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God is Going Back to School

The God Is Going Back To School Campaign

...and we have the awesome privilege of bringing Him back

God is Going Back to School
Written by Marilyn Carroll
Posted September 27, 2006
HARDING HIGH SCHOOL, Bridgeport, CT - Friday, Sept. 22, 2006
The angels in Heaven were rejoicing! This was an awesome outreach. Each student had to go in through these front doors. We had access to about two thousand kids in forty-five minutes time. We were able to dialogue and pass out thousands of pieces of literature and Bibles as we continue OSA's national campaign: GOD IS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL.

Homosexual Christian?
Posted April 15, 2006
Here is one you will weep over. It represents the thinking of so many lost in the bondage and lie of homosexuality. If Jesus made me this way, then I must learn to accept the way I am and be free. The problem with this of course is that we are all born with a sinful nature and, by nature are destined to hell. But God loves us enough to confront us with this horrible truth that he might save us from our natural lust filled, sinful ways and make us holy (different) so that we are no longer slaves to our sinful nature. The logic of this precious student represents that of so many! See Flip's response below.

God is Going Back to School Swings into Full Throttle
Posted April 8, 2006
Operation Save America received an angry response from one writer following Thursday's God is Going Back to School proclamation at South Rowan High School in Rowan County, North Carolina. This is the school whose school board wimped out when faced with students, dupes of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), wanting to start a Gay-Straight Alliance. See Flip's reply.

"The Battle is on at South Rowan High School"
Written by Flip Benham
Posted April 6, 2006

Flip with studentsThe Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has made its way into South Rowan High School in Rowan County, North Carolina. That's Right! The three young and very naïve high school kids pictured here are being used by GLSEN to spread its agenda of hatred toward God, parents, and teachers.

Flip answers the objections of a North Mech student to the God is Going Back to School Campaign aimed at her school
Posted November 4, 2005
Kitty girl, we do not protest or picket anything. We are storming the gates of hell! We are bringing truth to an institution that has, for all intents and purposes, declared war on the One who is the Truth, Jesus, (see John 14:6). We are bringing life and hope to a place where often there is only death and despair, as you yourself admitted.

Bridgeport, CT - God Goes Back to Central High School 9/20/05
By Marilyn Carroll
The two teachers and the one mom that complained to different police just walked away because they couldn't believe we could legally be there. The Bridgeport Police know the First Amendment freedoms we have as Americans. I encourage you all to go out to the high schools in your area. In one hour's time you are able to reach hundreds and sometimes over a thousand with the Gospel. ...

Same Gospel, Same City - Very Different Receptions
By Flip Benham

Posted May 11, 2005
Here are the pictures of what took place on Wednesday morning May 4, 2005, at West Charlotte High School. Amazing isn't it? When the Gospel of Christ moves outside of the four walls of the church edifice we become the most dangerous people in the city. At least that is what one would think by the number of policemen and squad cars attending our "God is Going Back to School" campaign.

Operation Stress Students?
An Opinion Piece Responded to by Flip Benham

Posted May 7, 2005
Jessica's opinion piece is a prime example of the spiteful writing endemic in the Charlotte Observer.. Her only knowledge of the Christian proclamation taking place on the public sidewalks outside Charlotte High Schools is what she was told by a high school student (we'll call him David because Jessica did) whose school, Myers Park High School, has never been visited by Operation Save America. David gave her what he had heard (hearsay) and of course, what he had read in, you guessed it, the Charlotte Observer. Allegedly David told her, “They (Operation Save America) hate everyone who isn't white. They are like the new KKK.”

OSA'S 'GOD'S GOING BACK TO SCHO0L" National Campaign, Hamden High School, Hamden, CT - Wed. May 4, 2005
Posted May 5, 2005
I am still grieved after getting back from our outreach at Hamden High School. It just continues to alarm me to see how far this generation has strayed from God and His principles. We were able to give out hundreds of literature packs and NT Bibles. I would say about half the students were receptive and half not. But even if one comes to the knowledge of the truth, it was worth it. We had some good conversations about the hard cases such as rape and others wanted to know why we were there and why we had to show the pictures. We were able to share the love of God. Overall, we had very good conversations with the ones that had ears to hear.

God is Going Back to School: Flip responds to criticism by Indepence High School student
Posted April 25, 2005
If one truly loves Jesus, he must be willing to lay his life down for Him. How about you Megan? Are you willing to lay your reputation down for a defense of the Gospel of Christ? Jesus is very judgmental and very intolerant of sin. There are many students in your school who believe that one can be a practicing homosexual and a Christian at the same time. There are many in your school who believe that Islam and Christianity are just two different ways to the same God. There are many students in your school who believe that one can believe in abortion and be a Christian. What do you say about these things Megan?

God is Going Back to School - Wichita, KS
First School Bears Fruit, Two Salvation Decisions

Posted April 19, 2005
We finished our first week last week at West High. We passed out flyers/tracts to approximately. 375 students per day. Except for Wednesday we had 10-15 people per day. Monday -salvation, Tuesday- creation vs. evolution, Wednesday - homosexuality/Islam, Thursday- abstinence/abortion, Friday-salvation invite to youth rally/concert.

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