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"Safe Abortion That's a LIE, They Don't Care if Women Die!"

"Safe Abortion that's a LIE, They Don't Care if Women Die!"

By Angela Michael

"If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn't much to you in the first place. Rescue the perishing; don't hesitate to step in and help. If you say, "Hey, that's none of my business," will that get you off the hook? Someone is watching you closely, you know-- Someone not impressed with weak excuses. " Proverbs 24:10-12, The Message Bible

Abortion leaves two victims - one dead, one wounded - that is if the woman survives.

Another one bites the dust… So much for "top-notch reproductive surgical care" at the Hope(less) butchery mill's "safe, simple, health-care" for some women, and that's a stretch. On Saturday morning, March 13, 2004 there were over 38 cars on the abortuary's parking lot from surrounding states.

Jamie and Carl returned to this abortuary to finish the two-day dismemberment of their 15-week old baby. A few hours later, this couple came out of the mill minus one person, and Angela noticed Jamie was having difficulty walking, and she asked sidewalk counselor Christina, to get her some post-abortive resource materials.

Click image for larger view
Christina (on left) and Angela
attending fallen woman.

Moments later, Sara, Christina's daughter ran to the front of the Hope(less) mill screaming, "Angela they need you behind the abortion mill!" We ran to the back of this mill and saw Christina holding a crumpled up woman who was unconscious and her companion standing by with a look of extreme anxiety on his face. Angela knelt down and felt for a pulse and noticed the ashen color of her face. She was un-responsive.

Click image for larger view
Angela with back to camera
checking woman's vital signs.

After speaking with her male companion, and assessing her condition, it was decided that this mother may be going into shock and to call 911 for assistance. Proclaimers surrounded this scene and began praying for her and Angela asked for their coats to lay over this fallen woman. It was only after fire-fighters and paramedics arrived on this hospital parking lot that is adjacent to this killing facility, did the deathcamp guard, Nathaniel Lang, come over and start shooing witnesses away.

Before the ambulance got there, saints ran over to the emergency room telling personnel of the situation and asked for a wheel chair, which the hospital staff denied them. D. Greene, a Granite City fire-fighter /paramedic began screaming at the few individuals who were taking pictures of this crime scene in order to expose the truth of the spin of so-called "safe and simple abortion".

Angela stood up as paramedics took over and placed this woman on a stretcher, and asked the rabid fire-fighter his name. He replied, "What's your name?," I said, "Angela Michael". He then yelled, "call the police…arrest her!" I heard a woman behind me in the crowd say, "Steve, you're a lawyer, their going to arrest Angela, go up there and help her." Steve walked to my side but appeared a bit tense over the situation.

I then turned to the group gathered and came face to face with this lawyer/proclaimer and whispered, "The worst thing they could do is arrest me, but it would be the best thing for us, if they did arrest me." I then said, "Be encouraged," and they all smiled including Steve.

Daniel and I walked Carl over to the emergency room and along the way they informed him of all the lawsuits against this abortion mill for gross negligence and malpractice /botched abortions, and that the most recent botched abortion was December 3, 2003 where this young woman had to have a hysterectomy in order to save her life-See article "At least women knew what they were getting with a coat-hanger" on the OSA website He promised to stay in touch and we exchanged information and resources available to help this couple.

Click image for larger view
Ambulance backing into Emergency
Room with fallen woman inside.

At this suffering woman's request, Christina accompanied her into Gateway Regional hospital the same hospital that houses two abortionists now, Yogendra Shah and Alan Palmer, and continues to cover-up their "chop-shop" jobs. It was reported once inside this hospital, personnel were complaining in front of the male friend of the hurt woman about the "anti-abortion crazy people". The young man spoke up to the hospital workers and said, "Thank God for those people, I'm glad they're here, they helped us!"

Click image for larger view
Deathcamp director Sally Burgess
walking to the aftermath.

The deathcamp director Sally Burgess only came out to check on this woman after her limp body was scraped off the parking lot, and she was loaded into the back of the ambulance.

Where is the outcry against this deadly abuse from the "pro-women" organizations? Particularly, N.O.W. or is it the National Organization for some women. Pro-choice is a poor-choice for women and all these femi-nazi organizations should be screaming from the rafters with just one "botched abortion". But they help in the shaming of these women that unfortunately make a "poor-choice", by their silence, and their empty slogans etc. Women certainly deserve better.

Where is the media? We made certain all the TV and radio stations in the St. Louis area were called. Not one showed up to cover the story of a woman sent on her way after an abortion collapsing before she ever reached her car – her plight ignored completely by the abortuary staff. It is the refusal to cover the criminal actions of abortion mill staff by these so-called journalists that enables the Yogendra Shahs and Alan Palmers to keep butchering women's bodies while killing their children. Shame! The civil malpractice suits filed frequently against the Hope abortuary ought to include these media outlets as co-conspirators. If only women knew the truth of what goes on behind the glitzy walls!

The marquee outside this abortion mill, in Granite City, IL would better read "Barbaric butchery at it's finest". Over 40 victims are serviced a day for a total of approximately. 200 a week, and since 1974, over 366,000 children have been slaughtered under the dank steel mill surroundings a.k.a "2 million dollar state-of-the art", five-star meat-grinder mill.

Most importantly, where is God's Church in the face of this holocaust and horrific abuse? Were it not for the pro-life Christians that sacrificed their Saturday morning to stand in the cold to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ and offer a real choice – life - to abortion-bound mothers at the Hope(less) abortuary, this young women could very likely have died. The news media is owned and operated by pro-abortion editors who don't care if women are mutilated and their children killed. God's Church is the only entity equipped to be the conscience to the community and civil government.

It is only when the Church goes to the gates to declare, “In Jesus' Name enough is enough!” that the killing will stop and not a second sooner. We must repent of our silence and absence in the public square and take our stand there for King Jesus. The church members present this Saturday for the first time were shocked at the sight of this outrage. They were determined to return as proclaimers after finding out that this callous disregard for human life is routine at this abortuary.