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Saginaw, Michigan - Holiness Unto the Lord!

Saginaw, Michigan - Holiness Unto the Lord!

September 12, 2001

"Terrorists Murder Another 4,000 Americans on Wednesday, Sept. 12"

This morning I was standing on the grass next to the driveway of an office building in Saginaw Township, Michigan. At 7:54 a.m., my son, daughter, and I saw a terrorist enter one of the offices! Three more terrorists entered within the next half hour. They weren't Muslims from the Hezbolah shouting, "Allah is great!" They weren't from the Irish Republican Army shouting, "Death to the English!" They were women who had come to murder their very own children within their wombs. Four innocent children were aborted by terrorists this morning in my city. About 4,000 were slaughtered in other cities across America.

God can and will protect us from terrorists without if we will peacefully protect children from terrorists within. We should be repenting in sack cloth and ashes for the shedding of innocent blood that we daily tolerate. Yes, I'm grieved and shocked at the murder of thousands of people yesterday in New York and Virginia. To those families who have lost loved ones, I'm grieving for you. To those people who have a terrorist in their family, I'm grieving for you. I live shocked and grieved daily because we as a nation refuse to treat children before they are born as innocent human beings. Let us rescue these children so that another 4,000 aren't murdered by terrorists tomorrow. Let us seek God and obey Him so that He will protect us again.

June 20, 2001

Praise the God of Israel!

So far this month there has been one save and at least four turnaways from the Saginaw (Michigan) abortion mills. Dozens of children were murdered and mothers wounded.

Saturday, June 16 was eventful. An angry mom tried to drive over me while I was sidewalk (not in the street!) counseling. Being as there were four witnesses, I decided that this crime needed to be reported. Two Saginaw Township officers arrived. Being as some officers from the Township have been very unprofessional in the past, we have chosen to always video tape them when they come to talk to us at the mills. One of the officers was respectful this time while one was not. He was angry that we recorded the conversation. He refused to take my statement and eventually shoved the hand of the lady who was then peacefully holding the camera five feet away from him. One of the other ladies later told me that she went home and cried after witnessing such tyranny. The police chief and I spoke about these matters today. He told me the name of the detective who will investigate the attempted assault with a motor vehicle and he assured me that he would instruct his officers again about professional conduct. Just in case this pattern of unprofessionalism by the police continues, we are keeping the statement of the assaulted lady and the video tape of the incident.

One grandmother who brought her daughter to the mills last week to kill her grandchild remarked to me, "God gave us abortion to take care of mistakes."

One man who had a Christian emblem on his truck didn't appreciate my efforts to talk him and his friend out of an abortion. Responding to my charge of blasphemy for displaying a Christian symbol while murdering a child, he said, "I'll take the symbol off."

This shedding of innocent blood must stop! Church acceptance of the shedding of innocent blood must stop! We ask you again to come to the streets to pray and minister.

Our friends, Matt and Elissa Whitlock, are still in Nepal but safe. Thank you for praying for them while that country is in turmoil.

This week I have begun a new job/ministry. The Constitution Party has hired me to be their national field director. We are excited! I get to encourage Christians to stop abortion by obeying God and no longer voting for abortionists and to come out to the streets to live out the Gospel. Although we didn't make requests for financial support since I stopped working outside temp. jobs last November, God has provided. We praise Him. We are thankful that He put it on some of your hearts to help this year. We are very grateful.

Guess who is authorized by his church to baptize children? Abortionist George Tiller offers to baptize your child after he murders it by abortion. We are planning to join many of you in Wichita July 14-21 for ministry with Operation Save America. Over 2,000 peaceful Christians were arrested for rescuing children in 1991 in Wichita. I learned on a conference call yesterday that the "pro-life" mayor and police are attempting to intimidate pastors and churches into staying home and letting the babies die.

Summer is here and we are having fun with the children. Swimming, strawberry picking, ministering at abortion mills, ministering at the Arabic festival, reading martyr books together, and playing outside in the long daylight hours all make this season wonderful. God has truly blessed us.

Please keep praying. There are so many people murdering children.

We pray God's blessings upon you.
Cal (Trish, Corrie, David, Jim, Eva)

April 30, 2001

God is awesome!

Thank you for praying for us and our ministry. In April, we saw one save and three turn-aways at the Saginaw abortion mills. My worst day was Good Friday. The Saginaw churches were full of people and so were the abortion mills. The children were dying, the police were defending infanticide, and some of the aborting fathers were manifesting more than the usual amount of evil.

Please pray for a mom from Grayling (1 1/2 hours north of us) who talked to me at the mill last Wednesday for thirty minutes. The mill workers hate it when moms stop to talk to us. Janice Qualman, the manager of the mill, came and told this mom that she had a phone call and needed to come in. That was the first time that they used that trick to get a mom to not talk to us pro-lifers. This mom is 20-years-old, single, has 3 children, and has had 3 traumatic deliveries. Three doctors told her that she was risking her life and the life of her child by continuing this pregnancy. She went to see her pastor. According to her, the pastor said that it was her decision. She said that she was just coming for "counseling," to see what they had to say. Before she went in, she said that if she does it, she'll do it downstate (Livonia) when she is ready. Please join with us in prayer that she will love her child and never be ready. She admitted that she knew it was murder. She didn't agree with me that deliberate and continual sin leads to hell. She doesn't want to risk dying. She doesn't want to murder her unborn child. Unlike most mothers who murder their children, she honestly was struggling. The more of you that really pray and bind the lies of the devil, the fewer moms will believe those lies and slay their babies.

Last week I picketed a Planned Parenthood awards dinner. Every attendee got to hear the Word of the Lord about their participation in murder. The police were called, but didn't harass me for preaching and holding a large dead baby poster for all to see. The manager of the night club hosting the event came and talked to me - respectfully. He wanted to hear what I had to say about Planned Parenthood. Yes, he wanted to read some literature. He even gave me a cold bottle of water.

Now that the weather is warm, it is easier for children to spend longer times of ministry on the streets. Today our children understand more clearly than ever how important this ministry is. We took care of Joshua and Caleb today - the rescued twins born in January. Their mother is still in treatment, and the aunt caring for the twins called and took us up on our offer to help with the twins for a day. These boys are beautiful. Joshua is up to 6 lbs. while Caleb is up to 5 lbs! Their lives are true miracles. Corrie has been holding one of them nearly all day - grinning at the baby in her arms. David, Jim, and Eva have all been tending to and feeding them. At lunch, I asked David (5) and Jim (4) about their feelings. They were so happy to love on the babies. David said, "I wish they could stay here all the time."

I said, "Boys, do you remember when their mother came out of the abortion mill? Do you remember ministering to her and giving her a ride home?"

They remembered everything. "Boys, these babies might have been killed if you hadn't been there."

They remember. They understand. They are more excited than ever to minister at the abortion mills and rescue some more babies. They see that God answers prayer. They comprehend that God blesses faith and obedience. They know. They get to hold the babies and give them missions blessings. Corrie (7) is more bewildered than ever why more Christians don't come out to the mills to help rescue babies, and so am I. Our family is all renewed with the wonder and preciousness of life. We desire more than ever to rescue children from slaughter. We all desire to win mommies to Jesus so that they will love their babies and won't even think of killing them. More than ever, I hate the shedding of innocent blood and the lies that keep it going. Hell cannot win! Lies will not stand! Someday, murder by abortion will be abolished by love and by law in this nation. Slavery is gone, it is abortion's turn!

Every once in a great while I check out a book to read from the library at Saginaw Valley State University. I just finished reading, "The Reminiscences of Levi Coffin."

Slave hunters titled him the president of the Underground Railroad. With his wife and five children, they helped over 3,000 escaping slaves make it to freedom. A devout Christian (Society of Friends) he never turned a fugitive away from his door, and none of them were caught. He condemned violence. Tremendous book!

Here are two quotes from Levi Coffin: "Abolitionists were very unpopular characters at that time, both in religious and political associations, and many who favored the principals of abolitionism lacked the moral courage to face public opinion, ..."

"I had already risked everything in the work - life, property and reputation - and did not feel bound to respect human laws that came in direct contact with the law of God."

Today, man's law commands us to not interfere with child-sacrifice. This does not cancel God's command to rescue the weak and needy (Ps. 82:4).

May God bless all of you with faith that manifests into courageous obedience.

I am shouting GLORY all the way!

Cal (for Trish, Corrie, David, Jim, & Eva)

April 5, 2001

Joshua and Caleb have been released from the hospital and are doing well! Their miraculous escape from abortion and their survival in the hospital after premature birth are cause for rejoicing. By court order, the mother was supposed to go into a drug treatment center. The babies are now with their aunt. Please pray.

The Saginaw killing centers are slaughtering children with vigor. During March we saw eight turn-aways and two saves. Two weeks ago, all of the workers and ten moms suddenly left before killing. The abortionist must have called in and cancelled for the day. Only two of the moms received literature as they drove away. Yesterday, I thought that one of the moms who came to kill looked like one of the ones that had left two weeks earlier. Some moms are crying when they arrive, more are crying when they leave. Some of them claim to be Christians and have a "peace" about their decision to murder. God can grant peace but so can the devil! God's peace means comfort from Him while being at war with sin. The devil's peace means false comfort from hell while still living in sin.

For years I have tried to get the Assemblies of God to update their national pro-life position paper to include condemnation of chemical abortion, abortifacient contraception, etc. In May I'll get my shot. My resolution will be presented to our district council for consideration. If approved, then the national executive presbyters must consider it. Four other pastors have volunteered to help with the presentation and defense while it is on the floor for discussion. Nobody there will be pro-abortion, but I don't want this matter to die for lack of time, neutralizing amendments, or hesitancy over lack of research. Thus, I'm researching. If any of you have brochures from manufacturers of abortifacients, it would help me tremendously to have those ready. If my research is accurate and thorough, if people's questions are answered (if I anticipate those questions and answer them first), this might just work. If people sense that I've done my homework, have a humble spirit, and am right; I hope for their support.

God provided a video camera for us last month. These are wonderful tools to have while on the streets. Often police will be inhibited from lying and abusing sidewalk counselors if they are being recorded.

Thank you for praying for us. We are grateful.

Cal (for Trish, Corrie, David, Jim, & Eva)

March 9, 2001

Our God is a perfect Judge!  He came off of His throne to die for us condemned criminals and set us free from sin, death, and hell.  What a beautiful Savior!  He is reigning from His throne!

Thank you for praying for the rescued twins whom are still in the hospital.  Trish has been ministering to their mother and driving her to visit her sons.  Joshua is 3 lbs. 9 ounces.  Caleb is 2 lbs. 7 ounces.  Both are off of IVs and can breathe on their own.  They have now improved enough to be on baby formula fed to them through tubes down their throats.

On Wednesday of this week, seven moms came to the Saginaw abortion mill.  Three left before killing.

On Monday, we loaded up all four kids, plus Cassey Hadley and her two girls, and drove to Kalamazoo at 5:00 a.m.  We arrived at Planned Parenthood just before 8:00 a.m. while moms were coming to kill.  Ann Norton used to sidewalk counsel there until the F.B.I. threatened her with F.A.C.E. for being on the public sidewalk.  The attorney for Planned Parenthood came out to blaspheme, take our pictures, write down our license plate number, and try to intimidate us.  The local police came at their call and told us not to block any traffic.

"Yes Officer.  I understand what you are saying.  Officer, do you understand that preborn children are being murdered in there like this one?"

He clearly saw the sign of Malachi, the aborted boy.  He answered, "I don't know anything about that."

"Officer, God hates the shedding of innocent blood and condemns those who do it and tolerate it."

Several moms left before killing, but we don't know if they were there to kill or not.  A Japanese college girl named Maki came to the bus stop next to us.  She had never heard that Jesus loved her and died on the cross for her sins.  She gratefully received the Bible as a gift.  Please pray for her by name that the Holy Spirit would conquer her heart.

Tomorrow is another kill day in Saginaw (and many other places).  Can you join us to pray and evangelize in the early morning?  Can you go to a slaughter pit near you and share the love of Christ with your neighbors before they murder their own children?

Edmund Burke said, "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little."

Look at your King.  Charge forth to victory.  Our redemption draweth nigh.

I am shouting GLORY all the way!

Cal Zastro

February 17, 2001

We had one turn-away this morning, but about 14 kills. It was bitterly cold and windy, so only a few moms rolled down their car windows to receive the literature.


January 3, 2001

We won in court this morning! The unjust personal protection order against me was canceled by Judge McGraw. Street preaching, praying, and pro-life ministry near the Saginaw abortion mills isn't criminalized yet.

Abortion mill manager Mrs. Janice Ruth Qualman said of her job, "It's to terminate pregnancy, not children." She clearly doesn't understand God or the U.S. Constitution. The judge saw through her lies and her faulty logic (that what she, the abortionist, was doing was right because the local police, FBI, and U.S. Marshals had helped her to do it).

Perhaps this information can be used in a class action lawsuit against those tyrants who murder children and try to silence pro-life witnessing.

Thanks for praying.

I am shouting GLORY all the way,
Cal Zastrow