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What Have We Become!

What Have We Become!
By Patte Smith
February 9, 2007

There were so many mothers having late term abortions at Orlando Women's Center this morning. Randall Whitney arrived to assist with the labor-and-delivery of infants through all nine months of pregnancy.

A tall thin young man in a white sweatshirt stood outside the back of the clinic with his head hanging, a white bag in his hand. I introduced myself and told him that since these abortions are labor-and-delivery that his child would be pushed into the toilet of this awful killing place. He turned to Mary Jo and I, lifted the bag and said, "This is my baby."

His child was in that trash bag. We could see how the weight of the baby made it sling low. They must have wrapped the child in a towel or little blanket. It showed through the bag. I begged him to bring the infant over to us. I told him that he needed to tell what happened - that it wasn't right - that it was illegal to do third trimester abortions.

He simply stood there, shaking his head. Finally he said; "It's my business."

What this means is that the baby was delivered during the night or early morning, before the couple had a chance to get inside the killing place.

Sonia opened the back door of the clinic and the young man handed the bag with his little son or daughter over to her.

It was more than we could stand.

Charles, the Orlando police officer who was on duty as Security, didn't seem to care when I told him what happened. I called the Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent George Cunningham. I called Irving Levine the prosecuting attorney with the Florida Department of Health. I called Joel Libby, who works at the Agency for Health Care Administration in Orlando. I was only able to leave voicemails for them. I finally called 911 and begged them to send someone out. I said that I wasn't sure if the baby was alive or dead.

A few police cars arrived. One officer went inside and interviewed the young man. We waited for hours in order to see whether they were going to take the baby's body to have a medical examiner see if the child was alive and killed at birth. But, the officer was still in the clinic when we left.

I also called the Agency for Health Care Administration's hotline and told them what happened. I added this information to the other two complaints.

I will be calling Orlando police to see if they will tell me any more.

Please pray that they took this poor baby's body to be examined. Please pray that this story is told far and wide. Please pray that someone is willing to prosecute Pendergraft and all the others who are involved in these killings.

This is Orlando. This is America.