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Good news from the streets of Ohio

Good news from the streets of Ohio
The saints storm the gates with King Jesus!

November 6, 2004

Family saved by Christians in Columbus, Ohio, Saturday

Some more good fruit as the aftermath of Operation Save America this past July in Columbus. /frfr

Dear friends,

I think many of you will find this encouraging. Anywhere from fifteen to thirty Protestants have joined a few dozen Catholics out in front of the Capital Care Women's Clinic, an abortion clinic close to the campus of Ohio State University . Three women who were there Saturday - Nancy from New Beginnings Church of God in Warsaw, Beth from Perry Chapel in Coshocton, and Cindy from Belville - drive about an hour to get there. We stand outside with our anti-abortion signs, praying, pleading for couples to repent and keep their child. About thirty "Clinic Volunteers" and a Security Guard named Dave are the recipients of most of our preaching and exhortations.

Nancy, Beth, and Cindy begged a black woman who was headed for the clinic doors to reconsider, to not kill her baby, and they pleaded with the man that was with her to repent and care for his child. The black woman just shook her head and walked inside, sheltered from our cries by the Volunteers who were skilled in distracting troubled mothers from our calls and our signs. The three pro-life women felt a special burden to pray for this black woman, and so they did.

An half an hour later, the black couple walked out of the clinic and headed for their car. Nancy asked her, "Did you do it? Did you get an abortion?"

The black woman just shook her head and mumbled, "I couldn't do it."

The three women rushed toward her with tears of joy in their eyes and embraced her. The man that was with her came over and some of the men shook his hand and encouraged him. One of the pro-lifers put an hundred dollar bill into his hand to help him care for the child. With their permission, we laid hands on both of them, and prayed for their baby and their family. They thanked us, and got in their car to leave.

It was at this time that I realized that the Security Guard, Dave, was about five feet away from us! In the excitement, we did not realize that we were on the property of the abortion clinic! Those of you who have experience ministering in front of an abortion clinic know that, whatever you do, you don't go on the property of an abortion clinic! Dave had come over to scoot us off the property, but when he saw that we were praying for the couple, he let us finish praying. I sensed a tenderness in his heart toward us that I had never felt there before in my three years ministering at this clinic. I was able to witness to him like never before.

Please take a moment and pray for Dave, for this young black family, and for Capital Care to close down in Jesus name! Nothing is too difficult to those who believe. If you don't live close to an abortion clinic, don't let that discourage you. Find the nearest one that's open on a Saturday, and make it a family outing! Nancy, Beth, and Cindy drove an hour to get to the clinic, but, boy, are they glad they did!

For "the least of these,
Patrick Johnston