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News Reports from the Christians on the Streets of Charlotte


News from the Christians on the Streets of Charlotte

Aprl 25, 2006

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Charlotte, NC April 25, 2006 Street Report
By Sheryl Chandler

Greetings in the name of Jesus! I just returned from an awesome visit with Engrid and her new baby boy, Leonel, pictured above with our own dear Christen Sugar. Kathy Pavkovic and Christina (also from FIRE) went, too. We had a great visit and gave her a LOT of baby gifts, along with some Spanish Gospel materials and books. Christina was our fantastic translator, though Engrid does a pretty fair job speaking English. Leonel is one month old. He was born March 24, 2006 weighing 7lbs and measuring 20 inches. About 7 months ago, Engrid went to the LaTrobe abortion center and met the FIRE Gospel proclaimers. There she encountered Jesus and His message of life and hope and truth. And sweet, little Leonel is with us today because Engrid obeyed the voice of the Lord. Leonel is truly a beautiful child. He has a big brother named Leonardo who is 2 years old. Pray for this little family, including the father who lives with them. God is clearly at work! Christina, who speaks fluent Spanish, is planning on developing the relationship further with Engrid and pursuing the Gospel more fully with her in the weeks and months to come. Pray for them all!

Thank you for sowing into this ministry!

July 30, 2005

Hebron Abortion Mill, Charlotte, NC

July 30, 2005

We know of one baby saved at the clinic today! Dorothy and her husband decided against killing their unborn child. As they left, I stopped them and asked, "What changed your heart?" She replied, "My baby has parts!" She proceeded to tell me the story. She was getting the routine ultrasound and surprised herself by suddenly asking the technician, "Does my baby have legs?" The technician hesitated and then softly, slowly and truthfully answered, "Yes." Dorothy then insisted that the ultrasound monitor screen be turned toward her so she could see her child. She was surprised to see her perfectly formed 8-week old child with arms, legs, head, abdomen, hands, feet, fingers and toes...and a beating heart! She knew then she couldn't do it. I gave her my name and number, a baby gift, a full-color magazine with beautiful fetal photography with descriptions of fetal development all the way through pregnancy and more information. I told her of our baby showers and she was very interested. She and her husband live in Charlotte.

I attribute her change of heart to the work of the Holy Spirit through the prayers of the saints standing outside the clinic who testify of His truth!

Another family drove in and the man stopped the car for my literature. I quickly found out the reason for their visit today. His teenaged daughter had an abortion there a few months back and he and his wife just found out. He was very angry that she was able to have an abortion without his knowledge or consent. He said he was there "to get some answers." I told him that it was legal in NC for children to obtain abortions without parental consent...or even parental knowledge. I told him his daughter would not be able to even so much as take an aspirin at school or get her ears pierced at a mall without his consent, but she could have this life-taking surgery. He was understandably agitated. They all went in and came out within about 45 minutes. They came over to talk and I offered some post-abortion materials and I lovingly pointed them to Jesus. I asked the girl if she was OK medically or if she suffered from infection or other complications. She indicated that she was OK physically. I then asked if her heart was broken. She welled up in tears and hugged one of our counselors. I urged her to seek her parents and their help because they truly love her and want the best for her. Her dad said he was calling his congressman first thing Monday morning. I told him that we have been trying to get these laws changed for years and that NC had some of the most liberal abortion laws in the country. This family was truly hit hard by Satan. Pray that they seek the ONE who can redeem and restore them. The teen had to sign for her medical records to be released to her family. They have to return on Monday to pick up the records.

We also had a Spanish family come in. They indicated, through very broken English, that they only wanted a pregnancy test. I gave them one, along with Spanish pro-life literature and a Spanish Gospel tract, and they left! One of our ongoing needs is for pregnancy tests! If you are led to supply us with these, let me know! We average about 1 test per month. We need tests which give Spanish directions as well as English.

To God be all the glory, for His great renown!

Sheryl Chandler

April 12, 2003

Here is a street report from the battle front in Charlotte. Dr. Matt Harrison, a general family practitioner and a dynamic Christian witness at the abortion mill, submits this report about his day at a local Charlotte abortion mill. - Flip

Charlotte, NC "a city on a hill cannot be hidden."

"How long will these people despise Me? Will they never believe Me, even after the miracles I have done among them? I will disinherit them and destroy them with a plague…" (Numbers 14:11).

      Sometimes I feel as though we are like the Israelites trying to get into the pro-life Promised Land. 30 years ago, when the Church had the responsibility and the opportunity to stop abortion, as a nation we left it to the lawyers, the politicians, and the Theology of Choice to fight our battle when God had said to "go up and take the land" (which interestingly was the land of Hebron). Were we cursed as a nation to wander in the pro-choice wilderness until a new generation rises up, ready to obey God's plan for victory? Certainly there are the Joshua's and the Caleb's that have been fully obedient to Christ and will share in the victory. There have also been the Moses' that may only get the opportunity to see the Promised Land from afar. Let us humbly pray that we will not have to wander for another 10 years before the Church wakes up and shows up to bring Christ's living gospel to the streets of Charlotte and America.

      Lindsay was back at the abortuary this week, posing as a healthcare provider. The lies were flowing as she spoke of offering clients to speak with us, then taking them through the back door. I was speaking with Ferdinand, who told me that his wife was coming for an abortion because they could not afford any more children (they had 2). As I was telling him that we could help him, Lindsay instructed him to park his car inside the lot so that he wasn't blocking access to the parking lot, and then he could talk to me. Of course, once in the lot, she escorted them right into the clinic, claiming that she had given them the option to talk to me. I wonder how much she counseled them about how they could make ends meet so that they would not feel financially forced into the abortion.

      I did promise Lindsay that I would offer a retraction, which I offer now, from a previous article where I reported that she believed that horses had souls. She insists that she never made that claim. I am still unclear, though, as to her beliefs, as today she laughed when I asked her if she had ever aborted a horse. She probably found that notion ridiculous. Who would ever want to abort something so beautiful, so valuable, and so innocent as a foal? We left the subject with Lindsay "refus[ing] to go there," (I still think she believes that horses have souls). Interestingly, I did learn from the exchange that Lindsay is reading the Operation Save America website. That is an answer to prayer as I know that some of us were praying that Lindsay would have influences and exposures in her life, other than those imposed by the culture of death that surrounds her. Praise God!!

      Other prayers were answered at the Hebron mill today. One couple that drove into the parking lot sat in their car for over 30 minutes. By their body language, it was easy to see that God had already been working on their hearts, and was preparing them to see the faithful of Christ peacefully praying and singing outside Family Reproductive Health (does anyone see the word "abortion" in that title?). They left the lot without even darkening the doors, and we will continue to pray for the situation with which they are struggling, and for the life of that child that she carries.

      Mimi and Sonny, pregnant with their first child, were appalled that they had come to an abortion clinic for pregnancy services. They are a Catholic couple, committed to the Lord, and regretted their "choice" to come here once they were informed of the truth about Hebron. What the pro-aborts refuse to acknowledge is that they are for "choice", but not for "informed choice"; otherwise Lindsay's mother would change the name of the mill to a name that would inform clients of the main business at Family Reproductive Health.

      I had the opportunity to counsel a young woman named Keesha after her abortion. Terrell had brought her, even though the baby was not his. Although he claimed to love the Lord and Keesha professed a faith in Christ as her personal Savior, Terrell informed me that she had "planned on asking for God's forgiveness," for her premeditated sin. We talked about how backward this logic was, and we prayed together that she and Terrell would seek God's path, that she would seek true repentance, and that she would receive physical and spiritual healing. As they pulled out of the parking lot, Keesha broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. So I ask you, Lindsay, as you read this article, where is the "relief" that you promise women as they get rid of their "problem." The studies you quote are ridiculously flawed and incomplete. You have turned the victim of a difficult situation into an accomplice in murder. Congratulations!! Pray that Keesha will call me when she is ready for counseling instead of turning back to those that killed her child.

      We met George this week, a new death-scort at the Hebron mill. Francis was there, but left early. I will not speculate as to the reason for the personnel change. We had many opportunities to share the truth of abortion with George, and Flip presented the gospel message with him. George seems like a nice guy, but so does Lindsay as she smiles and chats with her clients, all the while leading them to the slaughterhouse. Psalm 28:3-5 "…the wicked ones who speak so sweetly to their neighbors while planning to murder them". George witnessed my frustration as women carried their children into the clinic to have them legally dismembered. I struggle to fight death almost daily. I have cheated death innumerable times in the ER and the ICU, and could be sued by some families if I do not do my best to save the lives of terminally ill patients that, at best, might live a few more days, supported by the modern marvels of medicine. How painful it is to see these new lives be snuffed out with all of their potential ahead of them. "It is a shame that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."-Mother Theresa.

      God blessed us with beautiful weather and a good turnout. Several local churches are talking and praying about becoming more involved. But I pray that the local pastors will heed the Lord's battle cry, "Quit praying, and get the people moving! Forward, march!" Exodus 14:15. One local pastor, Leroy, along with his wife, answered the call this week with Pastor Ronnie Wallace to preach the gospel at Hebron today. He has been blessed with a powerful voice that easily reaches into the clinic, parking lot, and hearts of clients there. New people will be showing up at the mill to pray and I hope my own wife's newcomer experience will not be duplicated. As a first time visitor to the mill a week ago, she arrived and was greeted by a single warrior, my good friend Bob, who himself is a relatively new counselor. Without other experienced witnesses at the mill, she felt a bit lost and overwhelmed as she faced, for the first time, women seeking to kill their children. Being 14 weeks pregnant herself for our fifth child, the cold reality struck her that 40 feet away were people that would gladly and legally kill our child and get paid for it. I wanted to add this experience to my article to stress the importance that experienced pro-lifers are needed on a consistent basis not only to pray for and counsel the women there, but also to support, train, and counsel new blood that is coming into the movement here in Charlotte. For the days that veterans cannot come out, please keep those at the mill in your prayers.

      We in Charlotte are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the OSA mobile unit and the arrival of OSA staffers to carry out the much needed planning and organization for the National Event this July. Please keep praying for the travelers that will be coming. If you know OSA staffers that are saving money for the trip, slip them an extra $20 for the road. Please keep updating the Streets site on the web. It's encouraging to see fresh reports from around the country.

Dr. Matt Harrison

Parents Thwart Plot to Murder Baby in the Queen City

March 8, 2003

Leon and Monica drove one hour from Columbia, S.C., leaving their little boy and little girl with a loved one at home, to come to Charlotte and abort their baby. She recently found out that she was pregnant and decided to make the trip. Did they wonder on that long ride early Saturday morning if God would give them a sign, something that would let them know what to do? As they arrived at the abortion mill, they saw Pastor Ronnie and Bob, faithful servants standing for life. They heard J. Dellinger present Proverbs 4 and Flip Benham speak on Proverbs 6:16-19. Francis (deathscort) walked them down the sidewalk and as they passed, their hearts and minds had noticeably been opened. Monica asked Leon to go get the pamphlet that Flip offered and he opened it as he followed Monica through the glass doors. Twenty long minutes later, they emerged from the clinic and walked briskly to their Chevy S-10 pickup, missing the grill and sputtering as it drove to the exit. Monica pointed to a picture of Baby Malachi and mouthed "No" to me. She finally rolled down her window and said that they had driven an hour to get an abortion but they changed their minds and decided that they "weren't gonna do it." Leon's face barely had room to hold the smile that stretch ear to ear. He nodded when asked if he was excited to be having another baby. Praise God that these parents sought Him. That child's siblings need a new brother and sister far more than they need a new truck! Pray for them and I hope that they stay in touch.

Isn't it a shame that this headline will never make the Charlotte papers? Isn't it a shame that the Church of Jesus Christ in Charlotte, North Carolina was not present to rejoice with all of Heaven as the life of this innocent was spared? When the Church does become "present," an army of children will be spared, and each one will be like a fiery arrow, piercing the Evil One. I thank God for the faithful in Charlotte and I cringe at the thought of my own apathy as the years rolled by and I comfortably co-existed with these agents of the culture of death. Saturday was a success, however, not only because a precious baby was saved and because of another couple that left with a smile and wave as confirmation of a change of heart. Saturday was successful because the message of Jesus Christ and His love for all mankind, including the preborn, was proclaimed in the streets of Charlotte. Leon and Monica responded as a by-product of Christians being obedient to Christ, and love like that shown on Saturday produces life, specifically the life of a third child to this family and all of the future descendents of that baby.

Two prayer requests:

1. Francis, as I mentioned earlier, knows that her job brings babies to an executioner. Please pray for her as God works to free her from this occupation and that she would repent and seek forgiveness for her acts. She is an elderly smoker and she may not have long to seek Christ.

2. A young lady that arrived in a car with a bumper sticker reading "REAL MEN LOVE JESUS" asked for my prayers as she stumbled out of the clinic, still drowsy from her sedation and grimacing in pain with each step. This clinic eagerly escorts victims into the mill, but she swaggered out without any assistance, alone, hurting, and asking for prayers. Please pray that she will heal physically but even more so, that she will seek spiritual healing and forgiveness for her "choice" to kill her baby.

Personally, I have worked in Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units. I have delivered countless babies, 2 of which were emergency home births. I have seen people revive back to life with medicines, technology, and divine interventions. But to see a couple seek life and deny the abortionist "another billable procedure," truly melted and humbled my spirit. I thank God for the privilege to witness obedience and sincere life-giving love.

Dr. Matt Harrison

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