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2002-2nd Quarter JERICHO MISSION Reports


2002 - 2nd Quarter

June 22, 2002

We Serve a God
Who Answers by Fire!

Last Saturday, June 22, 2002 God answered the prayers of His Saints in a wonderful way! It started out in the usual manner, with the parking lot rapidly filling up. Dan and I prayed that God would turn away the clinic customers, and Dan asked for God to perform a miracle that even the pagans would believe. We had a small group, just 5 of us. While Dan and I prayed, the guys were setting up the posters. Dan went down and prayed with the men for the same thing, miracles. 2002.

Dan came back up and began preaching the Word of God to the clinic customers. About this time, a young Spanish girl pulled into the parking lot. She didn't stop for any handouts and pulled into the parking lot. Right behind her was another car with a Spanish women and her teenage daughter, they went in, and the other girl sat in her car for a while and listened to me talk to her, offer help ect,,,, then she got out of her car and it caught on fire. Dan pointed to her and informed her that God had set her car on fire because He didn't want her baby to die, and that she had better go inside and have the clinic call the fire department and tell the other women to leave, since her car will catch theirs on fire.

She ran inside, and in a few minutes a mother and daughter came out and got into their car that was next to the one on fire. Dan told them that they needed to leave, that God had set the car next to them on fire as a warning to save their babies and leave this place. And they did!!! Then our girl came out, and asked Dan to put out the fire, and he told her that he was not going to interfere with a work of God, that she needed to leave this place. She ran next door to the Exxon store and bought bottled water and came back and doused the fire. She then came over to talk to me.

While we were talking, the Spanish mother and daughter came out and stood in the parking lot watching. Dan kept on preaching to them and the others in the parking lot. The women with the burning car was named Maria. She said that she had two children, 8 and 7 year old boys and was divorced. She said that she couldn't raise a baby, that her family would be upset blah blah blah, but she agreed to at least talk to someone at the CPC to see if there was a better solution. She went into the parking lot and began talking to the other women and her daughter, and they talked forever!

Dan finally told them that there was nothing to discuss, save their children and leave the clinic. The women and her daughter hopped into their car, waved good-bye to me and left. Maria drove her car across the street, so our mechanic Bill could look at it, and so I could continue to talk to her. I was wishing that Polly had remembered to give me the key to the CPC so I could take Maria over, (it wasn't open yet) when up pulled Polly and Bob to come out and help.

Polly came over to help me with Maria who told us that she had dreamed that she was in a wheelchair after her appointment at the clinic, and was already scared, then when that guy (Dan) told her God set her car on fire, she was scared that it was true. And the lady and her daughter she was talking to watched her car and listened to Dan and changed their minds, cause they believed God DID set her car on fire! Bill inspected Maria's car and couldn't find anything wrong, or any reason for it to catch on fire.

Maria went to the CPC with Polly and we continued praying and praising and preaching, when a young man, who was there during the fire, who kept driving in and out of the parking lot, finally parked. The new abortionist pulled up, (Dr. Richard Rothwell of Abilene) and Dan told him to repent and that we were praying for him, which caused him to pause for a minute, unfortunately he didn't do as suggested. Dan told the young man to go into the clinic and his lady out. And HE DID.

The totals for the day were 4 saves, 11 murders. Keep Maria in your prayers. All Glory and Praise to God, who answers prayer.

Carole LaFreniere

June 18, 2002

My dear friends in Christ,

We have been silent do to computer break downs and moving problems. First our computer broke down and finding a reasonably priced repairman took awhile, then we moved across town and we decided to go back to Southwestern Bell for service and they promised to have our phone on in three days, but this turned out to take three weeks. So instead of sending out details which would take about three to four pages I will give you the totals up to this date in 2002.

Days Present

As you have read the Lord is still looking at us with favor for the sake of the pre-born. I believe all of your prayers are being answered too? I know that we see our prayers answered every time we go out to one of these Temples of Death. So keep up the war with your sacrifices of praise and prayer and obedience and I know God will honor all of our efforts.

Pray for all of those who are lost and might find themselves where they should not be and remember that you cannot have a Victory if you are not there. Trust in Jesus.

n His service,
Dan LaFreniere

May 16, 2002

My dear friends in Christ,

On Saturday the 4th our Lord sent out 18 warriors to do battle with the enemy at the Temple of Death at the West Side Clinic in White Settlement. We arrived at 7:15 a.m. and started praying for the parking lot was filling up fast. Carole and Brooks passed out a few of our pamphlets and I preached the Gospel to all who would listen and to all who would not. Everyone offered mercy and the C.P.C's phone number as well as offering their own homes if needed.

There were 22 customers and our Lord won over three. 2 saves and 1 turnaway. Praise Jesus! Unfortunately this left 19 who chose to murder their very own children instead of trusting in the Lord and believing His servants offers of help and love.

On Saturday the 11th our Lord sent out 9 warriors to do battle with the enemy at the Temple of Death in the West Side Clinic in White Settlement. We arrived at 7:15 as always and the parking lot was empty. This gave us more time to pray and prepare for the coming engagement with the spirits of murder and lies that always come with the customers.

We do a lot of spiritual warfare because this is a spiritual battle. This a battle for God's way or satan's way. This can be a battle over souls at times as well as lives. Innocent lives are at stake and maybe even the life of the mother as well.

Praise the Lord only nine customers came today and God Himself took 4 potential customers away from danger. Of the 9, one was saved and three turned away. Thank you Jesus for Victory over the enemy. Thank you for answering the prayers of the righteous.

We left today with heavy hearts for the 5 babies that were murdered by the selfish choice of their mothers. We pray for a quick end to this war. We ask for your prayers as well and for your support too. Please pray for all of those who are lost because they might find themselves where they should not be and a life could be lost due to a foolish and self centered choice. A choice not made with God, but with man alone. A choice made due to a life lived full of sin and sometimes because of a life lived believing in a false Jesus.

Prayer is our weapon and it's by prayer and obedience that we shall have victory with Jesus in this war. I do not mean an occasional prayer but fervent prayer by righteous and holy people with a true repentant hearts and a love for their neighbor that equals the love they have for themselves. A prayer that brings action to faith and complete trust in the ways of our Lord. The same kind of faith that the Apostles had that brought forth miracles and healing and believers by the thousands.

Pray for that kind of faith, a courageous faith, an endless faith in a Father that wants no one to perish. A faith that brings out love through persecution and joy through tribulation. Trust in Him. Obey Him. Love Him. Give up your life for Him and we shall win no matter what the battle, no matter what the odds, for Jesus is always with us and for us. You cannot win if you are not there!

n His service,
Dan LaFreniere

May 1a, 2002

Our Lord's Perfect Justice

"For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in our bodies. It is because we know this solemn fear of the Lord that we work so hard to persuade others. God knows we are sincere, and I hope you know this, too." 2 Cor. 5:10-11

My dear friends in Christ,A few weeks ago we had a visit from a gentleman that was walking by the mill one Saturday morning. He was across the street and decided to cross over and tell us some news. It so happened that this man works at the Warren Terrace Suites which is just 3 blocks north of the mill and he has been a grounds keeper for the past 16 years there. He told Brooks that the abortionist P had been living there and that he was found dead in his suit and that the paramedic that looked at him said that it looked like he had been dead for at least six days or more.

I asked him what the abortionist name was and he refused to tell me because he was afraid of getting fired. His boss had told him not to talk to anyone about this matter. I asked him why he decided to tell us and he said that he has seen us standing here and praying for years and felt that we should know. So I asked him to describe him to me and this he did with amazing detail. It was the abortionist that we call P all right. No doubt about it.

After he left I asked my wife to do a Internet search the best that she could considering we did not have his name. Well, needless to say she struck out and we were left with a feeling of helplessness as to believe this little man or to forget all about it.

WE have been praying hard for our Lord to hold trail on this man. We have prayed for the Lords Justice on this matter with this murderer on behalf of the innocent for months and months. Now it looks like the Lord has sent us word by this man. Word that He has answered our prayers and we couldn't get proof.

Well, Brooks took matters in his own hands and went to the Warren Terrace Suites himself and talked to the manager. She would not give us his name but confirmed that he did die in his suite and that he had been dead for many days before anyone found him. It was not foul play by man's standards. It was pure divine justice by our Lord's standard.

I want to make this perfectly clear. We did not pray for this man's death, but rather for God's Justice. We know that in His Holy Word that this could very well end up in a death sentence and we are willing to except His Will in this matter. After all He is God. We offered this lost and wicked man salvation through Jesus everyday and I commanded him to stop shedding innocent blood in the name of Jesus. He did not obey our Lord's commands, nor did he accept His generous invitation for redemption and salvation.

We stand in awe of our Lord's power and sovereignty. We stand in fear and trembling at a mighty God who listens to the righteous and holy in His Kingdom. We know that prayer is our perfect weapon next to obedience and faith. I am sure that some of you will become upset at this report. I can only say check out the Word for your self and you will see that we have the right and the authority to bring offenders to court and charge them with the necessary crimes according to the power and authority our Lord has given us. This is a matter of Judging being done by Spiritual men asking for a final verdict by a perfect God (Father). This court rises far above man's puny efforts. This is the court of God. The Creator and Perfecter of all things and His laws are perfect, while mans laws are weak and change all the time according to his fickle whims.

In His service,
Dan LaFreniere

May 1b, 2002

My dear friends in Christ,

Our Lord on Saturday the 27th-02 sent out His servants to do battle with the enemy at the West Side Clinic. There were 8 of His warriors ready and willing to obey His commands, for He is our commander and chief and we love Him.

We set up at our usual places and watched as 16 lost souls of this depraved world roll in. We did spiritual warfare and offered help and of course offered the only help they truly need, JESUS.

Three mothers responded to the preaching and offers of mercy. Two decided to keep their babies and one just left because she couldn't take hearing about JESUS anymore.

This left thirteen to die. Murdered without mercy. Only the cries of the saints outside could be heard on their behalf. Tears for them were shed by total strangers and prayers were lifted up to Him as well on their behalf, again by total strangers. The church was not there as an institution but rather as a loose assembly of Jesus loving, passionate people. Who truly believe in His Word and Promises. They do not need the support of a dying and worn out group of religionists to keep them going at it.

Pray for these woman who so foolishly murder their own. They are the most lost that there could be. These are their children and they cannot love them more than they love themselves and hate God.

Pray for those lost and wicked who sell their services to these foolish woman for profit and emotional gain. For they hate God and all of His children.

Pray for mercy for all those who call themselves Christian, but cannot seem to gather enough courage to obey and follow Him.

Pray that our Lord soon brings an end to the rule of the false shepherds and places those that He has truly anointed in authority so that righteousness and holiness is once again regarded with respect and the fear of the Lord is reestablished for good.

In His service
Dan LaFreniere

April 16, 2002

My dear friends in Christ,

On 4-6-02 our Lord sent out 13 warriors to do battle with the enemy at the Temple of Death, other wise known as the West Side Clinic in White Settlement. We set up at 7:30 a.m. and prayed for mercy for the innocents that were going to be brought there to die.

Carole and I were not there. We were at the 12th district Republican convention. We had a table there to display and offer pamphlets on Blood Guilt and JERICHO MISSION flyers on the increase in Christians coming for abortions. We also set up a display for the Pregnancy Help Center on highway 80 and we also set up a small display for Carole's local C.W.A prayer group that meets once a month to intercede on behalf of this lost and wicked nation. We were both delegates and Carole was the convention secretary.

I do not believe in politics, but I felt that I could not pass up the chance of giving out some truth and raising money for the local C.P.C's. 15 Blood Guilt pamphlets and several JERICHO MISSION flyers were taken and 100.00 dollars was raised for each of the C.P.C's! Also 3 new women signed up for the C.W.A prayer group!

While all of this was going on with us. The saints that laid siege to the mill with the Lords help got 1 save. Praise Jesus! But sad to say 14 others died a horrifying death. Please pray for mercy for the mothers and all of those who participated in this crime against God and His Kingdom. Pray for Justice for the innocent who lost their life's for no better reason than selfishness and the lack of love.

On 4-13-02 our Lord sent out 8 warriors to do battle at the Temple of Death, other wise known as the West Side Clinic. We set up as usual and began begging for mercy and offering Jesus to all who would listen and receive His Word.

There was a Christian couple who stopped and talked with Carole for a minute, but even after being reminded about their Savior's Laws and their Salvation they drove in and parked. They went in as I was preaching to them about the real Jesus. I must admit my heart was broken over this one because they brought their little baby with them to be a witness to their act of barbarism, hidden behind a cover of sweet lies about their future being messed up and how it would be so hard to raise 2 children so close in age. They had no faith because they had no true Jesus.

What in the world are the Pastors teaching these people anyway? Lies,lies,lies and a false vision of our world. Not the vision of our Holy Lord. Oh no! Not that life is Sacred and Cherished by our Lord. Oh no! Self-centeredness is their Gospel. The Gospel of me-ism and how to be a good steward. The Gospel of the only obligation you have is to develop a personal relationship with Jesus while forgetting to follow His Commands. You cannot have a personal relationship with our Holy Lord without serving Him in Righteousness and Holiness. They wish to pray the prayer of Jabez with a sin ridden heart because it is the cool thing to do, but the territory they pray for is covered in sin and becomes defiled with the shedding of innocent blood. God honors the heart that chases after His own and they do not know how to do this because their Pastors do not know how to either! God honors obedience to Him and His commands.

Well, 18 babies died today but our Lord saved 1 and turned another mother away. Praise Jesus for His mercy and love. It is not we who save these babies for we are just a bunch of nobodies. We could not do any of this without the power of the Holy Spirit at work for the sake of the Kingdom and Jesus.

Please continue your prayer efforts on behalf of these innocent children who God loves so much. So many are not even remembering or trying to remember that almost 4000 are murdered everyday in this wicked nation. Most of the church does not even pray at the end of each service for our Lord to end this abomination. They do not care. So your prayers are now even more important for they help cover theirs. Please pray for all of those who are lost and might find themselves where they should not be.


I have recently learned that our TV show has not been put on air in any of the cities that was promised. Please forgive me for feeding you with false information. I guess our Lord did not want this show to go on the air. I am going to Austin in a few weeks to make a new one and I pray that this will meet with our Lord's approval. I promise not to announce that it is on any station until I double check the source. Forgive me.

In His service always,
Dan LaFreniere

April 4, 2002

My dear saints,

The first three months of this year have truly been blessed by our Lord. he has looked down from heaven on us and our efforts for Him and His Kingdom and He has found it all very pleasing to behold. He has increased the amount of warriors from 3-6 to 10-13 on any given Saturday. He has given the Mission a van to use for His purposes and He has won over a small church in White Settlement, Light House Ministries, and have made them our friends.

He has brought to agreement between JERICHO MISSION and Light House Ministries a joint venture. White Settlement will have its own pregnancy help center in full operation by the end of this month right inside of the church.

He has raised up Light House Ministries to be the only church in White Settlement to take a stand against the workings of the enemy and to do battle with him along side JERICHO MISSION with our Lord in command.

Donations are already flowing in for the C.P.C. and promises of help from other C.P.C's have been given and from another church in Arlington, TX. He has most definitely blessed us and we gratefully bless Him and give Him the glory and honor He justly deserves.

Truth is flowing out to all of the churches in White Settlement and Ft. Worth by mail outs and letters from me. Our t.v. show is being shown in five major cities in Texas. Each city is showing it three times this month. We should reach an estimated 37.5 thousand people in this month. All of this is being shown on public access stations for a small amount of money.

The TV show will be aired sometime during this month in some of the other cities as soon as our friends set the time I will announce it. Austin is already showing it on their local station. The rest will follow shortly.

In two weeks I hope to make another show to be shown in May or June. All of this was spoken by our Lord and all of this is being done for Him and His Kingdom. The call for repentance needs to be loud and far reaching for He loves them all and wants all of them to repent and be spared the coming judgments. Pastor Jim has left us and moved to Burnett Texas to take a job as a business manager for a good friend of his in the Pro-life Ministry. This was an answer to prayer for Jim and it is truly a gift from God. I will miss him very much. He has stood next to my side for almost seven years and he always gave me his full support. He is a man of God and I know that our Lord is not thru with him yet. He will be living only an hours drive from Austin. I know the Lord will have him Minister there to the people and the truth will continue to be spoken as only Pastor Jim can with the help of our Lord.

Bringing the truth to the church on the streets will be postponed for another couple of weeks for prayer on this matter. My heart is broken over the total lack of a Christ like behavior from the members of the two churches we have gone two so far and I have been finding myself speaking in anger and with a lack of patients towards the church in this nation. I need our Lord's wisdom and a renewed vision on this matter. I believe they all need the opportunity to repent for blood guilt, so the mail-outs will continue and the outreach thru TV will continue. Please pray for me on this matter.

Well, here are the numbers for the first 3 months of this year.


As always we beg you for your prayers. They are needed very much. We ask that you relentlessly storm the gates of heaven with your petitions of mercy for the babies and salvation for all concerned in this abomination.

Pray for all of those who are lost and might find themselves where they should not be. Pray for this Mission and that God continues to give us His favor and blessings on behalf of those who are lost in the darkness and need the light of God.

In His service,
Dan LaFreniere


2002 1st Quarter     January - March

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