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Workers Pulling Out of Aaron's Abortion Center Expansion Work

Workers Pulling Out of Aaron's Abortion Center Expansion Work

But more effort is needed if we are going to stop the expansion to become a late-term abortuary from taking place permanently!

Sept. 24, 2004

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Yesterday I spoke with Fonda Lash, our friend at the Catholic Pro-life Committee in Dallas and she had some exciting news to tell me! First, she shared with me that last week 2 construction workers (we don't know their names) walked off the job after talking to 2 sidewalk counselors. Also, a born-again Christian working on the project installing the air conditioning was so convicted by the Lord one evening, that he too has quit! Also, Mr. Raul Garcia, another contractor working on the project, has quit as well!

Then Chris Danze, president of Texas Contractors and Suppliers for Life, who is leading up efforts in Austin to prevent Planned Parenthood from building the biggest abortion facility in America, called all of the people who are working on the Aaron's expansion project in Dallas and asked them to stop the work they were doing.

In my last e-mail, I explained a little about the new law that went into effect on January 1, 2004 prohibiting the killing of children past the 16th week of pregnancy. Even though this law sounded like a victory in Texas, it actually had a loophole in it. In order to kill children past 16 weeks gestation, a facility must receive "ambulatory surgical center" status from the state. So really, if an abortion mill became an "ambulatory surgi-center" then it would "permissible" to kill later term babies in Texas. To God it is never permissible to kill an unborn baby! That law is a bad law! Aaron's here in Dallas is one of three places in Texas that has received permission to start the process towards killing children past 16 weeks gestation, with the other two in Austin and Houston. This evil will only stop when you, the Church of Jesus Christ in Dallas, the surrounding areas, and the rest of the United States, makes up her mind it will stop, not one second sooner!

Fonda shared with me some good news! The electrician working at the site (Aaron's) has pulled his people off the project. He sent a letter to Aaron's stating that they would not be doing any more work on the facility, and called the city to remove his company from the electrical permit. Praise God! This is great news! This God-fearing man was willing to give up a project and suffer financial loss for doing so, rather than having to stand before God with hands filled with the blood of children due to the blood-money he would have accepted. Please pray for this man, that God would bless his business immensely!

Two other companies who were spoken to had said that they are not going to stop working on Aaron's, so it is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to raise her holy voice and take direct and effective action!

This is what we are asking you to do (even if you are not from Texas!):

We are asking that EVERYONE immediately call these companies and ask them, politely, to stop working on Aaron's abortion center. A sample call could sound like this:

"Hi, my name is John Smith, I am a concerned Christian and I live in Dallas (or wherever you are from). I'm calling to ask you to please stop the work you are currently performing on Aaron's Women's Center at 6546 LBJ Freeway in Dallas. The work you are doing will lead to Aaron's performing late-term abortions of unborn babies. This act brutally kills the little boys and girls in their mother's womb. This act is barbaric and will not only kill a little human being but can also harm the mom as well. This act will also affect the community because the shedding of innocent blood defiles the community and invites God's righteous anger upon a community that supports it. Jesus Christ wants to bless your company but will not if you partake in the building of this modern day death camp. Please, have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness. Thank you."

If you get an answering machine or voice mail, leave a message.

These phone calls take less than a minute and they have a significant impact on the other end, especially when many, many people call. We must keep the pressure up and make these companies realize that we are serious about ending abortion.

Jesus said that we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves! Please love your unborn neighbors and call these companies!

If Aaron's successfully completes the work needed for their surgi-center permit, women will be coming from all over Texas and from surrounding states to Dallas for late-2nd and 3rd-trimester abortions. Please do not let this become a reality!

Action steps:

1) Please call now: Dennis Luckey, owner of Prestige Commercial Construction, office - 972-682-5240, cell - 214-676-6771
2) Please call now: Duncan Disposal, office - 972-225-5252

3) Seriously consider spending a few hours every Friday morning with Kristene O'Dell, Becky Puckett and Dorrie Rayburn for proclamation and sidewalk counseling in front of Aaron's abortion center. (For more information, call John Reyes @ 469-853-3403. 4) Pray daily, earnestly, for an end to all abortion and that Aaron's in Dallas does not achieve surgi-center status to be a late-term death camp. 5) Forward this Action Alert to everyone you know! Thousands of calls need to pour in to these companies here in Dallas just as they have in Austin!

For Christ and His kingdom,

John D. Reyes

Director, OSA-Dallas