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God's Servants in Fayetteville

February 27, 2002

Last week over 30 babies were killed in Fayetteville, NC.

Two people were there Tuesday to plead for the lives of the innocent boys and girls as 10 girls entered the mill to have their babies murdered. The police came out to protect the women against us as we told them how much Jesus loves them and their babies.

Six people came out to the mill on Thursday to do battle against satan as 15 babies were slain.

On Friday there were two there to preach the love of Jesus and to cry out for the babies whose voices will never be heard. Five mothers came to kill their children.

This week at the AAA Crisis Pregnancy Center, four Moms decided against abortion. We PRAISE THE LORD for these children who will grow up to glorify God with their testimony of LIFE!!!

During the month of February, 11 babies were saved from abortion here in Fayetteville. We thank the Lord for each precious life.

God Bless You for all that you do .As we read the reports here, we are encouraged to continue with strengthened hearts.

Charles and Cindi Ritchie

February 11-16, 2002

We were at the clinics 3 days this week.

Tuesday--- 14 girls went in to kill their babies
1 turn-around
13 babies died

Wednesday--- We had no one there. We are praying for help.

Thursday--- 18 girls went in to kill their babies
1 turn-around
1 save
16 babies died

Friday ---12 girls went in to kill their babies
1 turn-around
11 babies died

This week, as far as we know for certain, 40 babies were killed here in Fayetteville,NC. GOD PLEASE HELP US!!!

Cindi Richie