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Waco Report with Photos

Waco Report with Photos

Dorothy Boyett of Lubbock, TX reporting

The call went forth "Come to Waco." Christians answered this call from as far away as Wichita, Lubbock, Fort Worth, Dallas, Burnet, and Austin. They came to stand with Rusty, Liz, the Thomas Nations and the saints in Waco.

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By 7.30am the sidewalk outside the Planned Parenthood killing center was filled with pastors, moms and dads, grandpa's and grandma's, young people and children. They peacefully gathered to sing, pray and intercede for the children scheduled to die that morning.

Rusty Thomas brought a profound message of repentance before a Holy God. (Lamentations 4:12&13) "As America has cast of all moral restraints, we have created the very environment of tyranny that is now oppressing us," he said. He went on to say that the church has created a seeker friendly "gospel" instead of confronting the sins, idolatry and abominations of America.

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A copy of the ordinance was then burnt in an aluminum pail.

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At 8am two police officers arrived. Rusty exhorted the group to follow the teaching of biblical submission to authority - entrust yourselves to God and continue to do good. He informed those present to "do as your conscience dictates," and said that no one was to feel guilty if they chose to leave. Every pastor, man, woman and child stood firm.

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The police brought armloads of the "ordinance," to Rusty and stated, "You and your congregation are in violation of the ordinance of the City of Waco." Rusty brought their attention to the ashes smoldering in the bucket, "Gentlemen this was the ordinance!"

They offered copies of the ordinance to those assembled, but having no takers, they left.