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Two Brothers in Court for Praying in a Mill

December 10, 1999

Two Brothers in Court for Praying in a Mill

Last week there was a great victory that God gave us in Dane County Circuit Court of Wisconsin when Will Goodman was found not guilty of a false accusation. There is another trial coming up for which we need all your prayers.

Last week's case was won by prayer, according to God's will. It was a failed attempt perpetrated by pro-abortion people and administrators at Meriter to distract us from our real work. The following case involves more centrally what we came together to do.

Please pray for the upcoming case in Dane County Circuit Court wherein Will Goodman and Chris McKenna are facing charges of "trespass to a medical facility" and "resisting arrest" for their peaceful physical intervention inside the Meriter Abortion mill on Good Friday of 1998. There, they knelt down in prayer in the waiting room and attempted to offer help to the women and protection for the children. Will and Chris will represent themselves, using the opportunity to witness to the dignity of the preborn child who deserves protection, and to unite any accompanying sufferings to our Lord's offering of himself for us. The trial is on December 23, jury selection on Dec. 20.

Pray for a positive and just outcome, for the City to drop the charges, for a softening of the hearts of City Attorney Lara Mainella, Judge Feidler, abortionist Dennis Christensen, and the officers and guards involved in the arrest. Pray for steadfastness and inspiration for Will and Chris, and whatever the outcome for reparation for the crime of abortion, especially at the abortion facility here in Madison where Will and Chris laid down their lives to rescue preborn babies and their parents, and at your local abortuary. A good activity would be to go on the day of the trial to your local abortuary to pray and witness and sidewalk counsel.