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Reports from the Streets of Poughkeepsie

Reports from the Streets of Poughkeepsie

May 3, 2005

Rich Van Slambrouck Reporting

Although Patrick was headed to Maine and Arnie called with a fever and couldn't come to PP today, the Lord blessed us today at the abortuary! It started off with the usual high numbers of women going into PP and not responding to any of our counseling. Audrey was truly inspired with the Holy Spirit as her words were right to the mark. Many of those coming in today were either Hispanic or Black and she gave vital information about Margaret Sanger and her racist opinions like comparing the poor Blacks to weeds that had to be done away with!

Audrey also told people going into PP today that they are worse off than those who had to endure slavery. At least the slaves cherished their children and did not have them KILLED! Jerry and Maureen were also along the driveway trying to save that next baby. A man who evidently had just come from the library with books in hand, tried to give us a hard time. He said that we should volunteer at a soup kitchen or perform some other work (which he approved of) rather than be here.

Audrey said we were speaking up for those who could not speak for themselves, the babies in the womb. Then he called us hypocrites. He said we stepped on bugs and killed flies, didn't we? Can you imagine he was comparing bugs and flies to little babies! His view of life is very weird. He left still calling us hypocrites, a strange prospective!

Maureen and I went back across the street to pray the rosary with Audrey. We took time outs to sidewalk counsel when cars drove in. Later we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Then the Lord started his blessings for us. A woman who was alone drove out of PP's parking lot and stopped by Maureen and myself. She said she decided not to do it! She said she waited for a long time to get a sonogram and decided she wouldn't do it. She looked very relaxed and at peace with herself. She has an 8-year old son. Her name is Tanselma. We offered help but she said she was ok. We spoke of CareNet and she was aware of them and had been there previously.

She decided she would go to the hospital and start pre-natal care. We thanked her for letting us know and told her we would pray for her. Praise God! Then Audrey talked to another young black couple and told them about Margaret Sanger and her racist agenda. The woman had been inside and just came out to put her purse in the car with her husband. Such practice is recommended when going under anesthesia. She went back inside PP but the husband asked Audrey if she had any information about Margaret Sanger. We did and she gave it to him. After briefly reading the brochure, he backed up the car to the door of PP and went inside. He brought his wife out and she got into the car and they left. Praise God AGAIN! Another saved baby and couple!

Then, later, a young white couple drove in and took materials from Audrey. The car was an expensive Lincoln . The couple looked at the material in the parking lot.

After a few minutes, they drove out not stopping but in passing Audrey, thanked her for the materials! We believe this was also a turn around! We rejoiced at these revelations this morning of babies saved and Moms and Dads also saved from eternal damnation! Thank you Jesus! Gary was praying the rosary across the street when these events occurred. Roberta had joined us in sidewalk counseling and George also had come down the street to join us. We all praised God Our Father in Heaven for letting us be part of His wondrous works this morning! As we were leaving, Dennis and his daughter Eileen came down the street.

Eileen had her 5-month old baby boy, Ian, in a baby carriage! Another blessing from the Lord for us to see! Audrey gave Dennis a t-shirt with a sonogram picture of a baby on the front. It is one of the ones used by the American Life League group Rock for Life. I thanked God again that the PP counseling was turned over to great witnesses for life as we left!

January 25, 2005

Rich Van Slambrouck Reporting

Standing at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 24 listening to all the pro-life congressmen was a welcomed event.

Hearing President Bush speak well of our efforts was great! However, 100,000 people, all very pro-life (this day), didn't save one abortion- bound baby.

4000 babies were killed this day and 100,000 of us stood in the cold and listened to politicians preaching to the choir. I wonder how many went back home and stood the next day (today) out in the cold trying to save that next baby and his/her mother's soul?

Well, those of us Scripture Wall peopl! e in Poughkeepsie were out there! Maureen, Patricia, Arnie, Edward, Jerry, and myself! We all went to Washington, D.C. and made it out in front of PP for our usual Tuesday morning in defense of the unborn. Jerry had traveled in his own car with Helen and Rachel to participate in a holocaust demonstration in front of the Holocaust Museum .

Only one deathscort - Longlocks - was there to confront us. Audrey, Keith, Roberta, George, and Patrick were also faithful to the call from God to Rescue Those being Led Away to Death . Prov 24:11

Snow is building up around the entrance of ! the Death camp. We find it very useful to hold our pro-life signs at a higher elevation to let everyone see! Good viewing! One young woman, on her way out, stopped to tell us that she had her child because she saw us witnessing here at PP.

But she also said that she was only stopping for her contraceptive pills. She doesn't see the whole picture. She may someday be back to PP for an abortion. The slippery slope is waiting for her to slide down and fall into the pit of Hell at PP. Patrick give her a rosary and a tape and mentioned that the pill is an abortificient. It is hard to educate on the fly. Patrick did his best.

Poughkeepsie Update 12/19/2004

Click Oh Saratoga! to read more under The Scripture Walls- Poughkeepsie on OhSaratoga.com

Rich Van Slambrouck

To my amazement, we had a lot of support today from the army of God. Dana and Gene both stopped by and prayed at the gates of PP's Calvary. As we were praying morning prayer Martha with her home schoolers joined us. Even though it was a bitter cold day they came and prayed for the unborn and their moms!

Our regulars Arnie, Patrick and Patricia also joined in the strong uplifting prayers. Audrey and Maureen took hold of the sidewalk counseling. Jerry had already motored down to the corner and displayed his Face the Truth sign. One particular woman is always visibly upset with his display. Although he arrives long after her child has gone to school on a bus, she complains that he shouldn't display the sign because it upsets her young child. Just another excuse to block out the truth of abortion! God bless Jerry!

Later in the morning, as we began Scripture Wall chants and songs, Bob joined us. His support is particularly welcomed as he represents a large segment of Christians yet to come to save that next baby. I pray more will be influenced by his steady participation. When his boys are off from school, they also attend. Wonderful witnesses for life!

George joined us and brought the 12 Days of Christmas words translated into biblical messages... very interesting! A lot of our scripture wall verses this morning related to the special season of Advent. Very appropriate the acceptance of Mary of her special place in the history of Christianity! We closed a few minutes earlier as the weather was very bitter even though the sun was shining, it remained very cold. We sang the song that Jesus gave us in prayer, the best closing we can do! Praise God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Poughkeepsie Update 11/11/2003

- Rich Van Slambrouck reporting -

I thought as I arrived this morning at the killing center of Planned Parenthood that wouldn't it be nice if they would sign an armistice (Armistice Day is what this day was called before it changed to Veteran's Day) and end the war on the little unborn babies! Maureen even called me the night before hoping that they would be closed today. BUT not so! The killing goes on and the sacrifice of the little babies to Molech continues, even today!

After the first set of deathscorts arrived I reminded that our soldiers sacrificed their lives that ALL, born and unborn, could be free. So, why don't they respect that? Because they are so caught up in evil thoughts that twists their mind into thinking that they are actually doing something good by helping the mothers kill their babies. Very sad commentary on how low we have become. Even our Churches have allowed themselves to be pacified by the thought that "I'm not doing it so I'm OK and need not worry about the rest." We are our brothers' keepers and we must point the correct way to those who don't understand or know that they are being hoodwinked.

After I set up my video camera, Patricia, Arnie, Patrick and myself prayed the morning prayers. The weather started out relatively O.K. but got damper and damper such that many of us found ourselves very chilled to the bone as time went on. We continued to pray, recognizing that these acts of sacrifice may just save one baby. The deathscorts have stepped up their vigilance. A new black deathscort joined the regulars today. We soon found out why. Many of the "clients" were black and/or Hispanic. The providers of heinous baby deaths, are cunning as ever. God gives us an intellect deserving of being made in the image and likeness of Jesus. However He never thought we would use it for such evil, free will being ours to abuse! "For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. We can only beg for mercy from God. Fr. Francis joined us in the Scripture Wall scriptures and song. We were elated to receive copies of the "Oh Saratoga Commemorative Battlefield Book 2003". It is just a masterpiece of work! I highly recommend everyone reading this to order their copy. $15.00 is very cheap considering the artwork and organization of this book! Wow! is all I can say!

Then a police car arrived and the young policeman said that he received a complaint that we were blocking the driveway, which we were not! Audrey tried to explain that we walk back and forth but do not just stand there to block traffic. He said that when he looked from down the street it looked like one of us were standing in the driveway. Audrey denied that. She claimed we just walk back and forth but never block the driveway and that we had a videotape if he cared to look at it to see if that wasn't true. He ignored the offer, pulled ahead, stopped and wrote something which I think was a report of the incident. We do not want this type of harassment continued. We are not sure what course of action we will take.

Shortly after this a young black couple arrived in an SUV and the woman went into the death camp. No longer than 5 minutes later she came out and they drove off. Maureen noticed that on the way in, she looked at Audrey's sign which reads "Don't Give Your Baby to This Killing Center ". This sign has been very effective in turn-arounds. We pray that this is once again a solid turnaround from this Killing Center . Please God