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Christians Come out of the Closet at the Human Rights Campaign Gala

Christians Come out of the Closet at the Human Rights Campaign Gala

Written by Dan Lee with thoughts from Flip

Charlotte was the site for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) on the 24th of February. Our small group of men unsheathed the sword of the Spirit and brought the truth of Jesus Christ to the streets in the Queen City. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed to our friends in the homosexual community. The Human Rights Campaign has nothing to do with “Human Rights” and everything to do with the agenda of homosexuals. With featured corporate sponsors such as Bank of America, Wachovia, Food Lion and many others; their godless principles are permeating our society. If the church continues to ignore the sin of sodomy that is running rampant in our culture, the future of America is in grave danger.

We went to HRC because we love those trapped in the perversion of homosexual sin and desire that they be set free from the homosexual lust that consumes their every thought.  Lust always breeds more lust.  It can never be satisfied.  There is a continual craving for “more.”  These poor creatures whom Jesus created, and whom He loves, have become slaves of the devil and his wiles and are being destroyed by Satan's lies.  Homosexual lust is nothing to be proud of and it certainly sets no one free. “ Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.” Leviticus 18:22

The Charlotte police force did their best to try to impede the Gospel. First they required all signs to be manned and all signs that weren't had to be put away. We were able to leave them lying on the ground face down. One of the officers asked Jason Dellinger to pick up all thirty plus signs and get them off the streets. Jason was also given a citation for exceeding the legal decibel level. Jason took the ticket from the officer in stride, stuck it in his pocket and continued preaching.

Gentle Christians also attended the evening event. This “Gala” was held to celebrate and legitimize perversion. Christians reminded them that, try as you might, you can not legitimize something God calls an abomination. “…all who hate Me love death.” Proverbs 8:36 .

Above: Utter Perversion at Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in downtown Charlotte.  With food all around him, a naked male makes his debut at the gala black tie dinner of (HRC) on Saturday night, February 24, 2007. 

Over 1,500 attended the gala with “premier sponsors” Bank of America and Wachovia Bank taking the lead.  Joe Solmonese, HRC President, kicked off the event by bashing every Christian church or organization that stood opposed to homosexual sodomy.  Oddly, although there was an absolute disdain for biblical Christianity, almost everyone attending the event expressed their “luv” for Jesus- not the true Jesus, but one they had made in their own image.

Solmonese made it clear that the “Christian Right” was caving in and even groups such as the Christian Coalition were conflicted and divided over the issue of homosexuality.  His hatred for biblical Christianity was manifest in his speech on several different occasions.  He boasted of over a thirty million dollar operating budget, and it is no wonder, when one considers all of the major corporations giving to this wicked organization:  American Airlines; Bank of America; Wachovia Bank; IBM; Prudential Financial; Citigroup; Duke Energy; Blue Cross Blue Shield; Food Lion; Price, Waterhouse, Cooper; Merrill Lynch; and so many more.

Keynote speaker Leslie Jordan, a star on the TV sitcom “Will and Grace,” made it very clear that the framing of the argument toward acceptance of homosexuality was being won in the media and that there was nothing that the Christian Right could do about it.  “We are in every home by way of the airwaves.” He said.  “We are putting a human face on homosexuality through humor and the Christian Right can't stop it.  We are winning!”

Both Solmonese and Jordan are pushing hard for the passage of “Hate Crimes” legislation.

A few on their way into the gala had some sneering remarks towards the truth. Many also stated that we shouldn't be judging them; but the gatekeepers continued to convey the Gospel. One particular man, who claimed to be a Christian and was very knowledgeable in the stories of the Bible, didn't believe he was living in sin by continuing in his homosexual lifestyle. He talked to us for almost two hours before the event and again as he was leaving. He believed he was a Christian, but would not turn from his sin. I pray that he will repent, accept the truth of Jesus Christ and be set free from the bondage in which he is ensnared.

Those lost in the sin of homosexual sodomy are deeply conflicted individuals.  They want Jesus, but they do not want to give up their sinful, homosexual lifestyle.  Therefore, they revert back to Adam's lie to God in the Garden – “You gave the woman to me” or “You made me this way.”  All blame now goes to God.  This solves the whole problem.  If God made me this way, then I'll just live out the way He made me, knowing that everything is OK between me and Him. This total fabrication and justification overlooks the fact that all of us are born with a sinful nature.  We are not called to give in to it, but to overcome by the power of Christ.

With a huge budget and huge corporations willingly backing the homosexual agenda, the Church of Jesus Christ must rise. This is not a battle that will be won in the courts or in Congress. It is the battle between two seeds and it will be fought within the hearts of men. What can we do? We can and must take the battle to the gates of hell! This lie must be overcome by the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, the devil has stolen the media, but our media is the streets. It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to come out of the closet and take this battle to the only place it can be won – the gates of hell!

We win every time we show up!