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Word in Warfare Ministries Stategy for the Halloween Exploit "The Gates of Hell Come Down!"


 Word in Warfare Ministries
Strategy for the Halloween Exploit
"Gates of Hell Come Down!"

Operation Save America is joining in with Word and Warfare this October 31 (Reformation Day). This is the very day when Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the door in Wittenburg. Christians across the country will be bringing the gospel of Christ to our local high schools (or as Martin Luther called them - the great gates of hell). Below is all the information that you will need to join with us.

On this most celebrated demonic holiday in our schools we are asking God to mobilize His Church to surround the very "gates of hell" at one or more of the High Schools, or Junior High Schools in your city.

Read this instruction then go to the web site www.wordinwarfare.com to access and download material, posters, bulletin inserts, teaching aids, a video, a PowerPoint presentation, etc.

The plan on that day is simple: Christians arrive early Halloween morning just before students begin arriving at school. The church surrounds and occupies the perimeter and/or gateways to the school remaining upon public property. The Word of God is read aloud in small groups in strategic level, spiritual warfare. Depending upon the numbers of saints who participate, the entire Word of God (or major portions of the Bible) will be read aloud as the students walk by on their way to their classes. Don't be surprised by what you see that morning as many students are allowed to dress in Halloween costumes that day and the warfare becomes very real indeed.

As they come to school, students will see placards of the 10 Commandments displayed along this spiritual gauntlet and they will be given a New Testament to take into school that day. Additionally, they will receive free, beautiful multi-colored, high gloss, textbook covers containing the Ten Commandments.

When students exit school in the afternoon they will hear the New Testament being read aloud and will be invited to join small groups in the reading, using the gift of God's Word we gave them that morning.

Now that you understand the plan, let me go through a few things with you.

We will send, upon your request, an appropriate letter from our Christian attorneys to the school principal and the school board explaining the lawful nature of this event. You will also have a copy of the letter in hand to present to any law enforcement agency, school police officer or other public official who may feel they have the "duty" to hinder the public reading of the Word of God on public property surrounding the school.

Attached to this newsletter is a checklist, which we ask that you complete as much of it as possible now and keep sending an updated checklist back to us as you are completing it so that we may help you as you continue to plan for a great event.

Here is the checklist of some of the immediate needs to begin handling for your event to be successful.

Pick a school, at most one Senior High School and one Junior High School in your city.

Begin silently, covertly doing at least a weekly PrayerWalk with one or more other intercessors walking around the school on public property.

For information on effective PrayerWalking go to http://waymakers.org. Their site is excellent and they have great materials. Send them an e-mail and ask them if they have heard about Word in Warfare.

Check out this site, "See You At The Pole!" http://SYATP.com

On Wednesday morning, September 18, at 7 AM, thousands of students from all over the country gathered at their school flagpole to pray for their fellow students, their generation and their school.

Invite students who attended the event to give fellow students at least one of the great Ten Commandments school textbook covers offered by Jerry Rose, President of the Total Living Network.

Go to the TLN website at http://www.tln.com/operation10 and checkout these great free gifts of the Ten Commandments. Plan to order yours immediately:

Give them away during WIW's Halloween exploit, "Gates of Hell...COME DOWN!"

Upon request you will also be sent a flyer inviting these students, their youth pastor and their entire church to read with you during all or part of the Halloween WIW spiritual warfare event. This file can be obtained by e-mailing chet@wordinwarfare.com

Give this invitation out with the textbook covers on September 18th.

Meet with your own senior pastor as soon as possible to:

Explain your role in leading this event locally.

Ask for permission to invite your church to participate.

Ask his help to invite other pastors and churches to join in.

Ask to use the WIW bulletin insert we will send to you to promote the event in the church(es)

Get his permission to schedule a presentation using the Word in Warfare teaching materials we will provide to you.

Have people sign up and give them the event schedule early. Some will want to take off work in the morning or even all day. Others will want to leave work early to be at the school when students get out in the afternoon. They'll need this information early to request time off and you must know of their availability in advance to form your reading teams, reading assignments, team leaders, etc.

Refer other pastors and ministry contacts to us, after you have encouraged them to join the event. We'll be glad to get them all they need to participate with you, or in their own city.

Recruit administrative and logistical help. Don't attempt to take this on your self. Get help, form a team, delegate responsibilities.

Become familiar with this ministry, especially the Biblical foundation of reading the Word aloud, publicly.

Order the leader's manual via e-mail or online or write to Pastor Chet Gallagher PO Box 527 Redwood Estates, CA 95044.

Please communicate often. Pray for this ministry and consider sending a financial gift to:

Word in Warfare Ministries
Pastor Chet Gallagher, Director
C/O Evangel Christian Fellowship
PO Box, 28510
San Jose, CA 95159-8510