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 More News and Articles from Ohio

What Happened When the Theology of the Church House Became Biography in the Streets of Cleveland:

Light Dispells the Darkness in Cleveland's "Gay Pride" Parade
By Mary Ellen Urmin
Posted June 23, 2005
This past Saturday, June 18, darkness once again was ushered into the city of Cleveland, Ohio as every kind of wicked sexual perversion was celebrated in the name of so-called “equality”. Even the city's own mayor, Jane Campbell, the first mayor to fly the sodomite flag next to the American flag at Cleveland City Hall, marched in the parade. A lover of child-killing (she has long had a pro-abortion stand) and eager to please the constituency of evil-doers, she waved and smiled her way through the route along with other hollow politicians looking to please man rather than God.

Nicholas of Cleveland Writes
Posted June 23, 2005
Nicholas certainly has some great ideas about what he thinks we must do to win his respect. I believe that it says, somewhere in the Bible, that God uses the foolish things of this world! Too bad Nicholas isn't foolish enough yet to be used by God. This is by no means meant to be interpreted that Nicholas is not a fool. ~Flip - Dear Mr. Benham: ...

Familes as Living Parables at the Gates of Hell
Posted June 7. 2005
Cleveland - On May 21st, nearly 100 little boys and little girls, moms and
dads, grandmas and grandpas took their theology out of their church house and allowed it to become biography on the streets of Shaker Heights in front of one of the longest standing killing centers in Northeast Ohio, Surgi-Center. Pro-life Saints from all denominations became living parables for the beauty of life and the God-ordained institution of family.

Former Abortion Clinic Security Guard to Speak at Roe Memorial Dinner
Roe 2005 Dinner Press Release - Cleveland, OH
January 19. 2005
Mark Bomchill, former security guard at Robbinsdale Abortion Mill in Minnesota , will be the guest speaker at a spaghetti dinner memorializing the 32nd anniversary of the abominable Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision.

32nd Memorial of Roe v. Wade Press Conference
Cleveland, OH
January 19. 2005
Local pastors, business leaders and Christians will join Life Link for a press conference and a memorial service mourning 32 years of unabated child-killing. Our purpose: to end child-killing in the city of Cleveland by bringing the theology of the church house into the streets – right to the doors of the local abortion mills in this city.

Bible College Students Take to the Streets
By Alisa Street
Posted November 10, 2004
Last Friday (Nov. 5), Flip Benham spoke in a chapel service at my college (God's Bible School & College, www.gbs.edu) in Cincinnati, OH. Using the book of Jeremiah, he delivered a very keen challenge for Christian activism ...One girl said, “The message impressed me to put action to my words, to actually do something about the problems that are plaguing our society, and not just wait until it's time to vote.”

By Mary Ellen Urmin
Posted November 5, 2004
... my eyes latched onto the first black limousine and there I saw him, the president himself looking at us, at our signs, and waving. My heart was elated. There on that street, we had sent a message to the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, to stand for life.

By Mary Ellen Urmin
Posted April 25. 2004
It was worse than a dark and stormy night for this mystery, but it was Good Friday, 2004, a frightening day for the wicked who refuse to repent! In this true story, the wicked were those pulling apart little baby boys and girls piece by piece inside the largest abortion chamber in the state of Ohio, as the Church of Jesus Christ and the Cleveland Police Department looked the other way. But they were found to be innocent of any crime, and instead, the culprit in this case was the Word of God, a Holy Bible.

Going to Church in Cleveland
December 18. 2002
We took the large graphic signs to the doors of the Church for not only is Scripture clear that God is looking for His people to repent (II Chron 7:14), but also says judgment begins with the House of God. ... "We responded and we worshipped with our brothers and sisters-we knew their welcome. The Pastor began to preach the Word and declared he had much to preach on, but was struck by the Pro-Lifers in front of the Church. He said if we had all remained in front of the Church, he would have exhorted his congregation to join hands with us to block the street in front of the Church to bring Truth to all the neighborhood!!! ..."

Cleveland - Storming the Gates of Hell: 28th Roe Memorial
January 31, 2001
John Reyes witnessed boldly for our Lord, and God gave him favor as many conversations were begun by those sworn to stop us. They carried a huge banner emblazoned with the words, "Let's throw the right-wing Christians to the lions." John and several others loved them even more. Friendships were begun between those who hated Christ and those who love Him and, as we left Cleveland on Monday afternoon, there was a promise that they would see us in Wichita. Pray that Jesus will continue the ministry begun in their hearts.

Dayton - Mother Dies of Botched Abortion
October 22, 2000
Lehner explained, "The final results of the autopsy are still pending. From early indications it appears she suffered some sort of blood clot or embolism. We won't know for sure until we get the results of that autopsy back. We do know she entered the clinic as an apparent perfectly healthy woman, pregnant, frightened, probably, and had made the choice to have this procedure done. As a result of that choice, she is now dead."