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Real Love Comes to the St. Louis Gay Pridefest

Real Love Comes to the St. Louis Gay Pridefest

Written by Angela Michael

The intolerance of the “tolerant” was witnessed by all. You were told to leave the parade if you were a Christian and brought your Bible. You were told to leave if you were a Christian and carried a large cross. You were told to leave if you were a Christian and wore a Christian T-shirt. You were told to leave if you were a Christian and acted like it. Even striking teamsters against Budweiser were thrown out of the park. Where's the love?

  John 7:7 “The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me because I testify that what it does is evil.”

Over the weekend as a whole, a sea of over 70,000 - 100,000 homosexuals and heterosexuals descended upon the St. Louis Pridefest in Tower Grove Park which included a parade on Sunday, in sweltering heat and high humidity.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay led the parade as grand marshal. St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa and St. Louis Fire Chief Sherman George were at the head of it and shook hands with some of the thousands of parade-watchers who lined South Grand Boulevard. Police Chief Mokwa passed out plastic badges from a sack he was carrying. Angela shook his hand and handed him a tract on homosexuality and told him this was an abomination. He told her, “I have to do what my boss tells me.” We then called out to Mayor Slay and told him this parade was an abomination, and his representation was disgraceful and a blight as a leader and member of the Catholic Church. The look on his face testified against him.

Isaiah 3:9 “The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom ; they do not hide it…”

          The parade participants included all sorts of gay groups and clubs, from the Gateway Gay Rodeo Association, whose members threw beads to the crowd, to the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), wearing their purple T-shirts, to the St. Louis chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans.

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            What happened this weekend was that love came to the Gay Pridefest in St. Louis. When perfect love comes to town it confronts evil and sin. Why? Because God hates sin and what it does to people. When this fact is exposed, initially it feels like condemnation, but that very condemnation is meant to bring you to the place where you ask, “Is there any hope for me?”

Click image for larger viewThe answer is “Yes, but only in Jesus.” When Jesus came to the Gay Pridefest on Saturday through the lives of simple little Christians, it wasn't long before we found out that He wasn't welcome. Not only was He not welcomed, He was called “hate.” And what did these simple Christians do to be so hateful? They were sharing the gospel, passing out gospel tracts, including Stephen Bennett's “I was Gay,” and telling the truth.

Love came to “Gay Pride” in St Louis but it was not tolerated. The homosexual community called the police and did everything they could possibly do to stop the love. Officer Schreck escorted the tiny little band of Christians out of the park and made sure they would not come back. He said, “This is a private event, this park is rented out for a private event and that is why we have the right to kick you out!” It was advertised in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as a free event opened to the public. Two men carrying large crosses over their shoulders were also thrown out of the park.

Could you imagine if we Christians rented out that park, opened it up to the public, and then said that homosexuals were not welcome? What kind of response would we get? It's interesting that the “tolerant” homosexual community can be ever so intolerant of Christianity and discriminate against it with impunity. Every behavior no matter how perverse was allowed in that park. Everything that came to rob, to kill, and to destroy, and to degrade the human soul, spirit, and body was tolerated. But when true love came, it was thrown out the door. We were told, in no uncertain terms, that we were never to show our faces in that park again.

Click image for larger viewOn Sunday, June 26, we brought love once again to the gates of hell at Tower Park Grove Pridefest. This time we were allowed to set up a sound system high above the Gay Pride parade at the gates of the Messiah Lutheran Church . For exactly 43 uninterrupted minutes, the Church of Jesus Christ proclaimed the love of Christ with power. It was met with sneers, jeers, middle fingers extended to the sky, and an absolute visceral hatred. Thousands were stomping all over the love of the Christ – the very One who died for them on a cross. Several charged at us with murder in their hearts. The police ran toward us and we thought they were going to unplug the sound, but they came to protect us! One officer said, “I'm so glad you're here.”

So what happened when real love came to the Gay Pride Parade? They hated it. They hated it when love came to save them. One group of gay men on the steps below us turned and said, “Can't you just give us one day to enjoy ourselves?”  

Many of those who charged up the steps to get us, provided tremendous opportunities for simple little Christians to express the love of God. Conversations began and, those with quivering lips and hate-filled eyes would all of a sudden just stop. They were shaken, they were so mad and yet they would be taken aback by the love and the concern of gentle Christian warriors that were sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom. It was an absolutely awesome experience of the power of the Holy Spirit ministering in the hearts of those who initially hated us and then came to love us.

Click image for larger viewOne of those private conversations was with a young man named Eddie. Eddie was a troubled man who was angry when he first ran up to us. I looked into his eyes and they were full of sadness and emptiness. He screamed, “Why do you hate us?” I answered, “Eddie, we don't hate you, we love you. That's why we're here. To tell you the truth, in love.” He started crying, and I hugged him and he reciprocated. He tearfully told us how his mother hated him and tried to kill him and his father abused him. That's what got him into the homosexual lifestyle. All he wanted to be was loved. He told me he saw me the day before. I had given him a Stephen Bennett tract and he read it four times. I held him tighter and told him, “I love you and so does Jesus. He wants you in His family today.” We prayed with him and he stood back and thanked us for being there.

The public proclamation on the other hand was quite different. It was despised. The pastor came out and realized that there was great turmoil in front of his church. I remember well sitting in his Sunday School class and listening to him say that when righteousness comes to the fore you have to stand for what's right no matter what the world says. That's what he taught in his Sunday School class. At that point we asked him if we could set up our sound system and he said, “Yes.” We gave him a copy of the tracts we'd be passing out, but when the conflict became heated and many of the homosexual community were running in to his church clamoring at him, he came to us and said, “You've got to stop this because you're being volatile.” Flip said, “No, it is a message of love that we're bringing. It's not us that are volatile. It's not us that are angry. It's these folks that are expressing all sorts of anger.” The pastor replied, “But you don't have to live here.”

“You don't have to live here.” In other words, “ Don't rock the boat, don't cause any trouble, please. Flip responded with, “But sir, I live in North Carolina. They're doing the same thing there and I have to live there myself. Our kids are going to have to pay a high price if we don't stand up and do something. It's time for the salt to come out of the salt shaker. If we don't, there's going to come a time when our children are going to be put in jail for standing up and proclaiming the love of Jesus. We must fight this battle right now for the lives of our children. We've got to think of other generations. Not just, ‘I have to live here. '” That is a cop-out.

The spirit of fear in this pastor shut down the entire sound system and the proclamation of Jesus Christ was silenced. But that didn't stop the little band of Christians, they just kept going. They just kept proclaiming. They just kept preaching. They just kept shouting the truth from the housetops that Jesus saves.

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            After the sound system was shut down, many of the homosexual community came to speak with us. One of those was Angie. She is a precious young lady that has been in a homosexual relationship for the past five years. She dropped out of school. She's using Zoloft because she says that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She's committing adultery in her lesbian relationship and she says that's wrong. She said to Flip, “I'm bi-polar and I would have pushed you down the steps if I could have.” Flip said “But something stopped you didn't it? What was it that stopped you?” She said, “I don't know, I just didn't.” Flip replied, “Well Angie, that's God Himself.” We sat and we spoke and she began to soften. Flip said, “ Angie, I can pray one of two prayers for you. One of them is that you will receive the Lord right now and you'll say, ‘God, I am not going to continue in this lesbian relationship anymore. God, I am going to serve you and you are going to be my husband.' Or I can pray for you that you will look into the Scriptures and find out for yourself who Jesus is and you can discern what you need because God is your only way out. There is no hope for you apart from Jesus. How do you want me to pray? The first one or the second one?” She said, “Pray the second one.” And so they prayed together and she gave Flip a big hug.

Here is a girl that was going to push Flip down the steps who now is changed. And we met a number of people the same way. They ran right up to us as we stood right in front of them. What happened? The situation began to be defused as they saw the Jesus in us and hope in us.

These personal conversations were used powerfully by the Lord, but they never would have come about apart from the public proclamation that Jesus Christ is Lord and homosexuality is sin. It is the public proclamation that is hated. It is called hate speech. That is why Jesus was hated by the world and why he was broken on a cross. He testified that what the world did was evil. (John 7:24) But indeed that testimony was His greatest expression of love.

It became obvious to all of us that our nation is getting ready to allow not only the persecution and prosecution of Christians, but the execution of Christians. We are going to be crucified on our own crosses if we dare pick them up. Now, if you'll be a big-tent, seeker-friendly kind of a Christian, and will not say that homosexuality is sin, or abortion is murder, or other religions are a lie, if you're like that, then it will be ok. You'll be allowed to live, but you will have failed your duty to be a confessing, professing, Christian witness to the world.

We must consider the design of the temple, Ezekiel 43:10 “Son of man, describe the temple to the people of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their sins.” It is here that we find out what the temple of God should illicit from His people – shame. When Jesus came to this earth, He was a living display of that temple and it brought shame. (John 3;17) And then that temple became visibly displayed in the hearts of believers. (John 16:8) When we are confronted for what we really are and our sin is exposed, it is then and only then that we can stretch out our hand and place it in the strong hand of Jesus. He will save us. You see Jesus is a friend of sinners.

Be encouraged~ Angela