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God Goes Back To School :


Written by Angela Michael as reported by Marti Allen

This is our first series of "God goes back to school" campaign that is being implemented across our nation through the direct actions of gentle Christians who stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ in a time when our nation and its children are lying under the moral rubble of a doomed culture.

The Godly heritage that our once great country was founded on, and former generations raised upon, has now turned to a garden of weeds. Our youth are starving and dwindling among the barren land. Is it any wonder why we see so many young adults and teenagers going into this Mecca-of-the Midwest in abortion-on-demand in Granite City, IL to get rid of the problem?!

The seed of the serpent is at war with the seed of the woman. That is the problem! This is the battle. Abortion is one of its most horrible manifestations. The devil is robbing, killing, and destroying God’s heritage, Psalms 127, while we sit by trying to educate, negotiate, buy off, or be compassionate with God’s sworn enemy. We have done everything but fight the devil and his lies with the Word of God, until now.

On Friday October 15th, the truth once again came under attack as two proclaimers stood outside of the local abortionist’s, Yogendra Shah’s, Ob/Gyn office in Granite City. It was time for the high school and middle school students to see the truth of abortion.

Two signs were held. The first was a sign reading "Please pray for the abortionist that works here" and the second was a "Choice is Abortion" sign that displays a picture of the severed head of a third trimester murder victim. As the students walked across the street after school, some looked away from the sign, some became upset, but most were curious and began to ask questions. They wanted to know the truth about abortion. We gave them answers, and asked them to discuss this with their parents over the weekend. Many of the girls made statements like, "Oh my gosh! I could never do that to my baby!"

Click image for larger view
Granite City police officer Lt. Ray Takmajian with female assailant (on right)

Unfortunately, many of the parents were offended by the truth, and the Granite City police were called. The first officer arrived as the high school students were gathered around the abortion sign asking questions. He yelled out his window, "Keep that sign moving or I will confiscate it!" We told the kids that we needed to abide by the law, and move the sign. Some followed to get more information. The officer parked in the restaurant parking lot behind where we stood.

After many of the students were gone, one young teenager came up to the sign and began marking on it with a permanent marker. We recognized her as one who we had spoken to about Jesus in front of the Hope(less) Clinic a few weeks earlier. She was very angry with God about some deaths in her family. She began to yell at us, and when we said, "I know you" she walked over to the officer to make her complaint about the sign.

Marti showing damaged sign to Officer Lt. Ray Takmajian as female assailant looks on

The officer agreed with the girls, but told them about our First Amendment rights, and the girls left in anger. What message did our police officer send our children? "It is OK to vandalize the property of those with whom you do not agree, especially if it is the property of a pro-lifer." Ironically, although we would not have pressed charges against the teens, the "criminal damage to private property" was done to the same pro-lifer who only the day before was ruled guilty of the same crime for drawing little crosses on the public curb with a crab apple. (That damage washed away with the rain!)

But when we walked over to the officer Lt. Ray Takmajian’s car to show him the damage that was done to our property, he yelled that we needed to get back on the sidewalk or be arrested. We said we wanted to talk to him about the damage, and he simply said, "You have sunk to an all time low." He would not come and hear our complaint, and he left without ever speaking with us.

Damaged Choice Sign

Justice? Sure, if your local police officer agrees with what you are doing. And as far as delivering the truth is concerned, it was apparent that the children wanted to know it, but the parents were outraged that they might have to tell them.

God, on the other hand, already had His perfect plan in place.

On Monday, October 18, 2004, proclaimers answered God’s call to deliver the Good News to the high school and middle school students in Granite City. The morning began with cold rain and wind, but by afternoon pleasant temperatures and dry air had moved in.

On the previous Friday, pro-lifers went to proclaim in front of the office of Yogendra Shah, the local abortionist, whose medical office is directly across the street from the schools. As the students came out of the school and across the street, they were appalled in seeing the truth of abortion, and were curiously seeking more information about this atrocity in their home town. Many parents were upset, though, and the police were called.

Any pro-life advocate who has been called to hold the gruesome truth signs knows that this is not really a pleasant experience. But when we are faithful to what God gives us to do, He is faithful to do what is His to do. Friday afternoon it became apparent that we were to go back to school on Monday.

Six pro-lifers stood, again with two signs. One read, "Pray for the abortionist that works here" and the other was titled, "Babies are Beautiful" and had pictures of sweet live babies. This time only a few parents scoffed at us, but most smiled and waved as Rainbow the clown was greeting everyone with a friendly wave and blowing kisses. One woman asked if this was our way of making up for the "ugly signs" at the Labor Day parade, but we informed her that we were there to deliver the Good News. She took a New Testament Bible and a blessing. Other parents were open to receive the brochures and information being passed out as they waited in their cars for their children. No police were called this day.

As the children came out of the school, most were reaching out to receive the New Testaments, some stopping to look at the pictures of the babies. "This is the way Jesus wants to see the babies," we told them. One student expressed his anger with us about the sign being held on Friday, and we agreed with him. "Yes, that makes us angry, too. And it makes Jesus angry that any child could be treated that way." Another student tossed the New Testament on the wet ground, and a parent lovingly picked it up, wiped it off, and returned it to us to give to someone else. God showed us the young girl who needed to receive it.

The Truth was delivered. Revelations 3:19-20 "Those whom I love, I rebuke and disipline".

Because what God sets out to do, He will see to completion….even in Granite City!

Be encouraged ~Angela