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Christians From Six Area Churches Rescue Children in Wichita

On Wednesday June 16, 2004 12 brave Christian heroes demonstrated the greatest love that Jesus spoke of by laying their lives down for another. Though police charged the 12 with trespassing and trumped up a charge of "resisting arrest" against 2 of these, their loving sacrifice resulted in saving the life of at least one baby and at least one very happy mother's soul. Please pray for these bold saints as you read accounts by Pastor Mark Hollick and Bill McGinnis followed by some thoughts by Donna Lippoldt. These 12 saints took the love of Jesus and the clear commandments in Scripture seriously enough to allow God to turn their theology into biography in the streets. Keep storming the gates! - Pastor Steve Mashburn

"Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter." Proverbs 24:11
"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." John 15:13

Christians From Six Area Churches Rescue Children in Wichita

Summary of Events from June 16, 2004 by Bill McGinnis.

Once we entered the facility, their security guard stopped us half way up the drive. Asked us what we were doing there and told us to leave. When we didn’t, he handcuffed Pastor Mark Hollick and Pastor Daniel Thompson. He then kept telling everyone else to keep back and used physical force to keep anyone from trying to walk further or talk to any people entering the facility.

At one point, unprovoked, the guard pulled his revolver out threatening everyone. We told him that we came in here peacefully and that we are no threat to him. I had to calm him down and convince him to put away his weapon. He then pulled out his mace and threatened Michele Sheets with it. I told her to turn her back on him.

Once the police arrived, they asked everyone to leave the property, which we all chose to stay to save the life of a child. When Pastor Mark and I told them that I was going to leave they stopped me and said I couldn’t leave with the video cameras. They asked me if I was going to leave and I replied "Not without our video cameras." They had no right to take them. So they put me under arrest.

I saw several police officers starting to rough-up the two men that were doing the video taping and they charged them with resisting arrest. We came there peacefully and we were not there to resist, it was in the way those officers were manhandling these two men that caused them to have to move to keep from getting hurt – we have this on video.

After some time, the police put five of us in a van to transport back to the detention facility and we asked them to give us some air back in the van and they did not respond, we were soaked with sweat, even our ties and belts were drenched. I was told by Michele Sheets that she heard the officers say that they put the 5 loudest ones in the first van and that they were going to take us the long route to make us sweat and quiet us down.

Once at the detention facility there were some police officers that checked in our property that treated my group very well, but one officer (Mitchell) was very rude and treated Donnie very poorly, just for praying.

When Donnie was being put into the holding cell, one detention officer threatened to keep him there longer if he didn’t stop praying. "If you want to get out of here today, you better shut up."

At one point while we were praying, officer Moyer came to the cell door and told us that she knows we are praying to our God, but if we didn’t quiet it down, she was going to show us an even greater wrath than our God. This was unprovoked and she could have easily just asked us to keep it down.

While processing me out of the facility, I heard several police officers and detention officers making fun of the church members holding church services outside. I thought that all law enforcement members are supposed to be non-biased and shouldn’t state their personal beliefs while in the performance of their duties. But as usual, the church is mocked and nothing happens to the ones that break policy, standards, and higher laws themselves.

An account by Pastor Mark Hollick

We entered into the parking lot at around 12:45 pm, on Wednesday, June 16, 2004, in the year of our Lord.

There were 12 of us ready to lay down our lives that day, ten men, two women, from six different churches, made up of pastors, elders, deacons, business leaders. All of us were local Wichita or El Dorado residents.

Upon entering the parking lot, and armed only with our Bibles, about 30 yards in we were met by the abortuary security guard, I was in front of our group, at which point he immediately grabbed me, so I went to my knees and he then cuffed me. Our group proceeded a few feet further when the security guard pulled out his gun from his holster and with his finger on the trigger held the gun into the air. I can not recall at this time his words.

Bill McGinnis then began to speak to him reminding him that one can not use excessive force unless conditions warrant it. He then, after some time, put the gun back in his holster and pulled out his mace and began to threaten us with it.

About ten minutes later the police showed up and moved all of us up against the fence. Donnie H. and Casey H. were there with us videoing all of the situations. The police, due to the videoing became very angry with Donnie and Casey, and then proceeded to assault and batter them by throwing them to the ground forcibly, marring Donnie’s face, and with 2 or three police on top of them after they were battered to the ground. We then picked up the video camera’s to take them to those standing outside at which point the police took the video camera’s from us and would not allow us to keep our own cameras.

Thoughts on the rescue, the Church in America and punishment by Donna Lippoldt

(For two of the many news articles see News Media Covers 12 Christians When Arrrested for Saving Children.)

I’m sure you’ve all seen the news about the rescue that took place yesterday, Wednesday, June 16th. I am so proud of the individuals that went onto the property of George Tiller’s Abortuary. They were brave and bold in their faith.

It’s obvious that our country is in a downward spiral. We’re following suit from Canada and France. You probably already know, but recently in Canada the Bible was outlawed as "hate literature" and banned from public reading. It’s coming folks, it’s right around the corner. Since 1991 many of the people that responded decided to get involved in politics. They said we’ll change the laws. It hasn’t happened and it’s not going to happen until the Church wakes up.

Yesterday, 12 people, 10 men and 2 women risked arrest to save the lives of innocent children. The Sidewalk Counselors said there were several that drove by and never came back that afternoon. One young woman with her friend and boyfriend in the car came and tried to get into the clinic. As the Sidewalk Counselors pleaded with her to change her mind, it was obvious the boyfriend was pushing her to do it. They drove into the mill and walked up to the door with the Christians calling out to her that they would pay for her adoption or all her pregnancy needs. They urged her to reconsider.

After the first van load of believers were taken away, and the second loading, the young woman, without her boyfriend came out and hurried to the arms of the Sidewalk Counselors. She said, "You sure don’t make it easy for someone to get an abortion." We all smiled at her and ministered to her about the love of Jesus and just why we were there. Then her friend told us her story. She said that in 2003 when Tiller was giving "free" abortions, she came and a Sidewalk Counselor talked to her and she chose life. Her child is now 10 months old. She said, "I’m pro-life." Praise the Lord.

God’s Word talks over and over again about standing for the higher law. What would we have done if Mary & Joseph hadn’t fled, in defiance of the law, with Jesus to Egypt? What were the Christians doing when Nebuchadnezzar took prayer out of the school? Daniel didn’t cower, he said I’ll obey God. What were we doing when they took prayer out of school? We were hiding behind Romans 13. There are examples all through the Old and the New Testaments. The authorities told Paul not to preach in His name at all. The problem with us today, is that we don’t want to pay the price. We don’t want the punishment. God never said there wouldn’t be punishment for standing for His Truth. Some things to ponder.