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Street Reports from Glens Falls, New York

Street Reports from Glens Falls, New York

March 14, 2005

I do feel Caleb was our greates warrior this day

Jeff Smith Reporting

My young sons Caleb and Josh and I showed up at the scene once again, a very busy scene at that. Road construction crews were surrounding the abortuary with their big machinery, digging holes, etc.

We were forced to make our stand across the street from the abortuary. Vern and our returned-from-yesteryear comrade John) were already on the scene. As we stood together holding our signs, many passers-bye seemed confused with all the busyness on the street. However we still received our fair share of curses especially once Marie showed up with the picture of an aborted baby's decapitated head held up by forceps.

One thing I also noticed was how much tamer were  passers-by when my four-year old, Caleb, was front and center with his sign.

Jesus ...took a child and ...said to them, 'Whoever receives this child in My name receives Me... For the one who is least among all of you is the one who is the greatest.' - Luke 9:47-48

I do feel Caleb was our greatest warrior this day. Can you imagine a Scripture Wall made up of young children only? What a powerful witness!

As Vern, Marie and I began the rosary one of the deathscorts showed. When about a month ago we switched from Tuesdays to Mondays I noticed it took a while for the deathscorts to compensate. Now that they have we should think about changing again. I prefer it without the deathscorts for we are more free to challenge the moms. Plus there are less worries considering their love of calling the police over every minute fabricated lie.

And as for the ones inside:

"For three transgressions of the people ...and for four, I will not turn away its punishment because they have ripped open the woman with child." - Amos 1:13

February 8, 2005

Monday, Jan.31st - Just Vern and I made it. Some of the other regulars got confused about the switch from Tuesdays to Mondays. Nevertheless it was and always is productive with just two. "Where two or more are gathered in my name...", Jesus said he would be in their midst. We had really all we needed. And so, with sign and rosary in hand(s) we did our thing.

Tuesday, Feb.1st - Again two - John and Michael. The Highlight - The Post Star newspaper showed up. The woman journalist approached John and asked "How do you feel about the fact that your presence here generates money for Planned Parenthood?" John told her he was not concerned about money but about that next baby being brought to slaughter. She was surprised to know that John already knew about this. She asked if he was aware that Planned Parenthood receives donations based on the number of picketers that show up to protest abortion. John emphasized further that he, and all the protesters are very aware, but again, money is not the issue, the babies are. She asked John if she could quote him and use his name? John told her no because the Post Star has proven to be irresponsible time and again with quotes and portrayals in the past. She promised she would be fair and quote him exact. She pleaded with him and finally John gave in based on her promise.

Friday the article came out. It was the main headline on the front page which included a large picture of John with his sign "In God's Court Abortion is Murder!" The headline read "Pledges fund clinic programs by counting pickets in front of facility" The article was good and bad. Overall I would take it. The good included the front page picture and the fact the Planned Parenthood spokesman overstated our numbers. She said that they collect donations for each of the two thousand or so different picketers that picket their facilities regularly. The bad side to this article is the journalist (Kate Perry) did not quote what she promised she would quote and didn't really dig beneath the surface. It lacked substance.

Monday, Feb.7th - Caleb, Josh, Fr. Francis, John, Bruce, Marie, Vern, Mal and his wife Joan were all in attendance. We broke into three groups. We had the Catholic rosary group front in center. We had the Free Methodist group with their signs across the street. And we had our confrontationalists across the PP driveway. Later we all came together in prayer and witness and conversation. It's funny, this dynamic. It kind of falls into place naturally.

Tuesday, Feb.8th - We have got the Monday - Tuesday deal working for now. Michael will be the main man on Tuesdays. Many times he is joined by several off our sub-list: Deacon Larry, Steve Solimento, Rob and his family, Tom, Bill, and the list goes on. "Keep us afloat O Lord!"

Jeff Smith Reporting

Glens Falls
Update 01/24/2005

Father Francis forced me to write this without even saying a word to me.

Jesus called fishermen to be his apostles. His very best disciples were fishermen. Why?

I submit this. To be a fisherman, you must be patient. You must be attentive, ready to react to each rare nibble. To be a fisherman, you must take risks. You must be willing to enter into unfamiliar waters and unfamiliar weather risks. To be a fisherman is to be in a constant battle with the cold, the rain, and all the discomforts of the fisherman's life.

A true fisherman finds difficulty in finding empathy, shared values, and friendship amongst anyone other than their own family and fishing mates. Could it be because of their unbearable stench? Could it be because of their narrow-mindedness with their work? Could it be their perceived ignorance? Who knows - BUT - does this lifestyle seem familiar?

Well today Captain McCloskey decided to take us on a new course, into uncharted waters. Yes, we here at the Glens Falls Scripture Wall were getting a bit too comfortable in our fished out Tuesday waters. Life as a fisherman lately was getting easy... getting comfortable. We'd go to Mass, to breakfast, to Warren street , go through the routine: prayer, song and socializing. God, through Captain McCloskey was telling us it was time.

It was time for a change. What was once a discomfort zone has now become a relaxed routine. It was time to make our way into unknown waters. It was time to take some risks. It was time to catch the fish by surprise on this particular Monday!

Out of the blue Father began to verbally appeal to a girl going into the abortuary. "Honey, don't go in there. They kill babies in there! We can help you" he said. She said she was pregnant but was not going in there for an abortion. Father insisted to her that her unborn baby is not safe in there because they want her baby killed.

A few moments later a van pulled up. Another young lady was taking her time getting out. I knew Father was revved up so I prayed to the Holy Spirit to speak through Father. As she began to make her way into the killing center Father made the same appeal to her. She went ballistic, profanely ballistic I might add. Father 'Millthorn' did not give up until she did.

And just moments after that a car was stopped to exit the abortuary. It was a young man and his wife or girlfriend. He had his window half down. Father approached and asked "What kind of man would bring a woman into this place that kills babies. As a man you're supposed to protect children, not hand them over to be murdered by this place" The driver also became profanely enraged. He threatened to get out of his car and punch Father out if he said another word. Father immediately, without hesitation shot back, "Shame on you. Don't you know what a father does. He protects!" The man cursed back. Father stated with even greater conviction, "I bind your demons in Jesus name!" A bit more was exchanged as the woman passenger, not angry, stunned perhaps, listened and observed almost in an objective manner. Finally the young man peeled out into traffic.

Hey, there seems to be some fish in these here waters.

Jeff Smith Reporting

Glens Falls
Update 10/5/2004
- Jeff Smith Reporting –

Father and son reporting from Glens Falls, NY

Warren Street - On behalf of the regulars at the Glens Falls Scripture Wall I would like to extend a big thanks to Pastor Paul Armstrong and his wife for all their efforts in trying to increase our numbers for Christian witness here in front of the Glens Falls abortuary. Every extra person that joins us increases not only our strength against "principalities and powers" but it increases our overall credibility in the eyes of those passing by. When just two or three of us are out there one can easily write us off as a couple of kooks. But if forty of us are out there -- as was the case today -- people have to take a more serious notice.

I have attended many weekday masses throughout the years at St. Alphonse's Church in Glens Falls , and I would often think "Why don't these people join us?" Today many of them did. I hope they return. Having witnessed regularly here now for approximately six years, I have seen many of the same faces passing us by, offering supportive gestures by some, negative ones by others, and zero response by many more. On the many occasions I see these regular supporters pass us by, I often think "Why do these ones never stop to join us?" Some did today. I hope they return.

Today I also saw many new faces as well. In between keeping an eye on my one and four year old boys and praying the rosary with some of the others, I tried to mingle as much as I could in hopes of facilitating an awareness of the importance of their witness; perseverance in witness is for the cause of saving babies and swaying minds. I apologize for not remembering names but each person I met made a good and positive impression on me. I began the witness standing with my sign next to an other gentlemen I did not know. We shared at length all our feelings on the Pro-Life movement, politics, and a grab bag of other topics. My hope with him was merely to illustrate that us "activists" here are just like him, just like any average Christian. No, we are not shouting words of hate at our adversaries, nor are we violent extremists. We are just your average Christian that has come to realize that the baby in the womb is our brother and our sister, of whom we are their keepers. No, we don't have a more potent love for babies than the average Christian. No, just a sense of Christian responsibility to rise up against this most heinous of atrocities.

"Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers? Or who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity?" - Psalm 94:16

I also had the opportunity to speak in length with a young lady in attendance here for the first time. She too had two young children with her. We shared insights into our cause as well as insights into parenting. As it turns out she regularly witnesses in front of the abortuary in Rutland, Vermont. She said she hopes to return here quite often to lend her witness and prayers to ours here also, as much as she can. She feels there is no greater cause. She understands what's at stake and what we do is a last ditch lunge to save babies and souls.

"Save some by snatching them as from the very flames of hell itself. Jude 1:22-23

She seemed very much on the ball and our kids got along great as well.

It was a very nice day and everything went very well. I would also like to say thanks to Fr. McCloskey, who made a special effort in changing his plans to be with us. He brought with him his brother, Jim, and his nephew, Jay. Jim and Jay were two very interesting and impressive individuals. My Father and I had the opportunity to spend the day with them, and I must say, I have never seen Father so conversationally. :-D amiable.

- John Smith Reporting –

My dear Brothers and Sisters in the LORD

Perhaps you missed out on the special blessings the Lord gave us last Tuesday in front of Planned Parenthood and now He has favored us with another get together this Tuesday. I counted 43 Christians that came out to save the very next child that was to be sacrificed that day at the death camp.

There were two Pastors, one Priest and 40 others that decided that the emergency that day was being at the death camp physically and spiritually where God and Satan were contending for the next baby that was going to be killed. We don't know of all the hearts that were touched that day and how many people that God allowed us to witness to!

I was especially touched by the young children that were there seeing the big guys standing up for the little guys! One couple that were visiting from the Rochester area just so happened to be walking by us that day and decided to talk. They ended up joining us and with tears in the eyes of the lady- she asked for prayer for the child she had lost. I saw them later on and you could see a joy that was now present in their heart!

I saw one young Mom that told me she just happened to hear about the gathering on the radio and immediately came down with her two toddler twins to be there as Christ's witness. A Korean vet showed up even while he was experiencing tremendous back pain. Several other miracles I am sure occurred--the fact remains that I have seen turn-arounds on many occasions---one lady awhile back brought me a milkshake and thanked me for saving her baby even though I didn't do anything to deserve this but just stand there and pray for God's intervention in this horrible murdering that was occurring 50 feet away! God gets all the glory and He wants us out there as a physical witness! Please show up and pass this invitation off to all your friends.

God Bless John

People of Faith in Jesus Christ

Marching for Life

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

If you believe with God's Word that every

abortion kills a CHILD

Then meet us in front of Planned Parenthood

on Warren Street in Glens Falls, NY

on the above date and let the world know

that we, PEOPLE OF FAITH, believe that

the life of every child is precious.

This will be a peaceful and prayerful march to inform the North Country people that

PEOPLE OF FAITH believe abortion is murder. Please stand with us for the unborn,

so our children and grandchildren will not have to grow up in a Nation that kills babies.