The spirit of Elijah is sweeping across the nation calling the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.
Malachi 4:6
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Operation Save America:
July 17-24
Sponsored by Pass the Salt Ministries and Minutemen United

Bringing God's Word and Truth to the streets of Columbus
Mourning over the sin of abortion,
Standing against the sin of sodomy,
Repenting for an apathetic Church.

Updated August 8, 2004

Click on this link, News for all the news and articles about the July 17-24 OSA national event in Columbus, OH.

Operation Save America event has national media outlet

For many more pictures from the streets of Columbus in addition to those on our News page here plus daily radio updates go to! Reports & pictures will be added daily here.

Murderous Spirit Has Invaded Columbus, Ohio
Posted June 21, 2004 - (Corrected July 27, 2004)
As hundreds of Christians prepare to descend on Columbus, for the Operation Save America National event July 17-24 it is important to understand the attack that Ohio's capital city has been facing. Considering the following: * The year 2003 was one of the bloodiest in the history of Columbus. More than 100 murders were committed last year. Once considered a "cow-town," Columbus now ranks with the leading cities in America in violent deaths. ...

All other Columbus news articles for July 2004 are listed on the event News page.

Here are a few photos from the Ecclesiastical Court held by the Church in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina during our national event last year.

All pictures can be viewed in full size by clicking on the image.

Flip Benham proclaiming the Lord Jesus as Supreme over all human authorties

Butch leading the saints in public worship of King Jesus

One of six caskets representing six opinions by the Supreme Court which were burned at the federal court house

Government wasting our tax dollars to defend a pro-abortion government from peaceful praying & preaching Christians

Sign displaying real crimes against humanity

Memorial service for aborted child


The Second American Revolution to restore our Christian heritage has begun. The trumpet has sounded. God is calling His Church to the battle. In the day of Elijah, God called His people to Mount Carmel. Elijah stood before the people and proclaimed, "If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal is God, follow him." 1 Kings 18:21

We will be proclaiming from this day forward that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is to Him alone that we owe our allegiance.

We have allowed our Christian heritage to be stolen from us by false prophets. The very foundations of our faith are being removed from our children and our nation:

Engle vs Vitale (removed prayer from school)

Abington vs Schemp (removed the Bible from school)

Roe vs Wade (decriminalized abortion)

Stone vs Graham (removed Ten Commandments from school)

Planned Parenthood vs Casey (declared that man can determine his own reality)

Lawrence vs Texas (declared that homosexuality is a constitutional right)

Jesus proclaimed His Kingdom by saying, "Repent and believe in the good news." Mark 1:15. We will be coming with our faces low to the ground, believing that Jesus can restore our land, and believing the Ohio State motto which says: "With God all things are possible.

The Second American Revolution

In the midst of a sin-sick world, we are called to be men and women of the gentle revolution. We are called to embrace the Truth and to fight for the hearts and minds of a lost generation. We are called to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the very gates of hell.

We cannot continue to be silent; we cannot continue to choose comfort and ease at the expense of the souls of men and the dismembered bodies of pre-born babies. We cannot isolate ourselves in our homes and churches while our nation is made blasphemous before Almighty God.

"There can be no more compromise, no more common ground. It is time to take up the cross of Christ. It is time to lay down our lives for others." Pastor Flip Benham

The power of God took a few failing, fearful disciples and used them to stir the uttermost parts of the earth! Are we willing to take up the cross and sacrifice our complacency? It all depends on our obedience to Christ and action to His Word.


God is calling his people to take a stand. He is calling pastors, churches, families, youth groups, and ministries to come out of the closet and allow the theology of the church house to become biography in the streets of Columbus, Ohio.

As the prophet Elijah called down fire from heaven, we will be calling down the fire of God’s Spirit to turn us back to Him with all of our heart!

Hotel Information:

Best Western

$40.00 double room per night
Full breakfast included

2100 Brice Rd
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

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Contact person: Shelly

Contact Information

Com-Center Number: 614-759-5196

National Office: 972-240-9370


Rev. Rusty Thomas calls the nation to repentance with a donkey named Mercy
following a horse named Judgment

When words fail, God speaks through "living parables." Beginning in March, OSA will be walking across America with a prophetic warning – The killing of God’s babies in the womb must cease or we will face the increased judgment of a Holy God. The constant threat of terrorism upon our soil and the erosion of liberties is clear evidence of God’s displeasure with America. God is using a symbol of judgment found in Revelation (a white horse) and a sign of peace found in Zechariah (a donkey) to warn our nation and to call Christians to come to Columbus, Ohio.


Operation Save America unashamedly takes up the cause of pre-born children in the name of Jesus Christ. We employ only Biblical principles: the Bible is our foundation, the cross of Christ is our strategy, the repentance of the Church of Jesus Christ is our ultimate goal.

"My church and I make the OSA summer event our mission trip. These events have matured and strengthened our gifts and filled us with a passion for Christ." Pastor Bill Shanks, New Covenant Fellowship, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Pro-life Christians in America stand, in a long tradition---both Christian and American---that calls them to rally in the face of injustice, and to come out into the public place to stand for what is right. Please join me and many others for the events of OSA!" Father Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

"Every year my wife and I bring our children, and now our grandchildren, to the OSA national event. It has been a life-changing experience for our family." Tom McGlade, Bradenton, Florida

"OSA’s message to the youth of this generation has awakened their zeal to live for God and to stand up and stand out for Him. Being involved in the pro-life movement has increased faith and focus in many young people’s lives." Pastor Keith Tucci, Team Redeem, Youth Ministry Team

"OSA has been instrumental in bringing me and many others to the love, forgiveness and hope offered by Jesus Christ. We were "Won by Love." Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade , Crossover Ministries