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Gentle Christian Young People Assaulted then Pepper Sprayed Outside Dallas Abortuary!

August 7, 2004

Christian Videographer Attacked by Angry Dad
Several affected by Pepper-Spray from Abortion-Bound Mom

A Christian man was assaulted Saturday morning after an abortion - bound dad attacked him and stole his camera in front of Fairmount abortion clinic. Dan Russell, the videographer with OSA-Dallas, was video-taping sidewalk counselors when the man, in his mid-twenties, came up, pushed and pulled him, forcing the video camera into his possession. The man then took the camera into the abortion mill. Upon realizing that the police had been called, the dad later came out of the mill and returned the camera to Mr. Russell - without the video tape. When the police arrived, Mr. Russell and others gave their eyewitness account of the assault and charges were filed against the man. Police officers entered the abortuary and later returned the videotape to Mr. Russell. "This type of behavior is not surprising to anyone who does this type of ministry. Folks going into abortion mills have violence and murder already devised in their hearts toward their unborn children. If they cannot even respect the dignity of the smallest of human life, why should we expect them to value ours." said Rev. John D. Reyes, Director of Operation Save America-Dallas.

After the police were called, the man exited the abortion mill to speak with OSA leadership. "He exited the abortuary to seek forgiveness for what he had done to us." said Reyes. It seems that the man is afraid of losing his job if he gains an assault charge. "We shared with the man that we accepted his apologies and did forgive him and love him, but that there are still consequences to one's actions. He agreed. We were able to exchange phone numbers and I hope to be in contact with him this week."

As for the baby of this couple? By the time the saints left the streets, the mom was still in the abortuary contemplating killing her child. "The dad told us that he was a Christian and that what he and his wife were doing was wrong... but we hear that all the time. Our prayer is that they would repent of their sin of murder and allow the Lord Jesus Christ to heal them. In the meantime the charges will stand." said Reyes.


Soon after the assault incident, sidewalk counselors Rachel Hanley and Blake Bonet were counseling a couple entering in the abortuary. When the abortion-bound mom reached the half-way point between the sidewalk and the door of the abortuary, she released pepper-spray into the air, in the direction of a group of Christian young people. The spray was carried by a light breeze into the pathway of 16 year old Melissa Manville, 10 year old Vanessa Manville and 1 1/2 baby Ariella Barella. The affect of the pepper spray caused the majority of sidewalk counselors to start coughing, some even gagging.

"The woman obviously had no value for any life whatsoever, born or unborn from the largest to the smallest that she would use this weapon upon gentle Christians, including a baby!" stated Rev. John D. Reyes, Director of Operation Save America-Dallas. Upon calling 911 again for the second time in one morning, the saints awaited the Dallas Rescue Department to come and check the children and those affected by the spray. The police also arrived and charges of reckless conduct were brought against the mom. None of the Christians were seriously injured by the spray though some did cite aggravated throats, runny eyes and nausea.

Both charges are going to be investigated by detectives of the Dallas Police Department and trials will be set in the near future.

13 went in to abort
13 Christians came out to minister
1 Turned Away