortion. It is something so horrible we do hate to look at it, but if we hate to look at it -- we should hate more that we allow it. Abortion is ... a mother killing her baby, a doctor killing his patient, a nation turning its back.

Please join us Tuesday as we reach out to those who find themselves where they should not be. We will be there, rain, snow, sleet or hail. Yes, we will be there till the killing stops! Our little brothers and sisters need us to love them. Their own parents don't. We need to plead for their lives.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///>

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

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Twenty prolifers stopped by during the course of the morning to say a prayer or hold a sign on behalf of the little ones sentenced to die at 3787 Main Street. The police (T.M.) and Mike (lot attendant) were on the scene. I think the Church of Jesus Christ is numb to the killing that is going on in their community. No clergy were present. Most Christians go about their day without a concern for their little neighbors ripped apart daily in America at the rate of 3,000 or more a day. These young students (above) probably from Wesleyan (or Yale) laugh and joke around as moms go in to kill their children. They were more taken back by a dead cat on the side of the road than seeing a picture of a dead baby after an abortionist got through with it. The conscience of our society is seared. There is no moral compass in America because the Church has failed at setting the standard in its local community and nationwide. I believe the Lord has more mercy on the sinners that are totally lost than on the religious people that fail to do their part and turn their backs on the most defenseless, innocent victims: tiny babies in their mother's wombs.


As we read through the Bible we see there is nothing new under the sun. The Lord's anger to Israel is relevant today in America. God never changes, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

"I will call you to account for all your disgusting behavior. I will turn My eyes away and show no pity, repaying you in full for all your evil .... Soon I will pour out My fury to complete your punishment for all your disgusting behavior. I will repay you for all your detestable practices .... the land is bloodied by terrible crimes... you will look for peace but never find it." Ezekiel 7

Is there anything more disgusting than moms bringing their babies to killing centers to have them ripped apart unto death?

The Lord told the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 9 to walk through the streets ... "and put a mark on the foreheads of all of those who weep and sigh because of the sins they see around them ... then to kill everyone whose forehead is not marked. Show no mercy, have no pity... Kill them, old, young, women and children. But do not touch anyone with the mark. The sins of the people are very great. The entire land is full of murder, the city is filled with injustice. They are saying "the Lord does not see."

Do you weep and sigh for the condition of the institutionalized American Church? Do you weep and sigh for the condition of our nation? Do you weep and sigh for the innocent babies killed? Our land is full of murder and injustice and most have no conscience with God or believe He even sees. We have become a selfish people who have forgotten our God.

The Spirit told Ezekiel in chapter 11 "these are the men who are responsible for the wicked counsel being given in this city... Therefore, son of man, prophesy against them loudly and clearly.... This is what the Lord says: You have murdered endlessly and filled your streets with the dead... When the people return and remove every trace of idol worship, I will take their hearts of stone and give them tender hearts instead, so they will obey My laws and regulations. Then they will truly be My people and I will be their God."

The men that stand in the pulpits are responsible to God to give the right counsel to their people. Pastors are too worried about parishioners being comfortable (in their sin) instead of shaking them out of it. Seeker-friendly churches have gone so far from the unadulterated word of God that they follow books written by man instead of following The Holy Bible inspired and given to us, by His Spirit. In Hebrews 9:10 the Lord tells us through the new covenant:

"I will put My laws in their minds, so they will understand them, and I will write them on their hearts so they will obey them. I will be their God and they will be My people."

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Little children see better than adults at times. This young boy heard an ambulance coming down the street and said "I wish they would go in here and save the babies." Out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom. Please join us Friday as we try to persuade moms not to have their babies killed. We offer them other alternatives that they may not know are available to them. These precious babies that are sentenced to die need all the help we can give them, please adjust your plans to come out and save a life and a soul. The harvest is plenty ... but laborers few.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Friday, October 29, 2004

Twenty-one lifesavers came out to the streets to pray for the lives of the innocent children that were brought to slaughter by their own mothers. The police (Officer Manny) and the lot attendant (Mike) were on the scene of the crimes. There were five deathscorts. Sally was there at a ripe old age of 82, my Mom at 79 and Daniel, 3 years old now, all trying to save lives. No matter your age or origin, God can use you. Ninety-nine percent of the battle is to just show up, and then let God do the rest. He will use you in a mighty way if you make yourself available. Please pray for our rosary friend Joe, who had surgery this week. From what we saw:


And the majority of the Church of Jesus Christ remained inside their homes, and other places as the killing continued on 3787 Main Street. We are not taking the Fall and Winter off because of weather, we will continue to be out on the streets and offer alternatives to moms that are lost and needy. It was not bad out today, it was rather pleasant. If you dress in layers you can stay warm. In the winter if you get cold you can go in your car and warm up as you pray. Please make an effort to come out. Change your schedule, change your work hours, do whatever you possibly can to be out here so you can save another baby's life. Great is your reward. The Lord tells us "whatever you do unto the least of these My brethren, you do into Me."

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This is one of the babies that was saved here a while ago. His Gramma came to see us. Isn't he precious? He is the reason we get up early and come out to the streets. He is the reason we plead with moms not to kill their children. As we start the book of Lamentations today in our OSA Bible Guide we see that when a people disobey God, it invites disaster. In America as we strayed from the Word of God and Biblical living. Jeremiah's heart broke for his nation, just like our hearts break for ours.

"I have cried until the tears no longer come. My heart is broken, my spirit poured out as I see what has happened to my people. Little children and tiny babies are fainting and dying in the streets." LAM. 2:11

Jeremiah mourned for Jerusalem. Jerusalem, like America, defiled herself with immorality and with no thought of the punishment to follow. Jeremiah pleaded with the people to pour out their hearts to God and turn from their sin. Because of their rebellion to God they had brought great suffering to the innocent. Only when sin breaks our hearts can God come to our rescue. We need to cry out to God for forgiveness. We need to pray for our nation.

"Rise during the night and cry out. Pour out your hearts like water to the Lord. Lift up your hands to Him in prayer. Plead for your children as they faint with hunger in the streets." LAM. 2:19

Please join us on the streets Tuesday and Friday mornings 7:30am- 9:30am. Spanish speaker greatly needed. We could also use post abortion counselors between 11am - 12 noon. We will train you. We are "the Church without walls." We reach out to the lost and needy who find themselves where they should not be. We will be there till the killing stops.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

October 26, 2004

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About 20 prolifers came out early today but by 8:30am most were gone. I was the only sidewalk counselor after 8:20am when Carmen had to leave and go to work. We really need women to commit to coming out on Tuesday and Friday to help counsel. We also need Spanish speakers. Today I was trying to counsel, hand out literature, video and do the sidewalk diary sheet, all at the same time. I am asking for some people that will commit to stay at the clinic and help. Most come, pray and leave quickly. There has to be some that can stay. We all have other things that we would rather be doing, but our Lord has given this post to us. He has commanded us to rescue the innocent from slaughter. He has commanded us to tear down the high places. We have been doing this too long to give up now. The abortion industry is on its last leg. Abortion will end when the Church wants it to end. The gates of hell cannot prevail against His Church.

"Let us not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

There were five "deathscorts" today helping women into the killing center to kill their babies. They try to prevent them from talking to us ... they are really not "pro-choice" because they never offer the moms another choice besides abortion. The Bridgeport police were on duty (Guilliano, Pirrelli, Cpt.). Mike and AJ made an appearance for the mill as lot attendants. Because the killing center was closed last Friday the count was higher today. From what we saw:


One of the women I spoke to brought her daughter there. I did not see the girl so I don't know how young she was, but the mom said she was too young to have a baby, so it was sentenced to death. I pleaded with her to no avail. She knew it was her grandchild but did not care. I really have a hard time with this. Having two grandchildren myself, it is beyond my comprehension, how grandparents can be so insensitive to their own grandchildren. We have strayed so far from God in America that there is no longer a moral compass of right and wrong. Our consciences are seared.

After we left the death camp today we went to see Jasmin and her new twins. Look at the picture of these babies. This is what is being killed here. Please soften your hearts and come out to help. We cannot do this alone. If you cannot stay the whole time, please stay as long as possible. We need people out here to pray and plead for the lives of innocent children.

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We have helped this mom with her every need so she was able to keep her babies. If no one was out in front of the mill pleading with her, these precious gifts from God would have been ripped limb by limb to death. What more do you need to see to realize how important it is for Christians to be at abortion clinics? If Jesus was walking the earth in the flesh, where do you think He would be? We are His Body. We are supposed to represent him to the lost and dying. These people find themselves in a place where they should not be. They do not have Godly counsel. They need our help. Please get on your knees before God and ask Him what you can do -- to stop the slaughter of unborn children in your community.

"Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don't stand back and let them die. Don't try to disclaim responsibility by saying you didn't know about it. For God, who knows all hearts, knows yours, and He knows you knew! And He will reward everyone according to his deeds." Proverbs 24:11

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <)))><

The Streets, Milford, CT - Oct. 23, 2004

Foreword: Hospitals that kill –

Most hospitals, formerly places one could honor for their commitment to saving lives, are now killing centers. I believe that Yale-New Haven performs abortions. They probably have quite a rich clientele with Yale right nearby. A lot of sins there to cover under the name of convenience. So much of our culture today mitigates in favor of whatever is necessary to meet the hedonistic needs of self. Abortion, stem cell (from embryos) research, sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, lesbianism, pornography, corporate theft and corruption, addictive alcohol and drug use, divorce, and I could go on and on. We are awash in satisfying the needs of the flesh and busy seeking more avenues to reduce our discomfort, minimize the need to sacrifice, eliminate risk and water down our obligation to love our neighbor. We are a bland dull-witted marginal people whose most meaningful pursuits revolve around entertainment, watching sports, and filling our bloated stomachs.

What a far far cry this is from the folks who came here 250 years ago to worship God freely, to live and raise their families to love, care for and honor one another. I cannot even describe to you how very sad this nation's behavior makes me almost daily. I could continue, but I have work to do here. Let me sum by saying we need to pray for God's hand of mercy for our land. We need to pray that this totally godless man, Kerry, and his wife do not become the next residents of the White House. We need to pray for the traditional family and for homes and for Christian schools and for the Church, that all would submit to and come under the full power of the Holy Spirit and that all would cease to dance around the edges of God's perfect will and plan. Boy oh boy do we ever need a revival . . . a true awakening in our churches to the voice of God . . . before it is too late.

Ron Coddington

The Streets, Milford, CT - Oct. 23, 2004

About 20 saints went out to the streets in Milford, CT today to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in front of Milford Hospital, where child killing by abortion is allowed. Our purpose there was to make the community aware so they will be accountable and do something about it. Also, we hope the administration will rethink their decision made many years ago to allow the killing of innocent little children in their hospital.

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Milford Hospital is known for a good prenatal and neonatal program. How can they bring babies into the world and kill them on the same floor? Or in the same building? It seems hypocritical. If they believe in life and healing, how can they think its OK to kill defenseless little baby boys and girls. It is not OK.

God says it is not OK. In the book of Jeremiah, our Lord says three times that this is a deed so horrible, he never even thought of it. That is why Christians must stand for righteousness and expose the evil that is done. Hopefully, the evil will be corrected and righteousness will prevail so little children in their mommy's womb can be safe from butchers that rip them limb by limb for money. How sad, that we have to persuade parents not to kill their own children? What have we come to in America? The home of the free and the brave. We are supposed to have the inalienable right to life here. What about the rights of little babies to live and grow to term and be born without being killed first?

"Take no part in the worthless pleasures of evil and darkness, but instead, rebuke and expose them." Ephesians 5:11

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Please join us Tuesday and Friday 7:30am as we reach out to the lost and needy who find themselves where they should not be. We will be at the baby killing center in Bridgeport on 3787 Main Street. Thank you for all you do. We cannot do this alone.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><


"But when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will receive power to testify about Me with great effect ..." Acts 1:8

About 20 saints came out to the streets to proclaim the Gospel and the truth about abortion at Bunnell High School in Stratford, CT. Everything went decently and in order. Fr deMayo and Rev. Flip Benham were there to represent the clergy. Four to five police cars were on the scene to observe and keep everything orderly. There were no problems and the police did a good job. A few staff came out but kept their distance. Government officials should not inhibit our ability to give out material to the students or interfere with the students rights to receive the information on public property.

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We are more impressed by what we see than by what we hear. Hundreds, maybe thousands of cars went by our sign displays staring at the pictures of aborted babies and live babies at different stages of development. We split into two groups to cover the front and back of the school. A young lady came out and spoke to some of the prolifers and Fr deMayo. She was distraught with tears about her sister who had an abortion. Fr deMayo and others had the opportunity to minister to her.

When the schoolbuses stopped in traffic students were reaching out the windows for literature and Bibles. Cars with parents and students stopped for info. In the rear entrance we were able to hand out hundreds of pieces of literature and "Passion" Bibles directly to students. It was also a good opportunity in the back because students that came out to smoke took the information. One Mom asked if this display was for "kids," I told her yes, because the same "kids" are going into the abortion mill for abortions. Another prolife lady driving by asked Savannah if it was effective to show the pictures. She told them it has been very effective. One fireman in the corner firehouse opened his window and yelled out "Bush-Cheney" for pro-life.

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"We are reaching more kids in one month by going out to the sidewalks than we did in five years of speaking in dignified, comfortable, classrooms." (Marian Banducci) The young girls that come to the abortion mill are already pregnant. We are trying reach them before they get pregnant.

Please join us tomorrow morning (Saturday Oct. 23) at Milford Hospital, 9:30 am and Tuesday morning at Summit Abortuary in Bridgeport, 7:30am as we proclaim the gospel of life on the highways and bi-ways of our cities. All for the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll

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We are blessed to have Miss Savannah here with us from St. Louis. Kelly and Savannah held a banner on the main thoroughfare near the school and were a witness to their peers. PTL! We need more kids like this that are bold and courageous for their King (Jesus).

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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"And they have built high altars (Summit Abortuary) to Baal in the Valley of Himnon (Bridgeport) There they have burnt their children as sacrifices to Molech - something I never commanded and cannot imagine suggesting. What an incredible evil causing Judah (USA) to sin so greatly!" Jeremiah 32:35

Nothing has changed, only the day and the place. In America daily, 4,000 precious babies are sacrificed to Satan on the altar of convenience. What a selfish evil people we have become. That we kill our own children for our own comforts. We don't want to be inconvienced or stretched. Shame on us that we don't love our children and lay our lives down so they can live! Animals treat their young better than we humans. What a sad commentary!


Officer Tony and Mike were at the scene of the crimes. A few Christians (17 - during the course of the morning) gave some time to stop and pray for the little ones that were sentenced to die. The army is getting scarcer, the soldiers are weary. It's time to get the long johns and winter apparrel out. It was cold and damp on the streets. But it was colder and damper for the babies ripped out of their mother's wombs. At least we can prepare for the weather and get warm once we leave. You can even sit in your car and warm up if need be. Please don't let the weather keep you from obeying God and saving lives. When people go skiing or to football games they think of ways to stay warm. Use wisdom, God will give you inspiring ideas. If you want to serve Him He will make a way for you to do it.

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Good News! Jasmin had her twins last Saturday at 1pm . The girl, Taysa, weighed in at 5lbs. 9 oz. and the boy, Teon, weighed in at 6lbs. PTL! Pictures to come soon.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Friday, October 15, 2004

Over 20 prolifers came out between 7am-9:30am to pray for the tiny babies that were sentenced to die. We pleaded with moms and dads not to kill their children and let us offer them other options. Officer Manny was there for the Bridgeport Police and Mike and AJ were in the lot for the mill. From what we saw:

Fourteen women went in at killing time.
One young girl with her mom changed her mind.
Thirteen babies were left to die.

The killing will never stop in America until the Church of Jesus Christ decides it wants it to stop. Jesus said the "gates of Hell" cannot prevail against His Church! Don't wait for the President, the Republican Party, Congress or the Supreme Court to end abortion, it's up to us. Are you doing everything in your power to prevent babies from being killed? Or have you become comfortable with the fact the abortion is legal and we just have to live with it. If you are thinking that way, like most of the Church probably is, then the killing will never stop. We all have to examine ourselves before God and ask Him to show us. Father, what is it that I can do to stop the killing of innocent babies in my community and in my nation? The Lord tells us in 1 Timothy 4:10 "We work hard and suffer much in order that people will believe the truth."

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Over 20 prolifers came out to the streets today. The Bridgeport Police were on duty; Mike and AJ were there at different times in the parking lot. Five Wesleyan students were escorting clients in to kill their children. I showed them Daniel and explained how his biological mom could have aborted him but instead choose to give him to his new Dad and Mom that can care for him. I believe it touched their hearts. One had tears in her eyes. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will soften the hearts of these "deathscorts" so they realize what a horrible thing they are doing.

From what we saw today:

Some sad scenes today were seeing a Medical Waste truck come to the mill to probably pick up baby parts and whatever else is left after they take the babies out of their mothers' wombs. Also a homeless woman went in the death camp in a wheelchair. You never know what you are going to see on the streets.

The Lord tells us in His Word today: "Be fair-minded. Do what is right! Help those in need of justice! Quit your evil deeds! Protect the rights of aliens and immigrants, orphans and widows: STOP MURDERING THE INNOCENT! If you put an end to all these terrible deeds you are doing, then I will deliver this nation once more and there shall be prosperity for all." Jeremiah 22:3,4 He goes on to say: "My heart is broken for the false prophets, full of deceit...the prophets do evil and their power is used wrongly... They encourage and compliment those who are doing evil, instead of turning them back from their sins." ...God tells us not to listen to these false prophets ... who live the way they want to ...The Lord asks: "Can you name even one of these prophets who lives close enough to God to hear what He is saying? Has even one of them cared enough to listen?" Jeremiah 23

Please join us out on the streets or go to your local abortuary where babies are sentenced to die. If someone was taking you somewhere against your will to have you butchered to death, wouldn't you want someone to try to save your life? Let's love our little brothers and sisters as ourselves. Let's do unto them as we want others to do unto us. Don't busy yourself with things that perish, but put your time and effort into those things that are eternal. We reach out to the lost and needy who find themselves where they should not be. We tell them about Jesus, their only hope in a sick and dying world.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Friday, October 8, 2004

About 20 lifesavers came out Friday. O'Ravitz was on duty for the Bridgeport Police. Mike was in the lot early and AJ came later. Four college students from Wesleyan were there to escort moms into the death camp to kill their children. How sad. Please pray that the Lord opens the eyes of these kids to see the truth of what they are really involved in. I had the opportunity to pray with this young mom, her friend went in crying. I hope they came out after we left. We need people to be at the mill Fri. 9:30-11:30am.

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(I did not see any leave by 9:30am , they could have left afterwards)

A business woman from across the street was very upset that a masseuse parlor is moving in. She wanted to know what she could do to stop prostitution from moving into her neighborhood. She said the man that owns the building, owns lots of property around there and has lots of influence in the city. Please pray about this. Sin and corruption is multiplying around us.

One of the moms that changed her mind (Shana) found out her twins are a girl and a boy. So now we have two moms having a girl and boy twins. Jasmin is due anytime and Shana is due the end of Dec. We will have a shower for her in November.

Flip Benham is coming Oct. 21-24. We will be at the mill one day and at a hospital the next. Let me know if you want to participate in these street activities Oct. 22, 23. Also we are continuing our GOD IS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL the last week of October. Let me know if you can come and hold a sign. All the ground work has been done; we just need prayer and people to show up. If you never show up at the battle, you will never experience the victory!

As Christians we need to be constantly reminded that life is not about us, its all about Jesus. There are people plunging into Hell all around us that need to hear the truth of the Gospel. We are called to be dead to the world and committed to the Lord. 99% of the battle is to be available for the Lord's use. We are His body, His hands, His feet, His mouthpiece. Unbelievers should see Jesus in us, the hope of glory.

Being a Christian is not just about going to church on Sunday. People wear the name but don't want to be inconvenienced. Didn't Jesus say TAKE UP OUR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME? A true disciple takes up the cross of Christ out of love for his Savior. We want to please God and win souls. There are times when we must do things that are tiring, costly and rough on the flesh, but great are your eternal rewards.

If Christians were not out on the streets, think of all the babies that would be dead and all souls on their way to hell. Just in our small sphere of ministry 1309 lives have been saved and 353 confessions of faith. The Lord allowed us to be His ministers and see souls won and miracles happen. We need to be willing to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow the leading of the Lord.

Everything doesn't go just the way we want it. God's ways our not our ways and obedience to His will is what gets the job done. In ourselves, we can do nothing. But with Him, all things are possible. Many fail to live for Christ because they don't want to give up the world. But what is the cost of not being a Christian? Some day all the luxuries will be gone and we will stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ. A just and holy God will judge our record of what we have done on the Earth. Suddenly the things you thought were important lose their value. Discipleship costs you persecution and people separating from you, but you are promised wealth untold at the end of this life. Hope to see you all on Tuesday and Friday, as we reach out to the lost and needy who find themselves where they should not be.

"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

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Here is one of the saved babies. "Mateo" was sentenced to die but his mom changed her mind. Praise the Lord for a precious life. This is the reason we get up early in the dark mornings out of our nice warm beds to go out on the cold streets. This baby would have been dead if someone did not persuade his mom to choose life. This is why we need people like you and me to come pray, counsel, or hold a sign on Tuesday and Friday mornings 7:30 am at 3787 Main Street.

Today we had 30 prolifers that came out between 7am and 9:30am. Pastor Miller and Fr. deMayo were present and represented the local clergy. Officer Manny was on duty for the Bridgeport Police and Mike was acting as lot attendant when needed. The abortionist (MAB) came around 10:30am. From what we saw:

Ten moms came to have their babies killed.
Two turned away.
Eight precious babies were left to die.

In Jeremiah 5:28 it reminds me of the abortion industry (business owners, abortionists, anesthesiologists, feminists leaders) "They are well fed and well groomed, and there is no limit to their wicked deeds. They refuse justice to orphans and deny the rights of the poor." We need to be on our knees praying for our nation and for the lost on their way to eternal damnation. To be separated from God for all eternity is eternal torture. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. God's will and ours is for all to come to the knowledge of the truth of His Gospel. So now the Lord says, "Stop right where you are! Look for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel the path and you will find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16

In an article titled “Does Standing Outside an Abortion Mill Really Work? ” Rev. Ed Martin said “John the Baptist leaped in his mother's womb when the presence of Jesus, in Mary's womb, came into the room. As Christians, we have the Love of Jesus in us. The unborn children, much like John, can feel the great love of Jesus when we are there.” I hope and pray that these little innocent children do know that we are there for them and we love them. We will meet them all one day in Heaven.

"Dear brothers and sisters, after we were separated from you for a little while (though our hearts never left you), we tried very hard to come back because of our intense longing to see you again." 1 Thess. 17

It is an amazing bonding love between prolifers across the nation. We seem to understand each other beyond words but through life experiences of being out on the streets. I thank God for those of you that " serve the kingdom that you see." If you hear the Father and understand Him - you will imitate Him.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Saturday, October 2, 2004

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We had an awesome time of prayer and fellowship today on the streets of Bridgeport. The Bridgeport Police were on the scene, no "deathscorts," no A.J. in the lot, Mike was there. Mark Alan Blumenfeld was not the abortionist - there was a different little male in an old black car. Robin, the anesthesiologist, came in her new creme cadillac. Business is definitely down low, their other mills are probably supporting this one. They seem to be losing money at this location. From what we saw:


We left at 9:40 am after all the clients were in and came back after 11. We got to see around four women leave after their abortions. They could hardly walk. It is so sad. Most took the post abortion literature. We need some people to come to the mill on killing days after 11AM to reach out to this hurting women. Let me know if you can do this. One of the girls that went in today was with a sister of a girl that changed her mind over four years ago on Middle Street . She showed us the picture of her daughter who is now five years old. She went in with her boyfriend to try to persuade her sister's friend to change her mind. I did not see this girl come out when we were there so I don't know if she went through with having her baby killed. We were blessed to have Pastor Ron join us later in the morning.

As we start Jeremiah in our OSA daily reading guide we see that "success" as measured by God, involves obedience and faithfulness. Jeremiah agonized over the message the Lord gave him. It gave him a "sour stomach." Many in the prophetic ministry know the feeling. This morning when I got up I was so tired. There are so many battles to fight around us. But I know the Lord is talking to us through His Word.

"Get up and dress and go out and tell them whatever I tell you to say. Don't be afraid of them, or else I will make a fool of you in front of them. For see, today, I have made you impervious to their attacks. They cannot harm you. You are strong like a fortified city that cannot be captured, like an iron pillar and heavy gates of brass. All the kings of Judah and its officers and priests and people will not be able to prevail against you. They will try, but they will fail. For I am with you," says the Lord, "I will deliver you." Jeremiah 1:18-19.

Thank You Lord, that You never leave us or forsake us. We are nothing without You. Please come Tuesday as we reach out to the lost and needy who find themselves where they should not be . Just show up and God will do the rest.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

Friday, October 1, 2004

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Twelve prolifers came out today. The escorts and police were present. We were told that the clinic was closed because they only had one appointment. I don't know if that's true but we did find out they will be open tomorrow Saturday Oct. 2. PLEASE COME - ALL OF YOU THAT WORK DURING THE WEEK. This is your opportunity to save a life and a soul. Bring your kids, your neighbors, your friends, your mom, your dad, your brother or sister. I don't think there is anything more important you can be doing 7:30 Saturday morning.

Jesus said to "Come and follow Me." If Jesus was here walking the earth, where do you think He would be Saturday morning?

1.) In a nice air conditioned office with plush furniture drinking a nice cup of coffee?

2.) At the "high places" where children are sacrificed to Satan trying to save lives and souls?

Yes, the crowds gathered to see Jesus do miracles (Matthew 4:24 -25) but He was not concerned with breaking attendance records. Jesus preached a confrontational message with an offensive content that melted the multitudes away and left only a few devoted disciples. (John 6:66-71) A faithful few followed the Lord when His popularity dimmed. They did not care about being a part of the crowd, they cared about obeying and serving God.

Since we have been doing this ministry for fifteen years we have seen hundreds, maybe thousands, once "enthusiastic" people fall away from the call. Were they pretenders of the faith? Or were they led by the flesh and not by the spirit? I really don't know. I do believe though, that the one who stays faithful until the end will reap the harvest. The long-suffering and persevering ones will stand before our Lord and He will say "Well done, good and faithful slave." Jesus rebuked the religious leaders for their indifference and complacency.

Please soften your hearts towards your little neighbors that are sentenced to die tomorrow on 3787 Main Street. You can make a difference. You can reach out to the lost who find themselves where they should not be! You can save a life and a soul. Just show up and let God do the rest. 99% of the battle is being available for his use. If you are not driving distance to Bridgeport, look in your phonebook and go to your local killing center. Babies need us to rescue them from slaughter, don't stand back and let them die! (Proverbs 24:10-12) Please lay down your comforts so others may live.

For the Least of These,
Marilyn Carroll <///><

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