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The Streets in Orlando

God's Servants Outside the
"Orlando Women's Center"

July 12, 2006

Hello Dear Co-laborers!

I miss you all so much and I pray for the Lord's quiet confidence and strength to fill you with holy determination and lively faith to persevere in your mission with the Gospel of Life at the killing place.

I wanted to share with you a few thoughts on how to maintain unity in the Holy Spirit with one another and divine authority before those who are perishing.

Being on time

Please have respect for your brothers and sisters in Christ and arrive on the sidewalk in time to greet all of the women and men who are killing. I know that I have spoken and written about this before, but I really cannot emphasize this enough. If you do not want to make a solemn and sacred commitment to be there 45 minutes before the doors to the mill open, make a commitment to be there at a particular time, and KEEP YOUR COMMITMENT.

Keep in mind that those who have arrived earlier than you have already been through the ordeal of engaging many lost (and sometimes hostile) neighbors. They are more familiar with the women and men at the killing place than you are. Please allow the missionaries who are the earliest to arrive to hold more of the "court", so to speak. Stand and pray and listen for a bit when you arrive. The missionaries who are already there have been pleading with the abortion-bound and they know what they has been said to them and have heard the women and men's responses. If you are late, you will not have been privy to the interactions that have taken place in the time leading up to your arrival. It is good to keep in mind that since the earlier first phase of our ministry is the "Good Samaritan" model, the missionaries who arrived on time have been tirelessly spending themselves in offering practical help and friendship in kindness and compassion to every single woman and man who has come to murder their baby. If you come later, the missionaries may very well be in the second phase of ministry, which is the Law part of the Gospel, which is more confrontational regarding the willful sin of murder and a biblical call to repentance. This brings me to another suggestion ....

The Word

The sin of presumption ..... that is definitely one of the most frustrating parts of our missionary labor to the lost at the killing place. We meet so many lost women and men who are inoculated against the gospel by the false message in today's modern churches which is full of grace but does not utilize God's schoolmaster to Jesus Christ: The Law of God. (Galatians 3:24) I want to remind you that one of the abortionists at Orlando Women's Center (Randy Whitney) and many of the women who work at the death mill are professing Christians. Long time clinic worker Sonya prayed over a woman IN JESUS NAME after she delivered her dead infant inside the killing place at six months gestation. Another abortionist at EPOC (Emil Felski) has been seen regularly attending mega church: Northland!

With this in mind, we are not to be timid about confronting the women and men who are killing with the strong language of the Scriptures regarding murder. Once we have plead with everyone with the Good Samaritan model (offering practical help and educational information regarding fetal development, violence of the murder to the baby, risks of child-killing surgery and adoption - for the first hour or so) it is time to go with the Prophetic model, which is the GOSPEL appeal using the Law of God. The gospel message that Jesus sent His disciples out to preach was "Repent or perish!" We should not be ashamed to preach this same gospel message which Christ gave to His apostles, which is the power of salvation unto them that believe. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Psalm 111:10 No fear ... no salvation!

How to Respect One Another on the Mission Field


It has always been our desire to help everyone who ministers at the killing place to learn that if someone is already engaging an individual (or the crowd) that no one else talks over them or changes the conversation . Believe me, I know that this can sometimes be very hard! We have all violated this simple courtesy at one time or another. We are under a lot of stress because babies' lives are at stake and we are feeling desperate to do whatever we can before it's too late. But, please, submit yourself to the Lord when you are tempted to interrupt another missionary when they are speaking to someone. PRAY and exercise self-control. There are two reasons why you MUST wait until you are given the opportunity to speak.
#1 The lost person cannot hear two (or more people speaking at once) It causes confusion and contributes to chaos, which is just what the devil wants.
#2 It undermines the authority of the missionary who is already being faithful to interact with that lost person (or those lost people).

PLEASE, do NOT interrupt and begin speaking to the person or persons who are already being talked to by another missionary. The only exception to this would be if the missionary who is speaking is finished and indicates to you that they need your help because they have "given it their all" and recognize that they are not "connecting", etc & wants to hand it over to someone else. Sometimes a sidewalk counselor will even call you over so that you can reason together with the abortion-bound mother or father. We could all use help every now and then.


Each of us comes from a different background and experience in our own personal lives and with our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is one of the reasons that our missionary labors together are precious and powerful. We learn so much from one another! If you do not agree with something another sidewalk counselor has said, do not side with the lost person AGAINST your brother or sister. Some of us have more experience doing evangelism and we have heard thousands of excuses and justifications for sin. We are able to " cut to the chase " and challenge the sinful thinking of a woman or man who is murdering their baby because we know that it is a plain and simple fact of truth and we also know that many (if not most) lost people need to hear the truth about themselves rather than be patted on the back. Part of the Gospel is a warning to the wicked sinner and a call to repentance. It is nothing to be ashamed of or avoided. If you are not comfortable or willing to use the Law of God or hesitate to be forthright in doing so, please allow the missionaries who have experience preaching the gospel to obey Jesus and the Great Commission themselves to speak the Word freely. Do not interfere or undermine the prophetic words of the Gospel. It is not all about our comfort or the comfort of the lost, it is all about Jesus and pleasing Him as our Master and Savior and the Great Commissioner. If we minimize sin we minimize the Savior and His Blood. If we make light or little of the sin of a lost person than we make light or little of Jesus the Redeemer of black-hearted scoundrels like us.

If you have an opportunity to speak to a lost person AFTER they have listened to another counselor's words, be sure not to dismiss their words. For instance, if one of the other missionaries has told the person you are speaking to that they are murdering an innocent person if they kill their baby, ADD to what they have said by asking: "What do you think of God's command "You shall not murder"? or say "If your baby is made by God and is a person in her own right, taking her life is murder, right?" If you have another view, say something like "Let me put it this way ..." and then speak in your own words with your own voice. When a person who has come to kill a baby would complain to me about the harsh words of another counselor I would often quietly say: "My friend cares very deeply about you and your baby. She knows that your baby is going to be dismembered. How can you blame her for being upset?" You would be surprised how often that seemed to really hit home for the "offended" party. A baby is being led to slaughter. There is a reason for our strong admonitions and warnings. This is a matter of life and death.

[ NOTE : If you have not listened to the powerful teachings by Ray Comfort called "Hell's Best Kept Secret" and "True & False Conversion" I recommend that you do so as soon as possible. You can listen to both of them online at www.livingwaters.com ]

Helpful Scriptures for you

I have attached a document that contains Hebrews 10:26.I print that Scripture up and cut out in strips and always keep in with me in my little Evidence Bible. When a murdering woman or man says: "God forgives." I simply ask: "Do you want to know what the Bible says?" Then I take the Scripture out and I read it out loud and then hand it to them. There are many other helpful Scriptures on the same sheet, which I recommend that you print up and have to give out as the Lord leads and allows as well.

I thank God for all of you and am so blessed to be counted as your friend and partner in the glorious Gospel!

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

February 24, 2006

Sanctuary Ministries Update

Fri, 24 Feb 2006

The Lord is at work in His people and in the lives of the lost women and men we meet every time we step foot on the sidewalk of the killing places. Following is an update written by my dear sister Sabrina about a lovely young mom who seriously considered killing the baby boy who was growing in her womb about five months ago. Now Melyssa is surrounded by people who not only care about her but genuinely love her! Everyone says that Melyssa is easy to love.

It happens every time... these precious women capture our hearts and we thank God that He arranged for us to get to know them. Please keep Melyssa and her son who is getting ready to be born in your prayers. Melyssa has a difficult road ahead of her as a single mom of a little boy. And when the time comes we can't wait to send you the photos of Melyssa and her precious son : )

Your own personal donations may have contributed to helping Melyssa pay her rent while she remains out of work by doctor's orders. We thank God for you!

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries Orlando

The fear of the LORD tendeth to life ...
Proverbs 19:23


Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006
Subject: She passed the test!

Well, Melyssa passed her test and got her drivers license yesterday! Tommy & Nikki picked her up and let her drive them from Tampa to New Port Richey. It seemed as though everyone decided to be a bad driver during the trip. Melyssa was cut off several times and even avoided an accident when a driver cut in front of her! She was well prepared to pass the test by the time they got to New Port Richey that's for sure!

We all had a great time preparing & eating dinner together. Melyssa was THRILLED and so excited. It was nice to just hang out.  

Click image for larger view
Nikki, Melyssa & Gabbie preparing dinner

Click image for larger view
Two pregnant Mommies, Melyssa and Sabrina :-)

Thanks for all the prayers & support. Tommy & Nikki, you two are so wonderful & an amazing example to me and my family.

Love you guys!

From the mission field,
Sabrina Key
Sanctuary Ministries Tampa

A person's a person no matter how small
~Dr. Seuss

February 20, 2006

Sanctuary Ministries Update

Update on Marie

Mon, 20 Feb 2006

I contacted Lifesavers Ministries immediately after meeting Marie at the killing place on Saturday. They are an organization that trains women and men to come alongside women in crisis pregnancy centers in the state of Florida. We have been referring the women we meet to them for several years now. When the wonderful counselors from Lifesavers Ministries called to introduce themselves to Marie she acted as if she didn't want to speak with them. She said that her boyfriend would be calling me (Patte) to see if my offer to help her through the pregnancy is legitimate. When the Lifesaver called Marie back Marie said that it was "not a baby" and that she didn't want them to call again. I called Marie right away to see what was going on. I wondered:

Why would she give me her telephone numbers and her home address if she didn't want my help?

When I spoke with Marie a few moments ago she said, "It is not a baby yet " and "It is only tissue". I corrected her and said that at almost four weeks gestation her baby already had a beating heart. Although we have offered to help Marie financially & have explained that there are loving adoptive couples who will raise her baby, Marie seems to want to kill instead.

When I met Marie at the abortuary she complained about the $10,000 she owed to Osceola Hospital --- but she is more than willing to spend $400 for the elective surgery to murder the little one she is carrying. I explained that she was taking a risk with surgery that she did not need to have. She should not expect God's protection. (But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons.  Col 3:25

I reiterated to Marie that her baby was not "tissue" but a person with a soul. I told her that if she goes through with the abortion she will be killing an innocent person. Marie said "What about all the people who are dying in Pakistan? Many of them don't even have a chance to live." I said: "Marie, each person who murders is responsible before God for every murder they commit. If you murder this baby you will be a murderer." Marie said: "I don't think so. I don't think it's murder." I said; "Marie, it is not so much what you think but what God says. In His eyes, you are a murderer." She said: "Oh well."

I reminded Marie that God had sent us to offer her help to obey Him. I also reminded her that there are precious couples on the adoption waiting list who are willing to raise her baby. I said; "You are without excuse, Marie."

She said : "Oh well."

And one last time I said : "Just remember, I am right here Marie. I am willing to help you through this pregnancy. My offer to help you still stands."

Marie said: "Okay, then. I'll call you if I don't go through with the abortion."

And Jesus looking upon them saith,
With men it is impossible,
but not with God:
for with God all things are possible .
Mark 10:27

She has Thursday off so she may go back to kill on Thursday afternoon. Please pray that God brings a heavy weight of conviction on Marie. So heavy that she is unable to bear the thought of murdering her infant. I have seen the hardest hearts softened ... nothing is impossible with God.

I have put in a call to Marie's Haitian pastor and left a voice mail. I am going to ask him what he believes about life in the womb. If he believes the Word of God and calls abortion the sin of murder I will tell him what Marie is planning to do to her baby.

God sees.

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries

The fear of the LORD tendeth to life ...
Proverbs 19:23

February 18, 2006

Sanctuary Ministries Update

Saturday, 18 Feb 2006

"I don't believe it's a baby YET."

We had a wonderful group of missionaries on the street outside the killing place this morning! I believe that I counted 14 sidewalk ministers.  At least five prayer warriors came to intercede for the children, their parents, clinic workers and for us as we carried the gospel of life to those whose feet were swift to shed innocent blood.

We arrived in the dark at 6:15am and the abortion-bound women & men streamed up. They parked all along the street, giving us a fine opportunity to engage each of them one-on-one.

When they were all lined up in a crowd at the door we did our own version of open air preaching. Although we continued to offer every woman help through her pregnancy and provide adoption information, we also lifted up God's moral Law, saying:
" God has forbidden the shedding of innocent blood. You are all familiar with the Sixth commandment which says; You shall not murder. Your conscience is speaking to you. Your maternal instinct as well is voicing the truth about the preciousness and innocence of the child you are carrying. What is it that has brought you to this place? What are your fears? What circumstance could possibly justify murdering your son or daughter? Whatever you are facing, God is greater. God is greater than your fears. He is greater than your circumstances."

We continued throughout the morning, hearing a variety of responses, including many expletives and more than a few threats.

Around 7:40 am Marie drove up. When I asked why she was willing to kill her baby she told me her situation. At 37 years old, Marie is pregnant with her third child. (All by the same man, who lives in NY and is out of work, not making any financial contributions because he is disabled at this time. ) Her youngest child is 14 months. When she became pregnant and without insurance with that daughter she applied for Medicaid but was rejected. Although she seriously considered murdering that baby, Marie pushed through and worked hard to provide for her family, work and go to all her appointments. The birth of her daughter has left Marie with $10,000 of medical bills to pay!  

I offered to have our ministry pay for the pre-natal and delivery expenses for this child. She wondered if I was "for real". (I am.) Marie then admitted that she really didn't want the baby anyway, saying; "I already have a boy and a girl. That is enough." I explained that with adoption Marie could choose a loving forever family for her baby and her medical expenses and living expenses could be taken care of in the process as well. Marie said: "I would never give my baby up after going through nine months of pregnancy."

Now it was time for me to help Marie to understand that God forbids murder. "What do you think about the commandment: "You shall not murder, Marie?" She responded: "Oh, I don't believe that it is a[i] baby yet. I am only 3 1/2-4 weeks pregnant. It is only a clot right now."[/i] I corrected her and explained: "Your baby's heart began to beat at 3 1/2 weeks gestation, Marie." She looked incredulous and even though she is a nursing assistant, Marie said: "That is hard to believe."

We spoke for over 40 minutes. I addressed her conscience over and over and over again. Every time Marie interrupted me to tell me that she was already late for her appointment (she was supposed to have arrived at 7am), I directed her back to her baby and my offers to help.

In the end Marie experienced no visible conviction of sin at all. She was polite and friendly and she was listending --- but no light bulb went on. Marie simply wanted to get rid of the baby so she could go on with her life. I handed her the story of a woman who had been seriously injured by abortion at that very clinic. She had lost her uterus and ended up with a medical bill of over $55,000. I reminded Marie that if she willfully violates God's command she should not expect God's blessing or protection. "What if your uterus is punctured or you stop breathing or have a heart attack while you are murdering your baby? These are all spelled out very clearly in the consent form you have to sign to have this abortion. If something happens to you while you are having this elective surgery, unnecessary surgery, to murder your baby you will be in the hospital with even MORE bills. You might even die!" Marie looked only slightly concerned, quickly dismissing the thought from her mind.

It was awful to see Marie walk into the clinic. I called out to her as she opened the door. "I am right here, Marie. My offer to help you still stands."

Within minutes Marie was out the door of the clinic and looking for me. "They wouldn't let me in. I was too late. It was your fault. " I followed her to her car and we are on our way to keep our promises. Marie gave me her telephone numbers and address. I am going to make arrangements for her to begin her pre-natal visits with one of our recommended obstetricians on Monday!  

Please pray that the Lord would raise up Christians to walk with Marie through her pregnancy. We have always found that having face-to-face friends to accompany a woman through her pregnancy makes all the difference in the world. Marie remains abortion-vulnerable. She still has the $400 and the killing place is open seven days a week. Marie could return tomorrow morning and slaughter her baby on the Sabbath. Please pray that Marie experiences a sense of conviction. Her conscience does not seem to be speaking to her about the preciousness of her baby OR the wickedness of murder. As a matter of fact, when I spoke about judgment and hell Marie wisely remarked: "Well, even if I don't abort this baby I will still probably go to hell." She didn't seem at all concerned about hell.   I told her Marie she was right about that but that I believed that there are degrees of punishment in hell. "Where do you think the sin of murdering a child ranks in terms of seriousness of sin?"   She understood.  

On top of all of this, Marie is a member of a local church. She has been attending regularly for 8 months. I reckon that like most evangelical churches, there is no mention of fornication or child-killing.

I gave Marie pre-natal vitamins, a gospel of John, the repentance tract and a gospel tract. I asked Marie to read a chapter of John every night and read through both of the tracts and I would speak with her about it later.  

We all rejoiced that Marie's baby received a stay of execution today and we're praying that God changes Marie's heart and draws her to Himself in a mighty way.

What a privilege to sow seeds of the gospel in the field of souls here in Orlando !


Proverbs 19:23


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