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News from the Streets of Hudson, NY

News from the Streets of Hudson, NY

February 4, 2005

Praise the Lord, the church was upon the streets again! To our surprise there were three deathscorts today. A couple of weeks ago a young PP volunteer, a graduate from Bard College was out in the sub-zero weather. Her name is Amber. Keep Amber in your prayers.

Ron was first to greet her and talk with her. We could see she hasn't been entirely indoctrinated by her peers at the "stronghold of death." She actually talked with us and was genuinely polite. I asked what she was doing and instead of taking the direction of Planned Parenthood's gargine she told me about herself and her life.
She works in Rhinebeck which is near Bard. She had been a Lutheran as a little girl but was never confirmed. I hear of so many people who "used to be a Lutheran." Hummm? She had studied in Russia and in the Ukraine and was familiar with very cold weather. She enjoyed the people of these countries and sympathized with their plight today. I could see she was idealistic and serious about her convictions. I wanted to start a dialog about the plight of the Unborn and the believing of the lie, but the Lord didn't allow that conversation to take place.

I spoke to Amber about the Second Coming of Christ and how close it is for all of us. I told her of how dark spiritually it is right now though the sky we were under was bright. What would Jesus find when He returned? How would her life be found when she opened her eyes to see His return?

But He's holding off His imminent return for only one reason, that all should come to repentance and faith. There's so much in each of our lives that needs to be turned over to Jesus to be forgiven of. But Jesus is holding off His return, graciously, that our hearts might be turned to Him today.

I asked Amber if she was attending any Christian church? She said no, not as yet. She asked where my church was located. I told her. A car was turning in and I took hold of her arm to move her out of harm's way. With any other deathscort they would have had me up on charges of physically touching them.

I explained to Amber standing where she was the cars cut short and she should come up higher. She took my touch as that of one who cares for her and her soul. I pray she took the word of God as God's gracious Touch as The One Who has cared for her and her soul from eternity. As the others have rejected, Amber did not reject, but listened.

As I was leaving she asked for my name again. I gave her my card and prayer that she would come to hear and be saved... ultimately for her heart and soul to be turned to Christ's Life and Love not only for her, but for all those He has called and given Life too, especially the baby in the womb and the mother and father of that tiny life and soul.

Keep Amber in your prayers. We haven't seen her at church or back on the street. I pray to see her in church and never again on the street. In Jesus' Name! Amen!

Pastor Stan Webster Reporting