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by Pastor Mark Holick

As much as it pains every fiber of my being to say it… I predict Hillary Clinton WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  I'll even go further to say, it probably won't even be close.  She will be the next President for the very same reason we Christians were trounced in the last election.  This is the same reason that destructive sins (abortion, sodomy, easy divorce, pornography) are legalized government schools have outlawed the Ten Commandments, outlawed the Bible, outlawed prayer, outlawed God. It is the same reason most colleges/professors are atheistic, men have become effeminate and cowards, we have gambling, we're losing 80% of our church raised children to the culture, there's feminism, law suits as lotteries, an anti-Christ even anti-constitutional judicial branch, unwillingness to fight for moral truth or most anything for that matter, unwillingness to fight for ourselves-(Iraq is a major reason for losing the last election). 

At one time in America all these were illegal or culturally unacceptable.  All of these are legal or accepted today.  They are all legal for the same reason.

Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline spoke last Sunday.  In my view he's the ONLY AG in the nation to EVER enforce laws against the untouchable abortion industry since Roe v. Wade.  And he was relentlessly attacked for it by the media.   He even had the Wichita District Attorney oppose him when he filed 30 charges against abortionist Tiller.   In his message he stated, "America will not tolerate child killing, or America will not be tolerated." 

Because the aforementioned are legal in our society (this is what societies do when they like a particular sin), the recompense (our return in kind) is upon us:   fatherlessness, gangs, tolerance of more and more sinful acts, the destruction of the most basic element of any healthy society - the family, mass murder in schools, Islam from the East that says we bow to Allah or die, and an invasion from the South (see Dt. 28:43) which will bankrupt our nation.  This is the same reason our media is turned over almost entirely to the Godless, Christ haters.  The wages, the cost, the price of sin is always death.  And the reason we no longer have the courage to deal with an enemy that calls itself Islam and the reason we are powerless to stop an invasion (an invasion without weapons or so much as a fight), is all the same reason.

Psalm 9:17  The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.


What is that reason?  As the church goes so goes the nation.   (See Hos. 4 all & Mt. 6:33)

None of the aforementioned are causes, they are all effects.  They were all accepted or acquiesced in the church (among us Christians) long before they were accepted (legalized) publicly. 

Mt. 16:18, 19 … on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. 19 And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”  

Biblically the church can not lose: the only exception…if we won't go to the gates of hell.  Once we understand "Christ" v17, we acquire the authority and keys of the Kingdom.  Dominance by the church for His glory - this is the plan, but we must go to the gates. 

But much of the church has left the fight.  Being nice is more important than being truth.  Many prefer the happy talk, meet-my-needs only type of gospel that is void of the sacrifice, dying to self, pick up the cross gospel that is included.  In short, we want redemption without repentance, freedom without a fight, compassion without a cross.


Even George Barna is perpetrating a blasphemous, home church, bible study, coffee house church as "a spiritual revolution reshaping Christianity."  Those Christians belonging to such things are deceived or in rebellion.  This isn't hard.   Simply put, if (it) doesn't have a pastor, it's not a church.   It is a counterfeit.  They are generally patronized by people who are hurt, carrying an offence, do not want to be held accountable, or do not want to work to make disciples; those who want a drive-through spirituality. 


However, historically and biblically, we know that most, if not all reformations are not done with a majority but a remnant (Tyndale, Luther, Anabaptists, Separatists, Pilgrims, etc.) And this is the main point I wanted to get to.  The problem is with us, the Christian remnant.  


  • Those who have eyes to see the cause (sin), and the effect (judgment) that is occurring in our nation. 
  • Those of us who go to the gates of hell, who know something of picking up our cross, who are willing to "despise the shame," who have, to some extent, laid down our lives and paid significant prices for our obedience. 
  • Those of us who come OUTSIDE the four walls of the church to be salt and light to our culture.  
  • Those who fight and sacrifice for things greater than ourselves, beyond ourselves, been jailed, denied fair trials, vilified by the media, harassed by police, condemned by church members. 
  • Those who run towards Goliath.

If that is you, please consider the following:

Everything rises and falls on its leadership (Jos. 34:21).  The setting of the moral compass for the church will be from its leaders.  Those leaders are we the remnant.  So I say to all "remnants," the problem is with us the remnant.    We found the enemy and he is we.  We have passed the buck to "the church" (careful not to include ourselves) being the problem for far too long.  We, the remnant think far too well of ourselves.  If we do in fact see something it is only because the Lord has allowed us to see it.

PROBLEMS WITH WE THE REMNANT (not in any specific order)

1. Many of us hate Christ.   By that I mean we think it is possible to love Christ (the Head) and decry Christ (the Body).  We think loving and serving the Head is enough.  We have become so disgruntled with the apathy of some portions of the Body that we have divorced ourselves from the Body (of Christ).  Mind you, God HATES divorce of the Body. (See Ep. 5:22-33, especially verses 30, and 32 and Mal. 2:16).  Do you know how many Christians we have today who are quick to condemn the divorce (between husband and wife) yet are guilty themselves of divorce between themselves and the Body of Christ? 

What is a head without a body? Thus, we have self created home fellowships, coffee house church, or we don't attend church at all.  Any hand, no matter how healthy or strong, severed from the wrist, is useless.  This is sin.  We must repent.

2. We are not as Pro-life as we think.   Recently I was at a pro-life meeting in Wichita.  Attending this meeting were probably around 50-75% of all the main, active, pro-life leaders in Wichita.  I was invited at the end to briefly address the group.  I was introduced as "the most courageous pastor in Wichita ."  First, there are many pastors more courageous and faith filled than myself.  Also, I am quite aware that any faith acted in my life is but a thimbleful compared to say a Chinese Christian or a North Korean Christian.   I have read “Extreme Devotions.”  Second, I know the plethora of times that I was nothing but a coward. 

But it was meant to be a kind compliment and I am grateful for the gesture.  However, this is my point.  When I was introduced, the group graciously and exuberantly applauded.  It is doubtful that any of those pro-life leaders would ever be (none are) a member of the church I pastor or any other courageous pastor's church.  


-Mostly because of non foundational doctrinal belief :   some because of tongues, some because of a belief that God will bless when we obey, some because of a belief that God will judge when we disobey. Some won't be a member of my church because our church is too small, some because our church is too big, some because they have been a member at their current church for years, some because they just can't leave their friends.  -And on and on.  Some will not because of the negative "reputation" I have with the media and city (though they applaud me having it, but they really don't want their pastor to have it).  Keep in mind that I am speaking specifically of the remnant not SMO'S (Sunday Morning Only Christians).  The most important and fundamental of doctrinal beliefs are easily found and listed for us in Heb. 6:1-2.  Rarely, if ever does someone not want to be a member because of a disagreement with the foundations.  We are choking on gnats thinking, believing , it is a camel.  Mt. 23:24

In other words, our pet doctrines are much more important to us than stopping the shedding of innocent blood or protecting the family.   More important than making the sacrifices necessary to team up with those of like conviction and vision as to what is most important, to stop the slaughter.  We won't because of a jot or tittle we disagree with.

Now I ask you, knowing that no church or pastor is perfect, and if we are aware of the need for the church to go to the gates of hell, if we have some understanding as to what the cries of the blood of 50,000,000 slain will do to us if we are silent, and if we believed a particular pastor to be in some way courageous in these matters, wouldn't one, shouldn't one , be desirous of supporting such with more than lip service??  We the remnant must repent.

3. Remnants supporting non-remnant pastors/churches.  Why would a remnant go to a church with a pastor that is anti-remnant, a church with a pastor who hasn't been on-site at an abortion clinic in years and may even discourage the members from going, a pastor who says they "don't get involved in politics,"  a pastor who wants church attendance (popularity) more than principle?  I could understand a non remnant going to a non remnant church with a non remnant pastor, but it is completely foreign to me for a remnant to purposely choose the same type of church.  Why would we even go to a church with a "moderately" (if there is such a thing) supportive pastor if you have an option to hook up to a courageous one?

Remnants, can you see, though we lament the apathy of pastors, we do not give them any reason, or any support to do otherwise?

I, myself, in Wichita, have had numerous remnants kindly make the effort, in various ways, to thank me for my stand on things.  Then they go back to their church, whose pastor would never go to a porn shop to pass out a tract, or to an abortion clinic to save babies, or to a homosexual parade to witness, or pass out a pro-life partisan voters guide at church.  


Hillaryzebel will be the next President of the United States ...unless...

The remnants of each city must find one of the handful of unashamed, radical, hated by the media, most courageous, to the gates of hell, pastors in their city.  Go there, become a member, support that body, help in the nursery, clean the bathrooms, tithe, lift up the arms of the leadership. 

 Imagine what a church full of remnants, teamed together could do to shake their city for righteousness!!

It doesn't take a majority to rebuild or reform - just a remnant!   (See Zechariah and Haggai) Only around 15% of the colonists (called Rebels by the British) actually fought in the Revolutionary War.  At the time of the Civil War, less than 20% of the colonies were abolitionist.

And if you're not a remnant, become one.  It is the only way Mt. 16:18-19 will work.

I also predict (if the remnant stays in moderate churches) that once Hillaryzebel is elected President, you will see more Christians jailed for their Christian faith, than in any other time in our nations history.