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"Christ" Hospital Killed Another Child

April 10, 2001

"Christ" Hospital Killed Another Child

Another live birth abortion was recently committed at Christ Hospital. The little girl lived for 1/2 hour. She was never medically assessed for viability by neonatal personnel. The only doctor who ever came in contact with her was the ob/gyn resident who delivered her and later pronounced her dead. She did get to spend time her parents, because they kept her in their room instead of sending her to the Comfort Room. But I don't know if they held her while she died or if they left her in an isolated in the corner (which I have observed in the past).

A little while after the abortive delivery took place in one room, I needed help with my own delivery a few doors down the hall. I asked for someone to get the nursing assistants for me, but the nurse taking care of the aborting mother and aborted baby told me that they were not available right now. When I asked where they were, she said, "They're in the Comfort Room wrapping my baby to take to the morgue."

I thought, "my baby?" When we nurses talk about our patients, we do tend to speak in personally possessive terms, saying, "my baby" or "my patient" or "my delivery." But this time those words sounded so strange. I wanted to repeat, "my baby!?" I thought to myself that this world is truly a crazy, crazy place. I couldn't say anything. Her sentence hung there in the nurses' station where I noticed that everyone seemed to have stopped walking and talking.

Then the Charge Nurse jumped in and offered to help me prepare for my delivery (the people in the station began to move again). At some point during the ensuing hustle and bustle of my patient's delivery, I noticed the nursing assistants carrying the dead baby down the hall to the morgue.

Please keep praying. We know that God is doing something powerful because for two years, momentum has continued to build against the hospital without stopping. We must thank Him and ask Him to continue to give this His attention.

Thank you for caring and for praying,

Jill Stanek