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Local Christian Radio Hosts Jump into the Battle

May 15, 2001

Local Christian Radio Hosts Jump into the Battle

Tim Barrons and Al Gross of the Tim & Al show in St. Louis display their baldheads at the gates of hell! They helped raise over $25,000 dollars for "Small Victories." In honor of this great victory, the entire staff at KJSL in St. Louis shaved their heads at Hope[less] Women's Center. (The picture may be enlarged by clicking on it. The people are Tim and Al, Rick Sewell, Bob Wells, Bud Peppers.)

St. Louis, MO - The saints in St. Louis and the surrounding area (Granite City) are courageously reclaiming their streets as they confront the gates of hell with the Gospel of Christ. The abortion industry is beside itself as gentle Christians continue to live out their faith in ever increasing numbers outside these "high places" where little children are sacrificed. Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church, the church that hosted our national event in St. Louis last summer, has caught the vision! Theology has become biography outside the fortified Planned Parenthood killing center. The saints in St, Louis are having church at the gates of hell. Hell is hemorrhaging!

In Granite City, Daniel and Angela Michael of Small Victories are experiencing some huge victories at their local abortion mill, "Hope[less] Women's Center." God has raised up the Tim & Al show on KJSL radio in St. Louis to come alongside and help them raise up an army. Tim and Al have done more in the past seven months to expose the wickedness of the abortion industry in St. Louis and Granite City, than has been done in the past 28 years. On April 18, 2001 they held an "ultrathon" during their morning show to raise money for Daniel and Angela to buy a sonogram. This device will show abortion bound mothers what their little baby girls and boys look like. They needed $5,000 and raised over $25,000. God is so good!

Tim and Al have made it very clear that standing in the gap on behalf of preborn children is not optional. It is the responsibility of the Church of Jesus Christ. They have called pastors to come to the gates of hell and bring their congregations with them. They have not been hesitant to publicly mention the names of those pastors who have been contacted and have not responded to the call. Not a bad idea, eh? Because of the willingness of Tim and Al to make a clear trumpet sound from the platform of KJSL, many gentle warriors for King Jesus have joined Daniel and Angela at Hope[less] Women's Center. We have a promise from God Himself in Psalm 24 that the gates must be lifted up that the King of glory may enter in.