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Flip Benham Arrested in Atlanta

Flip Benham Arrested in Atlanta - The Full Story

April 1, 2001

By Michael Wolven

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On Friday March 2nd we received a call from a friend at Women 4. She told us that a man would be in town on a "Show the Truth" tour. He would have a white van with large pictures depicting the horrors of abortion mounted on it. We were asked if we knew where the Atlanta abortion clinics were and if we wanted to make use of this vehicle - boy did we!!

Some of the local pro-lifers went to the state capital on March 2nd to show the truth to the politicians as they exited their cushy seats in the Capital. They had two fifteen foot signs and handed out hundreds of gospel tracks to any one willing to listen. At first the police argued they would have to leave; but as Michelle stood her ground for Christ, the enemy backed down.

On March 3rd, the truck was back on the streets. This time we went out to the mills. I don't think I have ever seen the administrator of death, the security henchman or escorts to death so angry - how dare we proclaim the truth so boldly. We again had the fifteen-foot signs out and around 10 of the saints in prayer as we counseled the mothers and begged for mercy on these precious little children. We had turnarounds and saves but with everything that was going on, I don't know how many. I counted three but I know there were more.

I heard Flip was just one state away in Florida, on vacation. We decided we would give him a break from those harsh elements of the sun and get him up here the following weekend. Flip, his wife and children cut their vacation a couple of days short and headed up to Atlanta. I made literature up on the CDC (from Mark Crutcher's book "Lime 5") - we would bring the truth to this abortion industry for the first time. We also decided to make a visit to Northside hospital where over 200 children have their lives violently taken each year at this "premier birthing center."

The death camp went abuzz with anger and hysteria when we showed up with the gospel. One man, after cursing and yelling at Flip, was rebuked by Flip. Flip told him about our Jesus. The young man later gave Flip a hug as the tears ran down his cheeks.

We left the CDC to go to Northside Hospital. We took out our signs of truth and handed out over 150 pieces of literature on abortion to all the passers-by. A police officer past by on a bike and told me to be extremely careful - this was a dangerous area in the city. I think God knew of the evil surrounding this place - we were there to bring a little bit of heaven to a place void of truth and hope, love and compassion.

The next day, we were back at the clinic. The police were waiting when we got there. The only question was: would it be Flip or me who would be arrested? (The reason for arrest was based on an old, illegal injunction that remained in the City of Atlanta since 1990) God decided Flip.

We have been praying for God's people to come out to the mill in droves for some time. We were told this injunction would apply to us. I had been trying for around 8 months to get a lawyer to file for a motion to dissolve this thing. I know that if we bring Christians out for the first time (people not used to utilizing their first amendment privileges), they would fold with a little threat and go back home. How could I expand this ministry with this threat over our heads? Thanks to the battle cry from Michelle and Brenda Spurlock, we had two lawyers show up for Flip's hearing on Monday. The AFA is very interested in taking care of the injunction and getting it dissolved. Another lawyer will help in any way to defend Flip and us. God will not be silenced. Our ministry will flourish. His word will be spread and the truth will be told.

Two of the three charges were thrown out. We are looking forward to getting Flip back for his trial - this time without this injunction over our heads.