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News Reports from the Christians on the Streets of Charlotte


News Reports from the Christians on the Streets of Charlotte

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"Victory Over Charlotte Pride"
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The first video depicts some of the pitiful displays of public lewdness (we have blurred the real graphic stuff) that took place in Marshall Park in Downtown Charlotte last May 7, 2005, during the "Charlotte Pride" event. The video also shows us on several occasions beseeching the Charlotte City Council to do something (like enforce the law).
The next video shows Tim Hanline and Rev. Flip Benham speaking to the Charlotte City Council on May 27, 2006, and rejoicing over the fact that God Himself had brought an end to Charlotte Pride this year. "Pride" was so dispirited over the continuing Christian witness at the park for the past four years that it decided to head back into the closet.

Pro-life activists hold abortion memorial
1/21/2005 7:22 PM
By News 14 Carolina
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Members of Operation Save America on Friday gathered in uptown Charlotte to mark the 32nd anniversary of Roe versus Wade – the 1973 Supreme Court decision that upheld a woman's right to abortion in all 50 states.

Christians to stand for RIGHTEOUSNESS in the gates of the City of Charlotte
The Charlotte City Council will hear from Christians on Monday, January 24, 2005 expressing their outrage at events that took place in Marshall Park on May 1, 2004. The City of Charlotte granted a permit to the “Pride Festival” for the express purpose of celebrating sodomy among “gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual persons.” This right next door to the First Baptist Church in downtown Charlotte, and in a public park no less.

Good Judgment or Hate Speech?
Christian Student Voices Opinion
Posted November 18, 2004
Below is an email from a student who attends the high school that OSA visited Wednesday morning, November 17, 2004. Flip responds to her concerns about making judgments. “Do not judge!” seems to be the Christian mantra of the day and yet, is that truly what Jesus would have us do?
Dear Operation Save America, I am a student at Jay. M. Robinson High School in Concord, North Carolina. Members of your organization are currently protesting at my school and intend to do so all week. I am a very active Christian at my church. I participate in praise band, puppets, ensemble, etc. I participate in CYC (committed young Christians) which is held at my school every Friday morning. In NO WAY WHATSOEVER has my school ever oppressed my values that I can think of. I go on mission trips. I spread the good news of Jesus Christ, His grace, His love and his mercy towards all humankind. ...

Miracle at Central Cabarrus High School
Twenty give their hearts to Christ

By Flip Benham
Posted November 17, 2004
“There is an army, completely untapped, that is simply waiting for its marching orders.” Those were the words of Ryan King, one of the gentle Christian warriors that is bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ back into the high schools with us in the “God is Going Back to School” campaign.

Christians take complaints about Charlotte, NC homosexual pride festival to City Council when DA decides not to prosecute
Sheryl Chandler reporting
Posted November 8, 2004
Police at homosexual festival refuse to enforce local obscenity laws. Efforts by Christians to protect children at a public park from a lesbian's pedophilic “comedy,” and from graphic images of naked homosexuals engaged in sodomy, fail when District Attorney Peter Gilchrist decides not to prosecute. Yet Christians fight on taking the battle to the gates of the city, refusing to give ground where King Jesus has commanded the Church to go. "The Lord said, ... And will not God bring about justice for His chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and night? Will He keep putting them off? I tell you, He will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:7-8.

Salt of the Earth Speaks Up on Debauchery of NC Sodom Festival
@ Charlotte Observer
Posted November 7, 2004
A group of about 30 Charlotte-area Christians is asking the city to stop renting park space to the annual Charlotte Pride gay and lesbian festival, because they say aspects of the festival are lewd and obscene. Seventeen festival opponents -- 15 of whom attended the festival last May in an attempt, they say, to spread the Gospel to attendees -- brought the issue to the Charlotte City Council on Monday.

Good News from the "gates of hell" in Charlotte
By Sheryl Chandler
Posted October 8, 2004
Our August baby shower was a huge success! The London Broil dinner was lovely and the guests were honored and blessed. Kathleen Dellinger made the most gorgeous cake I've ever seen! The gifts were abundant. God provided for the practical needs in a rich and overflowing measure. Word spread to several area churches and we were swimming in baby gifts! So much was received that we need to store a large portion of the items for “next time.” It was a sign to me that God has many more babies to save through this ministry.

Letters to the Editor - OSA Director Responds
By Flip Benham
Posted September 30, 2004
Several letters to the editor published in The Salisbury Post were critical of the Taking God back to School campaign waged by Flip Benham, Scott Heldreth and other Christians at South Rowan High School. All were similiar in content and all had it wrong. We are posting one from a United Methodist minister, Mark Helms, as an example. Flip's response is a general response to all of them.

More Show than Religion
An Answer to the Salisbury Post
Salisbury Post Opinion
Updated September 21, 2004
When all else fails, you can rest assured that the enemies of the Gospel of Christ will resort to argument ad hominim. That is, verbal attacks, no matter how outrageous, upon the character of those who bring the message. The Salisbury Post's obvious attempt to ignore and discredit the message brought to South Rowan High School by discrediting the messenger is a part and parcel of our Christian heritage. ... - Flip Benham
SP: In a previous existence, before he saw the light and became a celebrity in the anti-abortion movement, the Rev. Flip Benham was a saloon keeper in Kissimmee, Fla. If he changes careers again, here's betting he'll be a talk show host or a carnival barker.

Christians Thrown out of Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
By Flip Benham & OSA staff
Posted September 17, 200
Learn what happens when a North Carolina Christian Association is faced with Christian students who want to use their facility to talk about (gasp!) Christ.

South Rowan High School in North Carolina - The Truth
By Flip Benham & OSA staff
Posted September 16, 200
To Jessica and all the kids from South Rowan High School who have contacted us or are wondering about our visits to your school. These visits are part of Operation Save America's God is Going Back to School campaign. Here's what has happened so far.

South Rowan High School student writes OSA
By Flip Benham & OSA staff
Posted September 16, 200
HI -

News Articles on OSA's "God is Going Back to School at South Rowan High School in North Carolina
@Salisbury Post
Posted September 16, 200
LANDIS -- Evangelists with a microphone and loudspeakers have caused a stir here at South Rowan High School this week.
"It's almost a circus-like atmosphere," said Dr. Ron Turbyfill, the school's principal. One of the evangelists, the one manning the microphone, is Scott Hildreth, a member of Kannapolis ' Truth Temple , a non-denominational church.

Botched Abortion in Charlotte, NC
By Corianne Blotevoge
Posted March 25, 2004
Mary being wheeled out on a stretcher from inside the abortion millAlso on Saturday, (3/21/04) at “A Preferred Woman’s Health Center” located at 3220 Latrobe St, in Charlotte, 2 babies were saved, and one car turned away before pulling into the abortion mill. A young woman named Mary came out of the clinic shortly after 10:30 am visibly upset and walking slowly to her car. Moments later, a worker from the mill came out, and escorted her back in, trying to comfort her. Just after that, a fire truck and an ambulance came to the mill, and rolled the woman out on a stretcher. ...

"The Passion" Outreach in Concord, NC
Posted February 28, 2004
This 27 year old's name is Tessa. She became a Christian 1 year ago, and was so inspired by our tract that she wanted many to give to her unsaved friends. She asked us to pray for her, because she was waiting to meet an unsaved friend and go in to see“The Passion.”Last night a team of Christians went to the theater at Concord Mills Mall, loaded with “The Passion” tracts. A small group of us, 11 in number, were able to pass out 850 tracts. We needed about a thousand more to pass out. Ten screens were showing “The Passion.” Six showings were completely were sold out. We watched as about 60% of the people coming out of the theaters cried their eyes out, while others hung their heads in shame as they were leaving the theatre....

Constitutional Crisis Averted in Charlotte, NC - Goliath Roared But His Mouth Was Shut -- Victory!
Posted February 25, 2004
We only learned last week, through a member of the press, that the police department in Charlotte, NC has been quietly at work drafting a new code for the "Picketing, Public Assembly and Parade Ordinance". They thought the old one needed some revisions. They thought the First Amendment needed some "tweaking".

God's Mighty Hand in Charlotte,NC
By Sheryl Chandler
Posted January 30, 2004
Sheryl Chandler gave personal testimony of the horror of abortion and the glorious salvation that comes only from Christ.
Sheryl Chandler gave personal testimony of the horror of abortion and the glorious salvation that comes only from Christ.
On January 22, 2004 , gentle Christians took to the streets of downtown Charlotte NC. We held a memorial service of remembrance to honor the 45 million children who have lost their lives since 1973 in the tyranny of legalized killing. We remembered the 8,800 baby boys and girls who die annually in Charlotte 's 3 abortuaries. We pondered the fact that this area has over 800 churches who claim the name of Jesus, yet remain virtually silent to the bloodshed going on around them. ... The following Saturday a handful of Christians braved the cold conditions and went to the gates of Hell. God met us in an unprecedented way! Four children and their families were spared from the horrors of abortion! It was nothing short of a miraculous! ...

North Carolina Report
By Rusty Thomas
Posted June 4, 200
Just returned from a rather interesting mission's trip from North Carolina. Flip Benham, National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, moved there about a year ago. Thus Charlotte, North Carolina has been selected as the chosen site for this year's 2003 national event. The dates are July 12-20, 2003 . Excitement is in the air and a genuine expectation is growing throughout America for this particular gathering of the saints to storm the gates of hell. One entire hotel is booked with another about halfway reserved. There has even been a decent response to the vision and mission from local churches and pastors as well. Flip is pessimistically optimistic.

Charlotte, NC "a City on a Hill Cannot be Hidden
Posted April 18, 2003
Here is a street report from the battle front in Charlotte. Dr. Matt Harrison, a general family practitioner and a dynamic Christian witness at the abortion mill, submits this report about his day at a local Charlotte abortion mill. - Flip -     Mimi and Sonny, pregnant with their first child, were appalled that they had come to an abortion clinic for pregnancy services. They are a Catholic couple, committed to the Lord, and regretted their "choice" to come here once they were informed of the truth about Hebron. What the pro-aborts refuse to acknowledge is that they are for "choice", but not for "informed choice"; otherwise Lindsay's mother would change the name of the mill to a name that would inform clients of the main business at Family Reproductive Health.

Parents Thwart Plot to Murder Baby in the Queen City
By Dr. Matt Harrison
Posted March 17, 2003 (from March 8)
(This report is from the Charlotte report section.)
Leon and Monica drove one hour from Columbia, S.C., leaving their little boy and little girl with a loved one at home, to come to Charlotte and abort their baby. She recently found out that she was pregnant and decided to make the trip. Did they wonder on that long ride early Saturday morning if God would give them a sign, something that would let them know what to do? As they arrived at the abortion mill, they saw Pastor Ronnie and Bob, faithful servants standing for life. They heard J. Dellinger present Proverbs 4 and Flip Benham speak on Proverbs 6:16-19.

Eye Opening News From Charlotte
Posted March 3, 2003
All of this because the abortion industry in Charlotte knows you are coming to town July 12-20, 2003. Hallelujah! This is a letter from Dr. Matthew P. Harrison, who is one of the obgyn's who is coming to the abortion mill with us. On February 15, 2003 he had an opportunity, along with Dr. Danny Holland, to meet Ron Fitzsimmons, the Director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers (NCAP). Ron is in charge of representing the desires of hundreds of abortionists, presently killing children in America, to our legislators in Washington, D.C. He had come to Charlotte, ostensibly to set up a meeting for me to meet and chat with Debby Walsh the director of one of the mills here in Charlotte.... Dr. Matt's report of this meeting and what transpired is truly eye-opening.