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Dad Uses Hanger to Extract Baby at Planned Parenthood

Dad Uses Hanger to Extract Baby at Planned Parenthood

By Jo Scott

Dad with toddler locked in SUV at PP mill

On Thursday January 11, 2007 this truck arrived at Planned Parenthood

in Denver, Colorado with a mom, a dad, a toddler and a dog all piled into the front seat. Mom was dropped off at the door and the truck left the premises. An hour or so later the same truck drove back on to the premises with a dad, a toddler and a dog in the front seat. The truck stopped in front of the entrance to the mill as seen in the photo above. Dad got out and walked around to get his toddler only to discover that the tot had locked the truck door. No amount of pleading could prompt the tot to open the door. A child refuses to get out of the car at an abortuary, how fitting is that?

So, out came the hanger.

Dad tries to extract baby from car with hanger

Can you believe it? Hangers used at Planned Parenthood! At the very least this is a priceless picture because, while this dad was using a hanger to extricate his child from his automobile, a butcher was inside the death camp using a knife to extricate his other child from his wife's womb.

This man spent 35 minutes trying to open the door of his vehicle while listening to pro-lifers plead for the life of his other child held captive in his wife's womb, but to no avail. The door would not open, nor would his toddler open it. (Smart kid!) And dad had no concern for his second child.

Meanwhile the front entrance to the mill was blocked. Cars arriving could not drive up to the door to drop women off, thus giving pro-lifers more time to talk to the moms going in for an abortion. Not bad work for a toddler!

Emergency Vehicle to the rescue! 

fire truck to the rescue of toddler, not the babies

With lights flashing and sirens screeching, a fire truck arrived on the scene.

Four big burly guys jumped out of their vehicle and rushed to rescue the child barricaded in the truck. Minutes later the door opened and dad tended to his frightened child. Sadly, he had no concern for his second child.

Pro-lifers pleaded with the firemen to continue on into the building to save the children who were scheduled to die by the hand of the abortionist. Although the emergency personnel were visibly troubled by their circumstances, they did nothing.