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2002-3rd Quarter JERICHO MISSION Reports


2002 - 3rd Quarter

September 18, 2002

My dear friends in Christ,

On September the seventh our Lord sent out forty-five warriors to attack in faith and love the Gates of Hell at the West Side Clinic in White Settlement Texas. We arrived at the usual time and set up. I gathered the prayer warriors to make their stand behind me and Carole. The rest lined the street with their large graphic posters and bibles. Brooks and Bill took the corners at the entrance and John and Frank took the over pass on Las Vegas Trail and I20.

We had maximum coverage and the effect was seen right away after the first few cars arrived our Lord provided us with a save. Praise Jesus for His mercy. As the day went on our Lord drove three other mothers away to think about what they were about to do. Yet sadly there were fourteen other parents who would not hear or see the truth and their babies died at the hands of Abortionist Rothwell and his staff.

Though the ground was soaked in blood our Lords people still lifted His name on high. We waged warfare for three and a half hours with the joy of the Lord in our hearts and the knowledge that no matter what we could see, we had victory through that same Lord, Jesus. We sang, we prayed, we begged, some cried, we read scripture aloud and I offered Jesus and commanded in His Holy name to Abortionist Rothwell to stop murdering the innocent now. He stopped for a second and looked at me and went on in to his mistake.

Totals for the day were one save and three turnaways.

Later that day we had an award ceremony for our good friend John Gleason. We had a picnic down the road from the mill at the Central Park in White Settlement in which about thirty-five people attended. The award we gave out is the Iron Man Award. We gave this to John for his eighteen years of service to the Lord at this mill.

For eighteen long years John has stood where few men would dare. Right in the face of satan himself. John is an example to our young adults of what a man of God is and how a righteous man responds to sin.

We are proud to have John with us and we were honored to give him a small plack of our appreciation and a ton of fried chicken to boot. Thanks again John!

On September the fourteenth our Lord sent out sixteen warriors to the West Side Clinic in White Settlement Texas. This Gate of Hell and Temple of Death at the corner of Las Vegas Trail and I20 West is an abomination in the sight of God and His Holy people. We go out to this place for our Lord and for the love of those who are lost in the darkness of lies. We bring with us the power of the Kingdom of God for all those who wish to receive it. We beg and offer mercy and love to all those who wish to receive it. We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those who will receive it. We wage warfare against those beast that rule in the spirit that the customers bring with them and that reside there. For it is do to their sinful and rebellious life choices that have brought them here to murder their very own.

Sadly no babies were saved today, but our Lord did chase away two mothers and bought them another couple of days to think about what they were going to do. We pray that they will not return. We lift up their children to our Lord for Divine Intervention. We had church service once again at the Gates of Hell. We sang, we prayed, we lifted Jesus on high, we waged warfare with the beast and we offered mercy and love to the lost. We preached the Gospel and we offered all of this to the abortionist and his staff as well. For they are lost and separated from God too.

This is a Holy Work and it should be treated as such by all and any who come out with us. Lives are at stake. Souls are at stake. The state of this nation is at stake. The state of the church is at stake. We must remember that we are Kings and Priest in the Kingdom of God and we have a responsibility to these offices and to God. Many have come and many have left because they could not fulfill the requirements of this task. Yet our Lord has tripled our numbers and He will add even more as the war rages on.

Faith is the key and Jesus is the victory. We cannot win without Him. This is His battle and we are His warriors. We fight with His ways only, not man's!

The totals for the day are two turnaways.

Please continue your prayer efforts for the innocent and all of those who are lost and might find themselves where they should not be. Lift up our little Mission in prayer and please continue your support. We love you all and we covet your prayers.

In His service
Dan LaFreniere

September 1, 2002

My dear saints,

We here at the mission are so grateful to the Lord for the increase in our numbers. Though our financial situation is bad we take great comfort in knowing that we have the personal to be able to split up if needed. Leaving half at the mill and taking the other half to attack satan on a different front as commanded by our Lord.

On August the twenty-fourth our Lord had us split up into two groups. one group was sent to the West Side Clinic to wage war with the enemy. The size of this group was nine. The other group was six in number and we were sent to Austin, TX. to attend a Praise and Worship Service that was being held at the Repro Mill that our dear friend Jim Phillips has been given the task of ministering there.

Brooks was placed in charge of the West Side Clinic group and he reported that our Lord had used everyone and saved one innocent and turned another one away. He reported that there were sixteen innocent ones left to die that morning. Abortionist Rothwell was offered the Gospel as always and he was commanded to stop shedding innocent blood in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I took the rest to Austin and we met up there with about sixty to seventy other warriors of the cross. This has not been seen in Austin in a number of years. Pastor Steve Hopkins from Burnett Bible Church gave the sermon and he touched everyone's hearts. He has been in this war for many years and he is a loyal servant.

We truly had church right there at the gates of hell. It was great to watch the deathscorts and to listen to their taunts. They hate God and all that He stands for. But now they know that our Lord is waging war on them and a permanent presence is now placed outside this hell hole.

We had quite a few arrows there also and they sang praise to the Lord. The enemy cannot stand this at all. There were two young men there who did a great job of apologetics and evangelism with two other young nonbelievers that came by to taunt and make fun of us. It gladdened my heart to see so many young people standing in the gaps were the church fails to respond. Our Lord truly has His remnant.

On August the thirty-first our Lord sent out twelve warriors to do battle with the enemy for the sake of the innocent who cannot speak for themselves. We set up as usual and began with a prayer. Today was not like the past Labor Day weekends. In the past the day was slow, but not today. The parking lot filled up fast. The count jumped from six when we got there to twenty in just a few minutes. My wife offered help and Gods mercy and I preached what the Holy Spirit wanted to be said and offer them all salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus.

The Lord answered our cries for mercy and gave us victory by saving two babies and turning another mother away from this temple of death and destruction. We had church this day too. We have church every time we gather in our Lords name to confront satan and to offer help to all of those who are lost or who are at war with our Lord. We embrace our brothers and sisters who have not succumbed to the spirit of fear, but rather are drawn closer to Jesus by it. We sing to the Lord, we praise the Lord, we pray to the Lord, we minister the Gospel for the Lord. We lift His name on high at the very place where many tell us not to go. Considering the amount of lives that have been saved, I would say that our efforts have been found to be pleasing to the Lord. For without Him we could not have accomplished anything of any worth or lasting value.

What many do not understand is the fact that we do all of this for Jesus and Jesus alone. There is no glory for us, only for Jesus. there is no financial gain for us, only honor for Jesus. Few people know of us and we prefer it to be this way, but we do want Jesus to be known by one and all.

Totals for this day are: two saves and one turnaway. Sixteen were left to be murdered.

Please continue your prayer support. We do feel it and it is comforting to know that you are there in spirit. Keep this nation in prayer for judgments are coming soon due to the lack of repentance and their false pride and arrogance. Wage spiritual war against the spirit of humanism for it has over run the church and the nation.

Continue your efforts against the spirit of abortion and its minions. The high places must come down soon. Pray that those who have political power will finally scrub the yellow streak from their backs and start making a righteous stand for our Lord. God must be obeyed first then the constitution! We have been in disobedience far to long and soon we will reap the effects of our sinful choices.

If you find it in your hearts to send a small donation. Please make out your checks to JERICHO MISSION and mail them to 230 South Las Vegas Trail, White Settlement, TX, 76108. We do need the help or we would not be asking for it.

n His service,
Dan LaFreniere

August 25, 2002

"...And I will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children"

Once again Malachi lived up to his name! Last Saturday, a young man drove by the clinic and saw the graphic signs exposing what goes on behind the clinic doors. He drove home, grabbed his child and sobbed. His wife Tanya drove out to the clinic to see for herself what was going on. Tanya told me that her husband was pro-choice, until today. The witness of what happened to the babies, broke his heart, and turned it to his children. When he got home, he ran to hug his baby, and wept openly over him.

Never let anyone convince you that the graphic signs are not powerful! The devil would love it if we all went to nice, sweet baby in the womb signs, and live baby signs! But the powerful witness of Malachi and the other broken bodies of the children killed by abortion changes hearts and minds. Never let their voices be silenced!

August 10, 2002.

12 Saints showed up to represent the Church of Jesus Christ. We praised, and preached and worshiped the Living God. Two babies lives were spared for the day. Sadly, 10 children were left to die a horrible death at the hands of Richard Rothwell, the abortionist. Dan warned Rothwell to repent while there is still time.

August 17, 2002.

22 Saints showed up to do battle for the Kingdom of God. There were some young college students from UTA. Dan preached the Word of God. We had the young men reading the Bible out-loud. The parking lot was packed, cars just kept pouring in.

A Hispanic couple stopped, talked to Brooks for a while then talked to me. They claimed to be Christian, but were unmoved by the offers of help. They went into the clinic. A young black women pulled in and told me she was there for a pregnancy test and agreed to leave handouts for the clients inside. The Spanish couple came out and just sat in their car. They sat there for about 20 minutes listening to Dan preach to them and looking at the signs. They drove out, stopped and talked to me. Maria, the young lady, told me they hadn't decided for sure, but they were going to go home and talk. She said they were Catholic and that she knew killing her baby was wrong.

A girl and boyfriend walked into the clinic from the gas station, he was giving us the salute of the ignorant, and she was acting really tough. They promptly went into the clinic. The man left and came back in a truck. She left the clinic, crying, and without an appointment slip before the abortionist got there. She did have the handout that the other women had left, so pray that she goes to the CPC for help. But at least that day, her child's life was spared.

At this time, a college girl who had brought her friend came over to "debate" with us. She told me that her friend wanted to be responsible, so she was terminating the pregnancy, rather than to have a child and give it to strangers. We spoke about what being responsible was. She claimed we were intimidating women. She also told me that as long as something was legal it was okay. She actually said that slavery was okay, when it was legal. This poor deluded young women is the living embodiment of the scripture "professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."

For the day, 2 turn-aways and 2 saved for the day. Fifteen babies were left to die at the hands of Richard Rothwell. Dan told Rothwell that God commanded Him to stop shedding the blood of the innocent and Rothwell scurried inside.

For Him,
Carole LaFreniere

August 6, 2002

My dear friends in Christ,

On July the twenty-seventh our Lord sent out eleven warriors to do battle with the enemy for the sake of those who cannot fight for themselves. We had five married couples out today for the glory of our Lord Jesus.

The West Side Clinic was slow today, thanks be to God. We set up as usual and I began preaching and my wife, Carole, began offering help and our Lords love. Ten customers arrived and our Lord turned away three of them. Praise our Lord for His mercy last forever.

Totals for the day: three turnaway---seven left to be murdered. On August third our Lord sent out twenty-seven warriors to do battle with the enemy at the West Side Clinic in White Settlement. We set up as we do everytime we come out. Prayer groups formed up behind my wife and myself and the battle began.

The parking lot fill rapidly and my wife offered help and Jesus love as I preached Jesus to them all. Fifteen customers filled the parking lot, yet our Lord broke through the strongholds on five of the young mothers who had come with every intention to murder their babies.

The very first car that arrived parked and got out and came over to Carole and changed their minds. Praise Jesus for this victory. During about an hour and a halfs time of preaching and praying three more pulled out and left. At the end of the day another mother came out and her and her husband got into their car and pulled out. They drove by me slowly and the mother gave me the thumbs up. Victory through Jesus once again. Another life saved!

Once again we had five married couples out to day. Our young people are continuing to come and fill in the gaps. Praise Jesus for filling their hearts with a love and hunger to obey Him and to serve Him.

Totals for this day are: two saves---three turnaway----ten left to be murdered. All the glory and praise belongs to Jesus. He sends us forth and gives us victory. We could not achieve much of anything out here without Him leading the way.

Please continue your prayer efforts for the staff and the abortionist and owner of this mill. Pray for those who are lost and find themselves where they should not be. Lift up the church for it's apathy and hardened hearts. Ask our Lord for a great shaking of truth to this nation. We are not one nation under God. Most of the church has turned their back on the truth of Scripture and they have adopted man's ways as the best way to run their lives.

In His service,
Dan LaFreniere,

July 13-20, 2002

My dear friends in Christ,

On July Saturday the thirteenth our Lord sent out sixteen warriors to the West Side Clinic (temple of death) to do battle with the enemy and to offer mercy, help and the saving grace of our Lord Jesus King of Glory. Of the sixteen warriors that came six of them were under thirty years of age. Two of them have been saved for only two years and one of them for only the last four weeks.

They heard the trumpet call and came running to the fight instead of away from it. They brought their children and they brought love for the lost and came in obedience to Christ our Lord. Christie who has been saved for two years came to the mill three months ago and cried for the whole two hours that she was there. She stayed away until she heard that I had given permission for my eldest daughter to come out with her baby. I asked her why she had come back out and she told me this:

"Dan I was afraid that I would grow to hate these woman so I stayed away. When Jennifer called me and told me that she was coming out I thought that I would give it one more shot. When that car stopped for mister Baker I walked over to see if I could help. When I looked in the car and saw that teenager crying I realized that my heart was breaking for her. I knew then that all that you have preached about was true. My heart ached for her baby and her."

Give thanks for these young people for they are the warriors of the future. Pray that our Lord fortifies them with His wisdom and vision. That He fills them with the power of the Holy Spirit to withstand all of the enemies coming assaults.

Please continue your prayerful support for this little Mission and for the abortionist and his staff to repent and be saved and quit. Pray for all those who are lost and might find themselves where they should not be and remember that you cannot have a victory if you are not out there. The young people who came out found that out and they are coming back!

On Saturday the twentieth our Lord sent out eleven warriors to do battle with the enemy at the West Side Clinic (temple of death). Mercy and help and salvation through Jesus was offered without charge. What has been freely given to us was freely offered to any and all who would listen. All six of our young warriors returned. Praise Jesus the battle will be won.

I preached for two hours off and on. The Lord used us all and the end result was two saves and two turnaways. Praise Jesus. The testimony of the posters proved once again to be a big help and prayer. Much, much prayer. The presence of the Holy Spirit was felt by one and all. What a wonderful gift and blessing.

The staff members do not know how blessed they are to have so many of Gods children praying for them. If they only realized the depth of their crimes against God they would fall to their knees and beg forgiveness.

Lift them all up in your prayers and lift up the church to awaken to their crimes also. Pray for those who are lost and might find themselves where they should not be.

In His service,
Dan LaFreniere

July 9, 2002

My dear friends in Christ,

     On June the twenty-ninth seven warriors for Christ came out to the West Side Clinic to wage war against the enemy and to offer God's mercy to all who would listen. Sad to report that no one listened. Their hearts were hard as iron and their ears were full of wax. Seven died today. We had our two Deathscorts there also to aid in this sacrifice. All are guilty of shedding innocent blood including the church.

     On June the thirtieth we joined in with Operation Save America to confront the National Education Association in Dallas during their yearly convention. There was about fifty to sixty warriors there praying for our children and passing out pamphlets written by Reverend Flip Benham. I felt like we were standing in front of an abortion mill. The same spirits that occupy those coming to the mill to murder their babies were present at the convention also. I could see that many of the delegates were lost in sin and far away from Christ. I am glad that I came. I learned that it is not just the leadership of the N.E.A but it is also many of the representatives that are in desperate need of Christ saving grace. It will be impossible for them to change their agendas without being convicted of their crimes against God. No real change can come about until Jesus is brought in. Pray for the teachers and the children they need Jesus. No laws made by man can keep Jesus out if the ones who know Him want to bring Him in.

     On July the sixth twenty-six warriors came out to the West Side Clinic to wage war against the enemy. Mercy and help were offered and the Gospel was preached. I must admit that the Lord led me to preach a hard truth because the customers were hard. Many prayers were lifted up to the Lord for them all but no one listened. Not one of them cared. The offers of mercy and help were turned down and God was mocked. All turned their backs on the Gospel. Nine babies were murdered today. Many tears were shed for them all.

     My friends even on those days that no babies are saved we have victory because we showed up and lifted the name of Jesus on high. We obeyed Him and offered mercy and salvation through Him. The enemy cannot stand against Him and His words never come back void. We do not know what effect His words will have later, but we do know that they will have the effect our Lord desires. We pray for His will to be done.

     Pray for all of those who are lost and might find themselves where they should not be. Pray that the abortionist and his staff receive the revelation of Jesus and quit their wicked works. Pray for the owner of the mill also. Pray for Justice for the innocent. Pray that our Lord will send out more women to stand against the enemy and more young men. Pray for a lost church and a lost nation.

     Remember that you cannot have a victory if you are not there. A war requires people to fight it. Even people such as we. Sacrifices must be made for the sake of the Kingdom of God too. Innocent lives are at stake. They must be defended. Souls are at stake and we must be present to offer Jesus to all of them.

     Pray for me, for I am a mediocre leader at best and I need your prayers.

In His service,
Dan LaFreniere


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