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Why We Do What We Do

Why Operation Rescue/Operation Save America Exits

<< Consider going out to your own abortion mill to minister yourself. Don't let fear, or thoughts of not having the "gifts" hold you back. I am convinced that God needs your will far more than He needs your gifts, to accomplish His purposes.

Mark Gabriel >>

Dear Mark,

I absolutely agree that we need to rekindle the urgency to reach out to others, in hopes of saving lives, and souls. Please pray for each of us to follow God's call in which ever way He feels we would serve Him best, or are able

I myself almost went to an abortion mill 13 years ago, but because there were "right to Life" activists picketing in front of the clinic door, I could not go in. My son's life was spared, and God led me to the places and people I needed to make the right decision. It is my pro-life testimony, has been published before, or given at fund-raisers, and I need prayers for the grace to write my story again for the "Right to Life" newsletter. It is taking me so long, and there is much more to write than before, so please pray that this small work, that I know is God's will for me to do, and the beginning of much more pro-life work, can be finished. Pray that God will "touch my tongue, and give me the words to say," that I can give a proper testimony. There are many obstacles, please pray against them, and pray that all of us will ask the Lord which way is ours individually, and united, and that we will be given the grace, strength, wisdom, and courage to do His will

Thank you for your encouragement, and calling us on.

In Jesus,