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It's A Wonderful Night...for Life

December 21, 2004

It's A Wonderful Night...for Life

Written by Angela Michael

T'was four days before Christmas, and all throughout the town, Granitonians were busy, scurrying around. The streets were cold, the lights dim and the smell in the air was deathly grim. Proclaimers in their coats, donning their winter wrap, had just settled down for a long stand in the gap.

"It's A Wonderful Night" being played out in the courtroom of Granite City Hall as a good showing of proclaimers turned out in support of their 1st amendment right of free speech in order to stand in Granite City, IL, home to the largest child-killing mill and show the truth of what is being done in darkness within their fine city.

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Proclaimers gathering for prayer before city council meeting

We gathered for group prayer before we went into the meeting room, a couple attending the meeting for another concern asked to join us for prayer. Mayor Ron Selph opened the meeting in prayer. A Granite City Lutheran pastor, Reverend David Fielding, addressed the council on behalf of those of the pro-life persuasion whose rights may be jeopardized by objections leveled against the graphic nature of signs that are occasionally employed. He spoke in defense of their rights and asked for their fair treatment. "A day may be coming in Granite City that the activities of sincere adherents of the pro-life position may be curtailed by an attempt to pass ordinances enacted against them. I am grateful for our nation's Bill of Rights which guarantees the freedom of speech for them, as for all Americans. Such freedom, of course, includes various forms of expression, whether newspaper articles, radio and television coverage, employment of posters and pictures, unrestricted pulpits, lawful assemblies, etc. This issue has become critical because of the availability of abortion in our community. I simply ask this noble body to consider partisans on both sides of this issue be accorded fair and equal treatment regarding the freedom of speech, without curtailment and restraint, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment of our nation's Constitution."

Another life-long Granitonian, Robert Edwards, spoke on behalf of the Small Victories ministry beginning with naming at least eight of the babies saved from Hope(less) abortion mill and adopted to Christian families. He questioned the Mayor's earlier newspaper statement that equated protestor's graphic signs portraying dismembered babies to pornography. He added that what is offensive in Granite City, Illinois, is the fact that approximately 200,000 abortions have been performed since this abortion mill opened its doors and offending and damaging children and that offends Christ. He reminded the council of the story of King Herod who murdered lil boys two years and younger and encouraged the Mayor to rid his fine city of this abomination . Matthew 2:16-18 "When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under." This drew applause from those in attendance.

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The Mayor then took the floor and announced that city government has no control over the abortion clinic and that he is pro-life and wants this abortion mill closed but unfortunately has no authority to close it. (Psalm 115:8 "Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them.") Mayor Selph then stated we have a first amendment right to protest and admires our efforts, but interjected that graphic signs do not belong at the middle school or the pediatricians office, which they are not. Evidently, erroneous complaints have been reported to the police and Mayor of where these signs are seen. But, if the mayor is pro-life then why would he want to hide the truth that a serial-killer is at large within this community? The mayor then tabled any further discussions or actions on the graphic signs and wished us a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

We sat till the end of the council meeting and then gathered in the hallway and ended with a group prayer thanking the Lord for prevailing: We weren't expelled from Granite City, Illinois and our graphic signs weren't banned, in fact the issue was tabled.

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Proclaimers outside Hope Clinic during midnite abortions

We picked up the proclaiming line and moved it two blocks down from City Hall in front of the Hope(less) abortion mill where the same proclaimers have been on the death watch of approximately 10,635 lil boys and girls during the 2004 killing season. Unfortunately, midnight abortions were underway where we saw the demise of approximately 39 babies this bitterly cold night and the rescue of one baby's life from the jaws of this beast. We prayed and concluded that with the Lord's interceding and the proclaimers efforts, this past year, 337 babies on death-row at the Hope(less) death camp were granted a stay-of-execution and would be celebrating their first Christmas.

It is a wonderful night... for Life!

Be encouraged~ Angela