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More News & Articles From CT

More News & Articles From CT

Flip Benham Arrested for Malachi Sign in New Haven, CT
Marilyn Carroll & Marc Caiani reporting
Saturday morning we were off to Planned Parenthood in New Haven. We took our normal positions for sidewalk counseling and had the sound system for praise and worship and street preaching. Pastor Flip was on Whitney Ave holding a Malachi sign in one hand and his Bible in the other. A cop came up to him and told him to get off the street so he complied and went on the sidewalk. The same cop was later ordered to tell him to remove his sign or get arrested. When this cop went back to Flip he did not give him any ultimatum, he just took his sign and told him to get in the car.

Bridgeport, CT - God Goes Back to Central High School 9/20/05
By Marilyn Carroll
The two teachers and the one mom that complained to different police just walked away because they couldn't believe we could legally be there. The Bridgeport Police know the First Amendment freedoms we have as Americans. I encourage you all to go out to the high schools in your area. In one hour's time you are able to reach hundreds and sometimes over a thousand with the Gospel. ...

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted August 24, 2005
August 14-18th we were at OH SARATOGA! with Fr. Francis and Pastor Flip. We had about 30 people from OSA-CT and OSA-National there, including Fr DeMayo. Carmen and I were able to do a radio show for Florida and I did a short clip for AFR about the police in Albany. It was an awesome event filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. We went to two abortion mills, a hospital, and 3 Catholic charities that refer to PP. We also had a BETH DIN "House of Judgement" reenactment of the legislators in NY who legalized abortion there in 1970. It was a learning experience. ...

Surprise: Sex Shop Opens and Prostitution Arrests Begin
Posted August 4, 2005
Articles like this one once again give one pause for words about how ignorant elected officials can be. The City Council was warned by the public repeatedly that allowing a sex shop to open its doors only invites sex crimes. Now an arrest has occurred for the first time just a year and a few months after a shop opened on the sex shop's property and one Alderman says he hopes this is not a sign of things to come. He could not find a bookie in Los Vegas to take a bet that future sex crimes will not only occur but arrests of those caught will increase.

The Streets, Bridgeport, CT - Friday June 10, 2005
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted June 14, 2005
One of the moms came today to show us her daughter. She named her Destiny. What an appropriate name. This little girl would be dead if Christians were not here pleading with moms not to kill their babies. Each life is so precious and so valuable and irreplaceable. This mom is so happy now that she kept her baby. Her siblings are so happy to have her for a sister, her grandma, aunts and cousins all love her so much...

OSA'S 'GOD'S GOING BACK TO SCHO0L" National Campaign, Hamden High School, Hamden, CT - Wed. May 4, 2005
Posted May 5, 2005
I am still grieved after getting back from our outreach at Hamden High School. It just continues to alarm me to see how far this generation has strayed from God and His principles. We were able to give out hundreds of literature packs and NT Bibles. I would say about half the students were receptive and half not. But even if one comes to the knowledge of the truth, it was worth it. We had some good conversations about the hard cases such as rape and others wanted to know why we were there and why we had to show the pictures. We were able to share the love of God. Overall, we had very good conversations with the ones that had ears to hear.

Protest staged against abortions
@ Connecticut Post, January 25, 2005
This January 25, 2005 article by the Connecticut Post covered the Christians with OSA-CT in their Mourning of Remembrance also as the Post quotes Marilyn Carroll and others remembering the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision that has and continues to cost all in our nation so much. In this article you will read a Christian response to those decrying six puppies cruel killing while ignoring the murder of preborn children. - Steve

Mourning of Remembrance
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted January 20, 2005
Ten clergy and fifty pro-lifers came out in the frigid sub-zero weather yesterday to mourn and remember all the babies killed in our community. Pastor Miller opened in prayer and Scripture. Pastors Flashman, Greco, Hawkins, Young, and called upon our Lord to end this horrible holocaust happening in our midst. Fr. Francis came all the way from Albany, New York to do battle with us against the principalities and powers of darkness. He also sang a couple of his pro-life songs and did "scripture wall" readings. My granddaughter, Colbi, had the whole crowd singing "God of Wonders" with her. Two moms (Mia and Jasmin) gave testimony of how blessed they are to have chosen life and not abortion...

Abortion activists mark anniversary
@ Connecticut Post, January 19, 2005
Posted January 20, 2005
A bitter wind ripped through the Rev. Philip "Flip" Benham's hair as he turned to look at the shuttered former home of the Summit Women's Center abortion clinic on Middle Street. "In 1991 there were 2,000 freestanding abortion mills," Benham told nearly three dozen anti-abortion supporters gathered around him shortly before noon Tuesday. "Today there are just 726. Imagine that. Something is going on in the heart of this nation."

God Is Going Back to School - OSA National Campaign
12/8/04 Platt Tech, Milford, CT
Report By Marilyn Carroll with foreword by Flip Benham
Posted November 11, 2004
Seventeen concerned Christians came out to Platt Technical School in Milford today to reach out to the students. Fr. DeMayo represented the local clergy. We were able to have many conversations with them on the public sidewalk where they come to smoke. Lots of literature on abortion, abstinence, STD's and the Gospel was passed out. We also gave out "Passion" new testaments and the Books of Luke. Most of the students were polite, a few were demonic, but sad to say we see that most everywhere we go in the public arena. ...

This mom came by today to show us her baby that she originally planned to abort. She said that she had changed her mind because of the signs and what Carmen had spoken to her. She brought her baby inside the mill to show them but the clinic staff told her she had to leave. Why would that be? If the workers at the "healthcare" center really were "pro-choice" and if they really gave counseling to moms about adoption and other alternatives, then WHY DID THEY TELL HER TO LEAVE? It would be a true testimony to these moms to see another client that had come there for an abortion and changed her mind to show them how precious, each baby that is sentenced to die, really is. She was very upset seeing other moms going in to abort their babies.

But we know that abortion providers don't really want to keep abortion "safe and rare." They really want to kill as many babies as they can to make lots of money. For the love of money is the root of all evil. They don't really care about a woman's right to choose life. They want moms to choose to kill their children. What a horrible thing this is, what a shameful people we have become. Even God said three times in Jeremiah, that it is a thing so horrible He never even thought of it, or thought He would have to tell us not to do it.

Christians in CT Joined by Flip Benham in the Streets at Milford Hospital which Murders Babies
Abortion protesters target Milford Hospital
By MICHAEL P. MAYKO mmayko@ctpost.com
Posted October 25, 2004
MILFORD — The Rev. Philip "Flip" Benham looked at his two dozen anti-abortion disciples demonstrating outside Milford Hospital early Saturday morning and said a silent prayer. "You know it's amazing how much of an effect simple folk like these people are helping change our nation's view on abortion," said Benham, the national director of Operation Save America. "This battle for saving the lives of babies is being won in the streets."

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted October 23, 2004
About 20 saints came out to the streets to proclaim the Gospel and the truth about abortion at Bunnell High School in Stratford, CT. Everything went decently and in order. Fr deMayo and Rev. Flip Benham were there to represent the clergy. Four to five police cars were on the scene to observe and keep everything orderly. There were no problems and the police did a good job. A few staff came out but kept their distance. Government officials should not inhibit our ability to give out material to the students or interfere with the students rights to receive the information on public property.

Rights, Privilges or Opting Out Back Doors
Seeking to silence the Gospel in Stratford, CT
Opinion by Stratford Star and Response
Posted October 13, 2004
"We agree. While the protestors had a right, under the First Amendment, to stand on the sidewalk in front of the school with their signs and brochures, the children and their parents had rights too. They had a right not to be confronted by graphic, upsetting images and people trying to push brochures at them. The teacher who tried to intervene on behalf of the students had a right not to be threatened with false assertions about lawsuits. And those who tried to reason with the protestors had a right not to be intimidated by a video camera in their faces."

Taking God Back to School Generates Interesting News
@Stratford Star
Posted October 1, 2004
God went back to a government school to the joy of many students. As for the one young lady the school "needing counseling" according to the school principal, one can only imagine what counsel schools that welcome in Planned Parenthood gave her. We do know how God feels about such sorrow when we are confronted with sin. "...Yet now I am happy, not because you were made sorry, but because your sorrow led you to repentance. For you became sorrowful as God intended and so were not harmed in any way by us. Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death..."


News Media Reacts to "God Going Back to School" in Stratford, CT
@New Haven Register - Foreward by Steve Mashburn
"Abortion foes protest at Stratford High"
Posted September 27, 2004
Christians taking the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ back to the schools where God has been expelled and every lie and sin under the sun welcomed in were able to pass out thousands of pieces of literature on subjects from abortion to Jesus Christ. Literature showed the truth behind the lies of Islam and the fact that no one is born homosexual. Two cases of Bibles were given out to young students eager to hear truth for a change. See if you find these facts in the enclosed article.

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted September 23, 2004
Today started off nice and quiet as we went out to Stratford High School to pass out New Testaments and literature with the truth about abortion, STD's, abstinence and fetal development. Most of the students were receptive, some were even coming back to ask for Bibles for their friends. PTL! We had the signs of life and death lined up across the street and a few or us, including Fr. deMayo were on the school side public sidewalk passing out the literature. We were able to even give some to parents as they dropped off their children.

Walk Accross America
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted September 7, 2004
We had an awesome time in Saratoga Springs and vicinity with Fr Francis and our prolife brothers and sisters. The Solemn Assembly Sunday night was led by Flip Benham and Rusty Thomas with a call to repentance to prepare our hearts for the upcoming week of ministry. After early morning Bible study and breakfast an Ecclesiastical Court was held in front of the Federal Court in Albany. That afternoon we went to Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood and NYS Capitol Park. We were able to give out some literature at PP and talk to some clients going in. Some left. We believe lives may have been saved.

Jericho March in the Streets of Bridgeport, CT
Posted May 5, 2004
Jesus is risen!May 2, 2004 - Over 75 of Jesus' followers came out to the streets today to take part in our Jericho March. It was a huge success. The presence of the Lord was felt by all that were there. Pastor Miller, Pastor Greco, Pastor Martin and Fr deMayo were there to represent the clergy. The three police officers did a fine job for us (V. Rodrigues, Cintron). They escorted us around the block seven times. We had loads of children and babies there. It was a family event! Vinny brought the most beautiful banners from his church, Wendee got the helium tank and blew up the balloons and we had youth and flags from Calvary and other churches. Pastor Miller brought his wooden cross that lead off the march. We had the 10 Commandment tablets from Pastor Ed. We thank you all that made this event possible. We are believing God to do mighty things!''

Bridgeport, CT - God is Going Back to School BASSICK High
By Marilyn Carroll
April 28, 2004
Twenty evangelists came out today to minister and witness to the students at Bassick High School about the truth. We had sign holders and literature distributors on the scene. Fr deMayo was there to represent the clergy of our community. We gave out a case (100) Passion Bibles and Bob had some Gideon Bibles that he passed out too. We gave out thousands of pieces of literature about the gospel, abortion, abstinence, STD's, etc.

Ecclesiastical Court - Bridgeport, CT January 22, 2004
The Streets
By Marilyn Carroll
Posted January 23, 2004
Pastors kneel to pray in snow
The Ecclesiastical Court was awesome! The spirit of the Lord was upon us. About 100 people came out to the Federal Court in Bridgeport. Fourteen pastors stood up front and a few were in the audience. Pastors Miller, Vazquez, Chalput, Nugent, Muratori, Hawkins, Marshall, Hoyt, Greco, Flashman, Gast, and Fathers McCloskey and Smith "Stood Up for God" and sounded the alarm to our community and our nation.These are the seven decrees that were cited as an abomination to God and His Law.

God is Going Back to School
By Marilyn Carroll

Posted March 25, 2004
Mary being wheeled out on a stretcher from inside the abortion millThe God is Going Back to School campaign continued today in Bridgeport Ct. Sixteen Christians came out to the streets to witness truth and life to the younger generation. Pastor Miller and Pastor Pedro were there to represent the local clergy. One Pastor stopped and talked to Pastor Miller and wants to get more involved out on the streets. Pastor Miller invited him to the abortion mill.

Ecclesiastical Court in Bridgeport, CT Nullifies Six U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
By Fr Francis
Posted January 30, 2004
BRIDGEPORT - JANUARY 22, 2004 Breaking News: In a decision handed down this morning in Bridgeport CT seven U.S. Supreme Court decisions were nullified by a higher court.  At the first Ecclesiastical Court ever held in Bridgeport at the Federal Court House, the seven Supreme Court rulings, including the contentious Roe vs. Wade decision which legalized the slaughter of innocents in America , were definitively nullified and declared non-binding. Great rejoicing at the court decision was observable among the crowd.

'Ecclesiastical court' staged to convict judges
@Connecticut Post by MICHAEL P. MAYKO
Posted January 22, 2004
Anti-abortion groups are gearing up for speeches, protests and marches today, the 31st anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion. Connecticut Catholics are taking a bus trip to Washington, where more than 100,000 anti-abortion supporters will converge at the Washington Monument... Meanwhile, people from across the state, led by 15 religious leaders, will assemble outside the federal courthouse in Bridgeport at 11:30 a.m. today to hold the judges responsible for permitting abortions, allowing homosexuality and banning prayer from public schools. The Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, assistant director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America will lead the ministers and what is expected to be about 100 followers in an "ecclesiastical court," which will find the federal courts guilty of violating God's teachings.

Press Release for Roe v. Wade Memorial
On Saturday, January 24, 2004, the Church of Jesus Christ is planning to conduct a Roe vs. Wade Memorial service. The service will be held at the Summit Center, 3787 Main Street in Bridgeport starting at 8:00 am sharp and ending at approximately 9:30 am. “For 31 years, America the Beautiful, has been either complicit or complacent in a grievous sin against God and a brutal crime against humanity. Abortion, the American holocaust, is responsible for shedding the blood of the innocent that has defiled and polluted the “home of the brave and land of the free.” ...

Press Release: Enough is Enough!
Ecclesiastical Court to be held
On Thursday, January 22nd, in the year of our Lord 2004, men of God will be leading the Church of Jesus Christ to the gates of the federal judiciary in Bridgeport, CT. Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, Assistant Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, a native son from Bridgeport now living in Waco, TX, will be leading the charge. Concerned Christians will gather at 11:30 am at the Federal Courthouse on the corner of State Street and Lafayette Boulevard in Bridgeport.

Look What God Did in 2003! - On the Streets of:
Bridgeport, CT
Looking back on 2003, we give God all the glory for what He has done in the past year of ministry! 101 Babies were saved from death (totaling 1196 in fourteen years). There are now one hundred and one young Connecticut citizens alive because you were bold and courageous and came out to the streets to save lives for Jesus! 7 people confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior (totalling 351 in 14 years)! Tens of thousands of gospel literature has been passed out at seven local high schools, at the abortion mill, at Yale, Milford Hospital, porno protests, Gay Pride in New Haven, porno protests in Milford, and more. We were able to do a home bible study for eight months in one of the mom's home. We visited moms in the hospital after they had their babies. We sent out and delivered multiple packages including literature, videos, audios, Bibles, diapers, wipes, food cards, etc. You helped families pay bills, buy food, get furniture and electrical help. You helped find jobs, training programs, housing, and insurance benefits for the needy. All because you worked together with us to make this happen. We could not do this alone. We thank you for helping us help others. We also thank the AFA Law Center and Mike DePrimo for always being there for us. God always provides what we need. - Marilyn Carroll, OSA-CT

Granite City, IL
Angela and saved baby Hannah
Tiffany, saved baby Toshanti, and Angela
In the year of 2003 we witnessed: 10 salvations. 298 babies saved. 14 documented saved births through Small Victories. 4 documented botched abortions; approximately 7,328 babies killed. This is only a morning death-toll figure.
We have had more salvations and saves in the past year than all ten years on these frontlines combined. God is moving in Granite City, IL. It's time to fumigate. Now is not the time to be shrinking back, we the Church of Jesus Christ have been born for such a time as this! Philippians 1:27-29 "Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in one spirit, contending as one man for the faith of the gospel without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you. This is a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but that you will be saved-and that by God. For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for Him, since are going through the same struggle you saw I had, and now hear that I still have." Be Encouraged in serving the Lord in 2004! ~ Angela Michaels

Flip Encourages Pastors in CT
to turn their community right side up and deliver the mail the Lord has given us. 

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted December 9. 2003
The snow started Friday afternoon, so it took us three hours to get Flip back from the airport. We had a great time of fellowship and teaching Friday night when 21 lifesavers showed up, in spite of the blustery snowy weather. Flip spoke about "30 Years Later" by Fr. Francis and how the partial birth abortion ban is a bogus piece of legislation that saves not one life. He said that you will fight this battle according to how you perceive it.

God Coninues to Go Back to School!

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted November 22. 2003
We continued the OSA National campaign today "God is Going Back to School." About 15 came out to Bullard Haven High School to hold signs and pass out gospel literature to teens going into the school. Even our own teens participated before they went to school. We passed out two big boxes containing approximately a thousand brochures. The truth was given to these youth on varying subjects including abortion, safe sex, abstinence, STD's, birth control, and salvation. I don't think it was a coincidence that the Lord led us to go there two days after Planned Parenthood was allowed into the school to spread their lies and give out condoms. Please pray for these youth, that the word of God would not return void but manifest into fruit for His glory. We were so grateful and blessed to have Pastor Miller and Pastor Pedro join us in this outreach endeavor. Bridgeport police were present. Everything went well.

God Will Not Be Mocked - CT Porn Store Manager Suddenly Dies
Posted August 25, 2003
The story below regarding the manager of the Penthouse Boutique that opened recently in Milford, Connecticut just to spite the Christians and other decent citizens fighting the porn industry appeared in the Connecticut Post, August, 24, 2003. It could be just a coincidence but we know that God is sovereign and holds every life in his hands with an appointed time to die, and then the judgment. Hebrews 9:27. "Say to them, 'As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD , I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die, O house of Israel?'" Ezekiel 33:11

CT Saints Refuse to Accept Anything Less Than Victory in Porn War
City adopts toughest anti-porn ordinance in state - Eyes more curbs on porn
Posted August 10, 2003
About 15 saints came out to proclaim truth on the streets Monday night 6:30 PM in Milford CT with signs and gospel tracts. We were interviewed by many TV and newspaper reporters. Lots of cars drove by and honked with approval. The mayor and board members stopped by on their way in to show their approval of our concerns. We are very proud of our leaders in Milford that stand for righteousness. Please pray for them.

What happens when Connecticut Christians storm new gates to Hell in their city?
Posted July 25, 2003
Gentle saints in CT took King Jesus to the streets in Milford on Thursday in a public witness against evil when they picketed a new sin club for sexual deviants. As promised in God's Word, the Lord went before them to war against His enemies. Below is a street report from Marilyn Carroll followed by a New Haven Register newspaper article that demonstrates God's intervention when His saints obey Him (let their theology become biography in the streets)."For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him." 2 Chronicles 16:9 [This is actually part 2 of the article below, Saints Continue Battle...]

Saints Continue Battle Against Porn in Connecticut
Posted July 25, 2003
Here are some news stories this week involving the saints in Bridgeport and the battle to rid their community of porn businesses. "Behold, the same people that plunder the kingdom of darkness at the abortion clinics have now come here also." "Milford church buys out sex store lease," "Milford-church partnership praised," "MILFORD PORN MERCHANT BALKS: Church buys building but it'll take $200,000 for him to leave," "Adult mega-store ready to open," and comments.

By Marilyn Carroll
Posted July 10, 200
"These are arrows standing strong for Jesus!" -Flip Ten courageous Christians came out to the streets in Milford, CT to proclaim the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They held signs that said "Porno Feeds Child Predators," "PORN DEGRADES," "Porn Hurts Families," "Porn Shops Corrupt Milford," "Porn Shops Draw Perverts," "Close Down Porn Shops - They Hurt Kids." ... After Colbi [10] spoke they got a standing ovation from the Mayor, the Board and people at the meeting. Jesus was glorified as these girls stood for truth. As their grandmother, I felt such joy in my heart. I was so proud of them and I know our Lord is, too.

These families - especially the young people - standing up for righteousness did not go unticed by the City leaders, state lawmakers nor the media. See the 2 articles below. "Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate. Psalm 127:4-5"

OSA-CT Goes to the Gates at City Hall - Milford, CT
Parents picket during anti-smut campaign during meeting
Posted July 10, 200
"These are arrows standing strong for Jesus!" -Flip MILFORD — Pornography has no place in Milford. That’s the message that a dozen parents and children brought to the Board of Aldermen Monday night, picketing the board’s monthly meeting. ...
Alderwoman Judith Toohey, R-2, said it’s a great sign residents are out supporting the new adult ordinance. "To see a child here holding a sign, that really makes a statement," Toohey said.

New Haven Register - Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs)
Lawmakers intend to resurrect bill on adult entertainment
Posted July 10, 200
Mayor James Richetelli Jr. said he lauds the legislators’ efforts and said the proposal would be a tool that could enhance the city’s ability "to protect our citizens from the secondary effects of this type of establishments. "I’m grateful the state legislature is considering introducing this law," Richetelli said.
Carole of Ft. Worth, Texas writes, I am so glad you guys are working on this problem! These clubs prey on teenage girls and single moms. One of our foster kids was working in a strip club to support her baby at 16, & drugs and prostitution go hand in hand with these clubs. We have lost the battle to keep them out in Ft. Worth - I will pray you are sucessfull in New Haven! FYI most strippers I know have had several abortions, seems to go with the lifestyle. Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your efforts as you battle this.

"God Is Going Back to School - The Last Day"
June 18, 2003 - Posted June 20, 2003

Brianna Lynn, 10 months, rescued from death - Why we call  those limiting choice deathscortsThe saints in Bridgeport, Connecticut gave 'em heaven at the gates of a local high school and, in so doing, touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of kids, teachers, and parents. It was the last day of school, and our last opportunity to bring God back to the school room through the hearts of our kids. - ... About fifteen saints came out to the streets today at Central High School in Bridgeport. We had all ages witnessing for Jesus from ten years old to eighty years old.

Storming the gates of hell in Bridgeport, Connecticut
June 7, 2003 - Posted June 12, 2003
Brianna Lynn, 10 months, rescued from death - Why we call  those limiting choice deathscortsThe saints of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America in Connecticut are on the move and Jesus is bringing through them the life saving message of LIFE and LIBERTY. Hallelujah! - ... We went to New Haven to meet Stephen Bennett to go to the Connecticut GAY Pride - New Haven Block Party. The New Haven Green was decorated with rainbow balloons and flags in one corner section. MS. Gingrich, Senator Bill Finch and Congressman Michael Lawlor were present. A couple of hundred people were there. It rained on their parade. We were able to give out many tracts and mini-CD's with Stephen's testimony. Stephen was saved from the homosexual life through a personal relationship with Jesus. After the staff got wind of what we were doing, they spread the word via walkie-talkie. Some were following us and telling attendees not to take our stuff. After that we concentrated more on the perimeter of the event and did pass out more gospel literature and CD's in spite the attempt to silence the truth. Please pray that the Lord would use these tracts and CD's to save the lost.

Sexually Oriented Businesses Draw Fire from Milford Residents including OSA-CT
Milford residents applaud strict adult-business rules
Posted June 11, 200
On June 3, 2003, The New Haven Register reports:
MILFORD — More than a dozen city residents pleaded with members of the Board of Aldermen’s Ordinance Committee Monday to enact what city officials say will be state’s strictest regulations governing adult entertainment establishments.

Click for larger view

"Given 'Em Heaven in Connecticut"
By Marilyn Carroll
April 13. 2003 (posted April 13)
We had a very busy week as we proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets in Connecticut. Many followed hard after Christ - unashamed of His Word in this wicked and adulterous generation. Hundreds of gospel tracts were given out, the truth was shown throughout our cities and at least three came to know the Lord as Savior! We thank God for having Rev. Flip Benham (OSA National) and John Reyes (OSA Dallas) here visiting and ministering to and with us. ... Sunday- we visited a local Christian Church early to pass out literature and let them know where and when babies were being killed right in our community. This is a part of the "God is Going Back to Church" campaign. We need to alert the churches to our responsibility to rescue the innocent from slaughter as the blood of 44 million babies cries from the ground.

Words From a Gentle Warrior for Jesus
Posted March 15. 2003
Marilyn has been faithfully reading through the Bible with us for the past several years. Her theology has truly become biography in the streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut and God is drawing her ever deeper into His Scripture. He is giving to her a depth of insight that comes only to those who seek God with their whole heart. Here is just an "everyday" report from Marilyn but, as you will see, it is more than just an "everyday" report. THE STREETS, BRIDGEPORT, CT - TUES. MARCH 11, 2003 "Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it." James 4:17

30 Roe Rembrance Rally - Bridgeport
By Marilyn Carroll - CT
January 18. 2002 (posted February 5)

About 110 prolifers came out to the streets today to repent and mourn for the 45 million babies reported killed nationwide because of thirty years of legalized abortion in our nations. During this time we remembered the millions of lost children and the pain and agony caused to moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, friends and siblings becasue of our failures to God. Two pastors (Hawkins, Miller) and one priest (Markey) spoke at the (mock) gravesite of the aborted baby and also gave a word of hope and promise available through the blood of Jesus. We had TEN CLERGY present (Dave, John, Randy, Larry, Rick, Ron, Pedro) to represent the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ. We had another interesting day out at the killing center. The

By Marilyn Carroll - CT
December 23. 2002 (posted December 25)
We had another interesting day out at the killing center. The clinic lot attendant/amateur guard was arrested (I think it was for disturbing the peace). From what I saw he was complaining about prolifers holding signs near the fence, saying not to touch the fence and that they were preventing the mill from doing their business. He then was arguing with the Officer Woods and talking junk to our kids and as he tried to provoke prolifers. At one point he told the policeman he should "go to church with us" and he called my granddaughter a "churchgirl" in a derogatory manner. It is obvious that the abortion providers hate the Jesus in us. Daryl was getting rowdy with Officer Woods and would not comply so other police help was called in. He was arrested and taken away to jail. This is the same guard that spit in my face and hair. Stan Scott and Bob D. also said this man stole prolife signs from them in the past.

Shameful Decision
December 18. 2002 (updated December 25)
"Wow . . . a law with a whole $500 fine! A law with this kind of teeth in it is really going to force physicians who are earning $500,000 plus per year to obey. I would suggest this law needs as a punishment the loss of the physician's license to practice. How could a law with such a wimpy penalty ever hope to provide protection to minors for sexual abuse?" - RC

Ronald C. Coddington Responds to CT Post's Michael P. Mayko
December 10, 2002
Open letter regarding "Abortion protester going back to court" (next link down)
Read your piece reporting the legal charges against Mr. Stanley Scott. With no exaggeration, I find this entire scenario quite fascinating. Mr. Scott is a slender balding old man. His most egregious offenses include calling out to pregnant women and their male companions to have compassion on their unborn children. And he often displays graphic but accurate photos of aborted children. That's it! Mr. Scott is a paradigm of free speech and accuracy in reporting. And Mr. Scott is about as dangerous to this community as six inch surf on the beach at Seaside Park. When one considers that this country has legalized abortion through the entire nine months of pregnancy and that 40 million American kids have been destroyed since that infamous Supreme Court decision, Stan's "crimes" seem pretty small...

Another Government Attempt to Silence the Gospel of Christ
December 9, 2002
Marilyn Carroll, a faithful Christian servant whose loving and peaceful ministry at the "Summit Women's Center" in Bridgeport, CT has helped over 1,000 women find a choice both they and their babies could live with alerted us to this news article. Every day the mill is open, this small ministry lives out the Gospel of Christ in word and deed. Through the Body of Christ, they help find homes, jobs, provisions for children for these women who mistakenly thought they had no alternative but to kill their unborn baby by abortion without any idea of the terrible consequences. The government working "hand in glove" with the abortion industry wants to keep women ignorant of truthful information, ignorant of Jesus Christ, childless and suffering physical & emotional lifelong traumas as long as they will keep forking over cash to the abortion industry to have their babies murdered. The only impediment to this evil partnership is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ becoming biography in the streets through gentle Christians such as these. The timing screams out censhorship of free speech, the Gospel in particular.

September 27th, 2002
By Marilyn Carroll
Bridgeport trash collectors found a dead newborn baby girl in the rear of the city garbage truck, yesterday, Sept. 26th. Blood was running from her small body as the scoop began to move. Why are the people of Bridgeport so upset and shocked? This is precisely what happens legally every killing day at the Summit Abortuary on 3787 Main Street, Bridgeport.

Bridgeport, CT Street Report - August 20, 23, & 27, 2002
August 20, 2002
Abortion Business Crumbling
One of the moms with a saved baby visited us on-site August 20The national yearly count for abortions has dropped drastically from 1, 500,000 to 1, 000,000 in the past 20 years (C. D. C.) Pro-life brothers and sisters are making a difference. Does prolife activism work? Yes, New statistics released show 500,000 children are being saved each year. We can see the count is getting lower right here in Bridgeport, too. (Click on picture for larger view - Or better yet, read the reports!)

Print Shop Next To Abortuary Closes Down
June 4, 2002
One of the local businesses,that was not too happy about the abortion mill being right next door to them, has moved out. I wonder if Main Street will turn into another Middle Street. All the businesses next door to the mill there, ended up moving out, too. It became a lifeless, desolate, dark area of death. It's all about reaping what you sow.

Christians Keep Speaking Out in Bridgeport, CT

May 23, 2002
Three letters To The Editor of the CT Post regarding the abomination of the City helping relocate the Summit abortion mill downtown on Main Street - sent on May 16, 17 and 20. Will the light of day now shine on Main Street and expose this for all to see? And from this small light will a crowd of witnesses arise and join with one voice to finally say, no more? Or will this curse on our nation, our state and this city continue unchecked and unnoticed? Will people of strong heart and moral purpose stand to resist? Or will this clinic just become another neighborhood business like a donut shop or toy store dispensing its wares, making a profit and paying its taxes to the cold blind eye of government?

Kristie & friend with signs on Main Street pleading to moms and the city of Bridgeport, CT Abortion Business Dead on Opening Day in Bridgeport
May 14, 2002

Over 75 prolifers came out yesterday, including 12 pastors, either to 3787 Main Street or the public hearing last night at Bridgeport Council Chambers. We were blessed to have our compassionate friend, Yale Professor Chu, with us for a short time. A prayer vigil and press conference was held in the morning. Prayers were lifted up to our Lord Jesus Christ by men of God and one very special prayer came from my nine year old granddaughter. Even a little child can see how evil abortion is.

May 9, 2002
"The abortion industry is moving to downtown north Main Street. No more back alley. The relocation is where many businesses and families reside. The travesty is the failure of the City to deal with this until after the fact. The abortion center plans to be open at the new location the same day the City Council President, John Fabrizi, set up a public hearing to appeal the move. The City paid $600,000 for the old building and up to $300,000 on relocation costs to the new controversial site. Christians and local clergy will be coming out for a prayer vigil, Tuesday morning 7 AM at 3787 Main Street.
"This is a critical hour in our city's history. It is reflective of the shadow of terrorism that looms over our nation..." - The Rev. Michael R. Hawkins, Pastor, Greater Bridgeport Christian Fellowship.

April 30, 2002

Over 30 prolifers stopped by the abortion mill this morning to say a prayer and stand in the gap for the precious little ones that were sentenced to die. Three clergy were present (Fr. Smith, Pstr. Larry and Pstr. Mike). I thank God for a few good men, we are praying and waiting for more to come...

April 26, 2002
We give all the praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for saving five babies today!

"Connecticut Abortion Clinic Under Investigation"
April 26, 2002

In a groundbreaking move, two Bridgeport doctors were arrested for failing to report the molestation to the police after they had examined the girl and administered the pregnancy test. They were charged with failure to report abuse or neglect of a minor to police. The physicians referred the now 6 month pregnant girl to the abortion clinic, who also failed to report the incident.

Pregnant 10 Year Old to Keep Baby
April 23, 2002
The headlines in yesterday's CT. Post was very sad: "Pregnant 10 year old blames "Godfather" 75. Further in the article, it mentions the infamous Summit Killing Center...

Eight out of Fifteen Moms Leave Killing Center
April 12, 2002

Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that he moved in a mighty way today at Connecticut's "busiest" killing center. Thirty prolifers came out to pray including two clegy (Pastor. Dave & Fr. Smith). I thank God for the three new people we had this week from the rally (America, Krista, and Shari). Twenty-one deathscorts worked feverishly trying to combat our efforts. It was so bad I had to hold back my tears to see how evil and heartless people can be about babies lives. From what I saw today...

One Baby Saved, One Turn-away, Eleven Left to Die
April 16, 2002

About 35 prolifers came out to the streets to pray on this beautiful sunny and warm spring day (up to 90 degrees). Happy Birthday to Rev. Benham on his 54th birthday! This is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad. This is an awesome day for us who are alive, but we still mourn for those that died a completely unnecessary death today.

Connecticut Post - Protests rise on abortion clinic's move
April 6, 2002

For nearly four hours Saturday some 200 anti-abortion advocates protested, preached and prayed in their effort to drive an abortion clinic off of Main Street and out of the city."This is just the beginning," said the Rev. William Marshall, whose Bridgeport Christian Life Center hosted the rally. "We're going to get more of the black churches involved. We are going to be heard."The protests may increase to at least three times a week at both Summit's current site on Middle Street and its future site at 3787 Main St., according to Carmen E. F. Vazquez and Marilyn Carroll, leaders of the Calvary Evangelical Pro-Life Movement.

Connecticut Post - March 20, 2002
Summit abortion mill moving?
March 20, 2002

The battle is raging in Bridgeport CT. once again! It seems that the gates of Hell are melting like wax at the sight of the LORD! Summit Women’s abortion mill is trying to relocate their business to get away from the ever-successful Gospel message of Marilyn, Carmen & Company! In this retreat of the death mill, the saints, young an old alike, are trailing them in hot pursuit and are not about to give up!! The abortion industry is shaking in its boots because the Church of Jesus Christ is on the move!

Abortion Debate Leads to Cross of Christ at Yale University
March 12, 2002 [Updated March 23 with PHOTO ALBUM]
"But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place." 2 Corinthians 2:14
Dear Saints,
I humbly and graciously give our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the praise for the wonderful four days we had with the Benhams, Rusty, Stephen, and all our brothers and sisters who shared this special time with us. We thank God most of all for the beautiful wedding Tom and Nancy had! Five persons received Jesus as Lord and many seeds were sown PTL!!!
- Marilyn Carroll

Revolution Breaks Out in Bridgeport, Connecticut
April 6, 2002
As we have read from reports in Bridgeport, the Summit abortuary is planning to move to a new location with the saints of God in hot pursuit! On April 4, 2002, the saints had lost two approved sites for the rally they were planning that would awaken the people of the city. The chief of police had approved the permits for the rally, but while he was on vacation, Bridgeport's mayor took the permits hostage.

January 3, 2002

"Great news from Bridgeport, Connecticut from Marilyn Carroll, Carmen Vazquez and team! We thank God for His hand upon this ministry and how He has allowed us to fulfill His call to the lost and the needy. Jesus gets all the glory!" Here is the AFA Law Center for Law and Policy's PRESS RELEASE on the victorious settlement of the prolifer's lawsuit.

Click here for larger picture

AFA Supporting Bridgeport Ministry Against Unjust Temporary Restraining Order
May 30, 2001
The denied TRO is merely act one in what promises to be complex and contentious federal litigation between Connecticut's pro-life and pro-abortion forces. Late yesterday afternoon, the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy (‘Center') filed suit in federal district court in Bridgeport, Connecticut, against Summit Women's Center, an abortion clinic, the City of Bridgeport, and several Bridgeport police officers. The lawsuit alleges that these and other unnamed defendants conspired to violate the constitutional rights of pro-life advocates who counsel abortion seekers at or near the clinic.

Police Attempt to Move Gospel off the Streets
May 24, 2001
The Bridgeport Police Department started to enforce an injunction on May 18, 2001 on all prolifers. This is ludicrous; everyone knows the injunction was made only for Stan Scott. His particular injunction was issued to keep Mr. Scott twenty-eight feet from the front door of the death camp plus a five foot buffer zone around the clients.

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