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"Can you Hear God NOW?"


"Can you Hear God NOW" 
Jesus shows up at the Granite City, IL Labor Day Parade

As politicians and Democratic floats marched down Niedringhaus Ave., across from Gateway Regional hospital,(former St. Elizabeth’s) which continues to cover-up Hope(less) abortion mill "botched" abortions, cascading rain poured upon the annual Granite City Labor Day parade. Eighteen proclaimers stood at strategic points of the parade route holding scripture and graphic and pretty baby signs, calling out, "Can you hear God now?.. His judgement is pouring on your parade and upon Granite City for the 366,912 lil’ boys and girls whose innocent blood cries out! Stop the slaughter...Abortion is evil...Get abortion out of your city..."

The look on their faces testified of their lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6. A city that was once set on a hill, alive and prosperous is now full of death and decay…the devil not only has this town by the tail, he holds it by its throat. It is a stiff-necked community, turning a blind-eye to that which is wicked and evil and refuses to stand up to the tyrants, Jeremiah 22:8-9. If they would run the devil out, and serve God, He will provide. He will once again bless this community.

When you stand up in the battle, God will show up. When Granitonians were confronted with the "truth" in the driving rain, they were horrified! Rain-soaked High school gator cheerleaders squealed as they viewed the "choice’ dismembered head sign..oo..oooh! Politicians were greeted individually by name, "Senator Bill Haine" repent and stop the slaughter...County auditor Rick Faccin came up to Angela and shook her hand "hey Angela ..I’m on your side"., Really? (This is the same politician who came to a Right to Life meeting looking for votes a few years ago,and we got him to sit through the video "Hard Truth", before he gave his speech.. "touchette".) Then stand with us!

Angela’s sign read, "America, Jesus died for you!" Other participants in the parade gave us a "thumbs up" gesture. Madison county state’s attorney Bill Mudge tried his best to look the other way and ignore the gentle Christians. The last entry was the Knights of Columbus float, their mouths dropped open "Judgment is being poured out on this parade and on Granite City for the sin of abortion..there are three Catholic churches alone in this city, and not ONE stands outside the Hope abortion mill." The water-logged knights and their ladies stood speechless.. "as in the Nazi Holocaust you just keep singin’ a lil’ louder to cover up the cries of the unborn who are being tortured and slaughtered just down the street". Offended? Then STOP IT !..the American Holocaust. Abortion, sodomy, pornography etc. they are just symptoms of the judicial tyranny in our land. They may of moved the Ten Commandments monument out of the Alabama courthouse, but, we have a giant opportunity to be LIVING monuments to the world. But we must show up and fight the battle, even in the torrential rain. Ephesians 5:11.

P.S. When I put my hand in my pocket it was full of water. Praise God for water!

Shining for Jesus~Angela