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The Streets of Lubbock ,TX

From the Saints in Lubbock

July 12th, 2007

They called the police on the preacher!
Gilbert Nichols

Early Tuesday morning, July 3, while people were getting ready for work or just rolling over in their beds, a lone preacher arrived at Aaron's Womens Clinic in Lubbock, TX in hopes of dissuading mothers from killing their unborn children. Despite the fact that there were no other intercessors present as at other times, and he was alone, he stood in the passion of the Christ who told him to "Go."

As approximately 10 women lined up and prepared to go in and wait for the doctor/executioner to arrive, the preacher spoke to them from the front of the establishment on the sidewalk about their choice to sin and the consequences of that sin. Taking them through the Law and then introducing the spotless Lamb of God as their only hope of salvation, the preacher also had to contend with the loud radio music from the security guard's vehicle. After the ladies went into the waiting room, other ladies arrived later to get their post-abortion checkup and heard a little addendum to the preaching with an appeal to "come and get ministered to" with compassion and caring. None took the offer, though two took Gospel tracts from him thinking he was representing the clinic.


The doctor/executioner arrived and as he was making his entrance in the rear of the clinic, the preacher began a new preaching from a side vantage point directed at the building in which the new patients were sitting. Even the taxi driver turned around in the driveway to leave after discharging his rider instead of driving past the preacher standing beside the driveway. After approximately 28 minutes of appeals and ministering with the Gospel and the Word of God, the security guard approached the preacher to inform him that the Lubbock Police had been summoned by the clinic staff with the intent of stopping and, if necessary, arresting the preacher. The security guard said that the preaching was making everybody worried and anxious. The preacher returned to the front sidewalk as the two officers, Officer King and Officer Acer (?), arrived. Officer King asked him what was going on and the preacher replied, "I'm just expressing my feelings toward what is being done today. They are hearing the Gospel." Officers said the caller, a clinic worker, told 9-1-1 dispatcher that the scene was getting "out of control" and that the preacher was "yelling at the people" and "making everybody uncomfortable" with his message (as related by the security guard). When the policemen asked if there was any profanity spoken at anyone, or blocking of access into the clinic, or gestures of taking off clothes or kicking things around to make a commotion, the security guard testified that there was not. The preacher defended his preaching only with the words that he was "declaring to the people of sin, righteousness and judgment." The guard went on to say that since the times (every Thursday and every second Tuesday) the preacher had been coming while he was on duty, the preacher had never had the police called on him.

The policemen said they saw no reason why they were called and that the incident was closed. "He has a right to voice his opinion," said Officer King to those present and felt that no laws were violated while the preacher was preaching. The guard told the police that everybody in all the buildings could hear everything he was saying. He assumed that the preacher had also disturbed other adjacent businesses and that they were waiting on the clinic workers to summon the police. The police answered back that if other businesses were bothered with the preaching, they could have called the police; and since they had not, the police believed the complaint was unfounded. Officers shook hands with the preacher and left.

As far as the preacher could tell, one woman left before the procedure was performed, though she did not want to talk with him or take any literature. Another woman's boyfriend left to find a cash machine at WalMart to get the money she needed for the abortion and was apparently lost. The guard had given him the directions and his directions were wrong. The preacher did not offer to help him find his way, but hoped the patient would be ejected for lack of funds and possibly save another baby's life. It all seemed like foolishness, says the Scriptures, to "those who are perishing; but to us who are being saved, it [the Gospel] is the power of God."

I was that preacher. God bless you.


Judy Kreller (left) Dorothy Boyett (right)

August 3, 2006

Tiny & I were standing on the main road with the signs on Thursday when a lady pulled over to tell us that 2 years ago she had an appointment and we talked her out of the abortion and now she has a beautiful 2 year old boy named Benjamin.   She added that he was born without his forearm and hand on one arm but nevertheless he was the joy of her life.   Then she said, "I don't care what people say about you - my child is alive because you were there."

June 16, 2006

Planned Parenthood Exposed
by Dorothy Boyett

Tara's Tea Trader's hosted a fund raiser for a local Lubbock organization on Friday June 16. This would have passed without notice had the beneficiary not been the Lubbock chapter of Planned Parenthood. An invitation was extended to the public via newspaper announcing a “Wine and Cheese” from 6pm until 8pm. What started off as a quiet Friday evening gathering became the top news story on Fox 34.

When guests arrived at the event they were greeted by local prolifers with large graphic signs. Motorists traveling along 34th street honked, waved or otherwise expressed their opinion about the Truth display. An off duty law enforcement officer was on hand to escort the wine drinkers from the parking lot.

Local Fox 34 came and interviewed Tony Thornton, CEO of Planned Parenthood, and Wayne Kreller spokesman for the prolifers. As always the local Planned Parenthood distanced themselves from abortion. It is amazing the verbal gymnastics they perform trying to defend the indefensible (killing the unborn) while embracing “choice.”

“While they deny performing surgical abortions,” said Wayne Keller, “they do provide emergency contraception, and promote and encourage promiscuity. It's a well known fact that Planned Parenthood is the biggest provider of abortions in the country. Money given to them through this event eventually finds its way to support that purpose. Tony Thornton countered by claiming that Planned Parenthood prevents abortion by providing contraceptives and teaching children about sex.

The news story ended with a promotion for Planned Parenthood's new program on teen pregnancy prevention

November 8, 2004

Back to School - Lubbock report

November 08, 2004

Click image for larger view

Today I went to Coronado High School in Lubbock to witness and give out Bible tracts. I stood on the sidewalk and waited for the bell to ring. T.J. came up and I had an opportunity to One-2-One witness. He became under conviction as we went through the Ten Commandments. He freely admitted that if God judged him by that standard he would be guilty and end up in eternal hell. He then gratefully received the good news of the Gospel. The bell rang and the students poured out, I had no trouble giving away over 100 tracts, only one student refused.

The officials came over and demanded that I go across the street to which I politely refused as I knew that I was on public property. Their reasoning was "if we let you stand here we have to let all of the other groups." I didn't back down as they continued to pressure me to comply with their demands. They finally backed off, after I placed a call to the City Traffic Engineer, and admitted that the sidewalk was public property. The assistant principle, identifying herself as a member of a large Baptist church in town, said, “Well I suppose we will have to let the Satanists stand here now.”

There were a few negatives from students, who said that they are Christians but they don't go around standing on street corners and "P # # # people off;" but I was also encouraged by many students who were Christian.

What struck me about today was the fact that I didn't have a sign, or any graphic pictures - in fact the subject of abortion was never raised. I was just one person standing on a sidewalk handing out Ray Comfort tracts and yet the assistant principle, a self described Christian, considered my presence to be one rung higher than the Satanists.

Dorothy Boyett



Reports from 2001-2004