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Flip Benham in Granite City

April 16-17, 2001

Flip Benham in Granite City

Flip Benham, the director of Operation Save America, helped bring heaven to the Hope[less] Clinic this weekend. By 6:00, there were 12 mothers in the mill for late-term abortions (the two-day D&X procedure). 58 babies were murdered behind those purple doors as the 65 saints spoke the Word. Six seminarians joined our vigil. A group of Christians also sang.

At 7:00 a.m., the Granite City police dropped off a paddy wagon. It was unmanned (with "prisoners on board" printed on the side) and sat there for 5 hours. After a few hours, we had Tim, Al, and Flip pose for pictures as they were patted down by a pro-life former police officer from Missouri who was praying with us.

Deathscorts were volatile and shoved away the pro-life information that was offered to mothers and chanted the mantra: " Her body, her rights, her choice," "Leave 'em alone...leave 'em alone..."

When brother Flip gave them Heaven over the loudspeaker, the police. Sgt. Tapp proclaimed, "This is a constitutional right (referring to the operation of the abortion mill); if it weren't this place would be shut down..." Eventually, Flip disconnected the microphone and complied. I said to the police officer, "I've got something you could really use." I offered him a bible, but he refused it, and claimed, "I don't need that; I am Catholic."

Flip preached that we must stand for Jesus and continue to go to the gates of Hell and fight for the unborn. Four babies left the clinic alive. Praise the Lord! We are not called to change women's mind, but to give them His message of love and real hope. We are able to inform them of their baby's life, and to tell them what abortion does physically, mentally, and spiritually to them and their child. We cannot be responsible for their response, but we can tell them they have other options. If we hear a dying child screaming for help, we don't wait for help. That is exactly what these unborn babies are doing; they are calling out to us. We must be encouraged by God's call to rescue the perishing

We had a luncheon and fellowship at Grace Baptist Church afterward. Flip was honored with one of his favorite delicacies, White Castles. Flip also spoke at Grace Baptist.

On Saturday night, we held a banquet at Michael's Restaurant in Highland, Illinois. Flip was presented with a birthday cake in honor of his birthday. There were 70 people on hand to hear Flip talk and enjoy a delicious meal. We also showed some video from Operation Save America 2000 in St. Louis, Hard Truth, and a powerful speech to the Catholic Knights Organization. Flip ended the evening with a dynamic speech that we must stand on God's word, and fight abortion at all costs.

On Sunday, Flip spoke at Bethel Free Will Baptist church to 300 people about the persecution Christians must go through in order to stand for Jesus and how we must be in our Bibles everyday. A bountiful feast was graciously served at the church afterwards.

We are very grateful and blessed by all the churches and saints who made Flip's pilgrimage a success. We drove Flip to the airport, and on the way there, I asked Flip the question that has been burning in my soul, knowing he has traveled to most of the abortuaries in this country.

I asked Flip, "How bad is this mill? Do you see what I see?" He looked at me and said, "Angela, this is the most horrible mill I've seen".

I said, "You've validated what I've felt for the past 7 1/2 years outside this abortion mill."

In Christ's service,
Angela Michael


The Saints in Granite City

Angela Michael directing choir of high schoolers

Tim, Flip and Al

Flip talking with escorts

Flip's "Manna from Heaven" (White Castles)

Flip speaking at Michael's Restaurant