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Tiller-KS Most Powerful Politician

Tiller-KS Most Powerful Politician
by Pastor Mark Holick

  • Fact - Tiller has been charged with (not 1, not 8, not 10 but 30 counts of criminal conduct.
  • Fact - Two different judges have seen the evidence and concluded that "probable cause" exists.
  • Fact - Kansas LAW states that in order to do a late term abortion (after 22 weeks) 2 doctors must find that that to continue the pregnancy there would be "substantial and irreversible damage to a major bodily function (KS 65-6079)(4) http://www.kslegislature.org/legsrv-statutes/getStatuteFile.do?number=/65-6709.html ."
  • Fact - In 2000, then Kansas Attorney General (PRO ABORTION) Carla Stovall said the above law includes "mental health."  In other words, the "mental health" exception IS NOT INCLUDED AS A LEGAL EXCEPTION BY LAW!  THIS IS WHAT TILLER USES TO DO LATE TERM ABORTIONS.  HIS WEB-SITE TOUTS HIS "EXPERTISE" AND AVAILABILITY TO DO THEM.  http://www.drtiller.com/fetanom.html   THIS IS CRIMINAL CONDUCT BY TILLER PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  Tiller broke the law!
  • Fact - Kansas law states that if the KS Attorney General files charges with evidence against an individual they "shall be arrested."  Thus, DA Foulston and Judge Paul Clark obstructed justice and defied the law.
  • Fact - During the hearing with Judge Clark, when Wichita DA Foulston was fighting against allowing the Kansas Atty General    Phil Kline to file charges in Wichita - after Foulston gave her arguments (that a KS Atty General (highest law enforcement officer in KS) must have her permission to file charges in Wichita - HOW MUCH MORE OBVIOUS CAN THE CORRUPTION BE?) - Tiller's attorney's then got up to give their arguments and said, "We agree with the arguments of the District Attorney (Foulston), thus, publicly acknowledging that the Wichita/Sedgwick County DA - Nola Foulston is employed by Abortionist Tiller.  As is Judge Clark, AG Morrison, and Gov. Sibelius.
  • Witness - I was at the hearing myself.  I saw with my own eyes Foulston, smile, greet, laugh with Tiller's Attorney entourage without the slightest concern before the hearing began in a packed courtroom.
  • Question, if one could, if one were to subpoena Foulston work, home, cell phone, e-mails for the few weeks before the hearing...how many calls/e-mails do you think she had with Tiller's attorney's???
  • Fact - Tiller broke the law...REPEATEDLY, charges were filed against him, evidence has been obtained (through a two year legal battle in the courts over records, though medical records are routinely acquired for any other crime when necessary), yet he is not being prosecuted.  Why?  Because of the $100,000's of thousands - probably over 1 million $$ that Blood money, used by Tiller to buy politicians.  Though we will never know for sure due to the sinfully lax reporting laws in KS (though a bill was passed but vetoed by our pro abortion Governor Sibelius.
  • Fact - Abortionist George Tiller is THE MOST POWERFUL POLITICIAN IN KANSAS.
  • Fact - Blood money corrupts everything it touches.