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"Shock and Awe" goes to the mall on "Black Friday"

The turkey and fixings aren't even fully eaten yet and our neo-Babylonian culture rushes out the day after Thanksgiving by the thousands in cities across America. The day set aside to give thanks to Almighty God for His provision and blessings is now followed by an early morning mad-house at the malls. People line up for hours before dawn then run wildly into the stores not caring that they are trampling others - all to buy items on sale. It was into this cultural insanity called "the start of Christmas shopping" that Christians with Small Victories in Granite City, IL took the sobering, graphic reality of the value we in America have failed to place on our children. Keep storming the gates and carrying Truth to our streets saints! - Steve

“Cry loudly, do not hold back; Raise your voice like a trumpet, and declare to My people their transgression and to the house of Jacob their sins.” Isaiah 58:1

 "Shock and Awe goes to the mall on "Black Friday" -
Illinois' Metro-East largest shopping mall

What's been titled "Black Friday" - the busiest shopping day in the history of our nation, the day after Thanksgiving, was greeted with a visit from the saints and the "truth truck" so that the thousands of shoppers could see injustice made visible. After standing in frigid weather with snow flurries pelting the faces of proclaimers outside the gates of hell in Granite City, IL, one precious baby's life was saved and two mothers turned away without going in to this death camp, Alleluia!

Saints picked up the proclaiming line and moved it to the busiest metro-east mall. What was once hidden behind the dark, seedy back-alley butcher shops has been replaced with two-million dollar, state of the art aborturaries. But the results are still the same, butchered women and butchered babies, and it's still happening under the complacent noses of the Church of Jesus Christ, Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." 

Angela Michaels stands by the Truth Truck greeting shoppers - Click image for larger view
Angela Michaels stands by the Truth Truck greeting shoppers going in and out of the mall with truth

The truth of "choice" was made visible as the saints took the truth pictures depicting pre-born babies slaughtered and contrasted with living babies to the shopping malls. We were led to go to one of the largest malls, St. Clair Square in Fairview Heights, IL It is only fifteen minutes from the infamous "mecca of the Midwest" of pre-born murder, the Hope(less) abortuary in Granite City , IL. Several years ago this same mall allowed Planned Parenthood of Illinois to have a booth inside the
main lobby of the mall and young representatives of  Planned"Barrenhood", were handing out lil baggies free of charge to passersby filled with flavored condoms and discount coupons for visits to the local Planned Parenthood facility. After many threats of a boycott and picket of this mall, the management vowed to not allow them a space in the future.

Responses by the materialistic sale seekers ranged from horror and disdain for the proclaimers to shock from seeing the real face of "choice" that is usually hidden behind whitewashed walls. "Eeewwww"..."that's sick!" commented some of the shoppers. "Their faces testify against them." Others spoke with us and asked in horror, "Is that what they really look like after an abortion?" None could ignore the truth that abortion is the brutal murder of an innocent baby boy or girl.

Local TV camera crews setting up for the best position for taping to be aired on the evening news stood dismayed at the truth of abortion as the truth truck rolled by. God's timing is perfect. The police, sheriff, and traffic control slowly rolled up on the scene as saints were ready to leave the mall, but the message was delivered. We look not to please crowds, but to please Him who has called us to be his witnesses. Many are called, but few are chosen. We do what the Lord has called us to do and He will take care of the results. Praise the Lord!

Angela Michaels