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Abortion Destroys Relationships

Angela reports another shocking event at the abortion mill in Granite City. These things would never be reported if gentle Christians were not giving of themselves to stand in the gap at the gates of hell to plead the case of the fatherless to win it! We know that abortion is murder. We know that abortion kills a child. We know that abortion steals the heart and spirit of a mother. We know that abortion destroys marriages. We know that abortion destroys the heart and spirit of a father. We know that abortion is selfishness taken to its utter extreme. We know that abortion will bring an end to a nation (any nation) that practices it.

Yet we do nothing. Nothing at all. ~Flip

Abortion Destroys Relationships

An expensive pickup truck parked in the back. A young couple began walking along death-alley as Shelly talked and offered the beautiful young girl a Bible, which she accepted and began thumbing through. Her male companion was agitated. As they approached the guard shack to sign the death warrant, proclaimers began crying out, “Don't do it!” The girl hesitated and held her hands out. The male took the Bible from her hands and threw it in the trash can. Clinic staff opened the front door and tried to get her to come in, without signing in we noted. The girl stood there literally teetering on the threshold of life or death. She then took a step back and said, “I can't,” and began walking towards the alley with the angry driver behind her. Sidewalk counselors ran to her side. She was visibly shaking.

The couple got to the truck. The male driver got in and locked the doors. She began begging him to let her in. Her belongings were still inside including her keys. He drove away as we video-taped the scene.

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Shauniece, save 9-weeks, calling her grannie

The first thing Shauniece said to us after her boyfriend drove away, "I can't believe I just got kicked to the curb." Shauniece was crying, “How could he do this?” We comforted her and told others to stay back and just pray for the situation. We told her any man that will force a mother to pick him over her child is not worth it. Irresponsible men love abortion. Hope(less) clinic makes a lot of money off of them. We assured her we would stay with her and help her. We phoned her Grannie and she said she would come and get her.

Shauniece said, “I never thought I would literally be kicked to the curb.” She explained she knew this would be wrong if she went through with the abortion. The father of the baby was pressuring her to get rid of it, even though he has a nice job at a bank. We told her, “You did the right thing. Just think what would have happened if you killed your child for him and then he walked out on you. Most relationships fall apart after an abortion. Then, you would have to deal with the guilt of two losses." We gave her a “Women of Destiny” Bible and she prayed with us and thanked us. When her Grannie got there she thanked us and promised us she would help her raise this baby. PTL!

There was a place outside the walls of Jerusalem called gehenna where the garbage was burned. This is where the New Testament word for hell, or lake of fire, comes from. This is also where children were sacrificed to Moloch:

"The place where children were sacrificed to the god Moloch was originally in the 'valley of the son of Hinnom,' to the south of Jerusalem. For this reason the valley was deemed to be accursed, and 'Gehenna' therefore soon became a figurative equivalent for 'hell.' ... The statement that Gehenna is situated in the valley of Hinnom near Jerusalem, in the 'accursed valley' means simply that it has a gate there."

Ezekiel 34:7-10 refers to the shepherds who will not stand against the shedding of innocent blood, who will not protect the flock from the wolves which are devouring them. This is true in a spiritual sense of those who will not speak out against false doctrine, but also in the literal sense of those who will not lift a hand to stop the slaughter of innocent children. God says in these verses that He will require the flock at their hand. He compares such leaders to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Isaiah 1:10), and that includes not just spiritual leaders but our elected officials and representatives who have done nothing to stop the holocaust.

From my experience, most churches do not want to get involved in this type of ministry. In other words, they are "washing their hands" of responsibility for the unborn children. How many people do you know who actually witness at the slaughterhouses? While 99.9% of America goes about its daily business, 4500 human beings are killed every day by abortion, more than 1/3 of all deaths combined!

I wonder what a difference it would make if churches in America would make up their minds to try to save at least one unborn child per day? Instead of waiting until the evil deed is done, why not try to lead people to the Lord while their baby is still alive? Instead of holding parenting classes for people who come to church, why not hold parenting classes right out on the sidewalk? ~ C. Coatney