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Reports From the Streets of Detroit

Reports From the Streets of Detroit

Dearborn, MI Street Report December 15, 2004

December 2004.

Chris Coatney

I will be driving the bus to Womancare in Lathrup Village again tomorrow morning for about 4 hours. Three people joined me last week, each at different times, but for an hour or two. I normally don't like to leave the mill in Dearborn but there may be a chance to help get a regular outreach started at this mill. The Messianic rabbi who was there last week can't make it tomorrow but said he would announce it at the Bible study tonight in case anyone else wants to go. A group of Catholics does witness there on Saturdays but no one goes there during the week to my knowledge.

The Muslim woman whom I thought had an abortion a week or two ago apparently did not. She came back to do the evil deed last week but changed her mind through the prayer and intercession of the saints. Her sister, who dropped her off and picked her up, was very grateful.

It's so exciting when you see women refuse your every attempt to talk or pass out literature, and then at the last minute roll down the window and stick out their hand, just before pulling out into traffic.

Two of the 3 or 4 women who aborted today left the mill in tears. One buried her head in the car door as her boyfriend sat there eating a snack and looking at her with the "Duh" expression on his face before driving away. I had a chance to talk to her while the car was stopped for the red light. I rebuke women who are arrogant about killing their children, but I spoke of Christ's love and forgiveness to this woman who was so obviously hurting from the depth of her soul.

Dearborn Statutory Rape Report

Chris Coatney

November 9, 2004

A year or two ago Life Dynamics did a survey. A young lady in her 20s posing as a 13-year-old called over 800 abortion mills around the country to schedule an abortion. Legally, medical facilities, including abortion mills, are required to report evidence of statutory rape, which the pregnancy of a minor is, to the police. More than 90% of the abortion mills encouraged the caller to lie about her age so the abortion could be performed without notifying the police. http://www.childpredators.com/

Life Dynamics encourages prolife sidewalk counselors to report such instances to the police when they're discovered, because this will cause trouble for the abortion mills. The thinking is that it's usually older men who are impregnating the younger girls, and this would be less likely to happen if abortion mills were reporting incidents of statutory rape.

About a year ago I was told directly by one mother at the abortion mill in Dearborn that her daughter, who was getting an abortion, was 15. Another young lady who had an abortion said she recognized me as a former substitute teacher at a school she had attended. I didn't remember her, but from the timeline she gave me, I felt it was possible she was also under 16 years of age.

I had planned to report these instances to the authorities but never got around to it because of my busy schedule. I also wasn't sure the police would act just on my say-so.

Today, 4 African-American women (2 teenagers and 2 older women) came to the abortion mill. Shortly after they arrived they heard me preaching on the sidewalk about the high abortion rate for African-Americans. They thought I was saying something racist and came out to argue with me. One of the older women called the police. When the officer showed up he asked what I'd been saying and I explained it to him. He told the women I wasn't doing anything illegal but advised me not to talk to them again. One interesting thing they said during the conversation was that the girl getting the abortion was 14.

I preached hard after the officer left. The other teenage girl (the one not getting the abortion) came out to talk to me several times. One of the older women (the one who had not called the police) also talked to me when she came out for a cigarette. Both accepted my literature. The girl who was there for the abortion came out once and talked for a few minutes but would not change her mind.

When they finally left the building to go home an hour or two later the 14-year-old didn't look very happy. I could tell she was in pain, and I said, "It hurts, doesn't it?" She nodded and said, "Yes." By the time they got to the car the 14-year-old was crying. I tried to tell the women about post-abortion counseling at the Crisis Pregnancy Center but one of the older women brushed me off, saying, "She'll be all right." I replied something like, "You just killed her baby, and she's going to be all right?"

That set off a minor firestorm as one of the older women started yelling at me to shut up and get away from their car (I was on the public sidewalk). I began to pray out loud to my Heavenly Father. Two of the women, joined later by the one who had originally called the police, who had just left the building, got up in my face, threatening to punch me out. I told them to go ahead if it would make them feel better. I wasn't afraid, but I backed up a step because I was afraid they would try to grab my signs. They got up in my face and repeated their demands.

We repeated this charade several times, as they followed me first out into the street, and then back onto the sidewalk. One of the women hit me once in the head, but it didn't hurt. Eventually they returned to their car and I returned to the front of the mill, when a police car showed up. I thought the officers were pretty fair in the way they handled the situation. They could see that the 14-year-old was still crying, 10 minutes after the incident began, and believed my story that I was concerned about her.

The interesting thing was that they told the two responding officers that the girl who had the abortion was only 14, and the officer who talked to me said he was going to include that in his report. If that isn't a credible witness, I'm not sure what is. I'm not certain the mill isn't reporting these but I suspect they aren't. I plan to contact Life Dynamics during the next few days to find out how to request a police investigation if they do not. Your prayers are appreciated!

Last week was a very busy week for American Family Planning. It looked to me like somewhere between 25 and 30 babies were killed. Most of the customers were hard-hearted and few took literature. The count so far this week after two days is either 4 or 5 abortions, so they're killing about half as many as they were last week.

I don't know what level business would have to fall to for the abortionist to get out of the business, but I'm trying very hard to get him to that point. He charges $200 for a first trimester abortion and $100 for each additional week. I've been told that he only aborts through the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, although I'm not certain of this. So, if he kills 10 babies each week he makes $2000, 20 babies $4000, 30 babies $6000 minus expenses, of course, all for only about 3 hours of work per day. Everyone is welcome to join us for prayer.


July 5, 2004

by Chris Coatney

Last week was one of the worst I've seen at American Family Extermination Center. 30-35 abortions altogether, with 11 on Wednesday, the biggest one-day total I've personally seen there. One lady hit me in the head with her purse, which felt like it had a brick in it, because she was offended that I compared the abortion industry to the K.K.K. One blonde-haired young lady, about 18, changed her mind earlier in the week and her mom was really upset with me for changing her daughter's heart. I never talked to her daughter directly or gave her any literature, but she could hear me preaching and singing and left while the Catholics were praying.

Unfortunately, her mother brainwashed her all over again and she came back and killed the baby the very next day. Her mother had a big smirk on her face when it was all over with. Interestingly, the young lady came back for a follow-up appointment or prescription Friday and cried her eyes out as she left, telling me she hadn't wanted the abortion but that her mother pressured her into it. I offered to pray with her but she said she was late for work so I encouraged her to call the CPC for post-abortion counseling. She cried all the way back to her car and was still crying when she left. I'm angry at myself for adopting a defeatist attitude and not trying harder the day she returned for the abortion.

I think that some women changed their minds because they haven't returned to the mill yet. I'm thinking of 3 or 4 especially that I was able to pray with directly. One lady, who attends Word of Faith in Southfield, said she would be returning with her boyfriend the next day for an ultrasound, and that he wanted to keep the baby but that she wasn't sure. She ended up choosing life on the return visit and both left with smiles, looking happy.

We don't see many Muslim women at the killing center but one came for the 24 hour info after closing time the other day (I stay a few extra minutes for latecomers). She said she already had 3 kids (all boys) and that she wanted an abortion because she always gets sick during pregnancy. Her English was so-so but her 10-12 year old son helped translate. I told her this could be the little girl she's been waiting for and that God could help her with her sickness. I told her the CPC would find a doctor that would help her with the sickness and that we would love to pray with her. She was a nice lady, very meek and mild, and hasn't returned so far.

I would appreciate your prayers. I took some kids to a church carnival in Highland Park Saturday and was involved in a minor accident after dropping them off, mainly due to fatigue. There wasn't much damage to the bus, but I told the driver of the car, who looked like he didn't have much money, that I would fix his car, which needs a little body work and a wheel alignment.

I would encourage anyone and everyone to attend the OSA event in Columbus a couple of weeks from now. I was struck by a comment from Rev. Benham on OSA's website that when they passed through Colorado Springs on their Walk Across America they were treated like royalty at Focus on the Family, but in a town where approximately 60 different Christian organizations have located their national or international HQ, only about 3 individuals reach out at the local killing center on a regular basis.

I understand, as my friend Bob pointed out, that God calls people into different ministries, but there is an imbalance here that needs to be corrected. Did God only call certain people to be abolitionists, or did he call everyone to oppose Hitler? Did God call only certain people to hide the Jews from the Nazis, or was He calling everyone to oppose the Holocaust?

I certainly wouldn't want to see anyone give up anything that God has called them to do, but we are judged as individuals and as nations by how we reach out to the poor, homeless, persecuted, and defenseless, and who is more defenseless than an unborn child? I think everyone can be involved in a prolife outreach in some way, shape, or form, as an extension of their already existing ministry. The politicians are not going to act until we, as a church, begin to demand it. Too many Bible-believing Christians are convinced that abortion is no big deal, and they will not change their minds until those who know otherwise are willing to make their voices heard. Thank you for your prayers!

Stop Organized Crime; repeal Roe v. Wade