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"God Bless" Student Reinstated - God Remains a Four Letter Word

"GodBless" Student Reinstated - God Remains a Four Letter Word

At a closed school-board meeting Jan. 27th, high school student James Lord accompanied with his father and legal representation Francis J. Manion of ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice), was reinstated to his co-anchor closed circuit news broadcast position at Dupo high school in Dupo, Illinois. James isa senior, and president of his Christian prayer group, and chaplain of his ROTC group. On December 17th as Mr. Lord was signing off his program with the upcoming holidays in mind, he ended the program with "Have a safe and happy holiday, and GOD BLESS". The principal called him into his office and suspended him immediately until Feb. 1st.

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Picture of James Lord

Lord said the school principal told him that the use of the words "God Bless" was inappropriate and suspended him. "God Bless" isn't a four-letter word, but for school administrators, it may as well be.

The irony here is the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Mr. Lord over the PA system, is recited every morning with the mention of "under God"..There is a "God- Phobia" in our public schools and public institutions, etc, and it's out-of-control. When you take God out of schools, you let the devil in, unfortunately.

Lord contacted the ACLJ for assistance. Lord came on the KJSL's Small Victories Radio Program and onthe Tim n' AL show, to expose this.The meeting started last night with about45 supporters, media, and with the Pledge of Allegiance and some supporters emphasized "one nation under God" . Lord and ACLJ attorneys appealed to the school board to revoke the suspension and the school board voted unanimously todo just that.

At the same time,school officials said they will permit Lord to use the phrase "God Bless" on the broadcast in the future. "We want to ensure the James Lord and other students are not censored when it comes to exercising their First Amendment rights in the student broadcast," said Manion. "To punish students for using the phrase 'God Bless' on-air constitutes a violation of their constitutional rights and we are prepared to take whatever legal action is necessary to protect those students and ensure that their constitutional rights are protected."

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Picture of girl with Bible

The argument of a separation of church and state is being smacked in the face of Believers like a epidemic plague , ravishing our once godly Nation. If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it." -Adolph Hitler In another case just last week in another small Illinois town, Collinsville,IL. a little 9 year old girl was told by the school bus driverthat she could not read her Bible and to put it away. The little girl brought her Bible to read quietly to herself on her ride home. The bus driver has since been suspended and removed from the bus route.

It's time to take a stand. It time to bring God out of the church-house and into the streets and in our schools. Hosea 4:6 According to Small Victories proclaimer Donna Westenberger who attended the meeting when interviewed by the St. Louis Post-dispatch, "It's getting crazy, the taking away of people's rights. I wanted to come here to stand up for someone who is standing up for God. I consider it a privilege to stand up for James Lord and my Lord."

~ Be encouraged, Angela Michael