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Yogendra Shah's Cheap Little Deal

December 21, 2000

Yogendra Shah's Cheap Little Deal

Granite City, Ill. - Imagine a doctor being an abortionist on staff at a Catholic hospital. Imagine his abortion clinic is right across the street. Imagine that he occasionally botches abortions, and runs the girls he injures into "his" hospital right across the street. Could the abortionist have his own "selected" nurses he calls up for fixing just this problem? Imagine a abortionist being very good at paper work and "doctoring" it to make it look like something else. Patch 'em up and get them out. If they die on the highway, it's not his responsibility.

Can you imagine that? Sadly, one just needs to look to St. Elizabeth's Catholic hospital.

One source has stated that the other hospital in the area - Oliver Anderson - is fed up with fixing his botched abortions and does not want to take them. Hence, they go to St. Elizabeth's. Of course, the fact that these girls are in such bad physical shape that they may make not it to the other hospital also plays into it. Keep in mind that this "doctor" does not take his real OB/GYN patients to St. Elizabeth's, but rather to the other area hospital so he can make more money. This is the same guy St. Elizabeth's has employed as OB/GYN Chief of Staff for over 8 years!

His last chop job occurred the end of October of this year. She was wheeled from the abortion clinic across the street to St. Elizabeth's in a wheelchair with a sheet draped over her head - in front of local prolifers.

This is the same man who accosted a woman at his abortion mill - while a patient was on the table he slapped her to reposition her body to a more condusive angle. Shah then said, "So now you're crying?" and proceeded with the abortion. The woman said it was so painful she felt like his whole arm was inside her. After the abortion, Shah slammed down the tools of abortion and left.

The fact that St. Elizabeth's will tolerate a man who not only kills babies, but also butchers women, is unacceptable. It shows the complacency of the hospital in the negation of the horrendous deeds of this man. For them to say - as they will - "We did not know," is to say the hospital is, at best, inept and, at worst, "partakers."

Steve Wetzel